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What have you watched recently? Did you like it? Why?

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In reply to an earlier post on Mar 11, 2008 11:53:25 AM PDT
David Girod says:
Sounds good, what's on the choppin' block this time around?

I've also got a few flicks I'm looking to get rid of:

Rest Stop - STINKBOMB to the 9th degree. I may get arrested for trying to send this through the mail!!

Class Reunion Massacre - This is a DVR version I purchased, not great, but the quality is on par with a good vhs copy.

Keeper of Souls

The Host

probably a few more, I have to do another run through, but if you are interested in any of the above let me know. And as always, free of charge.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 11, 2008 12:35:06 PM PDT
depechejunky says:
"Innocent Blood"-Really good vampire/mafia horror/comedy flick from John Landis (An American Werewolf in London). Loved Anne Parrilaud (??). She was so pretty and charming.

"Flatliners"-Cool little flick with lots of good actors. Loved the feel visually. Very gothic and nineties in the best possible way.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 11, 2008 12:50:43 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Mar 11, 2008 1:40:09 PM PDT
- "30 Days of Night" -
This movie was missing something that I couldn't quite put my finger on.
That was until my wife pointed out what it was.........
You never got the impression that these people were trapped for any length of time.
Everywhere they hid, it felt like they were there for mere minutes, not days.
It lacked that utterly "trapped feeling" that zombie films so accurately portray.
It never felt like they were cut-off from civilization for 30 days, more like 2 or 3.
So as per my wife, I dub this film, "30 Minutes of Night"
(The graphic novel was equally as disappointing,
but then again, I say that only because the story felt rushed, & the art was god-awful)

- "The Rage" -
From Robert Kurtzman, the director of "Wishmaster" & "Buried Alive" comes
A bloody rampage of a good time!!
The amount of gore in the first scene alone will leave any given gorehound in puddles of joy.
And the blood and mayhem doesn't stop there either.
In fact it doesn't let up at all!!
It just keeps getting crazier and crazier with each spilt drop.
Yeah the CGI/Puppet birds were retarded, but in a good campy kind of way.
And yeah the acting was really bad,
but it did star Erin Brown (Who I am positively in love with!!)
(Easily the most beautiful woman in the western hemisphere)
Keep up the good work, love.
If you liked "Hatchet", you'll like "The Rage"

- "Ebola Syndrome" -
(I have a review for this here on Amazon)
If you liked "The Untold Story", you'll love this one.

- "August Underground: Mordum" -
(once again I reviewed it here, check it out.)
"The Most Mindlessly Depraved Sequel in the Annals of American Horror"

- "August Underground: Penance" -
This flick poses the question, "How far can one push the envelope?"
Answer: Until the damn thing is ripped in half.
Not as much fun as Mordum or the original, but twice as graphic as both combined.
Vogel really shows off the gore effects in this one.

- "Branded" -
The less I say about this, the better.
(I have a review here for it)
Sadly I'm the only one though.
Avoid at all costs!!!!!!

- "Nightmare Detective" -
I really wanted to like this one more.
But it felt too confusing and boring at too many turns.
I can't really can't expalin what this flick was about,
the title, pretty much sums it up. (sort of)
From Shinya Tsukamoto, the director of "Tetsuo", "Tokyo Fist", "Vital", "A Snake of June", & "Gemini" comes another mentally confusing mind-f@&#.
It has some gore (CGI), but not enough to keep anyones interest.
The atmosphere is amazing,
and Tsukamoto's cinematography just keeps getting better with each movie.
If you like Miike's "One Missed Call", give this one a shot.

- "Joshua" -
A psychological thriller that definitely merits at least 2 viewings.
There were so many clues that I didn't pick up on the first time, that gave so much insight into the mind of this subtlely deranged juvenile, that a second viewing was mandatory.
Definitely a discussion movie.
One of the best "creepy-children" movies in recent memory.
Much better than "Whisper"

- "Men Behind the Sun" -
The infamous flick that's not nearly as brutal as people would lead you to believe.
Yeah there was;
the cat getting eaten alive by legions of rats,
the decompression rectal explosion,
and the live autopsy of a child (which actually contained a real cadaver donated by a Chinese family who thought the film was that important)
but after seeing dozens of much more grotesque flicks, this one fell substantially short, but only in that regard alone.
This flick is all about the horrific experiments performed on the Russians & the Chinese by the Japanese, during the second world war.
All of which, was swept under the carpet, once the Japanese became our allies after WW2.
Horrific yes, but equally as important.
Perfect companion piece for "Black Sun", & "Rape of Nanking"

- "Raw Meat" -
From the director who disappointed me with "Dead & Buried" comes another snoozer, starring Donald Pleasence.
This movie should have been tense, taut, grisly, & thought-provoking.
Instead, it was boring, tame, & mindless.
About the last remaining member of a subterranean clan dwelling beneath the London tube-system, in search of a mate, after his kicks the bucket.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 11, 2008 12:56:49 PM PDT
Dramamine says:
Glad to hear The Rage was good!
I picked it up over the weekend and after thinking about it I was afraid it might be a bad choice. Haven't watched it yet, maybe this weekend.
Watched Storm Warning over the weekend. Not quite my type of movie but not bad. The scenery in the beginning is amazingly beautiful. The kills are pretty entertaining as well. Would post more but got to get back to work.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 11, 2008 12:57:34 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Mar 11, 2008 12:58:22 PM PDT
Not sure yet,
Defintiely "Raw Meat" & "Branded"
and about 10 others.
I'll e-mail you/or post here when I get home and check out the ever growing pile.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 11, 2008 12:59:53 PM PDT
David Girod says:
Captain, I would love to take the August Underground flicks off your hands. I've seen you and Berith discuss them on several threads, and I would like to check them out. Same goes with Rage, it sounds interesting.

Men Behind the Sun sounds too traumatizing, not sure if I could stomach watching that one. Agree with you 100% on "30 Days", just seemed to be missing something. I'll pass on the others as well.
If you want anything in trade let me know.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 11, 2008 1:04:36 PM PDT
No, those are the ones I recently watched.
But to be honest.......... I'll include them.
I'll send you an e-mail concerning those.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 11, 2008 1:06:10 PM PDT
David Girod says:
I guess that's why they call me "Grab"...I'll snap up everything??

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 11, 2008 1:24:42 PM PDT
Yo Grab,
I just sent you an e-mail concerning those.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 11, 2008 1:38:19 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Mar 11, 2008 4:25:05 PM PDT
The Demon says:
Hey Guys,
1)Beyond Re-Animator-Herbert West has been locked up for 14 years after 'The Miskatonic Massacre(s). A new doctor at the prison becomes his new prote'g'e, and he once again continues his experiments with the dead. As with the 2nd movie, there is no continuity, but still a great movie.
2)Dagon-Based on the story "The Shadow Over Insmouth". Another Lovecraft story by Stuart Gordon.
3)The Thing-Carpender's masterpiece. It's been a while since I've seen this, just picked it up.
4)C.H.U.D.-I haven't seen this since I was a kid. I was expecting a campy horror movie, and I liked it, but it wasn't as good as I remember. About New York's homeless being infected by radioactive waste that mutates them. Kinda a commentary on the homeless.
5)Bleeders-Still trying to figure this one out. Based on 'The Lurking Fear', this movie is a mixed bag. It's a disturbing story about incest and cannibalism, but a few things seem out of place that throws the whole movie off. For example, the main character looks like a throwback of the early 1980's synth-pop trend(Flock of Seagulls anyone?)
6)Nekromantik-A love story about a man and a woman...and their corpse....

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 11, 2008 1:42:24 PM PDT
Hey B,
Did you catch that bizarre fight scene at the end of "Beyond the Re-Animator"??

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 11, 2008 1:46:15 PM PDT
The Demon says:
Yes I did!!!! That was priceless!!!!

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 11, 2008 2:00:29 PM PDT
EQUINE says:
Yo D!

Thanks for reminding me of both INNOCENT BLOOD and the lovely Annie!
Robert Loggia was so funny in that flick as a vamp mafia boss!
And Anne, oo la la.
Bridget Fonda starred in a movie called POINT OF NO RETURN which was a remake of a superior French flick (can't remember title, help!) but it starred Anne Parrilaud as a punk turned into government killing machine.
Excellent film.
FLATLINERS was excellent seemed to feature all the young stars of the moment....Julia Roberts etc.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 11, 2008 6:02:36 PM PDT
i agree with captain. i dont get the haters. Halloween remake was creative and solid. Zombie was brave to tackle this horror icon. he stayed true to himself. from the hillbilly banter to young anger to a friggin misfits tune. he also showed respect towards Carpenter in the latter half of the film staying true and wtf was he supposed to do with Loomis. no one could ever play Loomis better than Pleasance.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 12, 2008 12:34:20 AM PDT
Scareygirl says:
Been trying to get Flower of Flesh & Blood but each time i bid on one on Amazon it says not available anymore...Damn must be popular

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 12, 2008 9:24:32 AM PDT
depechejunky says:
OMG!, I have "Bleeders" on my wish list even though the reviews are horrible to say the least. The main character is French-Canadian actor, Roy Dupuis whom I just adore. He plays Michael on my fav show of all time La Femme Nikita. I'm gonna have to get this one still, my curiousity is killing me.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 12, 2008 9:29:29 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Mar 12, 2008 9:31:03 AM PDT
depechejunky says:
Yeah, I've totally seen that French film "Nikita" or "La Femme Nikita" and the weird American remake "Point of No Return". But as I was just telling Berith the best of all is the tv series "La Femme Nikita", which is based on the original French film starring your sweetie Anne. If you thought that was good you should check the show and the actress who plays Nikita in the show Peta Wilson. She is so beautiful and talented and I just adore her. This show was on for five (sort of) seasons on USA.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 12, 2008 9:42:26 AM PDT
The Demon says:
Hey DJ
'Bleeders' is a weird movie, and a mixed bag. I just watched it again last night trying to make up my mind on it. It's about this guy who is suffering from an unknown blood disorder, it's slowly killing him. He has traced his family's lineage to an isolated island off the east coast, and has traveled to the island to find a genetic link to his ailment. The opening scene gives a deeper history. The acting from the main characters is good, but the supporting actors were miscast. The wardrobe of the main character is ridiculous, and throws the movie off. It gets sick toward the end, but the lighting isn't dark enough, and the 'monsters' from the cover are over-exposed. right now I give it a 3.5 out of 5, hope that helps.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 12, 2008 9:52:57 AM PDT
depechejunky says:
Well, that gives me a little more hope than I had before. The IMDB reviews are horrible! Most of them said something to the effect of the film had promise but for some reason it was too boring to watch and the monsters were silly.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 12, 2008 12:43:56 PM PDT
L. Taylor says:
I'll agree with everyone, "Hatchet" kicked some serious ace. Haven't found anyone yet who doesn't like that movie.

"Behind the Mask" was pretty cool, but is a direct rip-off, (and I mean, DIRECT), of a French-movie called "Man Bites Dog", which, if you don't mind reading your films, is very good as well.

I really enjoyed the theatrical version of Zombie's "Halloween" remake, but was a little less impressed with the Director's Cut--enough with the crazy rape scenes, all ready. The theatrical escape was bloodier and better, increasing the kill count by four or five and it featured Bill Mosley and Tom Towels! Why loose that? It's Horror Movie Gold. And McDowell was playing the part the way it should be played--over-the-top and hammy. Pleasence himself was the first to admit that the Loomis character, and his dialogue, are melodramatic. Why break your back trying to make it good? Pleasence didn't.

Recently picked up the first four "Leprechaun" movies. People are way too hard on those. They're stupid, cheesy, acted just enough to be a movie and no more, great make-up by Gabe Bartalos, (frequent Henenlotter collaborator), and it's frickin' Warwick Davis as a crazy Leprechaun. What more could you ask for?

Anything by Frank Henenlotter, "Basket Case 1-3", "Brain Damage", "Frankenhooker". He's amazing, in the worst kind of way.

"From Beyond" DVD. FINALLY!!!!!!!!! That's all that needs to be said. Bloody brilliant.

"Black Sheep", "Slither", "Roman", "Dead and Breakfast" were all enjoyable, most cause they mixed comedy well, "Roman" because it's hard to shake off.

"Saw Franchise", "Hills Have Eyes (remakes)", "J-Horror (American remakes)" not enjoying any of this stuff as much; they take themselves too seriously and spring up like rabbits, with ridiculous budgets for the dreck that comes out.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 12, 2008 2:41:49 PM PDT
The Demon says:
If you like 'Roman', you should catch 'May'. It's directed by the same director, and is along the same lines, but far better.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 12, 2008 7:25:17 PM PDT
[Deleted by the author on Mar 13, 2008 11:39:02 AM PDT]

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 12, 2008 7:48:04 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Mar 12, 2008 10:36:30 PM PDT
Lost Pilgrim says:
My husband made me watch this zombie flick called Automation Transfusion. Seemed like the whole movies focus was on 3 idiots running fron random place to random place. Mightve been a good movie if it didnt have jerky camera effects which made me pay more attention to the fact that I wanted to vomit than the actual movie. And the zombies didnt feel like zombies. They felt like a mob of angry teenagers.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 12, 2008 9:51:12 PM PDT
depechejunky says:
Cool! I'll look for it :) Yeah, I think there was only like one review here on Amazon for it.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 13, 2008 5:46:01 AM PDT
The Demon says:
Mrs. Insanity???
Would you be the better half of Capt. Insanity, and would that be your new bundle of joy in the picture??
If so, It's nice to finally meet ya, I'm Berith(J), and I'm sure you've heard my name from Capt. Anyhoo, nice to have ya on board!!!!!
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