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Another update on the horses in the field behind my house.

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Initial post: Feb 2, 2009 3:52:29 PM PST
Well, I have gotten the impression in the last few months that the owner got wind of my first discussion about the horses in the field behind my house in this forum. Even though I did not tell any names or where the owner lives, someone must have told him about my post and the responses, figuring out owner and location. I get that because when I call about a concern or something that they need, I am always routed to voice mail of a number that I was told to call(when I use to be actually talked to by a person); in other words, no one will actually talk to me anymore. If he continues to listen to my voicemails and takes them seriously, that's what I care about most.

There have been horses taken out and horse put in. I don't know if some have been sold or being watched during the end of pregnancies. There is one that the owner put in that should not have been put out away from the owner because she is already so pregnant. There are a few right now that I am going to call about, those obviously being pregnant and have grown in size a good bit in the last few weeks. From what I remember, some are getting close to time; yes, as the owner told me the one time I actually talked to him, horses have babies by themselves all the time. I think he needs to watch each one of these, just by the previous history.

There are some good things; their hooves seem to be taken care of more often, and they were finally wormed in the fall. I left a message about the horses needing more hay, and they were brought plenty!! A person that works for the owner came up on a tractor to move the multiple bails off of the large trailer that they brought it on, and I stood and watched him. He tried to wave me off, but I stood and watched; I wanted to make sure that he did not run into one of the horses, since they thought it was the owner coming to see them.

It's pitiful and sad in ways, when you have someone who cares so much for your horses that she wants to help you take care of them and possibly not lose anymore of them. I give them human attention when I can, mostly on the weekends because of work. They love to be brushed and/or combed; some love to be gently stroked by my hands on the sides of their faces and told what good horses they are. I even left a message about what a wonderful show the alpha put on one morning as I was leaving for work. She was getting the horses out into the field for the day, making different ones run with her, then jumping up and throwing her long mane around. When she wants to get them back together or get them into another part of the field, she does a rocking horse routine, raring up with her front legs, then kicking her back legs; she did it that morning. I really wished I had had more time that morning to just sit and watch that wonder of nature.

Sorry to be so long, and thank you to anyone taking the time to read this.

Posted on Feb 20, 2009 6:19:19 PM PST
M. Johnson says:
Hello! I just found this post, could you fill me in on what is going on? Are things better now? Also, is your first discussion on these horses still available, so I can read it to get the background?
You seem to be a person who cares deeply about these horses-good for you!!!!!

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 22, 2009 5:58:52 PM PST
First, let me thank you for reading my long post; second, you may can go back and read the others by choosing the Discussions option at the top of the page, and mine is down at the bottom called "Update on the eight horses behind my house." I don't know where the very first post about them can be found, so let me know if you don't see that one. I think I named it "Why can't I get the owner to care about these horses?"

I have been meaning to call and tell them that they need to come check on a few of them, but have been sick with the crud(am better now) and then had to have a medical procedure. I did go out today to treat them, but it was cold and very windy; when the wind gets up, it seems to make them a little nervous so the leader(I call her Boss) gets them away from the area I feed them in and back out into the field. I found one laying down in the field late this afternoon, one that's VERY pregnant; I went to check on her because I had never seen her lay down out there so late in the day. She did get up and I rubbed on her; she didn't get up when I was calling her before checking her, so I wanted to see if she might be starting to have the baby. She was o.k. and no sign of anything happening yet. I will leave a message tomorrow about three pregnant ones that they need to check on, hooves that possibly need trimming and one that I have previously told them needs a little vet care.

I have lived in front of this field since June 2007; this field is owned by my father-in-law and he rents it to the horses' owner. It's a long story about how the owner came to not wanting to talk to me face-to-face anymore; that story is in my previous posts. My main concern is that they listen to my phone messages and act on them. Some have been taken seriously and a few have yet to be acted on.

I'll say again as I hae said in an earlier post: I dream of having alot of money, buying them away from the owner, building a wonderful barn with everything that they need and deserve. I would not breed them anymore, just make their remaining years wonderful ones.


In reply to an earlier post on Feb 23, 2009 6:46:39 AM PST
M. Johnson says:
Hello Pamela!
Thank you for the update on the horses. I am glad you're feeling better. "The crud" has been making the circuit where I live, too, lots of people are feeling rotten.
It sounds to me like you are doing all you can for these poor horses. That people refuse to take responsibility for the animals entrusted to their care is horrible, and I wish I had an answer to that problem. Do you have a vet nearby you can talk to about the situation, or an animal shelter? Perhaps keeping one or the other informed will set up a paper trail if things deteriorate for the horses even farther than they already have. Also, a vet or shelter may be able to give you more information as to what you can do. Do you have a video camera? Taking video that has an accurate date/time indicator will also allow for a record of the horses' condition. I truly feel for you, and I applaud you for trying to help. Please keep posting here about how things are going.
Keep fighting the good fight!!

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 23, 2009 8:01:45 AM PST
I was going to take pictures and do some reporting, but the horses are in my heart. Yes, the most important thing is that they have loving attention and vet care. However, if I were to make my father-in-law lose the rent money, it would not be so nice for my husband. My father-in-law told me once, though, that I would need pictures to ever make a case for horses lost previously. The owner took blame for things that happened in the past, and I asked him what we could do to keep further things from happening and he didn't say anything.

I have talked to my vet about this, and she said that she could not do anything without his permission. She also told me to be careful, since they are not mine; I told her that I would. I am making a phone call today, when I get a chance at work, to let them know of some of the horses that they really need to pay attention. I understand that he may come and check on them when I am not around; he doesn't want to face me as I may want to talk to him.

Their care and safety is my first concern; if he sells some of them, I hope and pray that they are loved and have better care. These horses love attention, especially one-on-one. If I was able to stay home, I could pay attention to them more but I can't. They at least hear a human voice every morning as I pull out to go to work, no matter how far out in the field they are.

Again, I cannot have them taken away because of what would happen with my father-in-law with my husband. I'll guarentee you this: if I find one that I have called about out in the field down and not moving, I will stay with it until the owner gets there. He will REALLY hate me after I fly all over him.


Posted on Sep 25, 2009 7:12:30 PM PDT
peg4x4 says:
ummm- If you feed these horses anything,and one dies,you can be sued.. Be very careful what you do-

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 26, 2009 5:03:25 AM PDT
I understand that, and I appreciate your concern. I haven't been able to pay much attention to them because the owner let the area grow up around where they use to meet me each morning; I also have had health concerns that have kept me from being with them as much. Yes, maybe he has not cleared that area because he doesn't want them to love me anymore. Let's say that I have helped save several of his horses from dying by keeping him updated on coyote attacks and ones from dying out in the field during giving birth. He has had two babies that have died in the field and two adults.
I did call the other day about one that was stuck in mud in a barn behind my house that they get into; my husband has done ALOT of repair work on that barn because I wanted the horses to not have it leaking on them during rain. When I called, I got the impression that he had known about that horse being in there and not being able to eat and took his time in getting her. Another guy came with him and I asked about the horse; he talked to me like he was wondering why I was asking. I had never seen this guy come with the owner before. I'm sure the owner in the truck told this guy about me, calling about the horses more than he wanted me to, etc.

The sweet feed that I give them, when I can, comes from a reputable feed store; the owner knows that I give this to them, along with occasional apples and carrots which I slice into small pieces so not to choke. This may sound silly but since I have not been able to pay attention to them much, some of them won't let me brush on them or pay attention to their manes. They think I don't care about them. I STILL pay attention to them more than the owner does, if nothing else but to hear m voice in the mornings as I am driving off to work. He lives in another town.

Thanks again for your advice, and I will remind myself of that regularly.
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In reply to an earlier post on Sep 26, 2009 6:57:22 AM PDT
M. Johnson says:
Thank you for the update. What you're doing is important. It's too bad the owner is a creep, and it's too bad the local animal control authorities aren't helpful. Just a thought-is there a local breed-rescue, ie., an Arabian Horse Rescue, or Morgan Horse Rescue, etc., you can call? Even if the horses you are trying to help aren't of that particular breed, maybe the person running the Rescue may be able to help you, or might have connections that will help. Yet another thought-maybe a local dog or cat Rescue could advise. Might be easier to find a local dog or cat Rescue...whatever you decide, please continue with updates, and hang in there!

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 26, 2009 8:51:32 AM PDT
It's not that simple: my father-in-law rents that pasture behind our house. If he were to lose that money, my husband's life would be made miserable and I would have to live with that. I don't want to lose the horses because I am in love with them; I do, however, want the best for them. I was almost at the point of reporting one time, about a year after we moved here. My father-in-law said that I would need picture proof, not just saying it was so or having only one other witness to it. They are quarter horses, all female, most of them rescued from even worse situations and most used for breeding. I will be making more of an effort, on the weekends when I am not working, to check on them more. I know that some of the manes have been groomed lately, but that was about a month ago.
If you have read earlier posts, you know that I wish that I had the money to have them, and treat them like queens. It's odd, though, because whenever the owner comes, hearing his truck and trailer, the horses can't wait to be around him; they think he is taking them with him. I guess they will always be grateful to whomever rescues them from an abusive/beating situation, which one came from.
Just pray for all of us.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 27, 2009 8:17:39 AM PDT
M. Johnson says:
It does sound like an impossible situation, but it also sounds like you are doing the best anyone can do. At least the horses have you to keep an eye on things, and I'm sure they relish the attention you are able to give. Try to focus on that. God Bless!
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