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Wore Jack Lord's Suit Coat To Keep Me Warm!

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Initial post: Aug 2, 2008 2:31:43 PM PDT
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Patti Kish says:
When Jack Lord was filming, "Blind Tiger" I got his autograph on a Hawaii 5-0 paperback book that I had purchased at a local Kress store. Jack Lord was very interested in this book because he had not seen it before and was showing it to the crew while we were at Iolani Palace. This was in the Fall and the wind was blowing something terrible. I was shaking from the fear of meeting Jack Lord and from the cold. He actually took off his suit coat and put it over my shoulders so that my teeth would stop chattering. Met James McArthur and Chin Ho. What a wonderful day that was in my young life.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 14, 2008 9:12:51 PM PDT
DebbieK says:
Hi Patti! Thanks for the anecdote. It's nice to hear something good about Jack Lord after hearing bad things about how he was on the Five-0 set, etc. If you care to, I'd love to hear any more stories you have about that day! You were so lucky. Alas, I was never fortunate enough to meet JL;I would have loved to. Hey, LOL, was he as handsome in person???

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 17, 2008 7:33:00 PM PDT
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Patti Kish says:
Greetings, snapperplainfield!

Got to meet James McArthur and Chin Ho, too. My dad made me go back to Iolani Palace to get the autograph on the book.

Yes, I am very lucky but there were lots of movies/programs that were filmed in Hawaii during the 60's and 70's. Oh yes, Jack Lord was a handsome man when I met him. Am so happy that my dad made me go back to Iolani Palace to get that most special autograph.

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 15, 2011 10:16:18 PM PST
You lucky thing!!!! you actually saw and met the great man...what year was this and how old were at the time? What was your impression of him and James McArthur? Is Jack Lord as tall as he looks. How wonderful...I am envious!
Margie Y

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 25, 2011 5:21:01 PM PST
Patti Kish says:
I was in the 8th grade when I met Jack Lord. Found a paperback book with the name Hawaii 5-0 on it at Woolworth's just before my dad picked me up from the dentist's appointment. They were filming, "Blind Tiger" at Iolani Palace that wonderful day. On my way home I told my dad about the purchase and then he asked me if I got an autograph. NO! He told me that we were going back to get an autograph! NO, NO, NO! No way! I couldn't do THAT! Dad made me. Between the cold of the evening, my dress and my fear...............that's how I got to wear Jack Lord's suit coat. So WARM! He was so tall, gallant and very much a GENTLEMAN. James McArthur is also very much a GENTLEMAN! There is a smile upon my face right now. Sorry that it took awhile to respond....

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 20, 2011 11:36:20 PM PDT
Hi Patti
Thank you for responding...I just cannot believe your luck!!! I have been to Hawaii on holidays from Australia about 22 times (dad worked for an airline at the time) and we never saw a filming crew, let alone the great man himself. My sister and I did, however, see one of Jack Lord's paintings for sale at the International Market Place with his signature on it.
Do you and did you live in Hawaii at the time? I was 12 when the show was launched in '68 and living in L.A. I started watching the show and was hooked, especially on Jack Lord...I have lived in Melbourne, Australia for several decades (a beautiful part of the world, recently visited by the fabulous Oprah Winnfrey who is another of my idols), but my first love is Hawaii and would love to retire there...the land that Jack Lord loved and cared so much about. I still can't get over your luck to have actually met the man and to have HIS suit coat on you!!! and an autograph to boot...good on you! My fascination for the man and the show is stronger than ever today...the new show, though, having its merits and appeal to the younger generation, will never replace the original, at least for us "old timers". I have purchased the entire 12 years on DVD and am grateful to CBS/Paramount who have reproduced the shows for us to enjoy once again.

I actually have a copy of the second paperback book "Terror in the Sun" unautographed, though. I bought it on one of our many trips to Hawaii. I would dearly love to buy and have something that belonged to the legend who was Jack Lord. Keeping my eyes open for the opportunity. Thank you for replying, Patti.
Margie Winthrop

Posted on Apr 2, 2011 4:44:32 PM PDT
Patti Kish says:
I was born in Hawaii. :D Australia has awesome restaurants. There was a TV cooking series with host Kylie Kwong about Chinese cooking. I saw the program about Oprah Winfrey's visiting Austraila, too. Retiring in Hawaii....hope you have a lot of money. There is state tax on FOOD and healthcare. That's why I live in Michigan. :D

Posted on Apr 20, 2011 2:29:47 PM PDT
I am with the other 2 posters.....I would have LOVED to meet them all. I didnt get an opportunity to visit Hawaii til I was 49 had a crush on Jack Lord since I was 12. Anyway
Thanks for sharing. I am jealous too ! LOL

In reply to an earlier post on Apr 22, 2011 7:50:55 PM PDT
Patti Kish says:
I had a crush on Jack Lord, too. That's why I was so scared to ask for his autograph. I thank my dad for making me go outside of my comfort zone.

In reply to an earlier post on Apr 22, 2011 10:12:09 PM PDT
Patti: I still have a crush on Jack Lord - they don't make them like that anymore. He was so hard working, he definately had an ego - what do you expect, from a talent like that, but he also cared a lot about people and he knew what struggling was all about. He may have seemed imperious on the set but he had to be, he applied his naval discipline onto the show, its actors and crew, he wanted the best out of them because he gave his best - to wake up 6 days in a row at 4am (his wife got up at 3 - 3:30am), so he could do his execises, run 2 miles a day and rehearse his lines with his wife each and every morning whilst they were shooting for for the season, to work 12 to 16 hour days for how long? 5 - 6 months of the year for 12 straight years is a feat x 100! He also ran the company and hassled with the "suits" back in LA, constantly.....he marched to the beat of a different drum. He was one committed fellow - to that show and to his beloved wife of 50 years.
I have done heaps of research on his life and career especially when he has on HFO. I admire his work ethics, his intelligence, astuteness, his business acumen and his sense of privacy. I love the anecdote about him which said "he (McGarrett) only takes orders from the Governor and God, and even they have problems". Jack, as was Steve (the same person really, Steve was basically Jack Lord's alter ego, in my opinion, that is why Jack played him so well) was his own person, independent, yet loyal to those who were loyal to him. I would have loved to have known him and his wife. I would LOVE to meet some of the admin staff who assisted him and the show. They would have some stories of significant interest to impart.
I have great respect for both Jack and Marie Lord. It saddened me greatly to hear that he was NOT enjoying good health from roughly his 60's onwards....all that pressure and hard work and constant battling with the "suits", the studio location and contracts, would have worn his body and mind. Marie was incredible and classy. they were lucky and blessed to have each other. God bless them!

Now, for Australia. It is a great place to live. Melbourne is refined and beautiful. We have exceptional restaurants and cuisine (all nationalities) and superb produce, fresh, wholesome and plentiful...we have a tax system in Australia which is a goods and services tax (10% across the board. Most services also are taxed with this 10%, I think Canada has a similar system, somewhere in the back of my mind I can recall that being the case). I dont know what state tax rate Hawaii charges, I recall around 7 1/2%, from the days we visited the state. I know all states in Hawaii may have been affected like the rest of the USA and prices may be down. Australia's property is expensive and our interest rates are high in comparison to yours (average is about 7.6%). Our dollar is an amazing USA$1.07 to $1.00AUS. The strongest the Aussie dollar has ever been for about 20 years against the greenback! So, it would be a great time for us to visit the USA. Next stop will be Hawaii.
Kylie is a famous chef here. We have many good ones for a country with only $22million people. Neil Perry, Stephanie Alexander, Donna Hay, must come and visit down under one day. Let me know.
Did you move away from Hawaii at an early age? Are your parents still living in Hawaii. I bet you thank your dad's insistence about going up to JL. I would have been very nervous, too, even at this age now. He did look guess is that he did not suffer fools gladly and wanted to get home to his wife and his painting. I still can't get over your luck!

In reply to an earlier post on Apr 23, 2011 6:17:07 AM PDT
Patti Kish says:
You could write a biography on Jack Lord from all of the information that you discovered about him. Have always liked men in suits because of him. Of course, wearing a suit in Hawaii is a bit difficult unless you worked in air-conditioning. ; ) Moved to Michigan when I was 30. My parents are still alive and well. Yes, I am happy that dad made me get Jack Lord's autograph.

In reply to an earlier post on Apr 24, 2011 6:54:18 PM PDT
Hi Patti
RE: Jack' s biography....Whilst I was researching JL I discovered that there is a woman already in the throes of writing his biography...she is still researching....I dont want to steal her thunder, Patti, but I am itching to write his biography and continue my research on him...I have emailed the lady who is writing his biography and she sounds, I dont want to take this away from her.....she is sincere about it and already has a bit of research material collected. She has broadcasted an appeal on the net to those who knew him, etc and worked with him, to forward details, anecdotes and information about him to include in her book. Should things change with her plans, I would like to know and then I would like to take up the challenge of writing his biography. Respectfully yours.
Margie Winthrop

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 22, 2011 9:16:20 PM PDT
[Deleted by the author on Jun 23, 2011 7:01:46 PM PDT]

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 23, 2011 5:40:36 PM PDT
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Dear Snapperplainfield
I am loath to criticise anyone...I have emailed this lady on several occasions and I know she is under a lot of pressure over a personal matter which I will not discuss. I do not know her, but from the few emails we have exchanged I have learnt a bit about her. I know she has put together quite a bit of research about Jack Lord but I do not know what makes her the official biographer of the great man. You inform me that she does not have a publisher, does that disqualify her out of being JL's official biographer? I guess anyone can write JL's biography and needs no permission to do so.

Could you please tell me also what makes this lady "a fraud". Why is it "far from the truth" that she is JL's biographer? What makes you or anyone else say "she is trying to scam Jack Lord's fans"? In what way, please? Why are people objecting to her writing this book and why the negative claims against her? What discussions have there been about her and why is called a "nutcase". Is she out of step with mainstream and does that make her a "nutcase"? I need more information. The world can be unkind and can be wrong. So, broad claims must be substantiated...after watching 200 episodes of Hawaii Five-O and being an avid admirer of Steve McGarret and Jack Lord, I have learnt a thing or two about having hard evidence and compassion for others.

As I said, I would love to write his will take time and I am prepared to travel to the USA to verify facts and I would like to meet and interview those who are still living who knew him and worked with him. Jack Lord was a very unusual man, and by many accounts and reports, an outstanding and exemplary individual and looked up to. It is very unusual that there is no biography as yet written about him - for one who was so instrumental in the success of Hawaii's economy and peoples and for his outstanding contribution to the film industry and the livelihoods of many locals. He was also a very private man. For those of us who want to know more about him to truly appreciate him and his contributions, I for one am on a quest....

As I said earlier on....I am not in the business of pulling the rug out from under anyone...however, if the rights of writing JL's biography does not belong to any one person but is a project that is open to anyone then I am willing to take on this challenge. I do not condone the character bashing of anyone and as yet I do not know what hard evidenced claims are being made against this "biographer". I would like very much to be enlightened about this. Jack Lord would expect only the highest standard, quality and integrity from his biographer. If that person was me I would have to know in myself that I did my very best and with the greatest of integrity - as only he would demand it.

Your feedback and comments to the above would be welcomed and appreciated.

Sincerely yours
Margie Winthrop

Posted on Jun 23, 2011 7:01:14 PM PDT
[Deleted by the author on Jun 24, 2011 12:09:48 AM PDT]

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 23, 2011 11:44:04 PM PDT
Hello again.
Snappeplainfield, I am interested in seeing all the emails regarding this issue. I would like to know what she has "lied" about. In what way has she "been vague and/or deceptive about the truth?" Maybe it is not she who has she does not come across as someone who would. I think she is earnest about her efforts in writing this biography. Yes, I most certainly would like your private email address to discuss this. I do not quite understand what the owner of one of Jack's websites means by referring to the "so-called biography" as "the literary equivalent of vaporware". Does it mean in other words that it is non-existent?

I also would like to know how one qualifies to call themselves the official biographer of anyone who has passed on unless as you say they were appointed or designated as the official person to write ones biography prior to that person's death by that person or that person is designated so in their will.
Yes, I would appreciate a more private discussion on this.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 24, 2011 12:09:36 AM PDT
[Deleted by the author on Jun 24, 2011 12:27:33 PM PDT]

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 24, 2011 12:28:14 PM PDT
[Deleted by the author on Jun 24, 2011 7:33:58 PM PDT]

Posted on Jun 24, 2011 12:30:52 PM PDT
DebbieK says:
The book is non-existent. Also, this person has never even met Jack or Marie Lord, nor the executor of their estate, so she cannot be calling herself his official biographer. This is what upsets me as a fan.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 24, 2011 3:38:56 PM PDT
Dear Snapperplainfield
Yes, you have a point, and as a die hard fan have every right to your ill-response to this claim. I agree that one cannot call themselves the "official" of anything unless appointed to it by those who have that jurisdiction. I have sent an email to your personal mailbox.
M. W.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 24, 2011 7:34:33 PM PDT
[Deleted by the author on Sep 29, 2011 11:29:25 PM PDT]

Posted on Sep 29, 2011 9:09:42 PM PDT
vr614 says:
Hi Margie,

I know a woman who is writing Jack's biography. I can't ask you if it is the same woman I know here, but if you send me a private message, I will tell you more. She is his official biographer, and is related to him. She even knows relatives of Jack's who have met him. The book is coming along, but I don't know when it will be published.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 29, 2011 9:13:10 PM PDT
vr614 says:
Patti, that is a beautiful story, and only goes to show what a gentleman Jack was. You're so lucky to have met him. I've never been to Hawaii or had the pleasure of meeting Jack or any of the other cast members, so stories like yours are the closest I get. That is one memory you treasure always, I'm sure!

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 29, 2011 11:31:57 PM PDT
DebbieK says:
Wow vr614! Who is the woman? It would be nice to see a bio of Jack! Is THIS woman legit do you think? Thanks for posting.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 30, 2011 4:50:50 AM PDT
Hi there.vr614??
Who is this woman?? Related? that would be awesome! To research Jack's life would be a huge task...he would be 91 this year in December...I can tell you I will be one the first ones to buy his do you know that she is writing his biography....there is another person who claims to be his official biographer, Kathy Smith, I think...tell me more!
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