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FREE Books and Chat - Friday, Dec. 14, 2012

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Initial post: Dec 13, 2012 10:49:26 PM PST
Lyn says:
Good Morning.
Good Afternoon.
Or Good Evening.

You are welcome one and all to come in and join us as we attempt to keep our kindles fat and sassy with frequent one-click feedings.

Sometimes you want to go
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You want to be where people can see
Our troubles are all the same
You want to go where everybody knows your name

Aint it great we have someplace to go

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Here is the link to yesterday's thread:

Posted on Dec 13, 2012 10:50:17 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Dec 13, 2012 11:01:47 PM PST
Lyn says:
Starting at 12:01am: Part 1 of The Hobbit. Yes, how can it take three parts when the entire LOTR only took three films. I don't know but I am going to find out this afternoon. IMAX is my friend.

So today we are back on our magic carpet shuttle (just raise your hand and the shuttle will stop and pick you up) and heading south back towards Antarctica but only going as far as Hobbiton AKA New Zealand.

The usual refreshments and snacks. And the unusual but instead of listing them, here is a handy link. You can order them from the comfort of your carpet vending machine.

There are also pasties. Yes, that would be pasties or pasty not pastry or pastries.

It is the equivalent of June there. So the temps are around mid 60's to mid 70's.

Posted on Dec 13, 2012 10:51:02 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Dec 13, 2012 10:54:04 PM PST
Lyn says:
First off an unpaid hype for the movie

Tolkien used the term 'Middle-earth' to describe the imaginary world he created and which features in the majority of his books. The entire trilogy of The Hobbit is based entirely in Middle-earth.

The Hobbit
The trilogy of The Hobbit movies will tell the full story of Bilbo Baggins and the part he played in the sometimes dangerous - but always exciting - history of Middle-earth.

A prequel to The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit Trilogy is set 60 years before Frodo embarks on his epic journey, and Peter Jackson's use of stunning New Zealand landscapes will make the tale all the more enchanting.

To create The Hobbit movies - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, and The Hobbit: There and Back Again - Peter Jackson has pulled some content from additional J.R.R Tolkien material. This includes supplementary notes and appendixes published as the conclusion to his The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King novel. Crossing into this unexplored narrative territory allows movie-goers to understand how these furry-footed creatures came to be.

For Peter Jackson, the land he lives in - his home country of New Zealand - provides the perfect settings to produce moving adaptations of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies. After filming the entirety of The Lord of the Rings in New Zealand, Jackson said there would be no reason to look outside the country for film locations for The Hobbit Trilogy as New Zealand already was "the perfect Middle-earth".

The scenes in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings movies aren't just fleeting glimpses of cinematic fantasy - the locations are the reality of New Zealand's dramatic landscapes, which visitors can easily experience for themselves.

What is a Hobbit?

Hobbits are described by J.R.R Tolkien as uncomplicated and ancient little people, no more than four feet tall. They seldom wear shoes because their feet have tough leathery soles clad in thick, curly hair.

They are shy of `Big Folk' and prefer well-ordered and well-farmed countryside. A typical Hobbit is a happy individual who loves nothing better than a good party with lots of food.

Hobbiton is one of the places in The Shire where the Hobbits live in both The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit.

When will The Hobbit movies be released?

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - December 14, 2012
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - December 13, 2013
The Hobbit: There and Back Again - July 18, 2014

Posted on Dec 13, 2012 10:51:32 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Dec 13, 2012 10:54:46 PM PST
Lyn says:
I was there back in the early 90's for three incredible weeks. In less than a heartbeat I would say yes to going back. It is an understatement to say it is a very beautiful county. I need to scan (predigital cameras) our album and get it up on the net.

I found two videos (I limited myself) that I thought you would find interesting

The first is short and takes viewers behind the scenes on the set of The Hobbit, which brings to life the fictional world of Hobbiton.!

The second is a 30 minute travel guide tour (sans hobbits) of New Zealand.

Both are very worth the time if you are into gorgeous scenery.

Posted on Dec 13, 2012 10:52:00 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Dec 13, 2012 10:55:13 PM PST
Lyn says:
I was going to list the recipe for LONG WHITE CLOUD aka Graham Kerr's (The Galloping Gourmet) version of Christmas / Figgy Pudding. You know, the kind that comes out of a Dickens novel but I decided to go in another direction.

Original: 1189 calories with 56 grams of fat
GK: 245 calories with 2 grams of fat

A little daunting the first time but we feel it is worth the effort. And I have had English, Welsh and Scottish people say it tastes like the real thing. It is a very moist pudding.

Here is my link:

Instead I am going to have you EMBRACE YOUR INNER HOBBIT

Posted on Dec 13, 2012 10:52:28 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Dec 13, 2012 10:57:46 PM PST
Lyn says:
For a ton of simple hobbit recipes go to


In his writings, Tolkien depicted Hobbits as fond of an unadventurous, bucolic and simple life of farming, eating, and socializing, although capable of defending their homes courageously if the need arises. They would enjoy seven meals a day - known as breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner and supper - if they could get them. They were often described as enjoying simple food such as cake, bread, meat, potatoes, ale and tea.

One of the things I have learned these past few years as a runner/walker is to snack and break up my meals into smaller and more frequent meals. Snacking provides you numerous benefits, but the main two are fuel and weight regulation.

Healthy snacks can provide you that much-needed energy boost between your meals. However, not all snacks are good for you. Choose snacks like vegetables, fruits, low-fat cheeses, all-natural deli meats, whole grains, etc. To state the obvious, soda, chips, and other kinds of junk food, do not provide you with real nutrition, so just say "no!" These bad foods only give you a temporary boost that will quickly fade, leaving you feeling even lower on energy, and tempting you to eat again. Remember, you need to be mindful about your eating - not mindless eating.

Consuming a healthy snack can help fill you up and reduce the probability of overeating at meals. In other words, a great weight regulator! And if you're choosing healthy snacks, you'll be eating something that can satisfy your hunger while reducing the amount of sugar and fat in your diet. Also, healthy snacks can provide you with fiber, protein, and a multitude of vitamins...just another bonus!

You can choose from a wide variety of options - be creative and try to keep it interesting. In the meantime, here are some basic ones to help you get started:
Apples paired with a low-fat cheese...try to stay away from the wine with this one!
Celery sticks with peanut butter.
Create your own trail mix. Use raw almonds, walnuts, raisins, sunflower seeds, etc. Make a big batch and divide into snack-sized baggies, so they're ready to grab when you're ready to go!
Design your own layered yogurt parfait. Try mixing in some granola, fruit, etc.
Turkey or chicken rollups. I love adding sliced cucumber and an avocado spread!

Now that you're educated on snacking, head on into the shire (you know, the place where the hobbits live) and embrace the tried-and-true hobbit eating schedule: breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner and supper!


Merry's Spiced Chai

5 cups of boiling water
1 teaspoon of ground ginger
2 pinches of allspice
3/4 teaspoon of peppercorns
10 whole cloves
1 1/2 cinnamon sticks
1/8 cardamom seeds
2 tea bags (black tea; English Breakfast, but Earl Grey or Darjeeling are recommended)

Mix all ingredients, then simmer and let brew for 5 minutes. Remove the tea bags and brew another 10-20 minutes more, depending on how spiced you like your tea. For a milder tea flavor, replace one of the tea bags with an apple cinnamon herbal tea bag, and use only 1 cinnamon stick.

Tea is best served with milk and sugar. The spice mix can be used for 2x the recipe if longer brewing time is used. Leftover chai can be refrigerated for iced chai, or to be reheated later.

Mrs. Maggot's Cottage Pie

Slice a large onion and 2 carrots and sauté in bacon fat until the onions are limp. Add 1 pound of cubed beef, 1 tablespoon of flour, and salt and pepper to taste. Saute for several minutes, and then add 1/2 cup of beef stock and simmer for 20 to 30 minutes. Peel and quarter 1 pound of potatoes and boil until soft. Mash with 2 to 3 tablespoons of butter and enough milk to make a soft mash. Season with salt and pepper. Put the meat in a pie dish, cover with the mashed potatoes, and bake in a 375 degree oven for 30 minutes. Before serving, run the dish quickly under the broiler to brown the potato crust.


Enjoy your day

Posted on Dec 13, 2012 10:52:53 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Dec 13, 2012 11:00:26 PM PST
Lyn says:
As of 12/12 730 am

MerryInTexas is organizing a Secret Santa Book Exchange. Please see her post below for the info you need if you'd like to join in.......

Posted on Dec 12, 2012 7:14:05 AM PST

MerryInTexas says:
And good morning to all. I had an idea last night. I was going to save it for opening Saturday, but not everybody checks in on Saturday. And it might be just an idea, not a good one. Anyone up for an FC&C Secret Santa? The way I see it so far, there are some rules:

1)you must have a public wish list
2)there must be at least one item 2.99 or under that can be gifted - ebooks, mp3s, or a 2.99 gift card, if you prefer Kindle Fire apps
3)you will need to provide me with an email and your Kindle handle privately, so that I can send you your Secret Santa. I promise to delete all emails from my account after Xmas is over.
4) Secret Santas may deliver their gift anytime after receiving their name, but must deliver their gift before Christmas Day noon.
5)This is still an Xmas present - recipients must swear to not open their present (email) until Christmas morning.
6)If you are participating in Secret Santa, you MUST post at least once on Thursday December 20 or Friday December 21, so your gifter can find you.

I will take names until next Thursday, December 20, and send you your Secret Santa handle on Friday December 21. I do have supervision, Ribbon and Sugared Suze will keep me honest and up to date.

What do you all think???
Becky (beckygardens)
C. Hayes
Christmas Fiddler
Dog & Turtle
8 nights of light in ME
ebook addict
Elf Keeper
Every Kiss Begins With Kay(K)
Jolly Janine
Joyful Judy
KY Bk Addict
Linda B
Lover of Blitzen
New Mom
OregonDreaming Of A Dry Christmas
Pat the Peachy Elf
S. King
Snowlady Sandy Shops
Special ed teacher
Sugarplummed Suze
Twas The Night

´¯`°¤.¸.¤.¸.¤°´¯` Happy Everything ´¯`°¤.¸.¤.¸.¤°´¯`

*** Don't forget to email MerryInTexas with your Amazon Forum name (example, mine is Lover of Blitzen). To email her, click on her name in a post and that will take you to her profile. Her email is on her profile page.

Posted on Dec 13, 2012 11:36:55 PM PST
Janine says:
Thanks Rob for starting today I am going on summer holiday will be back at work the 14/01/2013 so will have much more time for reading.

Stories for Christmas: Free heart-warming festive tasters from three bestselling authors

A Sixpenny Christmas by Katie Flynn

Two women struggle to bring up their children in the aftermath of World War II.

Angels at the Table by Debbie Macomber

A heart-warming Christmas story of love and miracles by the international bestselling Debbie Macomber.

The Lady's Maid by Dilly Court

Despite the differences in their circumstances, Kate and Josie have been friends since childhood. But their past binds them together in ways they must never know.

Posted on Dec 13, 2012 11:42:10 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Dec 13, 2012 11:55:07 PM PST
Great start again Ribbon :) You always take us on such marvelous adventures.

I love your "topic of the day". I first read the Tolkien series in the early '70's and was so sad when it ended. I reread the series every few years and plan to add it to my kindle library soon so I can read it again. It never fails to enthrall me even though fantasy is NOT a genre I normally enjoy.

I still haven't been able to figure out why they made the trilogy into movies before the prequel. Now I just have to decide whether or not to wait a year between parts or just wait 3 years and buy the set for myself... decisions... decisions. Of course I could watch each new part when it comes out and then buy my own copy... oh dear.. more decisions. LOL

I definitely have to admit that the 4 book set is my favorite by far of any book(s) I have ever read. One ring to...... my preccccious....


ETA: NOT FREE NOW The Lord of the Rings: One Volume is currently available at 50% off. From the reviews it looks like this is the complete trilogy and with the page #'s at 1209, I would tend to agree. NOT FREE NOW and probably never. <smile>
Also the book the new movie is based on, NOT FREE NOW The Hobbit is available on sale.
There was also an audio/video book made only for the kindle fire that I saw if any are interested.

Posted on Dec 14, 2012 12:15:35 AM PST
ebook addict says:
Over 30 years ago took our 2 children on a 3 week camping trip to the Dakotas to see Mt Rushmore, Badlands & Custer State Park; then on to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. Started in New York state, so was a lot of driving. To help pass the time (this was before all the electronic toys kids use now), I had a selection of books to read aloud. Helped pass the time for the driver too. One of those books was The Hobbit. When my voice or eyes gave out, often one of the kids would take over, as they wanted to continue the story without a long wait. "What's it got in it's pocketses" became one of our catchphrases. I can't recall any of the other books we took on that trip, but this one definitely stood out. After we came home we continued with The Lord of the Rings as bedtime reading.

6 years later we took 4 weeks & went to the Grand Canyon, Zion & Bryce. That time first book we read was Clan of the Cave Bear. We liked it so much we had to buy the next book in the series instead of reading the other books we brought along. I think we were into the 4th book by the time we came home. Was sometimes quite a challenge finding the book we needed. National Parks are not exactly filled with bookstores.

Last August, we repeated the 1st trip but with our 2 grandchildren. Quite a different experience with ipod touches, Kindle & laptop. Never have to worry about finding something to read.

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 14, 2012 12:21:03 AM PST
ebook addict says:
@OregonDreaming of a Dry Christmas,
I think you are correct that this all 3 volumes of Lord of the Rings omnibus, as part 1 Fellowship of the Rings list 570 pages. Good price at $9.99 too, since the individual volumes are $8.22, $8.32 & $8.32. I have all 4 in paperback.

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 14, 2012 12:29:12 AM PST
@ebook addict - I have them in DTB form also, but my eyes are at a point that I really need the larger font size on the kindle to be able to read with any comfort level and enjoyment.

DH just got home from work and made me a very happy camper. When I mentioned the Tolkien books, he just grinned and said..."Merry Christmas early". <BG>

Posted on Dec 14, 2012 1:12:46 AM PST
Awesome start Robb! My husband and I read the Tolkien books with our boys and of course they have seen the movies and loved them. My oldest son has the soundtracks to each movie and often listens to them while he works. They are anxiously awaiting this new movie as well.

The Cottage Pie looks like a winner!

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 14, 2012 2:57:03 AM PST
4Nbahu says:
Public Wish list check
2.99 or under check
email check
send SS gift waiting
open SS gift waiting
post on Thursday 20th or Friday 21st waiting

Posted on Dec 14, 2012 3:40:07 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Dec 14, 2012 3:44:33 AM PST
redandwhite says:
Hello all and thanks to Ribbon ® for starting us and choosing a theme
Just thought I would post the following information because over here we are pretty proud of our Queen and her various achievements

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark illustrates and paints under the pseudonym Ingahild Grathmer, and her woodcut style art was used to illustrate some editions of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.
read more on:

ETA to add two more links

Posted on Dec 14, 2012 5:27:43 AM PST
Just Peachy says:
Good morning all,

I read the Hobbit and LOTR in college. I really didn't enjoy them. I'm going to try the Hobbit again soon.

Didn't see any free books today that caught my eye :(

Posted on Dec 14, 2012 5:43:16 AM PST
Suze says:
Great start Ribbon,

I think discussing "The Hobbit" and our personal memories and associations will keep us talking all day!

Instead of a Friday Question, I thought we could also continue a discussion started yesterday.....I think it would be helpful to many of us.

~~~~~~~~~Friday Discussion~~~~~~~~~

True depression and SAD can be serious conditions which require medical care. To a lesser degree many people suffer from "Winter or Holiday Blues" this time of year. What coping techniques work for you ? Any input on using Light Boxes??

One way to maintain energy and feel good is discussed by Ribbon in the opening.....healthy snacking. Which snacks work for you? For example, small daily doses of dark chocolate help on every level.....improves your mood, gives you energy plus health benefits and is a Treat!

Posted on Dec 14, 2012 5:47:07 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Dec 14, 2012 6:15:10 AM PST
Scarlett859 says:
Good morning all!

Thank you Ribbon for the start. I may be one of the only ones here that has neither read the books nor watched any of the movies. I might have to watch the movies first to decide if I want to read the books. Going watch the videos now then back to look for books to fatten my Kindle app.

Happy hunting everyone!

Posted on Dec 14, 2012 5:48:32 AM PST
Just Peachy says:
I heard a review on NPR of The Hobbit movie that said it was way too long. The reviewer didn't think it should be a trilogy on just that one book.

Posted on Dec 14, 2012 6:02:19 AM PST
Zoo Keeper says:
Hi, everyone. Thank you for the start Ribbon. The Tolkien and the LOTR are favored here, too. Both the boys loved them. I wasn't so impressed, but that's why we're all different.

Youngest was reading the 1st in the LOTR trilogy when we went camping one year.(As part of his novel assignments for school.) We forgot the book at home. Where we camp is like here-isolated. When I stopped at the Ranger Station to ask about a book store found it was an hour and a half from there. The Ranger called home to see if her boys had left their copies when they left home. They had taken them along with them. So I stopped at the local library. After explaining the problem, I asked if I left a deposit large enough to cover the replacement cost of the book, could I check it out. That nice Librarian checked it out on her card without so much as a dime changing hands. We always read aloud around the campfire at night (and sometimes in the tent before bed, depending on the weather) so this was the book that we read.

I think the Hobbit movie is in my future. I'm hoping older son will want to take the younger one for a "guys" night and I won't have to go. I get confused with all the characters. But, I could eat popcorn and Junior Mints, so it wouldn't be all bad! lol

Posted on Dec 14, 2012 6:14:17 AM PST
 nospin  says:
Sweet Venom young adult
just moved to San Francisco and is excited to start over at a new school. The change is full of fresh possibilities, but it's also a tiny bit scary. It gets scarier when a minotaur walks in the door. And even more shocking when a girl who looks just like her shows up to fight the monster.

Gretchen is tired of monsters pulling her out into the wee hours, especially on a school night, but what can she do? Sending the minotaur back to his bleak home is just another notch on her combat belt. She never expected to run into this girl who could be her double, though.

Greer has her life pretty well put together, thank you very much. But that all tilts sideways when two girls who look eerily like her appear on her doorstep and claim they're triplets, supernatural descendants of some hideous creature from Greek myth, destined to spend their lives hunting monsters.

These three teenage descendants of Medusa, the once-beautiful Gorgon maligned in myth, must reunite and embrace their fates in this unique paranormal world where monsters lurk in plain sight

Posted on Dec 14, 2012 6:22:45 AM PST
B.J. says:
Good morning all. Frosty morning here, and I love it. Love winter. Christmas shopping is almost done and wrapping of the gifts I have so far is finished. I'm so slow - simply not enough energy to go around, so I wrap one or two, rest, wrap again. Hope everyone has a great day.


In reply to an earlier post on Dec 14, 2012 6:22:57 AM PST
kajola says:
Scarlett859, you are not alone. I have not read the books or seen the movies (other than catching a few scenes while others were watching). The little I saw didn't make me think I wanted to invest all that time in watching the whole series. The rest of my family loves those movies, even my elderly mother. So maybe if I were to read the books first... I might give it a try.


Posted on Dec 14, 2012 6:36:03 AM PST
Lyn says:
Added 4Nbahu - in case people are wondering 4n = Foreign and therefore goes after Every Kiss Begins With Kay(K) and the same for eight nights..

A. Mitchell
Becky (beckygardens)
C. Hayes
Christmas Fiddler
Dog & Turtle
ebook addict
8 nights of light in ME
Elf Keeper
Every Kiss Begins With Kay(K)
Jolly Janine
Joyful Judy
KY Bk Addict
Linda B
Lover of Blitzen
New Mom
OregonDreaming Of A Dry Christmas
Pat the Peachy Elf
S. King
Snowlady Sandy Shops
Special ed teacher
Sugarplummed Suze
Twas The Night

´¯`°¤.¸.¤.¸.¤°´¯` Happy Everything ´¯`°¤.¸.¤.¸.¤°´¯`

*** Don't forget to email MerryInTexas with your Amazon Forum name (example, mine is Lover of Blitzen). To email her, click on her name in a post and that will take you to her profile. Her email is on her profile page.

Posted on Dec 14, 2012 6:40:18 AM PST
kajola says:
Picked up a couple:

They Rode Good Horses Western

The Ultimate Guide to Using Pinterest to Ignite Your Creativity
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