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FREE Books and Chat Mon. Oct. 22, 2012

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Initial post: Oct 22, 2012 12:28:11 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Oct 22, 2012 12:46:28 AM PDT
Leo Little says:
Welcome to Free books and Chat. come on in and browse through the links there are always lots of free books. Have a seat in our overstuffed chairs and put you feet up on the hassocks as settle yourself in to read the latest treasure you've dredged up out of thousands of free indie publishers or perhaps you were lucky enough to catch one of your favorite well know author's book while it was free.

There's coffee, tea and hot chocolate in the decanters on the counter, along with a variety of freshly baked jelly and cream filled doughnuts and apple fritters and maple bars on the counter. There's ice cold milk is in the fridge beneath. After the story, I'll serve some sausage gumbo and don't forget to grab tin of peanut brittle before you leave.




Please come back and tell us what you get from the free links. Or if you've read a previously Free book drop in and tell what you thought of it...

Link to Part 1

Link to Part 2

Link to Part 3

Link to Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

The other cases were circumstantial. They were only tied to Kenneth through the last murder, so Mark got the case dismissed and Kenneth went back to work.
It was several months before Diane was raped and murdered. Eddie went looking for Kenneth. But he never found him. The guy had just dropped off the face of the earth. I had a suspicion that somebody killed him, thinking he was responsible for all those murders.
Cybertron sent me a file from south of the border, from the Monterrey crime lab.
The guy who raped and killed those women was rotting away somewhere in a Mexican prison.
I reopened Diane's case file, thinking about how I'd feel if I thought someone had set a killer free and then that same killer, murdered my Barb. A chill ran up my spine as I realized what that meant. I was ready to kill the man responsible for taking my Barb, and anyone else who got in my way for that matter. I thumbed through the three cases connected to Barb's murder. There was no evidence of rape and the killer had used a garrote to strangle his victims.
What if this guy didn't know the real killer had been caught? What if he blamed me for Diane's murder?
The six-looped bow around the victims' necks started to make sense...the women were gifts of vengeance.
Three women like before and then...then...that bastard took my Barb. Payback in his mind, for the death of his...I looked back to Diane's file. There was no next of kin. Like my Barb, she had grown up a ward of the state with a string of foster families she'd never formed an attachment to. But someone cared about Diane. Someone loved her. She'd been pregnant with his child.
I just have to find out who he is.
I tucked my Kindle under the mattress, stood up, and crossed to barred door of my cage. I wanted to bang my head against it several times. I would have but my head ached enough already. Still... I screamed, "Why couldn't I have discovered this sooner?" I rested my head against the bars, letting the heat of my anger seep into the cold steel. I had to get a hold of myself.
Under control once more, I returned to my cot and fished out my Kindle once again. I needed more info, so I tapped Cybertron's book cover. The background blinked as a chat window opened in the middle of the screen.
What's up Doc. :o}
I pictured a wong eared wabbit on the other end and laughed. It felt good.
Thanks for the laugh, Cy. I need you to get all the info you can on Diane Parsons. Find out who the father of her baby was.
I'll look into it Doc.

I spent the next five days going through the motions and stealing every moment I could to study the case files, hiding the kindle whenever I heard the guards. I asked about my lawyer, but all I got was the same canned answer. "No one has asked to see you."
Once a day, they let me make a phone call, but I couldn't reach him at his house, office, or cell phone. Weird. Someone's always at his office during business hours, and I couldn't even reach his secretary.
I left a message for Cy on the chat link to check into Mark as well, but he, too, failed to respond. There was nothing I could do, but sit and wait.
Prison wasn't as bad for me as I thought it would be. Everything had a time and a schedule. Without that I think I truly would have been lost. With no contact to the outside world, my spirits sank. My dreams were filled with a bloody nightgown and the cold dead eyes of the one I love, and my days with detail after detail of the other murdered victims. I've seen what depression and grief can do to a person. It isn't pretty. At least here, I ate because there was a time to eat and food prepare for me. It wasn't the best food I'd had, but then I didn't take the time to taste it. I couldn't imagine any joy without Barb. Even in the simple things like good food or a hot shower. I took a shower because I was forced into a routine, without which I would have been a dirty wreck, wallowing in self pity.

Thursday morning, I awoke to a rattle of my cell door opening.
The DA stepped around the guard into my cell. "Get up, Dr. Gristler. You're out of here."
"Where's my attorney?"
"I don't know, Doc. I would have thought he'd be pushing for a bail hearing, but I haven't heard from him since you were charged."
"Wha... How? I mean why are you letting me go then?"
"Not enough evidence to hold you. Turns out your story holds true about the tire. Internal damage shows that you'd driven on it flat for several miles. And then when they got the lab work back on your wife, they discovered she wasn't even pregnant. Her HCG hormone was below .35 ml. and they couldn't find any recent signs of sexual activity, so we had to drop the entire scenario."
"I saw the fetus...our son. How could she not be pregnant?"
"DNA shows the fetus was from Angela Jacobs. The stiff you examined prior to your wife's murder. Turns out the creep who did this used surgical glue to attach the placenta to your wife's uterine wall."
"The baby ... was Angela's? I examined her...
"Yeah, yeah, I thought of that too. You could've taken Angela's fetus to make it look like the others, but that theory didn't hold up either. There was a video record on the lab computer. It showed your assistant Greg, was the first one to examine her."
Video records...I didn't set up a video record...Cy must have installed a motion controlled web cam over the autopsy table. But why? I'd only asked for back-ups for my computer files. Maybe he was just being thorough, watching my back as he had for years, but at the moment I didn't know who I could trust.
"Can I go back to my lab now?"
"I don't think so, Doc. You're too close to this. I don't believe you killed your wife, but I'm not clearing you just yet either. If I'm right, someone went to a lot of trouble to frame you for these murders, and if that's true--they aren't done. You'd better watch your back Doc. Hell, you better watch all sides."
"I'll be careful."
"You got any idea who might want to pin this on you?"
"Not at the moment, but I know where to start looking."
"I wouldn't trust anyone if I were you, Doc. Hell, it might be your own attorney setting you up for this. When I didn't hear from him on Monday, I did a background check. Turns out he has the medical know-how to do something like this, but then, you know that. You served in the gulf with him, didn't you?"
I couldn't believe that Mark would turn on me. We joined the National Guard together; well, actually that was my idea. I'd talked Mark into it and everything was great with him while it was just weekends. But he met the love his life while we were still stateside and married her. I remembered now the look he gave me when we were called up fight in Iraq.
The more I thought about, it the more the idea that Mark was behind all of this took shape. I tried to picture the cadence of Mark's work as we trained in the field hospitals, but nothing came to mind. He was on his way to becoming a brilliant surgeon, just like me, then word came over the wire that his wife had been killed. He was hauled back to the states never to return.
I caught up with him three years later after he passed the bar. I'd asked him then if he wanted me to look into his wife's death, but he shook his head. Things were pretty cold between us. I thought maybe he blamed me, that he wasn't there when his wife's murderer got away. I never checked to see if she were pregnant at the time. I hadn't a reason.
I wondered then if Greg had done a comparison check on the incisions. This scenario didn't fit my other theory about the father of Diane Parsons' baby being behind all of this, or did it? It was a year or two before that Mark's attitude changed toward me. He seemed to be happier, as if something in his life had finally gone right.
I asked him if he'd met someone new, but he just smiled.
He'd defended Kenneth Mabry using my exculpatory evidence. My mind went back five and a half years, as I remembered the look on his face when I first brought Kenneth's x-rays to him. I'd seen it in his eyes. He'd really thought his client was guilty. Mabry had a history of assault charges, and he'd made the sex offenders list for statutory rape. He was nineteen and his girl had just turned sixteen when her parents came home and caught them in bed. He served two years and got out for good behavior, but the label stuck, making him one of the first questioned after any local, sexually-based crime.
Mark had told me in confidence that there were some clients he'd fought for, hoping not to win. I wonder if he still believed his client was guilty. Diane Parsons could have been his secret lover. It would explain Mark's absence now. He should have at least been here to pick me up from prison. Maybe he'd caught wind that the house of cards my case was built on was falling, so he'd skipped town to avoid prosecution.
I called a cab that took me to the only place I had to go...The house where Barb was murdered. Where only ghostly arms could comfort me.

You are welcome to join us for conversation, however, self-promotion or posting a link to your book in this area is against Amazon's TOS. Please go to the "Meet Our Authors" area for that, as many of us do check there as well.
Link to schedule for book discussion...

Sausage Gumbo

2 12 oz packages smokie link sausages
¼ cup flour
1 ½ cup chopped onion
2 cloves garlic
2 cups chopped tomatoes
2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
¼ cup vegetable oil
1 ½ cup chopped celery
1 cup chopped bell pepper
2 cups chicken broth
1 ¼ cup sliced okra
¼ tsp cayenne pepper
1 tsp file' gumbo powder (ground Sassafras)

Brown flour and oil until it chocolate brown. Saute chopped celery, onion, bell pepper, and garlic in the browned flour and oil until the vegetables are tender. Add sliced sausage links and simmer 20 minutes. Add tomatoes, okra, broth, cayenne and black pepper. Heat though. Serve over cooked rice or you can add 2 cups of cooked rice to the gumbo add the file' powder just before you not cook after adding gumbo spice.

Micro-wave Peanut brittle

1 cup sugar
½ white corn syrup
1 cup roasted salted peanuts
1 tsp butter
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp baking soda

In a 1 ½ quart microwave safe bowl and stir together sugar and syrup. Microwave on high for 4 minutes. Stir in peanuts and nuke on high for 3-5 minutes. Stir in butter and vanilla, blending well. Microwave again for another 1-2 minutes. Add baking soda slowly, stirring until light and foamy. Pour mixture onto lightly buttered cookie sheet. Let cool ½ to 1 hour. Break into pieces and store in air tight containers. Makes about a pound.

DonnaBeeGood - Tuesday, October 23 start time 11:30 MST on Oct 22
Ketta - Wednesday, October 24 start time: 4-5am EDT+
OregonDreamer - Thursday October 25 start time: 10-12 pm PDT
Lover of Books - Friday, October 26 start time: 12:30 am PDT
TnT - Saturday, October 27 start time 7-8 CST
Robb - Sunday, October 28th: start time: around midnight PDT
Leonard Little - Monday, October 29 start time: 12:30 am PDT
Zoo Keeper - Tuesday October 30 start time: 6-7 am EDT (unless I have to hunt, then will go earlier)
Adams-Wednesday, October 31, Midnight PDT
BubbaK - Thursday November 1 start time: 7 am EDT (or earlier)
Home Cook - Sunday, November 4, start time: 1am EST
Leonard Little - Monday, November 5: start time: 12:30 am PDT
Charlie-bird - Thursday, November 8 Start time: 7:00 am Central (probably earlier)

Open Dates:

Friday, November 2
Saturday, November 3
Tuesday, November 6
Wednesday, November 7
Friday, November 9

*** Please consider volunteering to be a thread starter. ***
Choose an available day, copy/paste schedule into a post and add your info. Thank You!

Hugs and prayers go out to all those who care for loved well as those who suffer through painful diseases / injuries...I hope that you find comfort and peace of mind.

Yesterday's link

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Posted on Oct 22, 2012 1:08:25 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Oct 22, 2012 1:27:10 AM PDT
Morning Leonard.
Another great installment. You definitely have us hooked now.:)

The Jesus Thief (The Jesus Thief Series)

The Secret Madonna (The Jesus Thief Series)

The Old Man & The Monkey

Posted on Oct 22, 2012 2:10:50 AM PDT
Scary Sandy says:
Leo, I have finished it.....Before I can say much I think that I have to let it simmer.....But I loved it....and fansty isn't the type of book that I usually read......More later....Sandy

Posted on Oct 22, 2012 3:53:47 AM PDT
JudyD says:
Just posting 2 from wishlist. Have to be on campus early this a.m., but will stop in later.

Reprisal - Publication Date: November 21, 2011
Some of the most vibrant and varied crime writing around anywhere is centred on the evocative industrial fishing port of Hull, with its shadowy wind-swept streets, its hard-bitten attitudes, its drugs, its gangsters and yet its underlying humanity that clings like untended weeds amid the cracks of the endemic poverty and the violence.
And Alfie Robins' 'Reprisal' is an outstanding example of the genre, a classic police procedural where you can hear the streets, smell the weather, savour the taciturn banter, and feel the four inch nail being driven into the heads of victims by a vengeful, meticulous and psychotic serial killer.
This is a criminal environment as real as it gets, and this is how people die if DCI Philip Marlowe and his over-stretched, tight-knit team don't get there first.

Transit of Ishtar (book of Sinnis) - Publication Date: April 26, 2012
Nathalia Lovejoy should be dead, she can remember committing suicide, but she wakes up in a ancient tomb. Her voice destroyed, she must rely on a new source for her magical ability, telepathy, in order to communicate with her savior. Nathalia has a real distaste for men. Lucky for her, Eiran Kafziel is not a man. He is a demigod, a halfbreed, unlike anything she has ever known. He found her in the moment of her death, repaired her body, gave her his holy blood, forever changing her into a Sinnis. She must come to terms with the fact that she is attracted to him, even loves him.
Along the way she discovers a whole world of mythical creatures living among humans. She battles her own hunger for violence and releases a demon from his 500 year prison. Can she become the weapon against that newly freed evil and save the world from his plans, or is she better suited to be his dark queen?

Hope everyone has a pain-free and productive Monday :)


Posted on Oct 22, 2012 4:55:30 AM PDT
Suze says:
Good Morning!

@ Leo
Thanks for great start, as usual. I love peanut brittle, but have never had success making it. Maybe I'll try your recipe. The last time I tried, I had to throw away my pot, I burned it into the metal I think!

@ jilli
I hope this is right?? Happy Birthday to you today!

@ shayshaydave

I told my son, the next time he goes away for a few days I'll move into his apartment and experience the city kind of living! He's in a corner unit with huge windows, 7 stories up and you can see across the river to PNC Park and one section of Heinz Field.

Posted on Oct 22, 2012 5:08:43 AM PDT
Thank you for starting Leonard.
Good morning to everyone.

Three To Get Deadly

Young Adult?? Action
Thunder Island (The Thunder Island Series)

Posted on Oct 22, 2012 5:18:33 AM PDT
Leo, thanks for the great start. I like the idea of Micro-wave Peanut brittle.
Guide to Greece for History Travellers (Guides for History Travellers)

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 22, 2012 5:19:17 AM PDT
Suze says:
Hi Nospin,

How's your kitty doing?

Posted on Oct 22, 2012 5:33:36 AM PDT
Good Morning Everyone,
Thanks for the great start Leonard. Your story looks interesting i need to go back to the beginning and start.

jilli- Happy Birthday Hope you have a great one

Suze- My daughter is away at college and living in a very nice part of the city. I have often told her we are going to trade places for a weekend.

Once again thank you for the links. I have just started The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap. It's good so far i think i will be able to read a few more chapters today.


In reply to an earlier post on Oct 22, 2012 5:54:16 AM PDT
He is eatin. At east. I was up early to get a turkey cooking since he ate 2 lbs of chicken thighs since Friday.

These are the greatest thing for giving the cat pills.
Greenies Feline Pill Pockets Chicken 1.6oz

Salem is now just taking his pill when I put it in front of him.

Posted on Oct 22, 2012 5:56:44 AM PDT
Decadent Coffee Cakes: Top 20 Coffee Cake Recipes

Mindfully Spiced Chicken

The Travel Free Guide To London: 123 Free Things To Do In London. 2013 Edition. (Travel Free eGuidebooks)

Pizza: Making Pizza At Home For Family & Friends
Halloween Fun: 99 Ideas for Crafts, Games and Activities

Dips: Top 25 Favorite Dips

How to Make Great Holiday Decorations for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween and More: A Guide to Fast, Fun, Cheap and Eco-Friendly Decorating for the Whole Family (Holiday Entertaining)

Chicken Skillet Meals: Quick & Easy Chicken Meals

Cloudy With a Chance of Zombies

Posted on Oct 22, 2012 5:58:08 AM PDT
B.J. says:
Good morning. Thanks Leo for the usual great start. Yep, I'm hooked. I want to read the book as a whole when you're finished. Need to get all the clues in a file in my head so I can solve this one. LOL

Nospin, glad you're better and glad to see you back.

Charlie-bird, hope you're better today also.

Jilli - Happy Birthday. It's another beautiful fall day here, hope you have one just like it.


In reply to an earlier post on Oct 22, 2012 5:58:11 AM PDT
Nospin, it's good to hear your cat is eating.

Posted on Oct 22, 2012 5:58:36 AM PDT
Really enjoying your installments of the story, Leo.
Thanks for the start.

Posted on Oct 22, 2012 6:05:06 AM PDT
B.J. says: (307 books)

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 22, 2012 6:18:24 AM PDT
Suze says:
Hi Vanessa,

We're thinking the same way! What city does your daughter live in?

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 22, 2012 6:20:51 AM PDT
Suze says:
@ Nospin

Glad he's eating! My Snickers loved those pill pockets for months, she used to ask for her pill and then one day she just up and decided she hated them.....cats are very opinionated!

Posted on Oct 22, 2012 6:26:19 AM PDT
new mom says:
This one was free on my wish list today Endurance (Afterlife #3) I already picked up the first one free and this is the third in the series. Now, I'm wondering if I've missed the 2nd one.

Posted on Oct 22, 2012 6:34:45 AM PDT
Grammiam says:
Thanks for starting Leo... Only one this morning...

The Last Temptation of Clarence Odbody
What if George Bailey wasn't saved by his guardian angel, Clarence Odbody, on that snowy Christmas Eve in Bedford Falls? This reimagining of the beloved Frank Capra classic It's a Wonderful Life (and the Phillip Van Doren Stern story that inspired it) tells the story of Bedford Falls and its inhabitants after the death of their drama's central character.

The Last Temptation of Clarence Odbody restores the dark undercurrent of the Van Doren Stern's short story "The Greatest Gift" to the uplifting plot of Capra's film, and explores how the familiar characters in it might respond to the dire circumstances created by George Bailey's disappearance from their lives. The paths of an introspective cab driver, a ruthless henchman, and a wayward daughter collide nearly twenty years later in the town that defined their reputations for better or for worse.

Posted on Oct 22, 2012 6:34:48 AM PDT
Hi Leo. I now look forward to Monday mornings to get another part of the story! Well done! Thanks for your efforts you must be spending a lot of time each week getting ready to entertain us. It is much appreciated.

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 22, 2012 6:36:55 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Oct 22, 2012 6:46:21 AM PDT
Ketta says:
@new mom
I don't think you missed the second one, I also had the first one and grabbed Endurance today... but waiting on the second one. It's a bit silly the feeling of "accomplishment" I get from collecting a whole series free.

I hope you don't get tired of hearing "great start" -- I'm adding my voice to the chorus.

Hope you have a very happy birthday!

Posted on Oct 22, 2012 6:42:25 AM PDT
LKS says:
~Leo~Thanks for the start, today.I am now hooked on the story to the point,I had to go back to the previous posts and see if I could find something that I might have missed. I would like to have the whole book NOW so that I could read it straight through!( sorry for yelling)
I have made this p-nut brittle recipe, for the last 12 years. It's part of the gift I give to my siblings. They love it!
~Jilli~ Happy birthday! Have a wonderful day!

Posted on Oct 22, 2012 6:52:23 AM PDT
Good morning all :) Some of my picks this morning:

The Battle of Mayberry - Jerry Lindberg - Drama
In the Shadow of Lions: A Novel of Anne Boleyn - Ginger Garrett - Historical Fiction
Love Through Time - Barbara Woster - Romance
Forged - Becky Banks - Romance
Thousand Lucky Cranes (June Kato Intrigue) - Kay Hadashi - Mystery/Thriller

See you all later so I can pick up some of your recommendations...

Posted on Oct 22, 2012 7:17:13 AM PDT
Irish M says:
Thanks for starting, Leo and the microwave brittle recipe! That is something I will definitely make.

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 22, 2012 7:21:37 AM PDT
T. Wheeler says:
Yes, I agree! My Jack cat has to take thyroid meds twice a day and now all I do is call him for his "treat"!
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