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FREE Books and Chat - Tues. Nov. 6, 2012

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Initial post: Nov 6, 2012 2:36:05 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 6, 2012 7:50:44 AM PST
Irish M says:
Good morning all and welcome to another day of books, chatting, and wherever the conversation leads us. We are all like-minded in our love of reading here, so I guess I find it hard to understand when people say that they don't like to read. There is so much that you are missing, I tell them! Maybe they just need the right genre. I know that I have read some books I never would have found if not here, so thanks to all of you for posting and sharing. I appreciate everyone here. Now back to our program already in progress:




Please come back and tell us what you get from the free links. Or if you've read a previously Free book drop in and tell what you thought of it...

You are welcome to join us for conversation, however, self-promotion or posting a link to your book in this area is against Amazon's TOS. Please go to the "Meet Our Authors" area for that, as many of us do check there as well.

Starter Schedule:

Ketta - Wednesday, November 7: start time 4-5am EST
Charlie-bird - Thursday, November 8 Start time: 7:00 am Central (probably earlier)
Lover of Books - Friday, Nov. 9 start time: 12:30 am PST
Kay Kay - Saturday, November 10: start time 12:30-1:30 am EST
Zoo Keeper - Sunday, November 11: start time 6:00-7:00 am EST
Leonard Little - Monday, November 12 start time: 12:30 am PST
Robb - Friday, Nov 16th: start time 11pm to Midnight pst
TnT - Saturday, Nov 17th: start time 7-8 CST at latest
Leonard Little - Monday, November 19 start time: 12:30 am PST
Zoo Keeper - Tuesday, Nov 20th: start time 6-7 am EST

Open Dates:

Tuesday, November 13
Wednesday, November 14
Thursday, November 15
Sunday, November 18

*** Please consider volunteering to be a thread starter. ***
Choose an available day, copy/paste schedule into a post and add your info. If you'd love to start, but are unsure of how, let us know. We will happily walk you through.
Thank You!

Posted on Nov 6, 2012 3:24:23 AM PST
Hi all! I actually have a pick today! Yippy! Eyes Like Sky And Coal And Moonlight I've listened to some of Cat Rambo's stories on a podcast (Podcastle). I enjoyed them and will probably enjoy these too.

Posted on Nov 6, 2012 4:21:32 AM PST
Thanks for the start Irish:) I put a link on yesterday's thread.

Posted on Nov 6, 2012 4:44:23 AM PST
Suze says:
Thanks Irish M,

Happy Election Day and Happy no more political ads and robo-calls tomorrow!

What's your favorite coffee, Irish M? Do you ever grind your own coffee beans? I usually do and like to buy Peets coffee online, but lately it's just too expensive. So, it's been supermarket Peets coffee, already good sale prices .

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 6, 2012 4:48:05 AM PST
Thanks for starting Irish

All The Way Home (Historical Fiction Best Sellers)

Posted on Nov 6, 2012 5:23:11 AM PST
Irish M says:
Thanks for putting the link in Becky, I knew I forgot something! Not enough coffee I guess. To answer your question, depends on how I am brewing. I have a Nespresso machine with their pods for my espresso. If I am using my moka pot, I use Ilys. For my French Press I usually get some ground from my local shop. For my drip machine I stick to Dunkin' Donuts. When I don't feel like any of that I will make a quick and easy cup in my mini Keurig machine. I wish there was a shop near me like I saw in NYC, wall to wall beans in barrels, the aroma when you walk in the door is heavenly! Might have to look into Peets, always ready to try a new brand, I think I need to try and grind my own. This morning was the Peppermint Mocha kcup from Dunkin.

Posted on Nov 6, 2012 5:34:23 AM PST
JudyD says:
A few from Wish List, before heading out to medical appointments (again):

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens - this was NOT free YESTERDAY, but is today. I was looking for it, as I wanted to get the Whispersync special as well for $1.99, now that I have figured out how to put it on my KK and also how to connect it to my car's radio system, which is when I like audiobooks - thanks to folks here helping me with input on how to do this :)

By the way, if you are thinking about getting any of the free or cheep Whispersync offerings, do not wait. One that had been $0 was up to $7.95 when I looked for it last night. I've been busy getting what I want and will listen to them while rehabbing soon. Wanted to let you all know, in case you were thinking about grabbing some of the classics. The one that had gone up was Tale of Two Cities - I think it will come on special again, so will keep an eye out for it also.

Blood Rite (A Maggie Devereaux Mystery, #2) - Publication Date: December 27, 2011
PARANORMAL MYSTERY. The heir to the Clan MacLeod has been kidnapped. The police think it's for ransom, but Maggie Devereaux knows better. She'll have to tap into her dark magic again to save the baby, damn the consequences. Except that damnation may well be the consequence for Maggie.

The Spell of Binding. (Part One.) - Publication Date: July 27, 2012
(The Spell of Binding: Part One, is a 27,000 word, witty, fantasy comedy).


The World was almost destroyed by science - billions died. The survivors gave up looking for God and looked within themselves. They could hear a new song emanating from the ruins of the past. An ancient song, older than religion and time itself - they heard the magic.


But the holocaust caused a spell uttered eons ago - when the magic was strong - to weaken. A spell that now released unmentionable creatures back into the world; creatures their ancestors had banished. Science failed to destroy humanity, now it's the powerful Demon Kings turn to try - back with vengeance and a vast army.


Powerful sorcerers could stand in his way, but they have grown old and tired with time, leaving the hope of all New Mankind on the shoulders of a female magus, a slaphappy, lovesick human, a drunken whimsical elf, and an ambitious dwarf, all looking for a Spell that has been hidden for a thousand generations.


Simeon, the head of the Council of Magi, has spent decades deciphering an ancient leather bound book. He sends word to Minika, a sorceress close to where he believes the Spell is hidden - a female magus who is not quite what she seems - and with the aid of a human, an elf and a dwarf, she heads out into the barren wasteland to try and reach the Spell first before Vorr, the demon king and his vast army. But the demons are the least of Minika's worries. Someone else seems hell bent on stopping her - someone who is manipulating magic that hasn't been used for thousands of years. Also the Great Prophetess has just announced the prophecy that Vorr has been waiting to hear for over two thousand years: "In a time of great sorrow seven will heal the world."

Will pop in later,


Posted on Nov 6, 2012 6:17:29 AM PST
Courtney says:
Morning! Everybody off voting? Its quiet.

Posted on Nov 6, 2012 6:22:34 AM PST
Lyn says:
My ballot was dropped off late Friday evening and yesterday, my signature was validated.
We are now a total mail in state.
I also got 23 calls yesterday but only 3 of them were from a person I wanted to talk to.

Off to look at some books

Posted on Nov 6, 2012 6:24:00 AM PST
Thanks for the start Irish M.

Nothing caught my eye this morning.
I hope everyone else has better luck.

Posted on Nov 6, 2012 6:24:44 AM PST
Good Morning All! Thanks for starting us off Irish M.

Just checked my wish lists and none have dropped to free today. Checked my e-mail quickly and grabbed a kinlib link:

Tuesday, November 6th 2012, 03:32 AM PST 275 books

Will post the book discussion info again in a bit then again tomorrow and maybe once on the weekend. By then I hope that most everyone will have had a chance to see it and will know what is going on.

Be back just a bit later with some picks...

Posted on Nov 6, 2012 6:31:40 AM PST
Morning everyone! I'm on my second espresso, loving my new nespresso machine. Brr, cold for us this morning. I am tempted to crawl back under the covers!

Pride Unleashed (a Wolf's Pride novel, book 2) I picked up the first one Feb 21 when it was offered.

Posted on Nov 6, 2012 6:59:31 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 6, 2012 7:00:00 AM PST
December Book Discussion Information-

*Book selected- RISE OF THE DRAKYN (Sword of Souls)- Fantasy (NOT FREE NOW is $2.99) by Leonard Little
*Date to be held- Friday Dec 7, 2012
*Length of this discussion is approximately 90 minutes, a 60 minute discussion followed by a 30 minute Meet the Author/Q&A session
*Time- 6 PM PST/7 PM MST/8 PM CST/9 PM EST
*Hostess for this session- Smurphy
*Co-hostesses- Kindlana (if she doesn't have to go to a Christmas party that night & myself)
*Nomination Gatherer/Vote Counter for next discussion- Courtney (Home Cook)
*Where- In a separate thread in the forum (it's just too confusing to run it within this thread). A link will be posted over here in FB&C shortly after it is opened so folks can easily find it.
***Nominations for books for the Jan. discussion will open shortly after the Dec discussion ends in a separate thread (so start jotting down books you might want to cover) and will be left open for approximately 24-25 hours. Then a list of books to vote on will go up and again be available to make your vote in the same thread as nominations for another 24-25 hours with a winner then announced within that thread and over here.

***Please do NOT nominate more then 3 books for any discussion. Suggestion- allow the voters to vote for their first and second choice and make them worth 1 point for second, 2 points for first.

Thanks to all who voiced opinions, helped shape this first one, to Leo for agreeing to come in at the end for an author session and to those who have filled the needed roles in order to run. I hope to see many of you there and I suspect Smurphy will post reminders of this info as we get closer to that day...

Questions? Ask them...

Posted on Nov 6, 2012 7:00:04 AM PST
Good morning all :)
A few of my picks this morning:

When Least Expected (The Women of Lakeshore Drive) - Sheryl Fawcett - Contemporary Fiction
The Cracked Slipper - Stephanie Alexander - World Literature
Sins of the Father - A Novel - Dar Tomlinson - Romance
Typhoon Season - James Campbell - Contemporary Fiction
Intaglio: The Snake and the Coins - Danika Stone - Contemporary Fiction
Unravelled - Kirsten Lee - Romance

Thanks for the start, Irish M.

Posted on Nov 6, 2012 7:01:23 AM PST
2013 Book Discussion Info-

*We have decided to try to hold a book discussion once a month beginning in January and we will run on Thursdays during the second week. That means our first three 2013 Book Discussions will be held Thursday, Jan 10 2013, Thursday, Feb 14, 2013 and Thursday, March 14, 2013.
+++ Does anyone have a problem with Feb falling on Valentine's Day? If so we may want to move that 1 discussion up or back a week and I'd suggest moving Dec back a week to get it further from Christmas.
*Length- These will be approximately 60 minutes long unless we are lucky enough to have another author agree to come in at the end like Leo will be doing, but late comers are always welcome to continue to share their thoughts as the host/co-hosts will continue to peek in as will many participants for around a full day after it is finished for the night.
*Time- 6 PM PST/7 PM MST/8 PM CST/9 PM EST
* We'd like folks to sign on to fill positions for 3 months at a time if they are able. This is so we won't always be scrambling to fill them. That would mean being available for Jan, Feb & March for this cycle.
***Would someone else be willing to step up to see that the April, May, June cycle is filled and arrange for someone else to fill July, Aug, Sept continuing to pass it on? Might want to start asking in mid-Feb then mid-May etc.
*Books- TBD by posters who choose to participate in nominations & voting.
*Smurphy has agreed to be our hostess for this first 3 month cycle.
*Courtney (Home Cook) has agreed to be the Nomination Gatherer/Vote Counter for this 3 month cycle.
*We need 2 co-hosts to cover the 3 months; Leo has however agreed to take this cycle so we only need 1 now :-).
*Where- In a separate thread in the forum (it's just too confusing to run it within this thread). A link will be posted over here in FB&C shortly after it is opened so folks can easily find it.
***Nominations for books for these discussions will open shortly after the current discussion ends in a separate thread (so remember to jot down books you are considering nominating) and will be left open for approximately 24-25 hours. Then a list of books to vote on will go up and again be available to make your vote in the same thread as nominations for another 24-25 hours with a winner then announced within that thread and over here.
***Please do NOT nominate more then 3 books for any discussion. Suggestion- allow the voters to vote for their first and second choice and make them worth 1 point for second, 2 points for first.

***One rule- All books to be discussed have to have been offered for free at some point and I'd suggest not going more then a couple months back as folks could have read it months ago if you do and may not want to re-read to refresh themselves on details. This is so we honor the spirit of FREE Books & Chat. One suggestion- Please do NOT nominate books from a series or a trilogy unless they are the 1st book. I know many like me want to read these in order...

Questions? Please ask them...

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 6, 2012 7:01:39 AM PST
Grammiam says:
Isn't it kind of hard to climb back under the covers while holding your coffee? :-) I'm on the reclining sofa with a blanket on my lap, and the granddog next to me. I'm warm! Glad I voted Friday!

NOT What I Was Expecting (The Big and Blessed Maternity Shop Mystery Series)
Looks like it might be a fun read.

Room With a Clue (Pennyfoot Hotel Mystery)

A Deadly Bargain--Plan C (Devonie Lace Mysteries)

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 6, 2012 7:02:55 AM PST
My coffee is a permanent fixture LOL, like my water. I always have a glass of ice water by me. I am lost without my water!

Posted on Nov 6, 2012 7:08:24 AM PST
HappyCamper says:
Thanks to all the starters and posters!

Questioning if anyone else has run into this... I normally update when I get the notifications from Ammy but today I decided to go to MYK and sort the view by "available for update". I had 43 books that needed updating. Isn't that strange - anyone else have this happen?

Posted on Nov 6, 2012 7:10:24 AM PST
TerryInTexas says:
Those of us with Kindles, especially ones that started with the K1 and K2, have had a front row seat to the disruption and uproar in the publishing industry with the evolution of has been entertaining and educational to watch, at least for me. While I support ebooks wholeheartedly, and applaud the independent author market that Amazon paved the way for, and the traditional publishers, in part, brought on themselves by the refusal to restructure their business model, I have my reservations as well, as much as I love Amazon, still a firm believer that competition is the best market for a consumer. And really don't want total manufacture to market industry control in the hands of one company. So I found this article to be interesting, thought I would pass it on.

Posted on Nov 6, 2012 7:10:35 AM PST
Zoo Keeper says:
Good morning.
Such a good opening this morning. Thank you.

Going to be a busy day here, but started out cold. The cat's water buckets were frozen this morning. Not just a thin layer of ice, ice most of the way through. They were fussing about it, it's not like they couldn't get water somewhere else. This is Son's lecture day online, so I'm limited in what I can do downstairs. I'm hoping to get Son's quilt top sewn to the back today. Still must go vote this afternoon and then pick nephew up from school.

My dad's cousin passed away Sat night after years of dialysis and failing health. Mom and Sis are going to the calling hours and funeral. (about 6 hrs from here) Mom's not happy with me since I opted not to go. We rarely saw him and was not close to his family. With Son's schooling I have to weigh these kind of things against his education. I had told Mom I would happily juggle what I needed, if Sis couldn't/didn't want to take off work, and take Mom there. Sis was determined she was going, so I didn't see the need to disrupt Son's schooling. (Sis had said on Sun she was going if it was at all possible to get even one day off work.)

When I tried to explain this to Mom she said, "So you don't want to go with me and your sister, but you'll go if it's just me?" Well, yeah, that's the bottom line of it, but what I'm saying is...

Mom has never liked my choice in online schooling, struggles to understand that I won't do things because of it, (like watch my nephew when he's sick and can't go to school or run errands for Sis, she does work and I don't, after all) hasn't figured out why I hate to ride in a car Sis is driving while texting, talking on the phone, digging through her suitcase size purse, looking in the backseat for something. (sometimes I think she does this all at once!) So given a choice I'm happy to be home. Although I did offer to pick nephew up at school the next two days and call/go to Sis's tomorrow morning to make sure her two get up to go to school. (BIL leaves at 5:30am for work kids, 16 & 12 need to get up at 6:00)

Sorry for the rant. Sometimes you just need to vent. Later on I'll remember that family is wonderful, but right now...

The Polar Track

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 6, 2012 7:20:06 AM PST
TerryInTexas says:
IF you mean not getting notifications from Ammy, then finding a bunch, yes, I have noticed that happening in the last few months. I actually wondered if maybe they stopped notifications now that the update button is available....

Posted on Nov 6, 2012 7:21:06 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 6, 2012 7:25:12 AM PST
Denise Long says:
Great start, Irish M.


I could find, only, three books that interested me today.

Dragon Keepers I - Honor of the Tome
Widow of Larkspur Inn, The (The Gresham Chronicles Book #1)
The Coffin Trail: A Lake District Mystery (Lake District Mysteries)

I must be slipping. ;-)

Happy reading
have fun.

Posted on Nov 6, 2012 7:25:08 AM PST
BB says:
Mistletoe Mischief (Romancing Wisconsin #1) romance

Christmas Kisses romance

A Rare Find: A Romantic Drama romance

Katia's Stone romance

thats all she wrote for me from kinlib 275.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 6, 2012 7:25:19 AM PST
HappyCamper- I had a whole slew come up after the last update came in over 60 if I remember correctly and another probably 50 since then. It's amazing to me how many books go up as available that still need a fair amount of work. Screams sloppy work in my opinion, but at least they took the time to try to fix any problems. I just had 4 books come in by e-mail notification and none came in through my MYK today.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 6, 2012 7:27:11 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 6, 2012 7:29:16 AM PST
Leo Little says:
@ Irish...I'll keep doing Mondays if that's okay...Can you edit me in? TIA

Thanks for the start

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