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In reply to an earlier post on Apr 8, 2012 12:13:14 AM PDT
recluse says:
Thanks, Barbarian!

Posted on Apr 8, 2012 6:32:58 AM PDT
Thank you, Barbarian!

Posted on Apr 8, 2012 2:40:49 PM PDT
Barbarian says:
Freebies 4/8/2012

Up and coming writers! Could be the next famous person among these. You never know. I'm giving them a try. Savings of $5.

Things that go Bump in the NightThings that go Bump in the Night is an anthology of ghost stories from members of The Write Place creative writing school. Gothic horror, modern day fiction, romance and even comedy are here to be enjoyed by readers who like their fiction scary!

The next book check out The Beautician from Hell and Just Never Want To Retire!!


Continuing on in the Wicked Women series author and historian Sylvia Perrini in this delightful short book provides a gallery of extraordinary women swindlers, con artists and imposters.Some of the women you may even like and some you will despise.

Come ON! Women wouldn't do things like this! They are suger and spice and everything nice.

Speaking of Women - Here's one with beautiful eyes! Reminds me of that song Hungry Eyes. Beauty is only skin deep and you can't judge a book by it's cover.

Angry EyesRandy Saunders' bad eyesight was the one flaw in an otherwise perfect life. Handsome, rich, Randy had everything he wanted until he met her. Clarisa Connors was an extraordinarily beautiful woman, and she knew it. Of course she would never marry a man like Randy with those "bad eyesight genes". But she would be willing to play with him--if he lost the glasses. And there lies the problem. Randy couldn't wear contacts, he had a rabid fear of doctors, but he did have a possible solution. A drug called Angry Eyes.

This next one looks really, really, good! One called Dolly and would you like to go to the Woodshed? The Widow and the fat man and Dagger which coincides with the outstanding cover.

Tales of Terror (Jezri's Nightmares)15 Tales of Terror, from thieves that make the mistake of stealing from Vampires, to a cursed dress and into a mental institution, where even the doctor is insane, Volume2 doesn't let up with the madness.

The next one the guy wakes up in an alley in a puddle with a tattoo on his face he never had before. Wow - Talk about a huge wakeup call.

Darkness in the Light (Forever Darkness)Nic Draca wakes in an alley, his face half submerged in a puddle, a tattoo he never had before mysteriously etched across the left side of his face. He has no recollection what happened to leave him this way. Entering into a neighborhood bar he finds he now has a taste for blood - human blood. As he discovers what happened to make him this way and why his sire saw fit to leave him with an ink design that will cause him to be noticed everywhere he goes, he finds himself becoming entrenched in a world of darkness he never knew existed. Both vampires and werewolves are real in the world he thought he knew, as well as other creatures with even more fiendish goals. And though he finds himself the target of the night dwellers he is now a part of, he discovers that he may be the worst of them all.

Accompany this neophyte vampire as he wanders into a realm of deceit and manipulation and has to fight to remain among the undead.

This next one has 23 reviews for a total of five stars *****. I'm checking this one out. Thus far I've downloaded three. Today is a good day:)

Abandon Changes (FREE short story)Ken Brosky's second collection of horror and science fiction features 7 previously published and unpublished tales guaranteed to keep you up at night ...

"Fortunes" (first published in Shadowland Magazine)
A mysterious fortune cookie predicts Larry's future with eerie accuracy. When he's offered an opportunity to buy another, he quickly realizes even good fortunes can have profound consequences.

"Bullets From Heaven"
A mysterious new military device is being tested in the remote mountain region of Pakistan, and as one lone reporter digs deeper, he finds that a terrifying mistake has been made. All he needs is proof ...

"Wonderland" (first published in Skyline Magazine)
Sandra thought she was just buying ice cream. When she wakes up in a strange house shackled to the wall, she knows she's in trouble. The men who own the house have plans for her and the only way out may just be to use her imagination.

"God Speaks to Them"
The closest planet capable of sustaining life contains a terrifying surprise: aliens who look exactly like humans. They behave like humans. They sound like humans. The only difference: they claim to be able to communicate with God.

"Asylum Blues" (first published in The Late, Late Show)
A patient has gone missing in an insane asylum following a late-night lockdown. Patients and guards are dead. Blood coats the halls. Only one person knows exactly what happened ... and he may be responsible for it all.

"The Dark Tower" (first published ABCtales Magazine)
In the future, while everything is falling apart, a single young man finds solace in an old book tucked away inside a crumbling secondhand store.

"The Wretched"
The year is 1954. A murder has been committed on an island leper colony and an FBI agent has been assigned to bring the killer to justice. But the more he learns about the island and its inhabitants, the more he suspects there's something more to the mystery, and stopping the killer may require believing the rumors spreading across the island. Rumors about a hellish supernatural creature that refuses to die.

That's it for today. Enjoy these and see you next time on free ebooks on ghosts, horror, occult, and the paranormal.............Get a $10 motion detector at any discount store, plug it in, and the next time it goes off when no one is there think to yourself.....What could that be.....Have a great Easter.

Posted on Apr 8, 2012 2:42:36 PM PDT
Thank you, Barbarian!

Posted on Apr 9, 2012 1:58:38 PM PDT
Barbarian, I came across this one, originally written in the 70's and thought it might interest you.
Night Stalks the Mansion: A True Story of One Family's Ghostly Adventure

Posted on Apr 9, 2012 4:16:58 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Apr 9, 2012 4:33:03 PM PDT
Barbarian says:
Charlene:) Thank you a lot! Night Stalks the Mansion: A True Story of One Family's Ghostly Adventure is exactly my favorite kind of story - true, ghostly, and creepy. It has everything I like. What a pleasant surprise and Free!! I never heard of it before. Fifty One customer reviews and 98% are all Fives! I downloaded it and after the Freebies I'll start reading it. Please let me know if you find any more like this. Appreciate it - Your Friend.

Posted on Apr 9, 2012 4:32:19 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Apr 9, 2012 4:45:08 PM PDT
Barbarian says:
Freebies 4/9/2012

Anthology of Ichor: Hearts of Darkness11 shocking stories of sinful decadence. Horror, sci-fi, cyberpunk, and dark fantasy packed into more than 200 pages.

From the minds of: Jamie Marriage, Ryan Kinkor, Paul DeCirce, Phil Richardson, and Trevor E. Donaldson.

Whether your fear felines, the devil, or your next date, you will be shocked to discover truths and epic evils.

JEZEBELSleep lightly tonight...

A madman has come to town seeking a diabolical revenge and large dogs begin attacking their masters for no apparent reason and with heinous results.

Animal Control Director Tony Parker must find out why and stop the murderous attacks. Meanwhile, Jezebel, a huge black Great Dane has killed her master and is loose, terrorizing the city and stalking Parker and his family. Parker and Sarah Hill, his beautiful and seductive young assistant, attempt to unravel the mystery and stop the terrible carnage while dealing with their own demons and lusty desires.

The attacks must be stopped. Jezebel must be found-and soon, you see--there is one other complication. Parker seems to have come down with an annoying little virus. No, it's not one of those irritating summer colds. It's certain death.

She's a murderess, huge and black as a hell-bound night.

Beware. Jezebel is on the loose!
Here's what others are saying about Jezebel:

"Gordon Kessler has crafted a compelling and intense novel that grabs you by the throat and won't let go. His characters are well drawn and complex. You'll find yourself yelling out loud at them in either fear or frustration. The plot is full of twists and turns that never let you relax.

"Jezebel is definitely a book you will remember. You may also find yourself looking a little nervously at your beloved pet. Is that a smile - or could it be a snarl...? Highly recommended!"-Nancy L. Mehl "Author" from

The Fahj GinA short horror story.
It is far more dangerous to half believe in anything than it is not to believe at all. If you don't give credence to a `thing', you never see it and, generally speaking, IT whatever it maybe, will not see you. However, if you only half believe, your faith is at no time strong enough to allow you to glimpse this thing. But, be sure it can see you and it watches.

A story about Bobby Rose getting his revenge.

Rowan's BloodOver 600 years ago, Koren Mackenzie lost everything she loved at the hands of Jona, the man who claimed to love her. Fueled by jealous hatred, he destroyed her family, her friends and Rowan, the woman she loved.
But as the screams from the pyres pierced that cold October night, Rowan made an eternal vow. It was a vow that changed everything.

He tried to kill them all, but by magic as old as the earth, Koren survived and emerged immortal. For centuries she has walked the earth, awaiting Rowan's return. The time has come. But the past does not rest easy and love eternal may come at a price.
Rowan's Blood is a Novella -- 21000 words -- and is available in Kindle format and Paperback.

Truly DeadlyCal and Nathan are best friends, in a way only sixteen-year-old boys can be. When a beautiful young girl attracts their attention, things do not turn out as expected. A hauting is afoot. Turn up the lights and treat yourself to a gem of a horror, with all the thrills to keep you up all night and thinking about it for months.

Low CountryBefore it was a house, it was a home. Nomadic writer Martin Temple has finally settled down in small-town South Carolina, but moving in to Charybdis, the ancestral home of the aristocratic Augurs, means becoming an unofficial member of the family. No sooner is he settled in than he's thrust into a world of new rules, old traditions, bitter grudges, and the lingering question of why a family in no need of money would sell a house that's figured so largely in their history. Martin came south for peace and quiet, but quiet is all he finds. The quiet of whispered and whimpered secrets. The quiet of bees in their hive and wasps in their nests. The quiet of Charybdis, vacant but never empty, looming over the bay.

Thanks again Charlene for that great ghostly recommendation[:)--I can't wait to read it!


In reply to an earlier post on Apr 10, 2012 5:04:43 AM PDT
You know I will!

Posted on Apr 10, 2012 5:05:39 AM PDT
Thank you, Barbarian!

In reply to an earlier post on Apr 10, 2012 10:17:41 AM PDT
recluse says:
Thanks, Barbarian!

Posted on Apr 10, 2012 3:35:35 PM PDT
Barbarian says:
Freebies 4/10/2012

Ascension: A NovellaFollowing a volcanic eruption on the South Atlantic island of Tristan da Cunha, a colony of vicious driver ants is transported to one of the most isolated locations in the world, tiny Ascension Island, home to a U.S. military listening post. As the ants devour everything in sight, a young South African cleaning lady, an American intelligence officer, and a young French-Muslim bank robber are thrown together to not only try and escape the hungry horde but also find a way off the island before it, too, is destroyed.

Mark Wheaton is a horror screenwriter (FRIDAY THE 13TH, THE MESSENGERS), graphic novelist (THE CLEANERS) and author of several bestselling straight-to-Kindle horror stories including SUNDAY BILLY SUNDAY, SPIDER, NIGHT OF THE SCORPIONS and the BONES series about a Police-trained cadaver dog who repeatedly runs afoul of Apocalyptic events. Print edition of these stories are available as FOUR NAILS IN THE COFFIN, UNNATURAL SELECTION, and BONES: THE COMPLETE APOCALYPSE SAGA.

Robert E. Howard wrote a lot on Atlantis so I'm including this one:

Atlantis - lost or found, a summaryBook with tales and theories of the lost city and civilisation of Atlantis.

Witch-Finder (The Trials of Matthew Marshall)The first in a series of tales of Matthew Marshall, a priest and a witch-finder in the days of the English Civil War. Marshall is a tormented and contradictory character, determined to bring his own brand of justice to parts of war-torn England while fending off the demons of his past.

Here's a short one - only 7 pages;
My Granddad's GhostFrom Just a Haunted Minute! A very short tale meant to be read in a minute or two.
From an early age I have been able to see or sense the presence of people who were no longer alive. To me this was a natural state because both my mother and her mother my maternal grandmother were natural psychics. I don't think they were however prepared for me to inherit from them so strongly, where to me the world of the living and the world of the `dead' was not that much different. I had many `unseen' childhood companions, and encountered many strange tales. This is the one where I first met my grandfather. Only problem, he died years before I was born!


Posted on Apr 10, 2012 3:39:13 PM PDT

In reply to an earlier post on Apr 10, 2012 4:03:15 PM PDT
recluse says:
Thanks, Barbarian!

Posted on Apr 11, 2012 4:12:29 PM PDT
Barbarian says:
Freebies 4/11/2012

Started with a really good one that I just downloaded and can't wait to read. Great cover!

13 Most Haunted Places in the United States (Real Haunted Places)
The Top 13 Most Haunted Places in the U.S. with bone chilling facts and true accounts will leave you wanting to visit these haunts. If you dare! These are real haunted places right here in the United States. If you like reading about the supernatural, check this out..

This book contains details about the history behind the haunting and plenty of pictures. This isn't folklore but actual places and actual accounts.

Visit Myrtles' Plantation in Louisiana which holds many tales of murders, mayhem, and tragedy. Check out the haunting in the White House. There are accounts from many guests and visitors who have stayed there. Abe Lincoln is the ghost most seen. Is it any surprise to you that Alcatraz is haunted? There is one story in here that scares the author so much he will not even put a picture in the book.

Read about a haunted lighthouse and the accounts that have been told?

That's only a few of the places you will read about. If you want to learn about real hauntings right here in the United States, grab a copy now. Not only read about the haunting but learn the history behind these places so you understand why they are being haunted.

Thanks Amazon and keep these true ghostly, paranormal, creepy, and occult free ebooks coming! Much appreciated. A Kindle reader forever! I hope to get the Amazon Fire:)

Haunt A Prescott Carmichael Jaunt (Short Story #4)It's an easy assignment. Jake Gibb is sent by his boss Prescott Carmichael to babysit a scared client who is claiming to be haunted by ghosts. Instead of a bored fall evening chit-chatting with a client, Jake Gibb is caught in a family squabble that will shake his faith in non-belief.

Zombie FearMorgan the Brave and his adventures as he finds himself in a fantasy world filled with dreaded flesh eating zombie killers- Read if you dare!

A Brand New HellThere are many Hells. There is Hell of living, the Hell of dying and the Hell of whatever happens next. But when the dead rise to claim the Earth, there is no escape.

Set in the universe of "Birthday Wish (Soul Survivors: Hometown Tales volume 1)" and the forthcoming "Kingdom of the Dead," A Brand New Hell is a stand alone account of the first days of the apocalypse through the eyes of a minister and his wife.

Wickflicker the next one has 10 reviews all Five Star Stars.....
WickflickerThey've come of age. And now they're coming out from among them.

Is your palm freely passed twixt the wick and the flame?
Do you smoke the briar's fire fueled by faces and names?
On the bridge of your lust, will you pay the small toll?
Would you gain the whole world in exchange for your soul?
-Olde Order: Wickflicker

They were two college freshmen, simply searching for that higher high along life's journey. They found it in the devil's den.

Best friends since childhood, college freshmen Gat O'Malley and Caleb Jackson stumble into a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: Finding themselves the life of the party at semester's end, it's up to them to keep the crowd pumped, the ladies intrigued, and the liquor freely flowing.

To keep spirits flying high, Gat and Cay venture into their friend's cellar to retrieve a fresh keg. They soon hit rock bottom when failing to locate any source of light, becoming lost in the endless labyrinth below. Lurking about the shadows, they encounter their friend's eccentric Uncle and begin to realize they're getting more than they bargained for.

By showing them the mystic ways of an ancient, arcane society- the Olde Order- Nicklaus Scratch entices the freshmen with all the power, prestige, and prominence they would dare to dream up at the onslaught of the new age. The world is theirs for the taking. All can be possessed through the Olde Order- the way of the Wickflicker.

Money. Sex. Power.

Each awaits in exchange for something never even seen...

Would you gain the whole world in exchange for your soul?

Victoria Gardella: Vampire Slayer (The Gardella Vampire Chronicles) This one has 27 customer reviews!!

(Previously published as part of The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance. Now with exclusive excerpts and bonus material.)

A short story introducing readers to the Gardella Vampire Chronicles.

1820: Victoria Gardella tries to enjoy a ball with her new beau, Lord Rockley--but when bloodthirsty vampires come upon the scene, she must leave the fun in order to employ her stake along- side a grim Max Pesaro (vampire slayer) and the mysterious Sebastian Vioget.

Chronicles of the Vampire Hunters: CreationAUTHORS NOTE: About six months ago I finished my first novel (Chronicles of the Vampire Hunters: The Coalition). The finished product was well over six hundred pages long, was unedited, and had NUMEROUS grammatical and punctuation errors. Also due to its length several elements of the story had to be left out. So instead of moving on to my next project, I decided to improve upon The Coalition. So I broke the novel up into three parts, had it edited, and added previously left out scenes(including a new prologue) making it a more complete story. If you've read The Coalition before I hope that you will be happy with the new material and if not I'm confident you will enjoy this first novel following Jake and his family's adventures. So here it is, the first part of The Coalition Trilogy: Creation.

They are known by many names, from Gods and Immortals to Demons and Vampires. They are whispers in the shadows, myths, and legends. They have existed alongside mankind for thousands of years, always in hiding, always feeding. They are are the top of the food chain and humanity is their only prey.

Alone and outnumbered a small group of men and women stand their ground, fighting to drive back the darkness. They are our first, last, and only line of defense against monsters that know no fear. They are the Vampire Hunters.

Jake Bishop is a normal, easy going kid that spends his summer days playing with his action figures and watching cartoons. The biggest, Earth shattering problem is his life are his parent's nonstop arguments over money. That all changes one hot summer night, when a demon from his father's past comes crashing back into his life. Jake is plunged into a surreal, terrifying world beyond his worst nightmares. Jake is nearly killed, his mother kidnapped, sending his father into a mad quest for revenge. Jake learns two truths, vampires exist and the Bishops have been hunting them for hundreds of years. And they are VERY good at what they do.


In reply to an earlier post on Apr 11, 2012 9:51:50 PM PDT
recluse says:
Thanks, Barbarian!

Posted on Apr 12, 2012 5:07:08 AM PDT
Thank you, Barbarian!

Posted on Apr 12, 2012 4:23:24 PM PDT
Barbarian says:
Freebies 4/12/2012


The zombie apocalypse can really put a downer on your holiday...

38 holiday-themed zombie stories from new and established authors including Night of the Living Dead co-writer, John Russo, Tony Burgess, Shaun Jeffrey, Rod Glenn, Iain McKinnon, Matt Hilton, David Dunwoody, Wayne Simmons, Bowie V Ibarra, Joe McKinney, Remy Porter, A P Fuchs, Thomas Emson and Eric S Brown.

Over 500 pages crammed full of flesh-eating horror and dark humour from the cream of UK, US and Canadian talent. Theme parks, serial killers, seaside resorts, Christmas, Thanksgiving and fishing trips. You'll scream, you'll laugh and you might even shed a tear...

Holiday zombie horror has never been so entertaining.

'An extravaganza of zombie terror by a team of top writers.' ~ Guy N Smith, best-selling horror author

Backroads and Alleyways: a Collection of Diversions"Mr. Blake is a very talented horror writer and this collection offers refreshing horror stories with an original flavour."

A vampire meets his match.

A porcelain doll that's more than it seems.

A dog claiming to be an ambassador for an alien race.

A cowardly soldier trapped on an alien planet.


Posted on Apr 12, 2012 5:34:29 PM PDT
Thank you, sir!

Posted on Apr 12, 2012 5:51:48 PM PDT
Thanks Barbarian, I don't read very much zombie stuff, but Holiday of the Dead looks too good to pass up. And the price is right.

In reply to an earlier post on Apr 12, 2012 6:56:15 PM PDT
recluse says:
Thanks, Barbarian!

Posted on Apr 15, 2012 12:29:44 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Apr 15, 2012 12:31:57 PM PDT
Barbarian says:
Freebies 4/15/2012

Hey - Remember the old series Saved by the Bell?

Tales from Beyond the DarknessIn Tales From Beyond The Darkness ghosts linger in the ether of the air and raise havoc with human conscience and understanding. These stories come from another shadowy realm; a precarious edge over which few pass and even fewer return. Meet Nathan Dealey, who inherits a pair of gloves that transform him from a mediocre artist into a master; lawyer Martin Baravale, who finds unexpected company on the ledge of a building and Roland Duvall, a man who carries an unspeakable burden. These and others await your attention. Shiver a bit and follow along. You may never think the same way about some things again...

Table of Contents

The Haunted Gloves
Out on The Ledge
In The Waiting Room
A Very Grave Matter
Once A Thief
Last Tango Lost
The Tale of Roland
Face of Serafina
Saved By The Bell
Creepy Time Gal
A Helping Hand
Spot On The Wall

SPARKLE-A Tale of the DevilFrank and Dina had a reservation at Stonyhart Bed and Breakfast just days before Christmas. Dina was hoping she could find a way to discourage Frank and get him out of her life. He wasn't what he pretended to be--he was something darker.

Abe Abaddon waited for the young couple to arrive on a snowy evening when demons walked and shadows leaped to life. He had a special room for Frank and Dina, Room 12, the Sparkle room. He had a special destiny for Frank--and all the others like him. It was going to be one Hell of a night in Connecticut.

A horror short story featuring the Father of Lies.

A Ghost on a FarmRandy is a young high school student who loves playing video games like most young adults. Randy never had a life changing event until one day when he was in his basement, and he saw a man or something standing in the corner with arms and legs that resembled that of a human. He wasn't sure if it was real or not but as soon as he blinked his eyes the person was gone.

Randy some how or another started noticing things moving and being misplaced inside his home. He thought his mind was playing tricks on him, or was it that he was having an encounter wit a ghost. Randy didn't want to seem crazy but he knew something was not right until one day his mom asked him what was going on and said you look like you seen a ghost !

This story is a great read if you like short stories that keep you wanting more ..

The Potato Only 9 pages.

A brand new short story from the author of DEAD SOULS, the 2006 novel soon to be an original movie on NBC's Chiller Network.

NightfallFor aspiring poet, Stefan Powell, everyday life in the town of Spook Valley has become a seemingly unbreakable routine. Between dividing his time working at a local music store, finding inspiration for a would be book of dark poetry, and socializing with his best friend (a modern-day, practicing witch), Stefan fears he will never escape the daily rat race of life. However, all of this changes when Stefan visits the desert surrounding Spook Valley.

What, at first, seems nothing more than a vivid nightmare becomes sheer reality when Stefan's weekly outing places him at the center of a young man's rescue from a mysterious portal appearing in the desert like some impossible mirage. Determined to comprehend the origin of the stranger, Stefan's world is thrust into chaos when he discovers that he has opened a doorway to an evil netherworld hellbent on bringing eternal darkness to Earth.

With the weight of the world on his shoulders, Stefan Powell now exists in a reality where the boundaries of truth and fantasy are obscured. Paired with his best friend and unable to determine if those who come into their lives are with or against them, Stefan will realize that the terrifying face of evil can don any mask--of beauty or horror--as each decision in his day-to-day life will determine the fate of the world.

Racing against time, and coming face to face with creatures reminiscent of myth, Stefan must unlock the horrific puzzle of the destructive force known as the Nightworld and find a way to stop the netherworld from conquering, not only the sleepy town of Spook Valley, but the entire planet.


Posted on Apr 15, 2012 12:37:15 PM PDT
Thanks, Barbarian!

Posted on Apr 15, 2012 12:52:32 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Apr 15, 2012 12:54:01 PM PDT
Barbarian says:
I'd like to share with folks again that the best true horror story I've ever read is and always will be True Haunting by Edwin Becker. Try if for free! Sample the beginning of the book for FREE like I did and trust me you won't be able to put it down! The FREE sample button is on the right hand side of the screen - Just click Send Sample Now and the first chapter is delivered to your Kindle.

I'm reading it again! The first time it took me only two days!

In 1971 Ed and his wife Marsha moved into a two story house. It's so cold inside the house in summer they don't need AC. A priest comes to bless the house and the metal cannister explodes into small pieces and the priest runs out of the house. When Ed tries to get him back the priest says, "There's nothing more I can do."

Two former tenants went insane and one of them was Ed's sister who was dabbling in the occult with Ouija boards.

The house is vacant and hasn't been lived in for a long time. Ed saw a recent picture of the house and he said, "That room was always dark no matter what we did." Someone had installed windows on that side of the house. He also notice there was a holy cross over that bed in the bedroom.

I wouldn't have stayed in that house for 10 minutes. Ed and Marsha were there for one year! Ed, as a computer programmer, wanted to find logical/scientific explanations to all that was happenning but there were none.

Click that SEND FREE SAMPLE, Hop on board, buckle up, and get ready for one heck of a roller coaster ride!!

In all seriousness keep the lights on, the dog and cat around, and a rosary of St. Michael if you have one.


In reply to an earlier post on Apr 15, 2012 12:59:00 PM PDT
CandyGirlNJ says:
Thanks! I just downloaded the Free sample to my iPad 3, looks scary!

In reply to an earlier post on Apr 15, 2012 2:19:39 PM PDT
recluse says:
Thanks, Barbarian!
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