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I love my Kindle because____?

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Posted on May 30, 2012 9:00:33 PM PDT
Oh, man! Bollycats is my soul-mate! I love to eat & read! I lay the kindle on the kitchen table, and eat next to it! Awesome!

bollycats says:
I love my Kindle because it lays flat so I can read while eating with 2 hands. Oh how I hate when I have to get paper books from the library! I can't eat and read at the same time.

Posted on May 30, 2012 9:48:00 PM PDT
Sue says:
I love my Kindles (Kindle Keyboard and Kindle Fire) because I can have many books at hand so I have a choice of book to read. The Kindle allows me to have books at hand and not have the weight of all the books.

I like to play games on the Fire and surf the internet when I want to get on websites that are blocked by work.

I like the convenience of the Kindle. They are just the right size to carry with you or put in your purse. I can also read while I am eating because the pages of the book do not flip back and forth while you can not hold on to the book.

Posted on May 30, 2012 10:43:41 PM PDT
Dorsie says:
Shortly after I bought my Kindle 1, I went for a long overdue visit to my cousin in another state. She asked me if I had brought any good books with me, and I said, "Yes." Then she asked which ones, and I said, "All of them," and pulled out my Kindle.

I felt like a magician showing her my new gateway to reading, especially with the K1 silvery scrolling fairy, which was very ooh aah at the time.

I never did get a finder's fee for the Kindle she ordered overnight. Now we both are on our third Kindles.

Posted on May 30, 2012 10:51:57 PM PDT
Pam Hilde says:
I love my kindle fire because at the end of the day I can curl up in bed with it surf the web, read a book play games or go to Netflix and stream movies

Posted on May 30, 2012 11:03:40 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on May 30, 2012 11:04:31 PM PDT
MamaSylvia says:
I love free books - I have about 1000 books in my archive and nearly all were free - and I love that I didn't have to find a place on a bookshelf for ANY of them! I also love not having to save half my suitcase for books when I travel.

ETA: and I love TTS! I don't have to stop reading when I want to cook, I just switch the book to TTS.

Posted on May 30, 2012 11:09:15 PM PDT
I love my Kindle because:

- I too read while I eat. It's far easier to read on a Kindle while eating instead of wrangling books of all shapes and sizes!
- I read anything, anywhere so I can read what I want as opposed to reading billboards, bus shelters ads, etc.
- I have all my books with me all the time so I don't have to decide what to read beforehand.
- I love that my Kindle Touch is easy on my eyes but when I want to read with light, I use the Kindle app on my other devices.

But, the main reason I love my Kindle is because my husband bought it for me knowing I wouldn't have bought it for myself :)

Posted on May 31, 2012 12:04:36 AM PDT
Rabbit says:
Ahhh my Kindle whats not to love ....
I eat with it clicking with a finger tip to flip it!
I carry it everywhere I too enjoy more than one book at a time and with just a couple of clicks and I have a library!!
and now that it's getting hot I'll stock up on the gallon ziplock bags nothing like a good read floating in a cool pool on a 100+ day!!!

Posted on May 31, 2012 12:38:05 AM PDT
There are a carpload of why I likes.

I love carrying hundreds of books in my scrubs pocket.

I love that what book I'm reading stays my business. I can read zombies or mystery or even the AA book and no one does a running commentary.

I love being able to get hundreds of books for free.

I love the new friends I've made because I share the kindle interest

I love the imagination that it has sparked in myself and my family.

I love that it opened the door of reading for hubby and kid because of its ease of use.

I love being reintroduced to reading since there are so many free and almost free books so I can tear thru them.

I love that tts makes my commute less aggravating.

I could keep going but point is made. It is part of my life now.

Posted on May 31, 2012 8:28:32 AM PDT
One big reason I forgot to mention previously: I LOVE how the Kindles automatically bookmark where I left off. No more searching for my place because a bookmark fell out!

Posted on May 31, 2012 8:44:33 AM PDT
Surveyah says:
I love my Kindle cause its so great in bed :)

Posted on May 31, 2012 9:15:19 AM PDT
VickiLynne says:
I love both my kk and fire. I use the fire for checking the internet stuff, ordering more books, reading in the dark so I don't have to mess with a clip on light, games, and netflix. Otherwise my kk goes everywhere with me and I always have a book or a game while waiting :) clip on light is in my purse just in case I get caught in the dark without the fire.
Kindle Customer Service is the best I've ever delt with. I love that they don't treat you like an idiot when you ask dumb questions.
And about book selection....I LOVE FREE BOOKS! Pocket book is empty I can always have something to read without having to go to the library!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on May 31, 2012 2:25:49 PM PDT
I can read trashy novels and no one knows it.
I always have a book with me when i unexpectedly get stuck at the doctors or a vendors and have to wait.
I always have another book if the one that i am currently readind does not appeal to me.
i never have to worry about getting to the library on time to return my loans.
i have found 100's of FREE books to read that i never would have found otherwise
I am reading WAY more!

Posted on Jun 4, 2012 5:00:26 AM PDT
P. Hernandez says:
I love my kindle because ... No1 can tell what I'm reading..!!

This is how it usually goes......

"Hey what's that, is it an IPAD?"
-(WTF!>!>!??) "Nope its a kindle" :)
"So is it for movies and stuff?"
-"Nope just for reading books"
:::: at this time I usually put my head back down so maybe they'll leave me alone.. :) ::::

"So that's all it does?"
:::I smile and put my head back down::: lol

"So what you reading???"
-"Aristotle, Malcom X"

"Right On.... By any means necessary...."
-"Yup" lolz


In reality I was probably reading some sex ed book like SHE COMES FIRST or a hunger games book.. HAHAHA.... I'm 27

Last time someone actully started reading it from behind my shoulder..
I was reading "Aztec" by gary Jennings..... (I was right a part where two siblings were getting it on."NASTY STYLE"..)
the guy looked at me like WTF!?
lol... :)~

Akward moment at the laundromat..


Posted on Jun 4, 2012 5:14:34 AM PDT
BevHarro says:
Mine has to be the best reason EVER for loving my Kindle.

All my life I have never been able to sit in a car and be able to read as I would become car sick. Even to read a map I would have to hold it up in front of my face, rather than in my lap. Well, a miracle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One day on our usual hour and a half car trip to see our daughter, I thought I would try and read my Kindle in the car. Lo and behold. An hour and a half later, I was still reading !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I now always read in the car, I also use this as my time for putting downloaded books into my Collections. I just tuck the page of downloaded books in the back of the Kindle, and it is there to be sorted out. I also use this as download time as well with the WiFi.

My Kindle is AWESOME!!! Hubby and daughter also have one each. It is the funniest thing when the three of us are together. I look up from my Kindle, and both their heads are also down reading.

I have mentioned this about reading in the car on other forums, and a few other people have said the same thing - they can also now read in the car. I think it is because your head is not moving left and right reading the page. My theory any way.

Bev from Oz

Posted on Jun 4, 2012 5:45:06 AM PDT
I love my fire and my kk for practically every reason previous posters have listed.

Mostly though, I love both devices because I use a squishy custom made pillow and whether on the kitchen table (as I am using it now) or on my lap, while reclining in comfort on my couch, it is always perfectly positioned and I don't have to hold it at all, ever. Like now. Using one hand to key this post, sipping my coffee with the other hand.

I do have some physical limitations and if I had to hold my kindles, even light as they both are, I would never be able to use them for hours and hours at a time. Holding hardcover books or even thick paperbacks are out of the question. Simply couldn't do it.

Posted on Jun 4, 2012 7:50:37 AM PDT
DinDC says:
I love my KK and Fire. I love not having to lug heavy books with me when I travel. I love being able to get rid of book clutter, I love the instant gratification. Only problem is, I sometimes have a hard time deciding which one to read on when I'm home.

Posted on Jun 8, 2012 5:45:50 AM PDT
I love my Kindle because it can read books to me. Having trouble getting to sleep? No problem! After a busy day, the electronic voice never fails to induce sleep within about ten minutes. With a headset, Kindle reads to me anywhere ~ gardening, hiking, shopping or just waiting. Free books! Get books instantly! Free samples of books! Huge print for tired eyes! Small enough to carry hundreds of books in my purse! No need for more book shelves. It is simply one of my favorite things.

Posted on Jun 8, 2012 7:39:09 AM PDT
emily swan says:
I love my Kindle Fire because I can read it in the dark. I live in a hurricane area and when the electricity goes out, I'll still be able to read my downloaded books without a light! Can't beat that!

Posted on Jun 10, 2012 12:11:50 AM PDT
I love this thread!

I love my Kindle because of the variable font sizes, the dictionary, the ability to look up anything on Wikipedia if needed without having to go to the computer (like if I'm reading a book that talks about an event I'm not familiar with, I can get more information right then and there), the ability to take my "library" with me as I tend to have several books going at the same time, the ability to check out new books and download them instantly, all the free books and the free samples which let me try new authors and genres I wouldn't have tried otherwise, the low cost and price drops of a lot of e-books which make them budget-friendly, the size and ease of handling the Kindle while reading, the fact there is less clutter around the house since I donated most of my old paperbacks to the library and my new e-books don't cause clutter. I also love the games should I not want to get into a book. My complete library, bookstore, dictionary, internet/encyclopedia, and games all at my fingertips!

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 10, 2012 1:43:07 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Jun 10, 2012 1:44:47 AM PDT
P. Hernandez says:
IN REPLY TO WHAT Surveyah said:

" I love my Kindle cause its so great in bed :) "

...HILARIOUS..!! Tickle my kindle..!! That's what I named mine... :)
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