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Posted on Mar 9, 2012 4:37:05 PM PST
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Barbarian says:
This is a very frightening and it's not free but it's the best story I've read in years and one of my all time favorites! It's a true story and reads like Indiana Jones! Please read Amazon Exclusive: John Grisham Reviews The Lost City of Z;

Here's a snipit -----In April of 1925, a legendary British explorer named Percy Fawcett launched his final expedition into the depths of the Amazon in Brazil. His destination was the lost city of El Dorado, the "City of Gold," an ancient kingdom of great sophistication, architecture, and culture that, for some reason, had vanished. The idea of El Dorado had captivated anthropologists, adventurers, and scientists for 400 years, though there was no evidence it ever existed. Hundreds of expeditions had gone looking for it. Thousands of men had perished in the jungles searching for it. Fawcett himself had barely survived several previous expeditions and was more determined than ever to find the lost city with its streets and temples of gold.

So without further ado I present to you ladies and gentlemen The Lost City of Z.
The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon

Also as an added bonus a question and answer with the author David Grann. His other book The Devil and Sherlock Holmes is another must read. All stories are true except the first one about Sherlock Holmes. These are two of my all time favorite books right up there with Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft.

Posted on Mar 10, 2012 1:26:00 PM PST
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Barbarian says:
Freebies 3/10/2012

When Vengeance Howls, The Chronicles of Abigoth: Volume 2 (A Pride Inspired Supernatural Fantasy Thriller)Only IOnly Derik Griffin hears the voices that whisper in the dark recesses of a little town in Southern Illinois. Only he understands what they want. Only I is a weird horror novel of alternating perceptions set in small town America. It is a mystery of psychological dimensions. It is the story of Derik Griffin, coming to grips with his self-imposed isolation and the seemingly unreal forces that play havoc with his sanity.
If you appreciate the surreal . . .If sanity has become boring . . If you have ever heard a voice on the edge of your thoughts and wondered if it was real . . Then Only I is here to explore the realm between what is perceived and what is believed.

Only I
Only Derik Griffin hears the voices that whisper in the dark recesses of a little town in Southern Illinois. Only he understands what they want. Only I is a weird horror novel of alternating perceptions set in small town America. It is a mystery of psychological dimensions. It is the story of Derik Griffin, coming to grips with his self-imposed isolation and the seemingly unreal forces that play havoc with his sanity.
If you appreciate the surreal . . .If sanity has become boring . . If you have ever heard a voice on the edge of your thoughts and wondered if it was real . . Then Only I is here to explore the realm between what is perceived and what is believed.

ShadowchaserAndre Lemoine, one of the world's leading geneticists, is on the verge of the medical breakthrough of the century: a link with rare primates that could unlock a vital key in the search for a cure for AIDS and cancer.

But part of Andre's quest is driven by a pressing medical threat within his own family, and when his breakthrough brings him into conflict with two ambitious ruthless rivals - it plunges Andre into the race of his life; a race which takes Andre from the dark jungles of Africa and Brazil to the seamy backstreets of Paris and Philadelphia. A nightmare world of thieves, hookers and pimps, lab bombers and FBI agents - far removed from the safety of his lab bench.


In reply to an earlier post on Mar 11, 2012 7:39:17 AM PDT
Alina says:
Charlene (and anyone else interested). Finished Inside the Outside and I didn't love it as much as you did. Of the books we've discussed I'd rate:

5 stars KIN - exceptionally well written, very good character depiction from multiple perspectives, plotting fast paced but believable, satisfying ending, not for the squeamish reader. Deals with some very important themes of connection to those related to us by blood or by circumstance. I probably liked the depth of the character portrayal and multiple perspectives best of all.

4 stars Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - very well written, believable depiction of characters, likeable main protagonist, some quirky and imaginative elements but once we actually get to the home for peculiar children it becomes a little derivative of themes we've seen from very recent popular movies. I enjoyed reading it but the ending fails to satisfy because it is such an obvious set up for a sequel.

3 stars Inside the Outside - really interesting story but I didn't find there was much depth to the character depiction and some of the plotting (especially towards the end) was pretty "huh!". In Kin there were unbelievable things going on but you believed them. In Inside the Outside there were unbelievable things going on and you didn't really believe them. At least for me. Again, not for the squeamish reader.

Posted on Mar 11, 2012 8:37:35 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Mar 11, 2012 8:39:21 AM PDT
Barbarian says:
Freebies 3/11/2012

This Deadman looks good and the author has true experiences in writing about Ouiji Boards. From prior ebooks you don't mess around with these things because you might not be communicating to who you are looking for and it might be demonic and hurt you or pretend to be the person you're looking for. I downloaded it because it's interesting.

DeadmanWhen the girls started playing with the ouija board, it was just for fun. Or so they thought. They had no idea who or what they were messing with.

In life and death, nobody gets what they expect.
About the Author

I was born, bred and buttered in the South West of England. My writing career has
been a series of starts and stops, though I'm currently in full flow. I have written a number of short stories and a few stage plays. My most recent foray into the theatre was November 2011 when one of my plays, Pick Up, was performed in two Somerset arts centres. Pryckle, my first novel ( ISBN 906755256) was published by Spinetinglers in December 2011.

Generally speaking, I am attracted to unusual people and things. In books and films, this translates to Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural & Horror (there is a big difference between the last two). My output isn't meant to be particularly scary. Sci Fi / Supernatural elements are used as settings or devices to tell stories which are outside the boundaries of 'normal' everyday experience. I don't like boundaries.
Some of the supernatural events in my writing are based (however loosely) on my own interactions with the spirit world though I have yet to encounter anything like the malignance in Pryckle.

Outbreak - Bloodlust the next one is inspired by the online game.

Outbreak: Bloodlust (Part One: Piedmont)In the not to distant future, a demonic portal is accidentally opened, from which otherworldly creatures enter our world. For nearly a decade, chaos and slaughter has overtaken five cities inside the quarantined zone. Now, Captain Sienna Rovias must lead her team through two of the infected cities in an attempt to the close the portal in order to stop the demonic outbreak and save humanity before the demons infect the world.

Eye Contact author is horror prop maker and more! The Look inside I couldn't stop reading. Downloaded.

Eye ContactThere is a thin line between reality and illusion, between sanity and insanity, between life and death. Through no fault of his own, David Matson is thrust into a world of darkness, of illusion, of hallucinations and never-ending nightmares; a world from which he longs to awaken but cannot. Join him in his interminable struggle to return to reality and see what horrors fate has in store him.

This is Thomas M. Malafarina's third full length novel for Sunbury press. He has also written two novels "99 Souls" and "Burn Phone", the short story collection called "13 Nasty Endings" and a collection of single-panel cartoons called "Yes I Smelled It Too" all published through Sunbury Press.

"Eye Contact" has plenty of suspense, terror, gore and surprises to keep the reader glued to his seat wanting the horror to end yet still dying for more.

About the Author
Thomas M. Malafarina is an author of horror fiction from Berks County Pennsylvania. To date he has published two horror novels, "99 Souls", and "Burn Phone" as well as a collection of horror short stories called "13 Nasty Endings" and a collection of single panel cartoons called "Yes I Smelled It Too" all through Sunbury Press. Thomas is best known for the plot twists and ironic turns in his stories, and is personally quite fond of developing the artistically descriptive scenes of horror, gore and violence in his work. Thomas lives in South Heidelberg Township, just outside of Wernersville, PA with his wife JoAnne. They have three grown children and three grandchildren.

There's usually at least one gem in short stories!

Six Short StoriesFrom the author of Negative Space: A Journal Comic (, Six Short Stories in an eclectic mix of science fiction, horror. and other genre bending stories. Fans of Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Adams, and Stephen King will find this collection suits their tastes. The stories included are:

- Puzzle Pieces
- The Big Pause
- The Thunder from the Sea
- Mr. Lepton
- Stoplight
- Arcsec's Telescope


Posted on Mar 11, 2012 10:30:42 AM PDT
Thank you, Barbarian!

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 11, 2012 10:35:45 AM PDT
Thanks for letting us know, Alina.
I'm glad that you really liked KIN. I'm a little bummed regarding Inside the Outside, but a 3 star means you didn't hate it, right?
Regarding Miss Peregrine, thanks again for sharing your thoughts. I think I'm going to hold off on that one. I have so much in my TBR I really don't have room for another series right now.

I just finished with DRACULAS (A Novel of Terror) and it was a rip roaring gore fest and it was funny. This novel was written by four authors, Blake Crouch, F. Paul Wilson, Jack Kilborn (though I guess his first name is really Joe), and Jeff Strand. The story Draculas is only the first half of the download. There were two short stories that I enjoyed as well. But what really fascinated me was the series of emails between the four authors as they were creating the story. These emails are included at the end .

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 11, 2012 10:38:20 AM PDT
recluse says:
Thanks, Barbarian!

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 11, 2012 3:52:47 PM PDT
Alina says:
Thanks Barbarian for your great efforts.

Charlene, no I didn't hate Inside the Outside, I thought the story was fascinating but I guess I just couldn't suspend disbelief towards the end. DRACULAS (A Novel of Terror) looks really interesting.

Posted on Mar 12, 2012 3:02:51 AM PDT
Jacqueline says:
Hi Barbarian
Want to thank you for this thread. The info provided here is wonderful. Also, am enjoying the spooky freebies, have a wonderful day!
Ms. Jackie

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 12, 2012 11:36:38 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Mar 12, 2012 11:37:45 AM PDT
Alina, Draculas included within the scariest clown EVER, IMO!

I am currently reading We Need to Talk About Kevin because the price dropped to .25 last Thurs or Fri.
Fascinating so far, I'm enjoying it.

On second (or third) thought, I added Miss Peregrin to my TBR. Thanks for taking the time to let me know your thoughts.!

Posted on Mar 12, 2012 3:54:08 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Mar 12, 2012 4:22:29 PM PDT
Barbarian says:
Jackie[:)- You're welcome. Glad you're here!

Posted on Mar 12, 2012 4:17:17 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Mar 12, 2012 4:17:52 PM PDT
Barbarian says:
Freebies 3/12/2012

The first one is superb! Seventeen reviews totalling 5 stars;

Along the Splintered PathAlong the Splintered Path is a collection of stories written by up-and-coming horror author AJ Brown.

The Woodshed: A young man wrestles with the ghost of his past, an abusive father and a mentally unstable brother. As a last resort, he returns home to confront the evil he left behind. What he finds just may be the end of him.

'Round These Bones: After a failed attempt at saving his marriage, James leaves the cottage get away in a huff. After skidding off the road, he is forced to find shelter from the coming snowstorm. When he falls down the edge of the mountain and breaks his ankle, the need for shelter becomes more important. James comes upon a small man made hut in the middle of the woods. Inside, he finds not only shelter, but something else...

Phillip's Story: Down on his luck, Phillip comes into a bag of money that falls from the sky. Intertwined with the money is the story of the Williams brothers and how the money in the bag ends up falling from the sky. What Phillip does with the money could be his saving grace... or his greatest downfall.

I usually don't put a freebie in here if there's nothing in the Read/Look inside but I'm taking a chance on this one as the one customer review rates it a five and The Button is tugging at me like The Man of Stone did by Hazel Heald.

Scorned, A Collection of Five Short Horror Stories for Women
Tootles is Dead - Two children and a dead bird.

The Button - A woman's jealousy becomes her husband's last meal.

Dead & Red - True love never dies, even after it's dead.

The Merman - Beneath the ocean, in the merman's kiss.(Fantasy Erotica)

No Vacancy - There's one room left at the inn.

Paranormal Journeys I just read and liked it a lot! I just gave it a review and it went live.

These are true stories along with pictures. Basically it's like Ghost hunters using EVPs, digital, and other equipment to catch and record ghosts, paranormal activity, entitities, and more by visiting vacant churches, graveyards, and empty houses. These are my favorites and hope more of these type ebooks become available.

Paranormal Journeys I believe this was free but it's now $2.99 but worth it. It has many chapters and has hundreds of pages.

They lurk in the darkest corners of a forgotten cemetery, within the shadows of a forlorn country hotel, among the swaying branches surrounding Devil Worshippers Mountain and inside the long corridors of an abandoned hospital. They are watching us, trying to make contact from the other side. They exist within a world between ours and the next. Take this journey with paranormal investigator Paul Cagle as he encounters supernatural phenomena while searching for the ultimate truth. It is a journey you will never forget.


In reply to an earlier post on Mar 12, 2012 5:37:21 PM PDT
recluse says:
Thanks, Barbarian!

Posted on Mar 13, 2012 5:05:09 AM PDT
Thank you, Barbarian!

Posted on Mar 13, 2012 1:05:42 PM PDT
Barbarian says:
Freebies 3/13/2012

Stone ManAnna is apprehensive about tracking down her biological father since all she has to go on is that he lives in a rural village, and that locals call him Stone Man. But when she finds him trapped in a mobile home filled with crucifixes, her true terror begins.

Scraping the Bone: Ten Dark TalesA young couple seeks a cozy summer vacation at a forgotten family cabin in the woods, one that harbors a terrible secret; a frightened wife fleeing her abusive husband may be running into terror rather than away; a grieving boy, convinced his little brother has been buried alive, goes on a quest to the graveyard; a quiet man nervously waits for a phone call, but what kind of condition will the woman be in if she makes that desired call; a man takes his dog for a walk through a neighborhood where parents and police keep a close watch due to a predator preying on the children; and five more little tales of horror . . .

Dark Trails: A Collection of Short Horror Stories From the Visionary Mind of Dexter HollandA collection of some of the darkest works of short fiction to enter our world this millennium. Dexter Holland carries you from war ravaged wastelands to the blood drenched sands of the ancient world, through the eyes of the creatures that dwell below our feet and face to face with the deadliest psychopath of 2047.

Don't miss this phantasmagoric journey from the visionary mind of Dexter Holland.

Dark PassageEvery time Tyson Barrett closes his eyes, the nightmares return. Nightmares so horrifying he hasn't slept a wink in months and the strain is threatening to tear his life apart at the seams.

When his best friend, Skip Williams, suggests an underground drug trial, Tyson jumps at the chance. Noxil will stop the nightmares without a single side effect. Hard to believe, but in the beginning, Noxil seems to do just that and for the first time in a while Tyson finds himself sleeping again, and dreaming. Only problem is, he can't explain why things from his happy new Noxil dreams keep showing up in his waking life.

Is he starting to lose his mind, or has the drug opened some dark passage between worlds? And when the trial is suspended by the FDA and his stash of Noxil vanishes, Tyson is left with a single bone-chilling thought. What will claw its way through that dark passage when the nightmares return?

13 Tales Of Abject Human Misery
A collection of thirteen dark tales ranging in genre from literary to horror to dystopian science fiction.


Posted on Mar 13, 2012 4:14:18 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Mar 13, 2012 4:40:57 PM PDT
Barbarian says:
Here's a free sample of one heck of a good book! I just read the free sample and got quite afraid. Only a handful of stories have creeped me out and this one is number one on the FRIGHT list.

Look on the right hand side "Try it Free" "Send Sample Now".

I just purchased it and will be reading it extensively for the next few days until finished and will give a review along with the other 77. It's really good. Edwin Becker was only 24 years old in 1971 and his wife pregnant when he bought this house. Rooms were so cold during summer he thought this was great and wouldn't need AC. The wife wouldn't go in the basement. Ed thought fresh paint would cure her of that..

True Haunting

"This is the story of a true haunting. It was the first ever filmed and televised by NBC in 1971. A young couple purchases a building that was built and occupied by a single family that refused to relinquish their hold, even after death. Investigated and verified by experts, this residence brought chaos to the lives of those who chose to reside there. Unlike a horror novel, this chronicles what a real ghostly experience would resemble. Long before the laws of disclosure, a young couple winds up in the midst of strange occurrences prior to the term 'paranormal' becoming a common description. Searching for help at time when supernatural events were a taboo subject and being ignored by the Church, sent them into a desperate search for any assistance.

Only a little known organization came to their aid. Author Tom Valentine, brought in a nationally known psychic, Joseph DeLouise, who then asked assistance of an exorcist from England, Reverend William Derl-Davis. Together, they gave their best effort at exorcising the multiple spirits inhabiting the building and disrupting the lives of the living. Events were filmed by NBC, who sent their most prominent Chicago journalist, Carole Simpson, to cover the event.

Follow a young couple with a newborn as they attempt to cope with inexplicable events, experience denial, plead for help from their Church, and step into the world of the paranormal. Understand why ghosts cannot be exorcised and a true example of their strong sense of domain, even after death. Learn what experts and gifted people did in a failed attempt to assist this desperate couple. There is no happy ending, as the young couple suffers emotionally, are physically threatened, have their pets terrorized, and eventually suffer financially by actually "giving" their building away. What was intended as a financial answer to their prayers became, instead, a curse to be abolished.

Learn many of the various manifestations that can be common in haunting. Ghosts can be seen and heard. They can propel objects and interrupt utilities. They can affect your moods and feed off of your emotions. They can appear as solid as you and me. They can react and become hostile if threatened or violated. Most important, as this young couple learned, they can harm you and cannot be removed. This is a firsthand accounting of what a true haunting is like. There are certain subtle occurrences you may find the most frightening, because you just might relate and recognize them. If so, guess what? You may have a ghost!"

Posted on Mar 13, 2012 5:28:12 PM PDT
recluse says:
Thanks, Barbarian!

Posted on Mar 14, 2012 5:08:44 AM PDT
Thanks, Barbarian!

Posted on Mar 14, 2012 3:28:37 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Mar 14, 2012 3:31:32 PM PDT
Barbarian says:
Freebies 3/14/2012

99 Bottles of Beer on the wall 99 bottles of beer, take one down pass it around 98 bottles of beer on the wall, 97 bottles of beer on the wall.............................Don't drink too much beer and stay up all night ---Ha - I don't thing so:)

Look inside - Table of Contents;

It Won't Grow Back - What won't grow back???

Caveat Emptor ------------ Ok Buyer Beware of What???

Sah Jiles.......What is Sah Jiles???

Digging Up CorpsesThirteen stories. Thirteen little lies. Welcome to the brain of one of the web's better known artists, a man who drinks too much coffee, too much beer and stays up far too late at night.

Owen didn't know not to step on a crack or in this case cover up a crack as it will break his mother's or sweet Claire's back.
Within the Walls (part one)Owen Baredi grew up under the scrutiny of his overbearing father. So he lived his life to please him. However, when Owen Baredi loses his job he can't stand to hear the criticism. So Claire, Owen's loving wife, decides that a fixer-upper house hours away is exactly what their family needs. After a chat with an overly enthusiastic realtor, the family packs their belongings headed for Reignsville to begin their new, simple life.

The house is beautiful, secluded, and has more than enough space for their two children, Rob and Ella. There are plenty of repairs to be done, and with Owen out of work, now is the perfect time to start. However, when Owen covers up the crack in the living room wall they all begin to experience horrific situations.

Soon Claire discovers there is a history to the house, and that the crack in the wall is more than just a crack. There is something within the walls of the house... Claire must find a way to save her family before the haunted secrets of the house hurt them... or worse.

Living at 223 Crandall Drive means living far beyond the scope of reality...

Jim Bronyaur is an award winning horror author.

If you want to know what makes a serial killer tic this ebook is for you.............????
Profile of Serial KillersThe Hard facts of ten Serial Killers of the world, the cruelty in them and the lives they lived. From their birth to their trail and how they mutilated their victims.

Relax. Take a deep breath. Look at my watch as it swings to and fro on this golden chain. Clear all your thoughts and empty your mind. Now read this book................
Theories of Mind Control, Alien Implants, and other Paranormal PhenomenaBook which looks into the fascinating topics of mind control, alien implants, and other kinds of paranormal phenomena.

Did you break that glass? Is it cracked? Look at it closer and you will see.........../??
Through Shattered GlassWinner of a Bram Stoker Award for his short story, "The Calling."

Winner of a World Fantasy Award for The Horror Show.

David B. Silva "is a talented writer of novels and short fiction, who knows where the heart of a story lies, and who deserves a larger audience than he has yet received." - Dean Koontz

"David B. Silva is one of the great unsung heroes of horror." - Bentley Little

DESCRIPTION: It's the only window in the room and it's scarred with spider-webbed cracks. Sometimes on warm summer afternoons, he sits alone here, staring out at the world through the shattered glass. What he sees doesn't always look right, but then there are strange things in the world.

Through Shattered Glass, David B. Silva's first short story collection, takes readers on an imaginative journey through the lives of seventeen ordinary people struggling with extraordinary events in their lives.

I see witches everyday at work. They have some nasty dispostions and cackle all day. I understand them well and avoid them and their cats.
Witches in America - Early Times to PresentWitches in America is a booklet that discusses the history of witches in the United States. The Salem Witch Trials are only a part of the story, albeit a huge part. But there were witch hunts and trial that were taking place before that.

The author gives you a history of witches in America and does so in a way that makes it an easy to read and easy to understand subject. There is so much information on this subject that breaking it down becomes a difficult task.

Many of us conjure up an image of an old bent over woman wearing black with a pointed hat and riding a broom when we think of witches. While most people nowadays do not believe in witches, at least in the sense of them being evil and inflicting curses on their enemies, they were thought of as evil back in the early years.

While the persecution of the accused witches is nowhere near what it was in Europe and other countries, it was still not a pretty picture. You could be accused of being a witch with what can only be classified as stupid evidence and if you were found guilty, a hanging would often be your punishment.

When you finish this booklet, you will have a better understanding of witches in America's history and learn about those practicing witchcraft today.

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, My Feet Stink, and So Do You.

"It's in-your-face horror. Her bad guys are the most disgusting, evil, and terrifying characters that you'll ever NOT want to meet." Keith Weaver,

"Think of the phrase 'roses are red.' Chances are that trite declarations and gestures of love come to mind. Carrie Green's short story collection, however, is far from romantic trifle as you can get. These three stories explore the darker side of mankind, with selfishness and deception among Green's main themes." HorrorNews.Net

"Green shows that she has an appreciation and understanding of a variety of horror types. More importantly, she proves that she is capable of delivering scares in each of them." Nicholas Strange,

"A good short story leaves a great deal unsaid, but next to nothing unspoken. Carrie Green's short story collection does that well, very well, and remarkably well. I say this because I quite enjoyed the book." W.J. Rosser,

Is it unusally cold in a room in your house? Have you seen any orbs in digital imaging? Is your dinner prepared and on the table when you're the only one home? Is the dog barking all time when it sees nothing but a cat outside? These and other strange happenings are discused in horror books.


Posted on Mar 14, 2012 3:59:39 PM PDT
6138 says:
Thank you Mr Barbarian

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 14, 2012 4:03:20 PM PDT
recluse says:
Thanks, Barbarian!

Posted on Mar 14, 2012 9:09:19 PM PDT
Jacqueline says:
Thank you Barbarian

Posted on Mar 15, 2012 5:11:20 AM PDT

Posted on Mar 15, 2012 2:17:19 PM PDT
Barbarian says:
Freebies 3/15/2012

This guy is good.

Midnight Paths: A Collection of Dark HorrorStep into a world where nothing is what it seems. Where darkness never abates, and your deepest fears are just a few steps away.

Travel to an old house in the country where something hungry waits just beyond the treeline. Watch as a young woman, whose life hangs in the balance, receives a visitor from the afterlife. Or, journey across an ocean on a romantic voyage that ends in the deepest kind of horror.

This dark collection of the macabre is sure to chill the bones of even the most stalwart horror aficionado.

"Joe Hart's debut collection, Midnight Paths, takes the reader down many dark paths. Be prepared to go on a variety of journeys that probe the depths of darkness. And keep an eye on Hart. I have a feeling there are a lot of twisted stories in his mind that are screaming to get out."
- Neal Hock, Bookhound's Den

The next one is like Walking Dead and very good.

Into the BadlandsIt's been three years since a devastating pandemic transformed most of the world's human population into vicious, wild animals. Ed Brady and his two sons rely solely on each other in order to survive in a world completely devoid of stability and structure. Their goal: reach the city by the river, where they may have some chance of finding salvation.

As they travel across the wasteland that was once the Midwestern United States, they encounter other survivors along the way. As their paths inevitably intertwine, Ed must remain steadfast that his sworn mission to see that his boys know safety and happiness is not compromised. Surrounded by the constant threat of attack by infected humans, can Ed and his sons make it to the city before their luck runs out? And, if they can, what will be waiting for them there when they arrive?

Into The Badlands is a fast-paced, post-apocalyptic thriller that will take readers on a desperate journey for salvation through the wasted remains of a land overrun with the stuff of nightmares. (Approx. 84,000 words)

I'm not British and this True Crime looked quite interesting.

British Executions - IntroductionBook Description
Publication Date: March 13, 2012

An introduction to a new series of Kindle books, totalling over one million words of research on all British executions in the twentieth century.

Supernatural WarBill Myers releases his autobiographical encounter with a nationally-acclaimed psychic. As a young writer, he stumbled into a life-changing showdown which shaped much of his best-selling fiction. The fierce, spiritual battles and multiple exorcisms that followed brought him face to face with the unforgettable evils of Hell and the absolute Power of Heaven.

From the Depths
Paul Edgefield doesn't believe in anything that can't be seen by his own two eyes. When something evil swims up from the depths of the earth and takes over the tanks at the old water facility where Paul has worked for 25 years, he is forced to admit the existence of a malevolent entity hellbent on destroying his soul.

With a hint of H.P. Lovecraft, "From the Depths" imagines a monster straight from our nightmares. It swims in the dark places of this world, surfacing to prey on the minds of its victims.


Posted on Mar 15, 2012 2:57:53 PM PDT
Thank you, Barbarian!
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