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Free Books and Chat - Saturday Oct. 26, 2013

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Initial post: Oct 26, 2013 2:12:46 AM PDT
Susan says:
Good morning all and welcome to Free Books and Chat - Saturday Oct. 26, 2013

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Posted on Oct 26, 2013 2:13:11 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Oct 26, 2013 2:27:27 AM PDT
Susan says:
*¨) ¸.**¨) ¸.**¨*
(¸.*´ ¸.*´*' ~* ⊱✿⊰ FB&C Start Schedule:

TnT - Sunday, October 27 start time 10:00 CST
Leo Little - Monday, October 28 Start time 10:00pm - 12:00am PDST
Snowlady Sandy- Tuesday, October 29, 2013
Robb - Wednesday, October 30 Start Time: 10:30pm PT
Snowlady Sandy- Thursday, October 31 11:00-12:00 PT
Lover of Books - Friday, November 1 Start Time: 10:30pm PT
Leo Little - Monday, November 4 Start time 10:00pm - 12:00am PDST
Snowlady Sandy- Tuesday, November 5. Start time 12:00 am PDST
Lover of Books - Friday, November 8 Start Time: 10:30pm PT
Leo Little - Monday, November 11 Start time 10:00pm - 12:00am PDST
Snowlady Sandy- Tuesday, November 12, Start Time 12:00am PDST
Lover of Books - Friday, November 15 Start Time: 10:30pm PT


.✿. Open Dates:

Saturday, November 2
Sunday, November 3
Wednesday, November 6
Thursday, November 7
Saturday, November 9
Sunday, November 10
Wednesday, November 13
Thursday, November 14
Saturday, November 16
Sunday, November 17

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♥♡♥ FB&C Book Discussion:

Please join us for the FB&C Book Discussion on Thursday, November 14th at 6:00pm PDT.
The book selected to be discussed is The Queen Gene by Jennifer Coburn which is currently NOT free.


Posted on Oct 26, 2013 2:13:39 AM PDT
Susan says:
. . . . . . . . . . . .╰♡╮ Thought of the Day ╰♡╮ . . . . . . . . . . . .

The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime.

Babe Ruth

Posted on Oct 26, 2013 2:14:07 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Oct 26, 2013 2:14:36 AM PDT
Susan says:
Eight Mind-Blowing Facts About The Sun

The Sun 'Flips' Every 11 Years And Seven Other Things You Didn't Know About The Sun

There are about 70 sextillion stars in the universe, including at least 100 billion right here in our Milky Way galaxy. But the star that really matters to earthlings, of course, is the one that lies at the center of our solar system -- our sun.

But how much about this brilliant ball of gas do you really know? Do you have any idea just how big it is? How hot? Or even how old?
Take a look at our list of eight awesome facts to learn something new about the true rockstar of our solar system.

Fact #1. It's even more ginormous than you might have imagined. The sun is so big, in fact, that one million Earths could fit inside it. It weighs a mind-boggling 4,385,214,857,119,400,000,000,000,000,000 pounds, and makes up 99.8 percent of all the mass in the solar system.

Fact #2. It's EXTREMELY hot on the outside -- and thousands of times hotter on the inside. The sun's visible surface, or photosphere, is roughly 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, while the core's temperature is about 27 million degrees. That's more than 40,000 times as hot as boiling water. The energy produced in the core generates essentially all the heat and light we receive on Earth -- you would need to explode 100 billion tons of dynamite every second to match the sun's energy output.

Fact #3. Copernicus WASN'T the first to place it in the center of our solar system. In fact, Greek astronomer Aristarchus of Samos proposed the first known heliocentric (sun-centered) model in the third century B.C., nearly 1,800 years before Copernicus did.

Fact #4. It's VERY far away. The sun is 93 million miles from Earth. It takes eight minutes and 19 seconds for sunlight to travel through space and reach us. If it were possible to fly a plane all the way to the sun, the trip would take 26 years, according to NASA.

Fact #5. You'd be really heavy if you walked on the sun. In fact, a person who weighs 150 pounds on Earth would weigh about 4,200 pounds on the sun because the sun's gravity is 28 times that of Earth. Of course, no one is ever going to walk on the sun, as Buzz Aldrin explains in the silly interview with Ali G below.

Fact #6. It's middle-aged. The sun is about 4.6 billion years old now and is expected to last another five billion years before it starts burning helium and expanding into a red giant. At that point it will swallow up Venus, Mercury, and maybe Earth too. It will spend approximately one billion years as a red giant before it shrinks into a white dwarf.

Fact #7. It "flips" every 11 years. When the sun reaches its so-called solar maximum -- its period of greatest activity -- its magnetic field reverses polarity, meaning the north and south pole essentially switch. Scientists observed the field reversal begin in August this year.

Fact # 8. It's something to sneeze at. Achoo! A third of the population experiences what's called the photic sneeze reflex -- sneezing when exposed to sunlight or another bright light. Why does this happen? Aristotle thought it was because the sun warmed the nose. Today scientists think the culprit might be "crossed wires" in the brain -- the trigeminal nerve, which senses irritations in the nose and triggers sneezing, lies close to the optic nerve, which senses light entering the retina. When the optic nerve fires, the trigeminal nerve may pick up those signals and mistakenly activate a sneeze response.

The Huffington Post

Posted on Oct 26, 2013 2:18:12 AM PDT
Susan says:
A Little Ray Of Sunshine
"There are worse things than going home again.

None come to mind at the moment."

Emmy James is not the kind of girl who believes in angels, or fate. So when a lost soul named Jess gets stranded at the convenience store where EJ works the night shift, and claims to be an angel delivered by Fate to fix EJ's life, EJ calls her a cab and sends her on her way.

Ah, if only it were that easy to shake an angel off your leg...

Jess's determination to fix EJ's life culminates in a kidnapping and a cross-country trek at the end of which lies Fletcher, Oregon, and the scorched earth of EJ's past. There's Lilly, her narcissistic child-star mother; Danny, the stand-in father who raised her when her mother couldn't; and Luke, the love of her life, the man who knew her best and loved her anyway. Now it's up to EJ to heal the damage she left in her wake when she disappeared out of their lives six years ago, and even with an angel on her shoulder, that's gonna be a tall order...

Posted on Oct 26, 2013 2:33:40 AM PDT
Susan says:
Good Morning all....
Vacation is just about over for me, it was a busy, but relaxing week.
Nice weather, so it could not have been better.
Sad to have to go back to work soon :)

Posted on Oct 26, 2013 2:35:46 AM PDT
Susan says:
Having my first cup of coffee and thought of you, Red :)

I think my vacation week must have been a busy work week for you.
Hope you're enjoying the weekend :)

always need a full cup...

Posted on Oct 26, 2013 3:43:28 AM PDT
Bonjour Susan

You are hitting a soft spot with me with science facts! I just love this type of trivia :-).

Those are very interesting facts about our sun, thank you.

I wish everyone a great day!

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 26, 2013 4:40:35 AM PDT
redandwhite says:
@ Susan
Thank you.
Dealing with my karma - or maybe I should say my karma is dealing with me - but luckily I have coffee :-)

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 26, 2013 4:41:32 AM PDT
redandwhite says:
Too true

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 26, 2013 4:51:28 AM PDT
Susan says:
Thanks Printemps, hope you have a good day :)

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 26, 2013 4:52:06 AM PDT
Susan says:
Red - yep, what would we do without coffee? :)

Posted on Oct 26, 2013 5:49:48 AM PDT
Susan says:
The Madrona Heroes Register (Part 1 of 4)
Someone in ten-year-old Binny Jordan's family has a super power - and it's not her. Binny's seven-year-old sister Cassie can turn herself invisible and now a strange man is keenly interested in what Cassie can do. Binny's parents seem more distracted than ever, and her older brother Zach is hiding something of his own. Binny needs to find a way to protect her sister, but she's never felt more alone.

Posted on Oct 26, 2013 5:50:28 AM PDT
Susan says:
heading out to do some errands, will be back in a few hours.

Posted on Oct 26, 2013 7:20:09 AM PDT
Thanks for another great start Susan. I've heard a few of those facts about the sun before but not all of them. A million earths to fill the sun - WOW! Your thought of the day has definitely got me pondering. So, so true. Hope you got a lot of relaxing done this week (in addition to the new door). We have missed your posts though and hope you can find time to post more soon.

Great to see your red head pop in redandwhite. You have also been missed. Would you consider e-mailing me?

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 26, 2013 7:30:29 AM PDT
Susan says:
Thanks Kathy -
it was a nice week. Amy works part-time now so on the days she didn't have to work this past week we were out and about, birding and leaf-peeping :)

I did manage to fit some walks in though, how is your walking coming along?

Posted on Oct 26, 2013 7:44:14 AM PDT
Lyn says:
Sun? Is that that bright object in the sky during daylight hours?
Thanks for the start. You always come up with interesting facts for us.

Posted on Oct 26, 2013 7:48:19 AM PDT
Lyn says:
Printemps, Red and Kathy.

Red we have missed you posting. Hope you and your karma straighten out your differences soon :)

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 26, 2013 7:59:28 AM PDT
Walks - ugh. I'm having an extremely hard time getting back into a regular walking regime. It has been hit or miss and I haven't been nearly good enough about putting on my shoes and going out the door. :(

Posted on Oct 26, 2013 8:17:05 AM PDT
Susan says:
@Robb - good morning, hope the fog has lessened in your part of the world :)

@Kathy - I understand, it's difficult to get back into a routine. I'm there right now :)

Posted on Oct 26, 2013 8:33:49 AM PDT
LKS says:
Good morning, to all, this beautiful fall day! I hope that you, my dear friends, have a wonderful weekend. Even though,I haven't been present everyday, you have been in my thoughts and prayers..

Susan~Very interesting start today. I learned some facts about our sun, that I didn't know. Just proves, you're never too old to learn.

Red~Glad to see you this morning!

Robb, Kathy, Printemps~I hope, RL is looking better for you and yours!

YES, Susan and Red~Coffee is doing its trick this morning.
Now, off to visit with my Dad & Mom. Thank you for your continued prayers and thoughts. It means so much to me.

In loving friendship,

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 26, 2013 8:41:15 AM PDT
Susan says:
Hi Kay - thanks for stopping in. It is a beautiful fall day today :)
have a good visit today, sending good thoughts...

Posted on Oct 26, 2013 8:42:53 AM PDT
Susan says:
The Crimson and the Frost
For untold millennia, the harsh frozen wastelands had been ruled by the immortal King of Winter. His power so absolute, no one dared to challenge his dominance until...
...the Crimson Wizard and his devoted followers took up residence in the heart of his realm, creating a mystical town. In their possession was a strange and powerful artifact that protected them.
For centuries they had lived in peace, undisturbed, while the King of Winter waited patiently for his chance at revenge.
Now, the Crimson Wizard's potent source of magic is lost and there is nothing to stop the King of Winter and his army of savage grimghouls from launching a full-scale invasion.
The fate of the entire world hangs in the balance as the two face-off in an epic clash of magic and legends.

Posted on Oct 26, 2013 8:45:39 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Oct 26, 2013 8:46:49 AM PDT
Susan, thanks for starting
Fatal February (Mary Magruder Katz)

Also by C. P. Stringham:
The Research Trip

Seventy-Two Hours

Posted on Oct 26, 2013 8:53:06 AM PDT
LKS says:
Just had to finish reading yesterdays posts, before I signed off!

Oh, Sandy~ How bad were you, to have to endure such a punishment? LOL

Elizabeth S H~ Good morning to ya!

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