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Welcome to Free Books and Chat for Thursday, May 8, 2014.

I hope that everybody has a chance to drop by and sit for a spell..
That goes for lurkers as well as our regular posters.. We do LOVE to make new friends.....

Now, down to business....

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Old News.. AKA Yesterdays Thread..

Posted on May 8, 2014 12:39:40 AM PDT
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*¨) ¸.**¨) ¸.**¨*
(¸.*´ ¸.*´*' ~* ⊱✿⊰ FB&C Start Schedule:

Snowlady Sandy Thurs. May 8th, around 12:00 Amazon time..
Kajola - Friday, May 9, start time 11 pm - 1 am EDT
redandwhite - Saturday - May 10 - start time around midnight PDT
redandwhite - Sunday - May 11 - start time around midnight PDT
Kajola - Monday, May 12, start time 11 pm - 1 am EDT - Tuesday, May 13, start time 10 - 11 pm EDT
Snowlady Sandy, Friday 16, start around that time..

.✿. Open Dates:

Wednesday, May 14
Thursday, May 15
Saturday, May 17
Sunday, May 18
Monday, May 19
Tuesday, May 20

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Posted on May 8, 2014 12:40:50 AM PDT
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*¨) ¸.**¨) ¸.**¨*
(¸.*´ ¸.*´*' ~* ⊱✿⊰ Tonight is the Night!!!!!!!!!

⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰ . ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰

FB&C Book Discussion
The next book discussion is scheduled for Thursday, May 8, 2014 at 6:00pm PT.

The book selected is To Dance with the White Dog: A Novel of Life, Loss, Mystery and Hope (RosettaBooks into Film)

Sorry but it's Not Free any longer..

. ⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰ . ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰

A good book can take you anywhere anytime.... Ann Key

Posted on May 8, 2014 12:41:29 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on May 8, 2014 1:09:05 AM PDT
This was such an important day that it needs to be mentioned.....

V-E Day

Date When Observed: May 8th

Victory in Europe Day (V-E Day) commemorates the end of fighting in Europe during World War II. After years of war, The Third Reich of Nazi Germany was defeated. Millions of people were killed. Adolf Hitler, Germany's Dictator, had committed suicide in his bunker in Berlin.

The German Army ceased fighting on May 2and, and formally surrendered unconditionally, on May 7th. The surrender of all German forces was arranged for May 8 at 11:01. The Allied countries planned to celebrate victory, and the cessation of hostilities.

Did you Know? The original planned date for the celebration of V-E Day, was May 9th, 1945. But, journalists caught wind of the plans. So, the U.S. and Brittain moved the date up by a day to May 8th. Russia kept to the original planned date for May 9th. Russia still celebrates V-E Day on May 9th.

⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰ . ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰

I just realized that Harry S. Truman, US President at the time was born on this day in 1884 in a very
small town called Lamar, Missouri. The house that he was born in was only about 4 or 5 blocks from
my grandmothers.... Lamar is also my hometown... My claim to fame...

Posted on May 8, 2014 12:56:11 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on May 8, 2014 1:30:54 AM PDT
Dr John S Pemberton invented Coca‑Cola on 8 May 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia. He tried it out on customers at his local chemist, Jacobs' Pharmacy, where it proved so popular it immediately went on sale at five cents a glass. It was Dr Pemberton's friend and business partner, Frank M Robinson, who came up with the name Coca‑Cola and wrote it out by hand in the Spencerian script that we still use as our logo.

9 Facts About Coca-Cola's History That'll Make You Go "Whoa"

1. The creator of Coke was a colonel in the Confederate Army.
After earning a medical degree, John Stith Pemberton served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War and it was his life-threatening wound that sparked his quest in creating Coke. Pemberton had become addicted to morphine, and sought a way to combat this addiction

2. The original Coca-Cola prototype was both alcoholic and coked-up.
In 1885, Pemberton began marketing a beverage called "Pemberton's French Wine Coca," a mix of coca, kola nut, and damiana (a flowering shrub that has anti-anxiety and aphrodisiac qualities).

3. Coke is 127 years old?!
It officially launched wayyyyyy back in 1886.

4. Coke was originally marketed as a cure to many ailments including low sexual libido.
Pemberton was forced to take the alcohol out of his original coke wine formula due to prohibition laws, but he first touted that version as "a most wonderful invigorator of sexual organs." Once he launched Coca-Cola, he called the drink a "Brain Tonic" and "temperance drink" (anti-alcohol), saying it cured headaches, anxiety, depression, indigestion, and addiction.

5. Cocaine was removed from the drink in 1903.
But guess what - cocaine was still legal at that time. It wasn't outlawed until 1914.

6. It originally cost five cents a glass.
Roughly the equivalent of $1.26 today.

7. Coca-Cola has always been creative with advertising, so much so that some think they shaped the public's vision of Santa Claus.
Some notable advertising and marketing facts:
- From the beginning, Coca-Cola employed successful strategies such as creating non-Coke products like calendars and clocks and using pretty female spokesmodels.
- Norman Rockwell created art for Coke ads.
- In the 1930s, Coke created Christmas ads, depicting a jolly, red-suited Santa and although other depictions of Santa were part of pop culture history, Coke had a huge role in shaping our image of St. Nick.
- In the 1980s, the company attempted a "Coke in the Morning" campaign to try to win over coffee drinkers.

8. Coke has had a role in race relations.
In 1899, Coca-Cola became available in bottles as well as soda fountains, which means that there was a shift in consumer demographics. Explains The Atlantic, "minorities who couldn't get into the segregated soda fountains suddenly had access to it." It's suggested in a New York Times article that the removal of cocaine from the formula was sparked by racial tensions: "Southern newspapers reported that "negro cocaine fiends" were raping white women, the police powerless to stop them. By 1903, [then-manager of Coca-Cola Asa Griggs] Candler had bowed to white fears (and a wave of anti-narcotics legislation), removing the cocaine and adding more sugar and caffeine."

Coke was also present during the Civil Rights movement. In the '50s, soda fountains were at the height of their popularity, with Coke being a main component of this. However, establishments like fountains were still often segregated. Activists including Martin Luther King would often stage sit-ins at Coke-selling soda fountains.

9. Coke invented the 6-pack.
In 1923, the company began selling bottles in packages of six, which became common practice in the beverage industry.

These facts were found on this webpage..
There are some pretty neat pictures if you want to take a look..

Posted on May 8, 2014 2:54:32 AM PDT
KaJoLa says:
Good morning Sandy, thanks for another great start!

Posted on May 8, 2014 3:14:40 AM PDT
Karl says:
Good morning Sandy and everyone. I received this in a friends email this morning and thought I would give red some competition... real or not real, don't know, (sad if it's real) but it has some humor to it,

Why Teachers Drink

The following questions were set in last year's GED examination

These are genuine answers (from 16 year olds)

Q. Name the four seasons
A.. Salt, pepper, mustard and vinegar

Q. How is dew formed
A.. The sun shines down on the leaves and makes them perspire

Q. What guarantees may a mortgage company insist on
A.. If you are buying a house they will insist that you are well endowed

Q. In a democratic society, how important are elections
A.. Very important. Sex can only happen when a male gets an election

Q. What are steroids
A. Things for keeping carpets still on the stairs
(Shoot yourself now, there is little hope)

Q... What happens to your body as you age
A.. When you get old, so do your bowels and you get intercontinental

Q. What happens to a boy when he reaches puberty
A.. He says goodbye to his boyhood and looks forward to his adultery
(So true)

Q. Name a major disease associated with cigarettes
A.. Premature death

Q. What is artificial insemination
A... When the farmer does it to the bull instead of the cow

Q. How can you delay milk turning sour
A.. Keep it in the cow
(Simple, but brilliant)

Q. How are the main 20 parts of the body categorized (e.g. The abdomen)
A.. The body is consisted into 3 parts - the brainium, the borax and the abdominal
Cavity. The brainium contains the brain, the borax contains the heart
And lungs and the abdominal cavity contains the five bowels: A,E,I,O,U (?)

Q. What is the fibula?
A.. A small lie

Q. What does 'varicose' mean?
A.. Nearby

Q. What is the most common form of birth control
A.. Most people prevent contraception by wearing a condominium
(That would work)

Q. Give the meaning of the term 'Caesarean section'
A.. The caesarean section is a district in Rome

Q. What is a seizure?
A.. A Roman Emperor.
(Julius Seizure, I came, I saw, I had a fit)

Q. What is a terminal illness
A. When you are sick at the airport.

Q. What does the word 'benign' mean?
A.. Benign is what you will be after you be eight

Q. What is a turbine?
A.. Something an Arab or Shreik wears on his head.
Once a Arab boy reaches puberty, he removes his
Diaper and wraps it around his head.
(now we're getting somewhere)

Posted on May 8, 2014 3:35:04 AM PDT
Karl, very funny and very sad at the same time...
I hope you are doing well...
You are in my thoughts..

Posted on May 8, 2014 3:40:01 AM PDT
Good morning, Karl. I hope a bit of sunshine is finding its way into your life despite your grief. Thanks for the dose of humor . . . except that it is true, isn't it? My mother taught. My brother teaches. I have heard similar answers far too often.

Yes, Mr. Dirt is a keeper. Just as well, as the terms were clearly stated: No exchanges, no returns; lifetime contract.

I would be happy to share the sunshine, so long as I don't have to have rain in its place. Clouds work just fine. Cooler days would be most welcome. As far as curling hair changing texture (without chemotherapy), are you telling me there is hope? I still HATE having curly hair. I would flat-iron it more often if my hair could handle the heat (and I had time, and if it mattered how it looked).

The owner of the Thoroughbred will take care of both horses while we are gone. The young woman who sits with Mom in the mornings will stay until we return. Her husband is in his third year of medical school. I don't know what we will do when he leaves. Unless we leave first . . . which would suit me fine.

Posted on May 8, 2014 3:52:59 AM PDT
Sandy, love the Coke trivia. I knew some of it, but nowhere near all of it.

Eight o' May is also the observation of the day the news of the end of the Civil War arrived in the Deep South and the end of slavery there. Southern ladies marked the day by serving dinner (the big, midday meal) to their former slaves, a tradition that was observed for many years in some form or fashion. The ladies of the church I attended in college cooked and served a big noonday dinner every year for all, but especially invited any domestic staff (maids, gardeners, handymen, etc.) they employed. Due to the ravages of war, the news did not cross the Mississippi River to those states west of it until the 19th of June, celebrated in some parts of Texas as June 'Teenth.

Posted on May 8, 2014 4:25:50 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on May 8, 2014 4:40:58 AM PDT
Lenora says:
Thanks for the great start, Sandy! :) I love the Coke trivia. Karl, I've seen similar bits on FB, possibly that same one. I also agree with the funny, but sad. I remember grading a multiple choice science test my first graders had taken a couple of years ago. I got to the question asking which picture showed an environment. I was dismayed to find that several had chosen the picture of a couch. I'm still shaking my head over that one, but thinking it's a sad statement that they probably live their lives at home on the couch watching TV or playing video games.

Oops! Just fixed autocorrect turning Karl into Karla, which is my sister's name.

Posted on May 8, 2014 4:26:46 AM PDT
redandwhite says:
@ Sandy
Thank you for doing the very informative start for us today - I agree VE day is very important not only for Europeans but for all of us - thank you for including it.

The Coke trivia was very interesting - oh wow all the things that I didn't know until today.

In reply to an earlier post on May 8, 2014 4:27:39 AM PDT
Lenora says:
I agree that Mr. Dirt definitely seems a keeper. Where are you and Mr. Dirt going?

In reply to an earlier post on May 8, 2014 4:35:43 AM PDT
redandwhite says:
@ Karl
I just love your form of competition (much better than - the only exercise that I really like is laughing and it is so good for you too.
Thank you for sharing and yes it is sad if it is really true, but you had me really laughing out so loud that I had to share with my work colleagues.

I am glad that you are able to appreciate the healing powers of humour thank you so much for sharing.
Take care ♥

Posted on May 8, 2014 7:19:20 AM PDT
robb says:

Posted on May 8, 2014 7:20:03 AM PDT
TerryInTexas says:
Cleaning up for the book discussion tonight, 8 pm Central Standard Time, hope lots of folks read this months book and are ready to share opinions and good food! Look forward to seeing you all there....

Posted on May 8, 2014 7:26:17 AM PDT
We are flying to LA, then driving to San Diego. I'm not sure why we aren't flying to San Diego, though this way means I definitely get to see the cousin I like better than the one who lives in San Diego.

It is already too hot and humid to walk at 6 am. I'm hoping to get in my little pool around midday. The water is still a bit chilly from last night, but it is too hot not to be able to cool off in it. It's not much of a pool -- one of those inexpensive ones sold at Target and Wal-Mart but deep enough to allow me to do my water aerobic exercises which are so good for my joints and muscles. Not so good for my bones, though certainly not harmful.

In reply to an earlier post on May 8, 2014 7:29:36 AM PDT
KaJoLa says:
I did read the discussion book and can't wait to see what everyone thought.

I just found out that today is:


When: Always on May 8th

Iris Day celebrates these beautiful and attractive late spring bloomers. With or without a beard, Iris are very popular among homeowners and gardeners. With a little luck, you have Iris blooming in your flower beds today.

Celebrate Iris Day by enjoying these great, easy to grow bloomers. If you don't have any in your yard, get some and plant them today. You can also enjoy this day by going to a floral shop to buy some Iris to put into your favorite vase.

Today is also a great opportunity to learn more abut how to grow and care for Iris. It's really easy! Learn how to grow Iris at

Did you Know? Iris flowers have spiritual importance in Japan. It wards off evil spirits. On Iris Day in Japan, people put Iris leaves in their baths. It's believed to prevent illness. They also drink juice from the plant in their Sake to ensure longevity. Does it work? Try it and you be the judge!

Origin of Iris Day:
Iris Day appears to be of Japanese origin.

In reply to an earlier post on May 8, 2014 8:42:22 AM PDT
There were so many things special about May 8th... But I didn't want to take up the whole 1st page... LOL...
It is also World Red Cross Day / World Red Crescent Day,
World Red Cross Day remembers and recognizes the efforts of National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies worldwide. According to the Red Cross website, this day recognizes:

"Worldwide efforts to advocate for the relief of human suffering, whether from disease, famine, disaster, or war. On May 8, the American Red Cross puts special focus on our programs that keep children healthy and safe around the globe."

The Red Cross provides humanitarian efforts and disaster relief around the world, wherever it is needed. There are millions of Red Cross volunteers.

You can celebrate World Red Cross Day and World Red Crescent Day in a variety of ways:
* Learn more about the Red Cross
* Support Red Cross programs and efforts
* Send a donation to the Red Cross
* Donate blood today
* Become a Red Cross volunteer
* Thank Red Cross volunteers for their service.

Origin of World Red Cross Day:
World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day dates back to1922. At that time, the Czechoslovakia Red Cross National Society proclaimed a three-day truce at Easter to promote peace. The goal is to recognize one day every year to advocate for the relief of human suffering from disease, and the humanity of seeing a world free from suffering due to war.

May 8th was chosen, as it is the birthday of Henry Dunant, the founder of the Red Cross.

Posted on May 8, 2014 8:44:48 AM PDT
No Socks Day

When: Always on May 8th

No Socks Day is a day to free your toes of the confines of socks and stocking. Give those toes of yours a breath of fresh air. The creators of this day also profess that No Socks Day will reduce your laundry load, and therefore, is healthy for the environment.

It's easy to participate in No Socks Day. Just leave your socks and stocking off, and let your toes enjoy a moment in the sun!

Note: While washing your feet prior to participating in No Socks Day is a requirement, painting your toe nails is completely optional.

Origin of No Socks Day:
No Socks Day is a copyrighted holiday. It was created and is provided, courtesy of the great folks at

Lost Sock Memorial Day

When : Always May 9th

Lost Sock Memorial Day recognizes your drawer full of unmatched socks. Each unmatched sock represents a missing sock. We never throw away our unmatched socks. After all, it may show up someday.

On Lost Sock Memorial Day, we suggest you spend a little time (as little as possible) searching for those missing socks. After a (very) brief search, and in good "Memorial" spirit, spend a minute reflecting upon how warm and comforting the missing socks were on your stinky toes. Then, by all means, get on with your life.

we encourage you to use this special day, to toss out all of your unmatched socks. Let's face it, you're never gonna find the missing one.

In reply to an earlier post on May 8, 2014 8:47:49 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on May 8, 2014 8:56:25 AM PDT
KaJoLa says:
My feet would rather be free of shoes!

A free book from BookShout:

All for a Story

Monica Bisbaine loves being a modern girl in the Roaring Twenties. Her job writing a gossip column allows her access to all the local speakeasys in Washington, D.C., where she can dance the night away-and find fodder for her next article. But when the owner of the Capitol Chatter newspaper passes away, Monica wonders what will happen to her job, and the lifestyle she loves.

Max Moore may hold the title of editor-in-chief for evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson's paper, The Bridal Call, but Aimee calls all the shots. So when Max learns that his great-uncle has passed away, leaving him all his earthly possessions, Max resigns and heads to D.C. Determined to take over the Capitol Chatter, infuse it with his values, and turn it into a respectable paper, Max is soon bumping up against the equally determined Monica Bisbane.

Under Max's direction, Monica embarks on her most challenging assignment yet: infiltrating and reporting on the Anti-Flirt Society. Though reluctant at first, as Monica meets and mingles with the young women of the club, she begins to question the innocence of her flirtatious lifestyle. And when romance begins to blossom between Max and Monica, she must choose where her loyalties lie: with the young women of the society or the alluring pull of the speakeasy and its inhabitants.

Posted on May 8, 2014 8:56:52 AM PDT
Good morning all :) Thank you for the start Sandy. Nice to see you Karl, I hope that you are finding some moments of peace and comfort.
I am watching right now the real history of M*A*S*H, appropriate for VE Day.
PlaysInTheDirt - San Diego sounds wonderful, I hope that you have a great time.

From my watchlist:
Time is of the Essence: Walk to town/Run from the fire (The Real Estate Diva Mysteries) - Catharine Bramkamp - Cozy Mystery

Other picks this morning:
Descent - Michael J. Scott - Horror
Gods Inc - Sarah King - Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
For Love or Money - Tara Brown - Contemporary Romance
The Dream Jumper's Secret (The Dream Jumper Series) - Kim Hornsby - PN Romance
Sarnia - Hilary Ford - Historical Fiction
The Order between Sisters - Chelsea M. Brown - Contemporary Fiction
The Trojan Towers - Ray Stone - Action/Adventure
STRANGE FRUIT ON TYBURN TREE - R: Jay - Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
The Lonely - Tara Brown - Contemporary Romance

I work late tonight, so I will be excited to come home and add to the book discussion. I will also open the nomination thread late tonight for the last book discussion of our "school year".

Posted on May 8, 2014 10:12:46 AM PDT
redandwhite says:
Tears of Endurance (Romantic Drama) Book #1 by D.G. Torrens

A secret can tear you apart ... or bind you forever.

For Arianna Ferria, a satisfying and challenging life as an art gallery owner takes an unexpected turn into burning romance when she falls for the handsome and successful Ben Fielding. Soon, their relationship blossoms into more than she could ever imagine, but when a black secret comes crashing down around them, their love faces the ultimate test as they come to grips with a tragic fate that will bring you to tears ... Tears of Endurance
(156 pages)
Book 2
Not Free Now *** Whispers from Heaven (Romantic Drama) Book #2 *** Not Free Now

Posted on May 8, 2014 10:18:05 AM PDT
KaJoLa says:
How Do Court Reporters Keep Straight Faces?

These are from a book called Disorder in the Courts and are things people actually said in court, word for word, taken down and published by court reporters that had the torment of staying calm while the exchanges were taking place.

ATTORNEY: What gear were you in at the moment of the impact?
WITNESS: Gucci sweats and Reeboks.

ATTORNEY: Are you sexually active?
WITNESS: No, I just lie there.

ATTORNEY: What is your date of birth?
WITNESS: July 18th.
ATTORNEY: What year?
WITNESS: Every year.

ATTORNEY: Now doctor, isn't it true that when a person dies in his sleep, he doesn't know about it until the next morning?
WITNESS: Did you actually pass the bar exam?

ATTORNEY: Were you present when your picture was taken?
WITNESS: Are you kidding me?

ATTORNEY: She had three children , right?
ATTORNEY: How many were boys?
ATTORNEY: Were there any girls?
WITNESS: Your Honor, I think I need a different attorney. Can I get a new attorney?

ATTORNEY: How was your first marriage terminated?
WITNESS: By death..
ATTORNEY: And by whose death was it terminated?
WITNESS: Take a guess.

ATTORNEY: Can you describe the individual?
WITNESS: He was about medium height and had a beard
ATTORNEY: Was this a male or a female?
WITNESS: Unless the Circus was in town I'm going with male.

ATTORNEY: Doctor , how many of your autopsies have you performed on dead people?
WITNESS: All of them. The live ones put up too much of a fight.

ATTORNEY: Do you recall the time that you examined the body?
WITNESS: The autopsy started around 8:30 PM
ATTORNEY: And Mr. Denton was dead at the time?
WITNESS: If not, he was by the time I finished.

And last:

ATTORNEY: Doctor, before you performed the autopsy, did you check for a pulse?
ATTORNEY: Did you check for blood pressure?
ATTORNEY: Did you check for breathing?
ATTORNEY: So, then it is possible that the patient was alive when you began the autopsy?
ATTORNEY: How can you be so sure, Doctor?
WITNESS: Because his brain was sitting on my desk in a jar.
ATTORNEY: I see, but could the patient have still been alive, nevertheless?
WITNESS: Yes, it is possible that he could have been alive and practicing law

In reply to an earlier post on May 8, 2014 10:25:54 AM PDT
KaJoLa says:
redandwhite - Biscay posted a reply over on yesterday's thread.
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