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Did Amazon save the Post Office?

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Initial post: Nov 11, 2013 11:23:18 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 11, 2013 11:23:52 AM PST
The Artist says:
The post office will be delivering on Sunday (in some areas) now that they've partnered with Amazon!

Edit: Parenthetical reference added.

Posted on Nov 11, 2013 11:30:39 AM PST
GnomeEd says:
It's only LA and New York this year. Next year more. This should help

Posted on Nov 11, 2013 11:30:49 AM PST
I just read that. Interesting article.

Posted on Nov 11, 2013 11:32:00 AM PST
Surveyah says:
When did the Postal Service EVER deliver mail on Sunday?

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 11, 2013 12:51:26 PM PST
They ... didn't. But now ... they will, since Amazon will shunt them some business.

Posted on Nov 11, 2013 5:08:55 PM PST
The Artist says:
It turns out I got a delivery this past Sunday, but I didn't know it since the delivery person never contacted me via the intercom. He/she just left it outside my huge apartment complex. I've sent Amazon an e-mail. I don't think it was delivered by USPS, but by a service called Amazon_US, which is the first time I've ever had a package delivered by that service.

Posted on Nov 11, 2013 6:22:32 PM PST
Mr.Bill says:
Save the USPS? No, but it is a nice little boost though. The Post Office isn't in as bad a shape as the 'red ink' seems to show. About 75% of that red ink has nothing to do with their operating costs, it's due to an idiotic congressional mandate that says the USPS must pay for in advance the health benefits for future retirees for the next 75 years, something no other public agency or private company does. 75 YEARS IN ADVANCE??? Get rid of that, and this extra money from Amazon, with some belt tightening, and the USPS can be in the green again.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 11, 2013 6:36:21 PM PST
Express Mail has always been delivered on Sunday if you want to pay for it.

Posted on Nov 11, 2013 10:17:48 PM PST
At least Amazon is trying...which is more than the GOP controlled House ever did. It will take a while to spread across the entire country, but it seems as if the Amazon-USPS combine might just work.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 12, 2013 5:08:23 AM PST
Cyndie says:
I wholeheartedly agree with this. I think this was the plan by some in Congress to do away with the USPS then they could confiscate all that pension money they're making them set aside. I know some in Congress would love to do away with the USPS and have all of our mail being delivered by for-profit corporations. I think that would be a serious mistake for the rest of us and we won't realize it until we have to pay $10 to mail a letter.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 12, 2013 5:18:21 AM PST
But in an age when so many have internet access, paper mail (at *some* point) may really become a thing of the past. I know at my office, as a business, our option to pay our 941 and our withholding taxes via check/mail was stopped a couple of years ago. We *have* to both file and submit payment online.

I remember my mom painstakingly getting copies of photos of every family event, packaging, and sending them out to all the aunts and grandmas in little cardboard sleeves. But now we can *text* beautiful color jpgs to virtually anyone on the planet!

Every single bill I open has big lettering on it, "Save a Stamp! Pay Online!" If my son draws a cute picture, I don't have to even mail THAT, anymore. I can scan it, email it, and Grandma 2,000 miles away can have it as a screensaver in *seconds*.

Honestly, I think in the long-view, the vast majority of PO folks really need to start looking into other avenues of employment.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 12, 2013 5:24:23 AM PST
Just Peachy says:
Even if you want to send a picture to someone who does not have internet access, you can send your picture to be printed at the other person's local Walmart or Walgreens. They can then go by the store and pick them up.

I pay everything online. If the bank can't figure out how to electronically transfer the money they will mail it. Still a lot less mail than 15 years ago. I prefer to get electronic copies of my bills.

I remember buying stamps in a roll of 100. I now buy 10 stamps and they last me for months. Sometimes I forget where I put them.

A lot of people have gone away from getting paper magazines. They read them on their tablet instead.

Greeting cards and packages are the only items of value that I send or receive via the post office. I wish they would keep the junk mail.

Posted on Nov 12, 2013 5:32:21 AM PST
What I get in the mail is catalogs. I get them by the pound. Every one of them is from a company with an on-line store. Why they insist on sending paper in addition to all the e-mails, I do not understand.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 12, 2013 6:27:15 AM PST
Junk mail is one of the banes of my existence; somehow when I pull it out of the mailbox, at least one piece goes fluttering across the porch, and I have to chase it.

And me too on the catalogs. Hello? I ordered *online*. Why the hell would I want a big clunky catalog in my house? Then *I* have to throw it away!

I wonder how much of the PO's budget depends on mass-mailer/bulk customers.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 12, 2013 7:04:19 AM PST
Clearly you have NO idea of how many bills the House has sent to the Democrat-controlled Senate, only to have the idiot Harry Reid refuse to act on them. Say what you want about the content of the bills, but saying they have not "tried" is ridiculous.

Posted on Nov 12, 2013 7:06:32 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 12, 2013 7:07:13 AM PST
The lesson here is that what government-run agencies are incompetent at doing, business and the entrepreneurial spirit does just fine.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 12, 2013 7:22:05 AM PST
~nospin says:
Wrong. Many intelligent people here are acutely aware of the history of the USPS.

This is not the politics forum. If uou wish to lecture go there.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 12, 2013 8:30:06 AM PST
You're's the Kindle forum, which makes this entire thread off-topic. So let's not single out just the person with whom you disagree, since everyone is, in fact, off topic.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 12, 2013 8:37:38 AM PST
Even taking the costs of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 (PAEA) in to account, the Post Office loses BILLIONS each year. That's Billions with a capital B. Read the summary of their 2012 annual report. It's ugly.

Paper mail is dying a slow death. Like DTBs, it will slowly fade away over the coming years as the younger generations, who grew up with the Interwebs, realize that they don't really need a person walking in front of their house every day, dropping paper in to a box. Total mail volume is dropping each year, and just based on demographics, there's no reason to believe that trend will change.

Fallina - to answer your question regarding what percent of total mail is junk mailers - the best number I found was about 40%. That's insane.

Anecdotally, I haven't had a meaningful letter delivered to me by the USPS in years. Boxes; yes. Letters; no. If I need to ship something, I can use UPS or Fedex, which are often cheaper and are always faster and more reliable. I don't own stamps and have to reason to. I'm vaguely aware of where my local post office is, but haven't been there in... well... I don't really remember. I don't suspect that I'm all that unusual for a 40-something, suburban, family-dude.

I send pics and videos of my daughter to grandparents and family around the world via email, dropbox, and other Internet applications.

Lastly, I would love to see the USPS monopoly on First Class mail lifted. Force them to compete with FedEx and UPS, which are currently not allowed to deliver regular mail. Why not do this? Who benefits by keeping the legal monopoly in place? What other industry is forced to compete against a legal government monopoly?

Note: This post isn't meant to be political in the slightest. I couldn't care less about Team Donkey or Team Elephant. It's simply my opinion, which is worth somewhat less than a first class stamp.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 12, 2013 8:39:32 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 12, 2013 8:39:49 AM PST
Willow3§3 says:
This is the type of thing that makes me nervous about USPS. They have a horrendous track record with the mail here in my office and I'm convinced it's because the carriers really hate their jobs.

eta: Did you get your package?

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 12, 2013 9:04:06 AM PST
Here, our carriers seem to be chipper and cheerful. When I was in CA, we hardly ever saw the same carrier twice, and they were *horrible*. Several times, I found two different neighbors' mail ON MY LAWN. And it was actual mail, not junk.

I reported it once, but after that, my husband said, "What if they know who complained? Will they "lose" our stuff on purpose?"

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 12, 2013 9:09:46 AM PST
Willow3§3 says:
We get other peoples' random mail here ALL THE TIME. Often it is meant for another state entirely. I get that is a computer sorting error, but our carrier actually yelled at my coworker for writing on the outside of an envelope "not this address." She said she gets in trouble, so she yelled at someone for not looking at the mail before she left it here. Not instilling much confidence.

And then there's that time they lost a supposedly-tracked package worth over $300 by claiming "we just can't find it here anywhere & it must not have been put into the tracking system before it got lost."

Posted on Nov 12, 2013 9:10:09 AM PST
Just Peachy says:
A couple of weeks ago my niece was excited that she had an interview the post office. She got a job offer! YAY? --- um, no, not so quick. They would only have her work 12 hours per week but she had to be available Monday through Saturday because the hours would constantly be changing. How is she supposed to live on 12 hours per week if she can't have another job? She is fine with working 2 or 3 part-time jobs but to have ONLY 12 hours a week doesn't pay the rent.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 12, 2013 9:13:39 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 12, 2013 9:17:06 AM PST
Willow3§3 says:
I have a friend who works for them. He said that there is a reason people go "postal." Working there is like a trip through Hell for a lot of people.

Posted on Nov 12, 2013 9:16:11 AM PST
I ordered some perfume through a 3rd party seller on Amazon. The package was sent USPS. I didn't get it, so I e-mailed the seller. They said the post office told them it was delivered. I said no, it wasn't. They immediately sent a replacement. It arrived on a Saturday. Somehow, the next day, the package that "had been delivered" was waiting at the door when we got back from brunch. No note, no message, nothing. (I e-mailed the seller and asked how to pay for the second shipment - they refused to let me "because of the inconvenience").
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