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Welcome to FB&C. Thanks for joining us today, Monday, June 17th.

Come on in and find a comfy recliner to sit for a spell. Stick around for a while to share your book picks and let's chat a bit about whatever is on your mind.

Business first. . .

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Lover of Books - Thursday, June 20 start time 10:00pm PT
Robb - Friday, June 21 start time 11pm PT
Susan - Saturday, June 22 start time by 630 am ET
Chemmaj - Sunday, June 23 start time 8-9pm PT
Leo Little - Monday, June 24 between 11:00pm to midnight PDT
Lover of Books - Thursday, June 27 start time 10:00pm PT
Robb - Friday, June 28 start time 11pm PT


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Posted on Jun 17, 2013 3:20:43 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Jun 17, 2013 3:22:13 AM PDT
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(¸.*´ (¸.*` ✿.♡.✿ Sunset Myth ¸.·*¨) ¸.·*¨) ¸.·*¨*✿

Long ago, when the earth was new, the sun and the moon rose and set together.
The moon is a woman, as delicate as a rose in bloom. She was an innocent soul
and so it showed, she emitted a silvery glow, just enough to light the sky up and
cast an eerily beautiful glow over the lands. The sun however, was a man, strong
and brave. He shone a brilliant gold, lighting up the world like a lamp lighting a
dark room. The sky was a man, neither strong nor weak, neither beautiful nor ugly.
He was forever changing.

The moon and the sun were in love and so each day they walked across the world, hand in hand, lighting up the world as they walked.

Sky grew jealous of Sun, he wanted Moon to love him. So one night as Sun slept,
Sky kidnapped Moon and brought her to the other side of the world.

When Sun woke he was furious. He followed a trail of light that Moon had left
behind and it led him right to Sky.

Sky was the larger of the two, and he stood his ground, standing between Sun
and Moon. Sun pushed against Sky with all his might, but he only succeeded in
pushing Sky, and moon with him, backwards.

Sun never gave up, he kept pushing and pushing. Hours turned into days, days
into months, months into years and to this day Sun is still pushing against Sky,
trying to get to Moon. Every time Sun spots Moon over Sky's shoulder, Moon
sends beautiful sparks of color over Sky's shoulder, surrounding Sun, to show
Sun that no matter the distance between them, she still loves him.

.¸¸.❀¨¯`✿´ ¸¸.❀¨¯`✿´ Thought of the Day `✿¨¯`❀.¸¸ `✿´¨¯❀.¸¸.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone
deeply gives you courage.

~ Lao Tzu ~

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Posted on Jun 17, 2013 3:20:56 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Jun 17, 2013 3:33:51 AM PDT

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╰♥╮¤°.¸¸.·´¯`» Question of the Day «´¯`·.¸¸.°¤╰♥╮

What is the one guilty pleasure you enjoy too much to give up?

. . . ⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰⊹⊱✿ ✿⊰ . . .

Posted on Jun 17, 2013 3:48:25 AM PDT
Good morning ⚫ afternoon ⚫ evening everyone! A Free book to begin the day . . .

Lotto Lucy (A James Bay Novel, #3) - Contemporary Fiction

Winning the lottery: $70 million

Mending family relationships: Priceless

When James Bay journalist Lucy Carter wins the lottery, good fortune seems guaranteed. But even $70 million in cold hard cash can't help Lucy when it comes to dealing with some cold hard facts. No amount of money will buy back Grandma's mind nor buy Lucy a reprieve from a strained mother/daughter relationship.

After a twenty year absence, Lila's suddenly back in town. Lila says she's moved to James Bay to keep an eye out for her daughter Lucy... or is it Lucy's money that Lila has her eye on instead? When an auto accident forces mother and daughter together to live under one roof, even a luxurious 4,000 square foot condo seems like a tiny bungalow, and Lucy suddenly has her hands full with a whole new set of problems she never expected.

Posted on Jun 17, 2013 3:49:14 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Jun 17, 2013 3:49:31 AM PDT
Going to the casinos.....LOL

Posted on Jun 17, 2013 3:50:38 AM PDT
from my wish list

Safe Harbor (A Pat Tierney Mystery - book 1)
What would you do to protect your family?

Financial advisor Pat Tierney's world is shattered when a visitor to her office tells her that Pat's late husband is the father of a seven-year-old boy. Stunned by the revelation of her husband's affair, Pat is even more shocked when the woman bolts from the office, leaving young Tommy behind.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 17, 2013 3:55:44 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Jun 17, 2013 4:06:47 AM PDT
Thats a good guilty pleasure Sandy. At least you come out ahead more often than not. ;-)

I'm going to head off to get some sleep. I hope all is well with Leo. I'll be back a little later.

Posted on Jun 17, 2013 4:25:40 AM PDT
Good morning and thank you for the start, LoB:) Have been trying to think of a guilty pleasure but I can't really think of any - my pleasures aren't the kind that hurt anybody, and I am not a frivolous spender in any way, really. Boring answer, I guess, but I sort of think I deserve my treats, be they a fancy cup of tea, a kindle book or 7k, or a hug from my lovely boys:)

Posted on Jun 17, 2013 4:41:04 AM PDT
Little boo says:
I am so sorry everyone. I guess I was so exhausted that I just went off to sleep and I just woke up. Thank you LOB for filling in....

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 17, 2013 4:45:42 AM PDT
Morning, Leo, LoB will be happy to hear that you checked in:) Hope it was a good sleep?

Posted on Jun 17, 2013 4:55:44 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Jun 17, 2013 5:07:19 AM PDT
Little boo says:
Here's an old piece I wrote that is not really connected to any other story...I thought I would store this character up and use him sometime in another piece....


I closed the iron safety gate and hit the bottom button on the control panel. Metal rails riveted to oak panels lay behind me and to either side. The car shook, descending into the depths of the earth. Lights flickered on and off as we passed from level to level. I looked down at the canvas bundle at my feet.
"We'll be there soon" I said."
Most people think of salt as pure white, but the salt they mined here was unprocessed, mostly black, meant for the roads. At the bottom, I opened the safety gate and then hefted the canvas bundle over my shoulder, grunting under the weight.
They always asked me-Why are you doing this?
I answered, after all-confession is good for the soul.
I'm a minister. Saving people is what I do. Some people serve out of obligation or fear. For me, it's an addition. I counsel members of our church through their problems. The cruel irony is I cannot free myself from the chains I help others to break. I tell myself that living with my addiction has given me insights into the needs of those I counsel.
I like to think I do more good than harm.
Death is my mistress. She lures me along a treacherous path through the darkest parts of hellll. Her touch teases, exciting every nerve. I must obey. When she calls I must join her in the dance of the damned. I've tried to escape her service many times, yet here we are. Over and over, I've quit, enduring the torment of withdrawal, only to give in to her siren's voice.
She mocks me, knowing I cannot live without her.
I started down a tunnel that led to my workshop, threading patches of shadow as I went. I took the left fork a narrower path that led to a single chamber. Through the door a well polished steel table stood centermost in the room. A fresh layer of salt covered the stained floor. Off to the side, scrub brushes and a water hose lay next to a filled tub. A smaller table, covered with a communion cloth, was conveniently near. Salvation lay under the cloth, but not for me.
I gently lowered my burden onto the table, and pulled away the canvas. The painted girl looked almost peaceful as I stretched her out on her back. I lifted the communion cloth from the side table and picked up a wash cloth. Her make-up had to go. She would never walk the streets again. I scrubbed, finding the innocent angel that had been lost under the paint.
I tied her hands together to aid her in her prayers.
She moaned softly as I lifted her off the table and carried her to the tub. She was not yet conscience, I needed to hurry.
I lowered her into the water, letting it soak into what passed for the woman's clothing. I put my hand over her face, pushing down. Bubbles trickled past my fingers. My heart fluttered with dark joy. Fire rushed through my veins throbbing and burning with excitement. I nearly wet myself. My skin tingled with pleasure until at last I found release, which washed over me like a cleansing flood taking with it the filthy lust of my desires.
"I baptize you, my sister, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Oh Lord, please except this poor, tormented soul I have delivered into your keeping. Care for her Father as the world did not."
I'm only alive when I'm saving a soul. The rest of my life is mere drudgery. Sometimes there is a voice in the back of my head that tells me this is wrong. At those times I pray God will free me from Death's addictive service, letting her claim me fully at last.
I'm a minister. I cannot take my own life though I've prayed again and again for God to take it from me.
The bubbles stopped.
Baptism was only the first step in her path to salvation. She needed a true death burial and resurrection to cleanse her from the life she had chosen.
I kept her under the water until I was sure that death had taken her into its peaceful embrace then I pulled her from the tub and wrapped her in a white robe that was hanging nearby.
She went over my shoulder once more. I carried her back into the tunnels, taking the other branch to a room that had an open grave next to seven mounds of grey salt.
Laying her gently in the open grave I said a prayer over her body and cover her with fresh salt. Never a stranger to hard work, I finished with ease and moved to the salt crusted mound at the other end. It was time to resurrect the former harlot I had buried fifty days before. She was cleansed now and could spend the rest of eternity in prayer. I lifted her frail form over my shoulder and stepped back into the tunnel. The doorway at the end opened into a large cavern, a natural cathedral. I took her inside. I'd built four banks of pews facing an altar I'd carved from the salt. Candles burned there creating an island of golden warmth. I placed her body next to the others on the second pew.
On the way out, I stopped at the first pew next to the center aisle.
Mother sat there. She was the first w..h..o..r..e I'd saved.
"I've little time to visit, now Mother. There are just too many that need my help. I hope you understand."
I made my way back to the elevator wondering if I had time to save another soul before the night ended. I let my mind drift back in time as the elevator rattled and clanked at the passing of each level of the mine.
At first Mother had made me hide when the parade of strange men came to our home, but as the years passed, drugs and alcohol left her too wasted to care about more than where she could score her next hit. By age nine our roles had been reversed. I took care of her, cleaning her up when she couldn't make it to the bathroom. The parade of men slowed as constant abuse and age took its toll. Before, I could steal money from her purse when she was passed out to buy food.
That all changed when I turned twelve. Men paraded through our house, but not for her. She collected the money or more often than not drugs and left the men with me.
I don't know what would have become of me if Grandmother hadn't stepped in when Mother overdosed on Heroin. Mother's death changed everything for me. It saved me and now I must repay the debt.
Grandmother introduced me to the Church and it was there that I learned the power that death holds. My mother's death had rescued me from a living helll, but the Church taught me that it was only her body that lay cold in the grave. Her eternal soul was lost to a fiery hell.
I had taken care of her so long I knew I could not leave her to that fate. I began my search for a way to save her, but not only her, others like her. I dug up her grave and took her into the abandon mines near my grandmother house.
There, I carved an alter out of the salt and set her on her knees to do penance until her body rotted away...But a year passed and her body did not rot.
I knew then that God had accepted her penance and set out to save more souls.
The pews I had added were nearly full now.
I exited the old mine and made my way to the Dodge Dart my Grandma left me when she died. Grandma was a strong and faithful woman. She had no need of the penance of the mines.
I cranked the engine and headed into the city. There may be time to save one more before the night is through.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 17, 2013 5:55:37 AM PDT
Leo, Wendy and I were worried that you were not well... She will be and I am so very glad that you just fell asleep...

I've got an appointment in a few mins. gotta go.. Later..

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 17, 2013 6:51:48 AM PDT
ebook addict says:
Ooh Leo. So dark, loved it. DD doesn't read short stories, but I think takes talent to write good short story. Something beautiful & pure about being so careful to make every word contribute & meaningful. Would definitely read more about this character.

Posted on Jun 17, 2013 6:57:24 AM PDT
Good morning all :) Thank you for the joint start Lover of Books and Leo. Hmmm, guilty pleasures... cannot give up chocolate.

Some of the books I grabbed this morning:
In the Shadows of Strangers: A dangerous web they weave - Wendy Reakes - Crime/Mystery/Thriller
Inevitable (Harmony series) - Angela Graham - Romance
Loves Deception - Clark Chamberlain - Crime/Mystery/Thriller
Sleeping People Lie - Jae De Wylde - Romance
Just Like Heaven - Barbara Bretton - Romance
The Pirate and the Puritan - Cheryl Howe - Romance
Mad Days of Me: Finding Eivissa - Henry Martin - Literary Fiction
Mad Days of Me: Eluding Reality - Henry Martin - Literary Fiction
Dead in the Water - Glenda Carroll - Crime/Mystery/Thriller
The Armchair Guide to Heaven - Joy Wodhams - Romance

Posted on Jun 17, 2013 9:00:26 AM PDT
Good morning everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend! It always goes by too darn fast.

The Gate (Shadow Warriors Book 1) Mystery/Thriller
What if the Japanese succeeded in their atomic bomb program in World War II? And what if the legacy of that program has sat in a submarine at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge for all the decades since then?

In Manchuria in 1945 a German U-Boat delivers the dying Reich's processed uranium. As Russian forces close in on the infamous Unit 731 Concentration Camp, the Japanese load one of the two bombs they've developed on a submarine bound for the United States. They detonate the other to destroy all evidence.

Present day United States. Lake, a covert operative for the United States government, is on the trail of rogue militia terrorists. He begins to learn that various factions are all searching for something in the San Francisco area. Something powerful. Something that was lost over sixty years ago, but still can be a powerful weapon in the wrong hands.

Battling the Japanese Yakuza, North Korean agents, home-grown terrorists, and betrayal in his own organization, Lake must uncover the history of this threat in order to prevent disaster.

A FALSE DAWN (Sean O'Brien Book 1) Mystery/Thriller
Sean O'Brien couldn't remember the last time he made a promise and then broke it. Many years ago his grandfather had taught him a "man's word is his bond."

It's a personal code--a way O'Brien conducts his life. He has every intention of keeping the promise he makes to wife, Sherri, right before her death.

After Sherri dies, O'Brien leaves his career as a homicide investigator with the Miami PD and relocates to a remote section of Florida wilderness on the banks of the St. Johns River.

He's restoring an old home and trying to rebuild his life when he discovers a young woman badly beaten and left for dead near the alligator-infested river. She whispers a cryptic message in O'Brien's ear, and he makes a promise to her.

It's an accord O'Brien believes the local police will fulfill. But when authorities drag their feet on the investigation, O'Brien finds the promise he made to his dead wife is about to conflict with the promise he made to the woman who was savagely attacked.

Soon O'Brien is plunging deep into the dark world of human trafficking and sexual slavery. O'Brien finds that an old case he never solved in Miami resurrects it's head on the banks of an ancient river and tracks him.

O'Brien is tossed into a deadly cat-and-mouse game where the only vow he can make is to stop an evil antagonist with a twisted, Godlike complex that's hellbent on sacrificing O'Brien to a greater cause.

Posted on Jun 17, 2013 9:15:48 AM PDT
I missed this book the first time. My 5k is this weekend and I am very nervous. I am in no shape to run the whole thing and it is a hilly run which makes me panic more. Oh well, if I walk, I walk.

Top Running Tips (101 Ways To Improve Your Running - Easy Strategies You Can Use Right Now!)
Running is a wonderful sport, hobby and pastime. It helps to improve your fitness levels, build confidence, develops stamina and allows you to lose or maintain a healthy body weight - something that expert personal trainer Jago Holmes knows all about.

In his latest Kindle offering for runners - 'Top Running Tips,' Jago has compiled over 100 enlightening and inspiring running tips, strategies and training techniques that you can use today. The book is fantastic value for money and includes dozens of tips that have been put together over a decade of 'in the trenches' running experience both personally and with the help of hundreds of his own one to one clients.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 17, 2013 9:35:03 AM PDT
redandwhite says:
@ Lob
Great start you put together at the last minute, thank you so much, love the sunset story and your artwork.
I think your question of the day will be very revealing - for those that date to answer :-)

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 17, 2013 9:37:34 AM PDT
redandwhite says:
@ NL
No way are you boring - I was moved by your reply and definitely think you deserve your treats - hugs are just the best.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 17, 2013 9:39:44 AM PDT
redandwhite says:
@ Leo
We are so relieved that you were sleeping, I think our imaginations were going in another direction, though not anywhere near where your imagination can take you I see :-)
Old or new your stories always wow me with the unexpected. Thank you for sharing. ♥

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 17, 2013 9:42:54 AM PDT
redandwhite says:
@ WYRenegade
I am sure that you will do fine with your 5k, whether you walk or run it is doing the 5k bit that matters - and now you have found a book to help - will you run and read at the same time during the week ? :-)

Posted on Jun 17, 2013 9:44:17 AM PDT
redandwhite says:
Hi ebook addict and Donna
I always seem to turn up after you have been here, but your posts are always nice to read even after the fact. :-)

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 17, 2013 10:05:17 AM PDT
I am suppose to read the books I get?? ;)

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 17, 2013 10:30:02 AM PDT
Bkworm Bren says:
My goal is to read all of my kindle TBR's and my unread DTB's before I depart this earth, but that may be an impossible dream!

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 17, 2013 10:36:30 AM PDT
ebook addict says:
I am having that same problem with the clutter-busting books. Having them in my cloud library isn't helping a bit, lol.

Posted on Jun 17, 2013 10:37:53 AM PDT
Hi everyone! I a little sleep, and was hoping to check back in to find that everyone was chatting amongst themselves. It looks like a very quiet morning here on FB&C.

Leo.... I'm glad to see that you were just sleeping. I was concerned because if anything you usually start early, never late. I'm just happy to hear all is well.

WYRenegade..... I think you have the right attitude about your upcoming 5K. With the vertigo you've had you can only do the best that you can do. If you walk it then so be it. Can your husband or a friend stick with you in case you need their help?

Northern Lights.... I just love your attitude as well!!! You are well deserving of all of those things you mentioned.

redandwhite...... I hope you had a great lunch today and a good day at work.

Sandy...... I'm anxious to hear what the doctor had to say this morning.

Donna and ereader addict..... I'm sorry I missed you and hope to see you both later in the day.
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