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Great low price books for the weekend!

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Posted on Apr 13, 2012 7:18:05 AM PDT
Gecko129 says:

Shadowland is a story of historical fantasy set in Dark Ages Britain.

`I have lived more years than I can remember, probably more than the sum of all your years combined. Kings have called me friend and brigands have sworn to burn the flesh from my bones even if they have to search all seven halls of the shadowland to find me.'

On the night of midwinter's eve, a storyteller takes his listeners back to the Dark ages and a tale from his youth.

Deserted by its Roman masters, Britain has been invaded by the Saxons at the invitation of Vortigern, traitorous leader of the Britons. Now, as the tribes unite to reclaim their land, one man must rise to lead them and become their true and only king.


Posted on Apr 13, 2012 7:34:55 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Apr 13, 2012 7:36:09 AM PDT
Catch a Succubus
J.B. Bowles

Daniel has just turned seventeen but he still hasn't hit puberty. He is only five feet tall, no body hair and pudgy. He and his buddy, Jimmy, have one last game on the Ouija Board before he moves away to an odd country house owned by a new stepfather.

Daniel's mother Kelli, has married Duncan Osborne , a high school football coach who has taken an interest in his overly indulged new stepson.

Daniel despises his new "xxxx-for-brains" stepfather, mentally accusing him of abuse.

One night Daniel awakens to someone in his room and is propelled into a fast pace sexual paranormal escapade, accelerating him into puberty.

His friend Jimmy comes to spend a few days with him and they soon get caught up in the most confusing adventure either one of them could have imagined.

Posted on Apr 13, 2012 9:02:45 AM PDT
Steven J. says:
Big Pharma and the ADHD Stranglehold: Shifting the Paradigm and Utilizing Alternative Treatment Methods $3.99

Posted on Apr 13, 2012 9:36:33 AM PDT
Roger Weston says:
Ex-CIA assassin Frank Murdoch discovers priceless artifacts on his remote Alaskan island, only problem is the ruthless Korean industrialist who has sent hit men to recover the gold.

The Golden Catch
#43 in UK Kindle Store > Books > Fiction > Men's Adventure

Posted on Apr 13, 2012 10:14:55 AM PDT
M says:
Give my book Russian Roulette, .99 cents, a try. A Dev Haskell tale of no redeeming social value. Crime fiction theoretically written with a sense of humor and even a little romance.

Posted on Apr 13, 2012 10:24:49 AM PDT
Patty Pobanz says:
Everlasting Peace in Your Life

This book is available today for $.99 cents as an E-book and prime time is 6:00-7:00 pm.

This book is truly powerful, uplifting and it gives people hope & faith. It's God's words as to why so many people are living life with hardship, struggle and illness and what you can do to make life feel a whole lot BETTER and live the life you always dream about. It helps you to receive hope and helps you to take steps forward towards only better. I hope you'll purchase it today, while it's only $.99 cents. Sending light and love to you, for a perfect day, everyday! Patty

Posted on Apr 13, 2012 11:15:38 AM PDT
I am a storyteller who just finished a six part epic story that I have been working on for more than half my life. It has affected my family and friends in ways that I am sometimes embarrassed by. It has affected my health mentally and physically, so when I wrote "THE END" it was a feeling that one rarely experiences. Like the birth of your children or the first time you meet the love of your life. It was an experience, an accomplishment. I pushed my chair back and stared at the computer. For a reason I still cannot explain I pulled up to my desk and grabbed my keyboard. I blacked out and twenty-three hours later this is what I had written.


Posted on Apr 13, 2012 12:28:11 PM PDT
1923: A Memoir Lies and Testaments 99 cents

t's a personal as well as a social history. Smith has the knack of bringing the times to life in a way that few writers can manage. It's the ability to tell a story, the knowledge of when to move on & not labour a point.--The Bookbag

1923 is a book that succeeds in two ways with ease, both as a personal memoir of a life lived in a volatile age and as a record of that age for all time. --The Current Reader

"1923" is uplifting and highly recommended. --Midwest Book Review

1923: A Memoir is a protest against social injustice, corruption, war, famine, poverty, and societies blinded by greed. More importantly, it is the story of hope and the notion that anything can be overcome if desired. --The Publishing Guru
Smith stays true to himself and his inner voice as he recounts the events of his early life.-Feeding My Book Addiction
Product Description
To say that Harry Smith was born under an unlucky star would be an understatement. Born in England in 1923, Smith chronicles the tragic story of his early life in this first volume of his memoirs. He presents his family's early history-their misfortunes and their experiences of enduring betrayal, inhumane poverty, infidelity, and abandonment.

1923: A Memoir presents the story of a life lyrically described, capturing a time both before and during World War II when personal survival was dependent upon luck and guile. During this time, failure insured either a trip to the workhouse or burial in a common grave. Brutally honest, Smith's story plummets to the depths of tragedy and flies up to the summit of mirth and wonder, portraying real people in an uncompromising, unflinching voice.

1923: A Memoir tells of a time and place when life, full of raw emotion, was never so real.

Posted on Apr 15, 2012 1:58:12 PM PDT
George Cook says:
The Dead War Series.

If you have read The Dead War Series Book One $1.50 The Dead War Series: BOOK 1 you may be wondering how a certain soldier wound up in Uncle Sam's army fighting the dead. Find out in the short story, A Dead War Short Story: ZOMBIE KILLER . Read it for free. THE DEAD WAR SERIES : ZOMBIE KILLER? A Dead War Short Story

Posted on Oct 23, 2014 6:06:20 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Nov 1, 2014 7:31:43 AM PDT
The K-Frost Caper

"I liked the characters, the settings, and how the investigators used technology to their advantage. Definitely a read for mystery lovers, the story...conjured up images of Miami Vice..." Laurel Rain-Snow TOP 500 AMAZON REVIEWER (4 STARS)

Cherokee Luna Nightcrow isn't your ordinary 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. insurance investigator. She's armed with a Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Case for iPhone 4; a Looper Law Enforcement S&W Shield Flashbang Holster RH for her .38; and beauty and brains that won't quit. She's a freelancer: All yours, anytime--if the price is right. And for $50,000, Luna is hired to fly south and stop con man Kelvin Frost (who leaves a trail of cold-blooded murder and mayhem in Miami).

Action, mystery, and romance abound as Luna fights to bring Frost down.


The Steel Deal


"This is an exciting story of industrial espionage, trendy technology, shifty villains, and an intelligent courier. Told in first person, I was kept entertained and fully engaged..." --Laurie Jenkins, Night Owl Reviews (4.5 stars)

Sonny Busco, aged 55, is an out of shape, out of luck African American private eye who owes everyone money. When the bills come due, Sonny hasn't a clue as to how to pay. Then a client comes his way and asks Sonny to save the day, by delivering a mysterious case to Santa Fe. For $2,500, Sonny can't refuse. But he soon finds out this case may be his last, when what appear to be agents from the other side come after what he's carrying: Sentient steel...which is to die for and kill for.

Both books are available in Kindle and paperback!

Posted on Oct 23, 2014 7:17:43 PM PDT
mountainmama says:
Snuggle up with some good books for the weekend.

Political intrigue: M.O.D.. Where would you draw the line between right and wrong? (check out the YouTube trailer:

Time travel adventure: Chronicles of Time: Book 1 (FREE!), Chronicles of Time: Book 2, and Chronicles of Time: Book 3, and now also available as a trilogy - Chronicles of Time Trilogy: Books 1-3. Would you be able to save the world? (trailer:

Adventure: Novel Ideas. When the sun sets on a young girl's life, she takes fate into her own hands. (trailer:

Happy reading.

☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼

Posted on Oct 24, 2014 2:51:17 AM PDT
John Patin says:
Entertaining Science Fiction short stories can be found in every issue of Tales from TOMORROW.

Two Tales from TOMORROW - $0.99 - two SF short stories; 'Aid Station' and 'Passengers'
more Tales from TOMORROW - $0.99 - the SF short story 'Daywraiths', 'Vacations' a short, short, and the MIL-SF novelette 'FM'
Tales from TOMORROW #3 - $0.99 - two SF short stories; 'The Message' and 'Hall of Dreams' plus 'Epsilon Express', a novelette that introduces Dani and Ringer in the first of their series of that name.
Tales from TOMORROW #4 - $1.48 - part one of 'Dreambones' a four part serialized novel by John R. Patin. Also, an SF short story; 'Prime Directive', and there's MORE; part one of a 2 part guest novelette by Linell Jeppsen, and Dani and Ringer return in 'C.O.D.'
Tales from TOMORROW #5 - $1.48 - 'Services', an SF short story, also, the conclusion of Linell Jeppsen's guest novelette and part two of the four part serialized novel 'Dreambones'.
Tales from TOMORROW #6 - $1.48 - Part 3 of Dreambones and 'Milk Run', an Epsilon Express novella (oops, sorry, no short story in this issue, just MORE SF entertainment!)
Tales from TOMORROW #7 - $1.48 - The slam bang conclusion of Dreambones - plus 'First Aid', a sequel novelette to issue number one's 'Aid Station'
And now;
Tales from TOMORROW #8 with 'overanx32', a novella length Epsilon Express adventure featuring Dani, Ringer and their sometimes exasperating partner, Cliff, plus 'Ping' a thrilling SF short.
Get it, you won't regret it! Do it NOW! Just 10 bits ($1.25)

Tales from TOMORROW = Entertainment TODAY!

Posted on Oct 24, 2014 2:55:01 AM PDT
John Patin says:
for something a little seasonal give An Ode To Autumn~ A Season of Change a look. It is an eclectic collection of stories and poetry centered around Autumn, the Season of Changes. 18 authors whose names you might recognize from these threads have contributed. Some of the entries are lyrical, others spooky, and some... well, just have a look for yourself for only 99 cents! Your hard earned pennies will not be wasted. :>

An Ode To Autumn~ A Season of Change

Posted on Oct 24, 2014 3:00:13 AM PDT
Just in time for Halloween. Pick up a copy of TATTERDEMON today for ONLY 99cents - down from its usual $3.99.

So what is it about?
In 1691 the town of Crossfall taught the witch Thessaly how to die.

They beat her, they shot her, they hung her - but nothing worked. When they finally tried to bury her alive Thessaly set the field against them.

The first man died as a gust of wind harrowed the meat from his bones. A root,flung like a dirty javelin, cut a second man down. Many more deaths followed. The Preacher Fell impaled the witch upon her very own broom but she dragged him down into the field to wait for three more centuries.

Three hundred years later Maddy Harker will murder her bullying husband Vic. She will bury him in the field as she buried her abusive father years before that. The very same field where the revenant spirit of Thessaly Cross lies waiting. In three days Vic will rise again - a thing of dirt, bone and hatred. Men will call him the Tatterdemon. And hell - and Thessaly - will follow.

Posted on Oct 24, 2014 7:07:52 AM PDT
Where Dreams Are Born I hope you'll check it out.

It was supposed to be a win-win situation-a safe environment in which to raise a son for single mom Vicky, housekeeping and childcare for widowed Jack. Neither one wants or expects anything more. Life, however, has more in store than either one imagines.

Where Dreams Are Born

Corina of Big Al's Books & Pals says, "Where Dreams Are Born is a well-written romantic novel with elements of suspense. I found DeBacco's writing fresh and evocative, highly readable and interesting. Characterization is good, the dialogue flows well, and the story was compelling enough to keep my attention and pique my curiosity about what would happen next. I found myself picking up the story in my spare moments during the day, wondering how the author was going to resolve certain issues."

Posted on Oct 24, 2014 7:34:11 AM PDT
Halloween is just a week about two shorts with a bit of a different take?

One More All Hallows Eve (Guardians of the Gate City 1)
Halloween Pranks and Mischief (Guardians of the Gate City 4)

99 cents each!

Posted on Oct 31, 2014 1:51:21 PM PDT
Bill Todd says:
Here's another extract from my father's war diary:

NOVEMBER 2, 1944: Wilson buried. I attended. We made coffin out of a cupboard. Only man in regiment to have had this luxury.
NOVEMBER 4: Shelling very heavy - several V2 rockets seen.
NOVEMBER 7: Dutch boy shot himself with Scott's rifle. Heavy shelling. 285 hit again, 1 killed, 1 wounded. Two shells near us - 2 men slightly wounded.

GUNNER: The diary of an ordinary soldier - Normandy, Nijmegen, Germany. Only $1.25, all proceeds to a military charity. Gunner: The story of Sgt Leslie Todd and the 90th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment RA in World War Two

Posted on Oct 31, 2014 3:50:33 PM PDT
Sometimes magic takes a darker turn. You never know if that creature in the dark is just a animal or maybe it is a creature out of nightmares

Never Pack Them Away (Magic and Nightmares)
And Darkness Claims It All (Magic an Nightmares)
Cementery Games (Magic and Nightmares)
Secrets Can Be Deadly (Magic and Nightmares)
Cha-cha-changes (Magic and Nightmares)

Posted on Nov 1, 2014 5:17:20 AM PDT
With Remembrance Day approaching, two WW1 novels depicting the harshness of war.

Echoes Of Madness

Coming Home

Posted on Nov 1, 2014 7:24:31 AM PDT
Finding Harry Styles: A Novel Starting November 1st a Countdown deal when this book will be available for just 0.99 until November 4th.
Review: What if all the power in the world just disappeared? No electricity, batteries didn't work, engines of any kind didn't work. And you are hundreds, possibly even thousands, of miles away from your loved ones. What would you do? Where would you go? Remember, no phones, no internet, no cars, trucks, planes, or trains. What now? How would you survive? This is what happens in "Finding Harry Styles". When I was offered the book by the author in return for an honest review, I was reminded that it is not on of my usual genres and there was a good possibility I would not like the book, but he was willing to take the chance if I was. Not only did I enjoy the book, I read it in just one day. It really had me thinking and I had to check and make sure my phone and tablet were still working. I would recommend this book to anyone over 13 years old, due to some very mild sexual situations and scenes of suicide and quite a bit of violence. But the book does make you think, what would you do?

Posted on Nov 5, 2014 7:25:13 AM PST
A.H. Scott says:

If you think the FIRST THREE PARAGRAPHS you peek at of this book are shocking - well, it's just the tip (oh, yeah!!) of "Numb".

Right between the eyes and right between the thighs, "Numb" grabs at ya' deep inside.





(download a FREE SAMPLE)



(download a FREE SAMPLE)


Tumble With Montgomery Raye -

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