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Hi, I'm Esme, and I enjoy doing what I can to help authors get their books out there and noticed, so that I can have a plethora of reading material at my fingertips.

To get that started I have created what I call 'Genre Threads' where authors from all over the genre boards can post their work, meet their readers, and get their books noticed, read and reviewed. Reader's like me can browse the books, see what sparks their interest and pick out what they would like to read, and shake hands with the author.

Here is a link to the Genre Threads on all the forums:

While posting here on the Genre Thread it would be helpful if the author would:
1. Give the Title, Full author's name and a location to find the book.
2. Write a blurb and any additional information about the book.
3. Introduce yourself, add a sales pitch, shake hands etc.

It would be helpful if the reader could:
1. Pick out a book.
2. Post a review.
3. Report back to the thread that a review has been posted for which book, so that other readers can check it out.

Also, if there are any authors interested in expanding the media on which their book is available, there is a thread available with information about publishing books on the Kindle - Amazon's E-Reader. The authors also have a wide range of experience with other forms of publication. If you would like to stop by, have a chat, ask questions, or just share publishing stories here is the link:


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Great link

Edward C. atterson

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 16, 2008 1:47:08 PM PST
Mark Freeman says:
HI Esme! Thanks again for supporting new authors!

The Kindling of GreenFyr by Mark Freeman. The book is available at Amazon,, or any local bookshop (you'd most likely have to order it, though). Please check out the website for reviews and excerpts.

The Kindling of GreenFyr is the story of Owen McInish, an awkward fourteen year old, bullied at school, and friendless except for his pet cat, Piper. That is, until a snow leopard is chased through the woods behind his house by three huge gray dogs with glowing green eyes.

Owen saves the leopard from her pursuers, but the animal escapes him as well, only to return later. The cat's behavior is peculiar, nothing like a wild animal, making Owen even more curious as to its origin. But only when the animal finally allows Owen to touch it, does Owen's adventure truly begin.

Owen finds himself experiencing friendships as he has never before, adventures as he has never imagined, and political intrigue as two worlds, long separated, begin to collide.

I'm a wildlife biologist by profession, but I've been writing for close to twenty years now. GreenFyr is my first venture into YA and fantasy. A long time fan of the genre, I felt it was time I added my own voice to the tumult. GreenFyr has been nominated for both a 2009 Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award (Vermont's version of the Newberry) and the Mythopoetic Inkling award as well. Finalists will be announced next year.

Thanks again Esme.

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Hi Esme,
I have written a YA novel which I would love to tell you about. It's called "Christine Kringle" and it's a funny, feel-good (but not sentimental) book about the fantasy world of Christmas Gift Bringers. Check out the Amazon listings and the great reviews and check out the website where readers have a chance to win $5000! I guarantee you will love the book.

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Below is a brief description of my book, 'Harbinger of Doom,' along with copies of a couple of reviews posted for the book on Amazon.
The link to the paperback is:
Harbinger Of Doom
Kindle version:

In Harbinger of Doom, Glenn G. Thater transports you to a time of legendary heroes, armored knights, spectacular duels, courtly intrigue, otherworldly evils, and ancient forbidden magics. When mad sorcerers open a gateway to the very pits of hell, releasing outre demons of darkest nightmare upon the world, only the intrepid knights of House Eotrus stand in their way. Claradon Eotrus takes up the mantle of his noble house to avenge his father and hold back the tide of chaos that threatens to engulf the world and destroy mankind. Claradon recruits Angle Theta and Gabriel Garn, mysterious knights of mystical power to stand with him. Theta and Garn take up their swords one last time against the coming darkness - a darkness from which only one will emerge. But Claradon has bought far more than he's bargained for, when his comrade Ob discovers the terrifying secret of Angle Theta. A secret so horrifying as to shatter a man's mind and call into question the very nature of good and evil.

Here's a copy of a 5 star review posted for Harbinger of Doom by an Amazon Top 500 Reviewer:

" An amazing tale of swords, sorcerers, and more!, November 11, 2008
By ellen "ellen in atlanta" (Atlanta, Georgia USA) -
What an amazing novel Glenn G. Thater has written!!
In the foreword, Thater has introduced the legend of Angle Theta. He is a character that has been cited in a number of ancient writings, and is the stuff legends are made of. He is larger than life, enigmatic, and a formidable character, unafraid to fight evil.
At a terrible time where an evil presence is destroying people and land, a group of people, including knights, sorcerers, and the mysterious Angle Theta, go to find what is going on. It turns out there is a portal opened, where evil entities are able to travel back and forth from their dimension to this kingdom.
This is a fight of such dynamic proportions, that literally the fate of mankind weighs in the balance.
Who is Angle Theta, and what is his stake in this battle?
In his review, Dennis Batchelder posed the question that shed a great deal of light on the situation - what if those who were benevolent gods/entities decided to do a 180 on us and became the evil ones? What happens if one of their greatest knights refused to turn evil? What if this person made it his life's destiny to destroy the evil that was trying to darken the world?
This is an epic battle of good and evil. A powerful ancient entity who fights to stop evil from encompasing the world.
It is an amazing read that draws you into its D&D theme, and Thater's writing has you in the heat of the battle, and leaves you wanting more of this epic story.
One thing that is particularly helpful is the appendix where the book's characters and roles are listed and I found this listing particularly useful.
My curiosity is peeked by the legend of Angle Theta.
He reminds me a little of Moorcock's Lord Elric of Melnibone, who struggles with issues in the fight of good and evil.
Cannot wait to read more of this saga from Glenn G. Thater.
For those of us who love to read of demons and dragons, knights in armor and legends of long ago. "

Here's another review, this one by Dennis Batchelder, Author of Soul Identity.
"By Dennis Batchelder (Bellevue, WA USA) - See all my reviews

Glenn Thater's "Harbinger of Doom", set in a world of men, gnomes, elves, and wizards, asks a tough question: what if we've got it all wrong? what if the God we follow turned bad, and the one we call the Devil is really a maligned angel on a quest to rid the world of evil?

So goes Thater's tale, and he tells it in a voice as pretentious as Tolkein's. His world is called Midgaard, its capital called Lormion. Thater populates Midgaard with knights, a young-man-turned-king, a belligerent gnome, a couple scardey-cat wizards, Sir Gabriel, and Lord Angle Theta, the Harbinger of Doom.

The sword and scorcery part of the book is fun, and there's a decent battle scene inside a black temple, but what fascinated me was the clever idea that Azathoth/Odin/God's heart turned black, and the one we know as the Bogeyman is really the one who is trying to save us. What a twist, and what an imagination! "

I hope that you'll check out Harbinger of Doom.

glenn g. thater
author of harbinger of doom
paperback link: Harbinger Of Doom
Kindle link:
Official website:

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Una lectora says:
Alicia Afterimage * Lulu Delacre *

"Just five minutes from her home, 16-year-old Alicia died when her date lost control of his car and hit a telephone pole. Alicia's friends remember her in 13 chapters, each titled with a friend's name . . . "

"Memoir touched with the lightest strokes of fiction . . . "

"This powerful book not only conveys an intricate picture of grief, it also. . . embraces a profoundly spiritual path to healing."

"A very good picture of adolescent grief. The best I have ever read. . . ."

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 17, 2008 6:47:06 AM PST
Esme, Thank you for making this thread, it's a great idea!

1. Ashes by Stefanie Ellis. You can find it here on Amazon,,, and my website (always the cheapest!)
2. Sidney Fox was your average seventeen-year-old girl. She looked like everyone else, dressed like everyone else, harbored hopes and guessed it, just like everyone else. She never considered herself as someone who stood out in a crowd, that is, until she met Cael. In a few short weeks he turned her life upside down by revealing secrets about himself that no mortal is ready to hear, much less dive head first into.
3. I read recently that everyone wants to buy my book, they just don't know it yet :) I hope that rings true for all of you out there, and I hope you'll give it a chance.

It would be helpful if the reader could:
Leave a review here on amazon, many people have bought both of my books, but people have been e-mailing me the reviews as opposed to leaving them on Amazon for the world to see.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 17, 2008 3:43:12 PM PST
Thanks Esme! It's nice to have a forum to do this!

Rowan of the Wood by Christine and Ethan Rose
YA (Crossover) Fantasy.
You can find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and wherever books are sold.

Watch the trailer:

An ancient wizard possesses a young boy after a millennium of imprisonment in a magic wand. He emerges from the child in the face of danger and discovers Fiana, his new bride from the past, has somehow survived time and become something evil.

Amazon: Rowan of the Wood

Kindle: Rowan of the Wood

You can even download the book for free here:

This is our first novel, and we've had some great reviews of it so far. Here is a sampling:
"I found Rowan of the Wood to be an imaginative and fun read with a fairy tale flavor to it that will appeal to old and young alike."
- Victoria Kennedy, Midwest Book Reviews

"This is a great addition to the wizarding world. You'll find yourself reading it in a day because you won't want to put it down."
- Austin Monthly Magazine

"I just finished reading Rowan of the Wood. My husband and I purchased your book at the Florence Renaissance Faire. When I began reading I knew that I would not want the book to end. What an adventure! I am 62 years old and I enjoyed every word of it. I cannot wait until the next book is written. Thanks for sharing your imagination with the world. Huzzah!! "
- Joy Daly

"Rowan of the Wood was an incredibly wonderful book to read. I just got it last weekend at Middlefaire and it is so amazing, the summary on the back doesn't do it justice...This is BY FAR one of my most favorite books of all time...Thank you so much for writing it, it has been a true gift to read."
- Elise Mesnard, artist

More on our website:

Also, we're on a blog tour this December and a Nationwide Book Tour in the Spring. Check out our schedule at or on our blog at

We're having a contest over the next month where you can win a $100 gift card from Sign up for our newsletter at and get all the details.

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dakota lane says:
hi esme! (there is an esmerelda in the book i'm writing!!!)
thanks for doing this--i really appreciate your interest in our books!

my publisher wants online reviews for my new book and is sending copies out this month to serious teen reviewers!
for more info, please contact me through . My book is GOTHIC LOLITA, my fourth YA book (others-- orpheus obsession, secret life of it girls and johnny voodoo). This book is my shortest and took the longest to complete--FOUR YEARS! It's set in tokyo and hollywood and takes place in 24 hours--basically about a love that defies time and space.

GreenBeanTeenQueen Says: I got a copy of this book from YaYnot?-seriously check that site out! This is a fascinating and beautiful tale of friendship and love. Told in alternating voices in short quick chapters, this tale reads like poetry. The story is accompanied by black and white photographs taken by the author that added a sense of mystery and beauty to the story.
I loved how the author unveiled more and more about each girl and the reader is able to uncover just how their lives are connected. It felt like I was slowly unwrapping a delicious candy bar but I could only have it piece by piece."

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY-- Publishers Weekly, 11/3/2008Gothic Lolita: A Mystical Thriller Dakota Lane. Atheneum/Seo, $17.99 (208p) ISBN 978-1-4169-1396-2
Ambitiously structuring her stylish novel as alternating narratives and interspersing these with black-and-white photos, Lane (The Secret Life of It Girls) focuses on two half-Japanese, half-American girls who forge an unusual bond over their blogs, loneliness and fascination with the gothic Lolita subculture. Chelsea is in L.A. and Miya is in Japan; they've never spoken or even exchanged messages-they simply read each other's blogs. Their lives mirror each other's in their tragedies: when Miya's mother killed herself, her father abandoned her and her brother to an orphanage; Chelsea has not blogged for three years, since her brother disappeared). A manga that the girls love and the photographs add a surreal layer, as do the many mystical elements. There is even a suggestion that the girls have twin souls: Miya's grandmother consoles her about the twin who died in utero by saying that she was born immediately to someone else. Readers will find themselves quickly engrossed. Ages 12-up. (Nov.)

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 18, 2008 8:01:34 AM PST
S. A. Davis says:
Iman's Isle - A Tale of Lost Treasures. Check it out here at Amazon with the Search Inside feature. Available for the Kindle reader, and also as audiobook (at

S. A. Davis

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Cheater, by Michael Laser - find it here:

Here's the blurb from the jacket:
Karl Petrofsky has spent his years in school trying to hide the A's on his papers. He sees himself more as a shy maverick than a geek. When the smoothest guy in high school asks him to help a ring of high-tech cheaters, Karl flatly refuses. But then the tyrannical assistant principal makes an example of a hapless student-and threatens anyone caught cheating with expulsion and an indelible stain on their permanent records. This means war!
With a droll narrator and a delightfully intricate plot, this satire of school pressures and modern-day ethics will provide welcome laughs between exams.

I'm Mike Laser, and I approved this message! Readers can find more about Cheater and about my other books at my website,

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Anna Hays says:
Introducing "Portia's Ultra Mysterious Double Life." ... The story is about a twelve-year-old girl who goes on a search for her father whom she has never known. In the process of looking for him, she uncovers new and unexpected insights about her single mother and the world around her in her sleepy California small town. The book features a strong and original lead quirky girl protagonist, and explores themes such as friendship, identity, family and community... I just put the finishing touches on the second book last week, which is called Portia's Exclusive and Confidential Rules on True Friendship. That comes out next May. So it's now officially a series! Check out the web site for more about Portia and me! Enjoy! And, big thanks to Esme!!!

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 19, 2008 12:14:45 PM PST
[Deleted by the author on Nov 19, 2008 12:18:28 PM PST]

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Sorry, accidentally posted twice.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 19, 2008 12:27:48 PM PST
Hello my name is James Todd Cochrane. I am the author of "Max and the Gatekeeper" and soon to be published sequel "Max and the Gatekeeper, The Hourglass of Souls."

"Max and the Gatekeeper" is a YA Fantasy/Science Fiction that has received 4 1/2 stars here on Amazon. And, No, I don't know all of the reviewers. :) I actually contacted several people in the top 1000 reviewers class here on Amazon and had them do some reviews. They all said they would recommed the book, although I did wonder what book one of them read. :)
Link on Amazon Max and the Gatekeeper

The book is for ages 9 and up and family friendly. I have heard from several sources (librarians, I have done a number of school visits) that this is a great book for reluctant readers.

If you would like a personalized signed paperback copy for $6.50 plus $3.00 shipping. Visit



In reply to an earlier post on Nov 19, 2008 9:33:18 PM PST
Hi, Esme!
Thanks for the great forum. My book E.S. PETE: Sixth Grade Sense (by Arnold Rudnick) is available at

Pete knew there would be a lot more homework in Sixth Grade, but he didn't plan on the reading list including the minds of his teachers and classmates. Knowing what they think can be helpful sometimes, but it also gets complicated -- ESPecially when Pete thinks the substitute teacher is planning a big robbery.

I've written for film and tv, but this is my first young adult book, written for 9-12 year olds, but fun for all ages. You can "search inside" on amazon or read the first chapter at

I'd love to know what YOU think!


Available at

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 20, 2008 10:37:39 AM PST
Hi Esme!

Really glad I checked the forums this morning-and a big thank you for your informative message!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Stephen Van Gaasbeck and my first YA novel ("Geblicon") was just recently released. It's available at and

Geblicon is the story of two teen-agers, Stephen Harlan and Jennie Phillips, next door neighbors on adjoining properties in Western Colorado. Stephen lives on a solar-powered bulk-grain processing station; Jennie on a ranch producing super-sized horses (called Shanths). The year is 2070 A.D. and their lives are about to be rent by an incident involving Steve's bio-pet, Scratch. Three dead Shanths are found on the Phillips' property. Scratch is blamed.
Fearing for Scratch's safety, Stephen, Jennie, and the Harlan farm's maintenance robot, Beethoven, bundle Scratch into a farm utility vehicle and flee into the night.
Their travels bring them to an eccentric billionaire's estate where they are quickly embroiled in a plot to remove a corrupt high-level official from office -an official involved in the illegal bio-engineered drug trade.
Assigned the task of collecting important information needed to convict the drug-dealers, Stephen and Jennie soon find themselves involved in a series of mini-adventures: a holographic dragon hunt in which the hunters become the hunted; a night-time attack in the billionaire's mansion; a harrowing air-ship flight from Arizona to Seattle; and a 3-day bio-engineering convention that nearly turns Jennie into a pumpkin!
Thrust into an adult world, with an adult world's expectations, both hero and heroine prove themselves capable of meeting their wealthy benefactor's demands.

A surprise ending will please both young and old readers alike.

Are you looking for an inexpensive present for the holidays? Reach for the purple and gold cover!

I'm a web designer by trade. With the demise of AOL's user web sites, I'm now building a brand-new feature-packed home site for my own use and for those of you who might care to stop by and say hello.

Book 2 in the Geblicon series is well underway, and hopefully will be out by summer '09.

Thank you again Esme.

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Melody Lowe says:
Dark Destiny: The Sleeping Beauty Story Your Mother Never Told You

Dark Destiny

Scorned by her betrothed; shunned by her family; her true love murdered in a less-than-chivalrous battle... An innocent young princess takes a turn down the twisted path of vengeance to become the Queen of the Dark Realm. "THAT'S NOT FAIR!" we cry, outraged at the latest injustice that life has tossed our way. But life isn't always fair, a fact that no one knows better than Elspeth, Princess of Rookskrieg. What could transform an innocent young princess, full of life and hope and all that's good, into the evil queen of Sleeping Beauty fame, who condemns an innocent child to her death? Dark Destiny is the Sleeping Beauty story that's never been told, the story of a young woman whose dream of blissful life outside her royal destiny is shattered by the twists of fate.

Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine
Fall 2008
Cinsearae Santiago

Romance. Betrayal. Revenge. Grief. Deceit. This 152 page book had me hooked from the first chapter, and kept me engaged until the end! This was such a unique spin on the whole "Evil Queen" ordeals of fairy tales, which makes the baddies more human, even makes you feel sympathy for them, because you understand WHY they became the way they are. If anything can be learned from this book, it's that vengeance begets nothing but a vicious cycle of further vengeance.

I enjoyed the characters -- even found myself siding with Elspeth/The Dark Queen at times, and loved the whole magical aspect of the story and the fairytale creatures that were abound in this book. If the authors wished to, there's just enough of a plot left open at the end of the story to continue it as another book!

Thoroughly enjoyable, if you want a quick, fun and enchanting read, pick up Dark Destiny.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 21, 2008 2:51:40 PM PST
[Deleted by Amazon on Mar 27, 2009 12:01:32 PM PDT]

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John Evans says:
Hi, Esme!

Thanks for the opportunity to share my YA novel entitled Canaan's Land. It's a western adventure story written especially for junior high boys, though older folks also seem to enjoy it. To quote from the blurb on the back, "Joshua Lee's life is turned upside down when his father forces the family to move to West Texas in 1868. The Civil War is over, but hardships and perils remain. Joshua and his parents will have to face rattlesnakes, floods, fistfights . . . and their own growing fears." My goal was to write a good adventure story the whole family could enjoy.

For what it's worth, people enjoy the cover illustration completed by a good friend. To see the thumbnail, you can just go to Amazon and type in Canaan's Land by John Evans. Also, you can use

Finally, the end notes include two good recipes, even though the work is fiction. One recipe is for "Sourdough Trail Biscuits" (I'm a sourdough nut!), and the other is for "Frontier Mock Apple Pie" (which is about as simple as a pie recipe can get). Both food items figure into the story.

Thanks, and happy reading!

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 24, 2008 12:25:23 PM PST
Hey Esme!

First, I want to thank you for doing this for new authors like me!

I published my book August of this year and it's called "Journey of Faith". This is to be a series of books, leading all the way through the War Between the States, eventually. The series is called "Legacy of Purpose".

The book is about a fourteen year old girl, Faith Martin, who is living in Missouri in the year 1855. As the book opens up, they are preparing to move to Wyoming to start a ranch. During their long and tedious journey, they encounter several adventures, both natural and man-made. When they finally reach the small, but budding town of Prairie Grove, their adventures are far from over. Although Faith doesn't know it yet, she is soon to find out what the wild west is really like when her life, along with that of her brother's, seems forfeited by an innocent detour to a friend's house.

This book was targeted for young ladies like me, but adults and boys have both read and enjoyed this thrilling adventure book. Hopefully in a year, I will have the sequel to this one, which promises to be even more adventurous!

I won't tell you more about the book, or I might give away something! But you can read the back of the book right here on, or if you like eBooks, you can go to and buy it there.

Again, thanks Esme! This is a tremendous help!

~ Katie McCurdy

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Wow, lots of great books to choose from!!


In reply to an earlier post on Nov 28, 2008 12:46:44 PM PST
Great thread! Thanks for starting it!

My debut middle-grade novel, TAKE THE REINS (Canterwood Crest #1) hits shelves on January 27. It's the first book in the Canterwood Crest series from Aladdin MIX. TAKE THE REINS follows twelve-year old small-town girl Sasha Silver to an exclusive boarding school where she competes with the equestrian elite.

For more info, check out the official series Website at or my site at

Thanks! :)

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[Deleted by Amazon on Mar 27, 2009 12:01:04 PM PDT]

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 29, 2008 2:57:43 AM PST
Nona says:
I did not write this book myself but I thought others might find very interesting. I know I did. I've copied and pasted the information from the website

Title: Everland Volume I: Opal's Book of Winter
ISBN: 978-0-6152-3855-5
Author: R.J. Amado
Publisher: Romeo+Juliet Press
Format: Trade Paperback
Publication Date: July 2008
BISAC Audience: Young Adult
BISAC Subject: Fantasy

Four teenage girls escape from a miserable foster home existence to a fantasy everland where anything is possible.
Nadya has always dreamed of being a Nature Princess, whatever that is. Opal would settle for a castle with a moat and a matching prince to accessorize with her wardrobe, while Crystal would give anything to be a pretty knight in pink armor. And Sam would just like to be left alone.
Then one night, a genie-like being offers to whisk them away from their decrepit foster home for a whole year to a beautiful idyllic everland where their most deeply treasured fantasies can come alive. No catches, no questions asked, no strings attached. Well, sort of...
Because upon arrival, nobody told these four ordinary girls that among other things they would be pursued by a mysterious Black Knight's horsemen; imprisoned by a bad-tempered King Bear with an infestation problem in his Enchanted Forest; and going up against a Fairy Colony with militaristic ambitions.
R.J. Amado invites you to join Sam, Opal, Crystal, and Nadya for an adventure that's like nothing else you'll ever experience, in this first volume of the "Everland" trilogy. Because when making it through the year means no less than coming home together, nothing else matters.
"Everland Volume I: Opal's Book of Winter" It's only the beginning.

About the Author:

Ricardo J. Amado was born in Cuernavaca, Mexico on August 26, 1982. After being raised in Huntington Park (Los Angeles), CA he joined the U.S. Army in July 2001.

It was during his first deployment to Iraq from August 2006 to October 2007 that he began writing "Everland" to pass what little free time he had.

R.J. Amado is currently on his way back to Iraq where he will be working on the next installments to complete the Everland trilogy.

also a few reviews from
Posted November 26, 2008, 7:24 PM EST: Everland is a brilliantly told story about four beautiful and intelligent teenage girls who live under the same roof in a rundown foster home. Life is not what they dreamed it would be until one day the girls have their wish granted by a genie and are whisked away to a far off land where they have a run-in with a dragon and many other frightening adventures.
This story has everything that a teenage audience craves: romance, mystery and plenty of adventures such as a trip to Christmasville, Glasstonia as well as other exotic places.
The book is so entertaining that it is difficult to put down once you begin reading the adventures in Everland. I am ready for book 2!!!!

Posted November 26, 2008, 2:00 AM EST: There is a child in each of us, right? This book is just a great example of it. The author took an extremely creative and sharp modern approach of the traditional fairy tales. This book is a "must read" for every teenage girl... and for the adult girls too! It is not full of unrealistic ideal princesses, but about ALMOST ordinary four girls and ALMOST extraordinary adventures all the way till the last page...
We are waiting for the next book in order to get more taste of such a wonderful and fun book!

Posted September 27, 2008, 3:38 PM EST: Opal's Book of Winter is a fairy tale cleverly told by talented, prolific 26-year-old author Ricardo J. Amado. From its rich details and vivid imagery to its colorful characters and enchanting story line, wrapped in a lucid style, this novel can effortlessly whisk any fantasy lovers into a mystical land filled with intrigue, adventures, and humorous moments. br Yet this novel is so much more than just a fairy tale, so much more than just mysteries and magic, castles and kings it is a touching story of sticking together in times of danger, of loyalty among friends, of learning to accept other people's differences, and of facing one's problems and overcoming them. The story revolves around four teenaged girls in a foster home and how they evolve as the story progresses: Sam, a practical bookworm who tries to find scientific explanations of even the most unexplainable Nadya, a dreamer whose head is actually in her heart rather than in the clouds Crystal, a 14-year-old sharp-tongued blonde whose tough exterior shelters a hurting soul and Opal, 16, is the eldest of the group, putting her in the mother role. Their adventures of a lifetime begin on a stormy night when a chubby friendly yet bossy genie-like gentleman grants them each a wish, offering 'the once in a lifetime opportunity to escape from your miserable existences here in this wretched world of yours to a place where you can create for yourselves the lives you were meant to lead!' Then, through his bright blue elliptical portal, he sends them to a place where their wishes can be fulfilled in the most unsuspecting ways. br Just as a human body whose parts each serves a unique purpose but have to work together in order to achieve a common goal, the four girls, despite their differences, stick together at all costs to protect and defend each one's interest, which is really the interest of the entire group as a whole. Only through hard times can friendship be tested, and as they dodge danger after danger in the new world, the strengths of their endurance, tolerance, and faithfulness shine through. br Those who are sad for having turned the last page on this book need not worry that the adventures are over, for Opal's Book of Winter is the first volume in the Everland trilogy, which will surely fancy teen or teen-at-heart readers. I read this book in one sitting, and I believe you will, too.
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