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The Most Overrated Actors or Actresses in the looks department

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Initial post: Feb 29, 2012 8:25:58 AM PST
Let's share our opinions on who in Hollywood is the most overrated when it comes to looks. You can share for male, female or both. Since I'm not gay, I can only answer for female actresses.

My pick first is Amanda Seyfried. I'm sorry but I really just don't find her all that attactive. She has these big, wide fish eyes that are too far from her nose. I don't think she's flat out ugly, but I don't think she's drop dead gorgeous either. Yvonne Strahovski has her beat by 10 miles in the looks dept.

Here are a few older ladies that I just never thought were hotness material even when they were younger. Meg Ryan, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Julia Roberts. Sigourney Weaver I always thought was just straight up ugly.

Feel free to share your opinions on this, I think it will be fun to see what we all think.

Posted on Feb 29, 2012 8:51:13 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Feb 29, 2012 8:52:21 AM PST
Savage Lucy says:
Guys like James Gandolfini and Dennis Farina (Spelling?). I do not get how women go nuts for homely, heavy set dudes like this.

Also Kirsten Dunst. Casting her as Mary Jane in Spiderman was who's decision exactly? Mary Jane is supposed to basically be the girl next door/super model pretty. Kirsten Dunst is a troll. Average looking at best.

Protip: You don't have to be a gay man or a straight woman to judge whether or not a man is attractive.

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 29, 2012 8:54:05 AM PST
lol, okay I'll keep that in mind. I thought that was an unwritten rule.

Posted on Feb 29, 2012 9:01:44 AM PST
Savage Lucy says:
I'm totally not gay, but I judge women's looks all the time. That may be because I'm an awful person, though...

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 29, 2012 9:27:21 AM PST
Jamie Lee Curtis? I take it you never met her. That stuck up lezbo thinks the world revolves around her.

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 29, 2012 9:31:11 AM PST
Kirsten Dunst (and Amy Poehler) remind me of mash potatos. Which isn't very nice, because I like mashed potatos.

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 29, 2012 9:41:20 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Feb 29, 2012 9:42:12 AM PST
No, I never thought Jamie Lee Curtis was very attractive at all. She may have a decent body but her face is like Medusa from the Rescuers.

I don't think Kirsten Dunst is bad looking but she was not drop dead gorgeous enough to play Mary Jane, that's for sure.

Posted on Feb 29, 2012 10:45:50 AM PST
Captain says:
Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie

Posted on Feb 29, 2012 10:54:10 AM PST
Savage Lucy says:
Man, yeah, Julia Roberts. And speaking of horse-faced women what about Sarah Jessica Parker?

Posted on Feb 29, 2012 1:06:09 PM PST
JCRB says:
I used to think Angelina Jolie was absolutely gorgeous just like every one else, but she looked so malnourished at the Oscar's it sorta scared me, those dangly, skeleton arms...

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 29, 2012 1:23:24 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Feb 29, 2012 1:24:18 PM PST
Huh? Meryl Streep is overrated in the looks department? Even *she* mocks herself, and her long nose. Didn't expect to see her on this thread, lol. She ain't what I'd call a beauty.
Although she has an inner beauty and warmth that comes out. Can't but but like her.

Sigourney Weaver is actually rather pretty (see Ghostbusters). (And tall!) But she doesn't belong in this conversation.

I'm in agreement here with the overrated appeal of Julia Roberts. A gangly donkey gal with 75 big teeth. She ought to have a voice like Disney's Goofy.

Don't know why many people consider Sarah Jessica Parker lovely. She has one of those old-timey comedienne faces (a la Ruth Buzzi, Kaye Ballard, Imogene Coca, lol...). No symmetry at all. She ought to do a comedy movie with Joan Cusack.

Brad Pitt is so handsome it's deadly boring. Might as well have the word Mattel on his back. Ho hum.
Angelina Jolie must be fasting for a role, or her kids are stressing her out. She's another one with 'Madonna' arms (defined, manly chicken wings).

PS: I can see beauty in either gender (if it's there), even though I am drawn to men. I know Grace Kelly was the epitome of loveliness in the 1950's. Nobody could deny that.

Posted on Feb 29, 2012 1:30:21 PM PST
Savage Lucy says:
I gotta agree that Sigourney Weaver is not an attractive woman. It always bugs me when they cast her as "hot babe" in whatever movie because she's not hot. Wouldn't call her ugly, just not as pretty as the parts she plays. (See Heartbreakers, Galaxy Quest, Ghostbusters.)

Posted on Feb 29, 2012 1:44:10 PM PST
Sigourney has good days...

And bad days...

Posted on Feb 29, 2012 1:47:44 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Feb 29, 2012 1:48:56 PM PST
Joecool says:
Sigourney Weaver hasn't been in a top 100 list in a long time, if ever though. As far as overrated, Jennifer Aniston was the sexiest women of all-time on a list, and her face is average at best. She did get the most possible out of what she was born with though. Also Katy Perry was #1 on a top 100 list, and I wouldn't even put her in the top 100.

Posted on Feb 29, 2012 1:54:11 PM PST
maiden pa. says:
lindsay lohan

Posted on Feb 29, 2012 1:56:24 PM PST
[Deleted by Amazon on Apr 27, 2012 3:56:09 PM PDT]

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 29, 2012 1:58:23 PM PST
Richard Gere . . . Mama, gimme some o' that. ;)
Liked him ever since "American Gigolo" and "Days of Heaven". He is not perfect looking but there's just something about him.

I like David Duchovny, so go figure!

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 29, 2012 2:01:33 PM PST
[Deleted by Amazon on Apr 27, 2012 3:56:10 PM PDT]

Posted on Feb 29, 2012 2:26:56 PM PST
Savage Lucy says:
Yeah I don't get Jennifer Anniston. I admit she's cute, but I know a number of guys that that is their top choice. To quote one, "I would step on my wife's face if she stood between me and Jennifer Anniston."

Posted on Feb 29, 2012 2:48:46 PM PST
ToonKitty says:
I am so glad to hear some one mention Angelina Jolie... Every one thinks she is the hottest chick on earth.... She is definetely not ugly, but when she get's skinny, like extra skinny, she has a full on man face. The most over rated actor for his acting and looks by far for me would be TOM CRUISE! Sorry, but if he knocked at my door I'd be beating him off with a long stick (so I don't have to touch him) and disinfecting my door way.... There are some movies I want to watch but because he is in it I won't.... Also, I am glad Katie Holmes is married to him cos I feel the same way about her. Her fish eyes and mouth that looks like it's been sucking lemons really doesn't fall under the pretty radar for me... Was spewin she wasn't in 'The Dark Knight' cos her character dies in it and I would have liked to have seen that... (Excuse me, I am a bit saddistic)- Don't get me wrong, I am quite an ugly bitch, but if some one offered me a 'pretty girl' role in a movie I'd turn it down as I am not in denial about my looks and I wouldn't punish ppl with my face. I wish these actors would give me the same courtesy :)

Posted on Feb 29, 2012 2:53:26 PM PST
ToonKitty says:
OOOoh sorry, one more... Paris Hilton.... I can't believe how gorgeous her sister is and how ugly Paris is... Are they really related??

Posted on Feb 29, 2012 4:45:52 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Feb 29, 2012 5:08:57 PM PST
K. Ramba says:
Hmmm, this discussion brings a comment to my mind that some guy wrote under a trailer video on youtube:

"Dear Hollywood, please stop trying to make us think that Maggie Gyllenhaal is attractive. We have barely recovered from Sarah Jessica Parker." ZING!

Oh by the way, could one of you ladies explain to me (male) what the hell is the deal about Mr. Super-Duper-Sex-Symbol Johnny Depp? Sure, he's not too bad looking, but come on now - give me a break...!!

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 29, 2012 5:54:12 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Feb 29, 2012 6:00:33 PM PST
Hikari says:
Ooh, this thread is snarky . . .I kind of love it.

Here's my thoughts on a few of the ladies mentioned:

This lady has never looked like anyone else in Hollywood. Not 'classically beautiful', whatever standard that is, but an endlessly interesting, mallable face. She may not be model material, but the camera loves her. The only women with cheekbones that can compare are Cate Blanchett and Kate Hepburn. Even when she was younger, Meryl has never been an 'ingenue' or tried to conform to the current fashion in 'sexy'--which currently seems to be epitomized by 'sl*tty-skinny'. Meryl has never starved herself. She has never strived to be a 'fashion plate' according to current mode. And yet, is she not always fabulous? Sometimes her dresses at these red carpet events can come across a bit dowdy, or dowdy-bohemian . . but on Sunday night she was the epitome of what a mature Oscar winner who is the gold standard in her profession ought to look like. Her self-deprecation just makes her more attractive still. I challenge anybody here to say that she looks her age, which is 62. Her nose is distinctive, yes, and it will live on--her three blonde daughters are replicas of their mother. Maybe those features shouldn't techinically 'work', but the end result is very photogenic anyway. Does anybody believe she didn't look every inch the glamorour editrix of a fashion magazine? Or every inch all the other women she has embodied over the years? Meryl transcends mere 'pretty' to be stunning in a way utterly unique to her.

Julia had the good fortune, when she was 21 years old, to be matched with a part that was tailor-fit for her and with which she was instantly and forever identified. So her subsequent career has largely been a series of 'Vivian Ward' clones . .at least, her rom-com stuff. But even her Oscar-winning role of 'Erin Brockovich' . .what she but a more mature Pretty Woman? Julia's got good hair and a megawatt smile, which transforms her face into something rather extraordinary. When she's not smiling, I have always found her fairly plain. It's like her mouth is actually too small when it's closed to contain all those large teeth. Distinctive-looking, yes . . .beautiful, no.

I think probably more hurtful things have been written about SJP's looks than any other single performer. I didn't really follow her as an actress until Sex and the City, and she will forever be Carrie to me. Carrie could be supremely tiresome and extremely self-involved when she was whinging on about whatever man-du-jour had done her wrong (which was altogether too often). But Carrie was very likeable in the lighter comedic moments, when she wasn't taking herself seriously, and just encountering daily aggravations that happen to us all, like spilling her coffee, stepping in dog poo, having a wardrobe malfunction or a really bad hair day. SJP proved herself to be an able comedienne in the screwball I Love Lucy school when, as often happened, she had to take some kind of potentially humiliating pratfall. Her face can be very mobile and her very blue eyes . . .something about them the camera loves. SJP has a very unique sartorial style which is totally her own. On bigger people it might seem bizarre, but when you are a 5-foot-nothing, 95-pound dynamic pocket-sized package, you can get away with outfits nobody else can and make them look cute. She can be dreary and grating when she tries to do serious drama; her most successful big-screen venture in my opinion is "The Family Stone" because this bittersweet dramedy has some moments of business for her buttoned-down character Meredith that allow her to tap into her inner Carrie. She's nothing like Carrie in the beginning, but by film's end, she's considerably looser. That is what SJP does best. She is in the Barbra Streisand mold; the two share facial features that could make SJP Barbra's little sister--I have always thought so. Like SJP, Barbra is also at her best in self-deprecating screwball mode (cf. "Funny Girl"; "What's Up, Doc?")--not her self-conscious dramas where she's trying strenuously to be a regular romantic lead. Babs' obsession with her looks comes out in a line of dialogue from the "Mirror Has Two Faces"--"Did you think I was pretty?", she asks her mother (Lauren Bacall) plaintively. On a deep level, Barbra, the awkward Jewish girl from Brooklyn has been asking us for four decades now if we think she's pretty. In fact, the entire message of "Mirror" is kind of odious to me--Barbra's low-maintenance English professor becomes 'pretty' in her own eyes only after she's dyed her hair blonde, tweezed and pruned and dieted down to a size 6 and slathered on the makeup, and started wearing short black skirts to class. After she's basically become as cookie-cutter Gentile-looking as she's capable. Actually she was much more attractive when she was a Before . . .but she didn't see it, and I don't think Barbra does, either. SJP seems like she might have a few of the same hang-ups, and had some 'work' done after Maxim magazine named her the Woman We'd Least Like to . . . and compared her to Secretariat. Well, who wouldn't? I still think it's better to be utterly unique-looking than to just be 'pretty', but the tabloid blogosphere is brutal if you're not a cookie-cutter cute. Only for women, though, seems like.

BRAD PITT used to be handsome. In "Thelma and Louise", "A River Runs Through It", "Legends of the Fall", the Ocean's movies . .he was a young Robert Redford in the flesh. I think Brad started to lose his looks the same time he took up with Angelina. Leastways since then I think we can count the haircuts and shaves he's submitted to on one hand. Everyone remembers the scary Rasta Beard of a year or so ago, I assume? From young Robert Redford to the Lizard King almost overnight! When Brad cleans up, he does not look his age (47). Still didn't get a haircut though, even for the Oscars.

JENNIFER ANISTON is a very average-looking woman with an excellent hairstylist and personal trainer. Her face has graced more magazine covers than any other celebrity ever, even Princess Diana, and she was recently named in some poll as 'The Hottest Woman Ever'. Frankly, if she'd never been on a hit TV show, or had all her money for stylists, trainers, nutritionists, personal chefs, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and makeup artists, she'd probably be a soccer mom, and not even the best-looking one in the PTA. When it all comes together, she can be 'cute'. But hotter than Sophia Loren or Marilyn Monroe? No way. I don't think 'fat-free' constitutes sexy in a woman. Jenn's worked hard for her current body, but she reminds me more of a greyhound than a siren. I can only explain her status as so many men's dream woman in that she is more a 'girl-next-door' fresh scrubbed type, rather than a hubba-hubba drop-dead gorgeous beauty of the old Hollywood school. She seems infinitely more approachable than say, Catherine Zeta-Jones. And she's wiry-thin, which men these days (the under 40s) are convinced they desire, for some unfathomable reason.

I have a nominee--

I thought she had potential to be a beauty when she starred in 'The Horse Whisperer' as a child of 11. Well, Scarlett's assets grew in nicely. The girl is built like a brick house. Pretty? No. Her parents did her a disservice by never fixing her teeth. Her patented sexy pout is actually an inability to close her lips properly over her overbite. Her alto voice could be sexy . .what a shame it's so flat and monotonal. I don't understand the hype here, but I expect people (guys primarily) who find Scarlett sexy and alluring are focused somewhat south of her face.

Meow, I know . .I'm done.

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Hikari says:
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In reply to an earlier post on Feb 29, 2012 6:44:09 PM PST
rick tan says:
Agree with Scarlett being overrated, but only in the sense that she was once considered by most guys to be the number one hottest girl out there. Kinda hot in "match Point" and she's got the best-looking face relative to the other "definitive hot" girls from the past few years (Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, and now i guess Jen Aniston)

rofl at Jen Aniston tho, agree with most of the comments mentioned here. Her face is a notch above SJP, decent body which is prob slipping pretty soon.
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