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Ok, let's talk about PRINCE

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Initial post: Mar 4, 2013 3:02:28 PM PST
zlh67 says:
Anybody see his performance on Jimmy Fallon last week? Pretty killer, but... is it me, or has he taken a page from JACK WHITE?

- The songs he performed - the new track "Screwdriver" and an older song, "Bambi" - were both given a trashed up/garage-like sound a la the White Stripes, ie, the same sound Jack White is taking to the bank
- His band was all females. Prince has of course used females in his backing band before, but never an all-female lineup that I'm aware (Jack White of course tours with 2 full backing bands, one of which is all female)
- He's even been releasing music through a website and "mysterious" Twitter user, "3rd Eye Girl" (Jack White's label and website is "Third Man Records").


Probably nothing to it, but either way I don't care if he is lifting a little Jack White for his sound/ideas. If you're going to "borrow", do it from the best and Jack White is clearly on fire with just about everything he touches these days.

I'm one of the few that think Prince has done the most interesting of his work here in the 2nd half of his career, so I'm ready for a new album and hopefully a tour to follow. Seems like he is priming the pump, but there's no predicting his purple badness.

Anybody else still on the Prince bandwagon or are we just waiting for the 30th Anniversary Deluxe reissue of PURPLE RAIN?

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Johnny Bee says:
Kind of lost interest after Chaos & Disorder which I thought was a terrific kiss-off to Warner Brothers and a fine album too, although it didn't do the little fella much good.

Posted on Mar 4, 2013 10:39:06 PM PST
Hinch says:
I recently bought LOTUSFLOW3R/MPLSoUND/ELIXER from '2009. Imo, LF is as good as anything he's done. MPL isn't bad either. The third album is by Bria Valente and has some good tracks. I've liked most of what Prince has done. He's still a very creative and capable artist. He's a great guitar player too.

Posted on Mar 5, 2013 6:57:23 AM PST
vivazappa says:
Prince is talented...not my thing but he knows his $#!+

Posted on Mar 5, 2013 8:09:20 AM PST
GarionOrb says:
Prince is a genius.

Posted on Mar 5, 2013 8:53:31 AM PST
J. Hand says:
Let's not. ;-)

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zlh67 says:
That's too bad, Johnny. If you liked the album, what made you lose interest afterward? Just curious, because he's got a several solid releases after that one:

Emancipation, which came right after Chaos & Disorger in 1996; it's 3 cd's, so lots of fat, but plenty of good tracks too.

The Vault - Old Friends For Sale from '99; this is billed as cleaning out some old songs from 1985-1994, but they sound like new recordings and very cohesive to span that time period to me, so no telling. Not top shelf, but several good tracks and definitely worth having for anyone who's a fan.

Musicology from 2004 - probably my favorite of his more recent releases; SOLID!

'3121' from 2006 - if Musicology's not my favorite recent release, this one IS. Also an excellent album throughout.

LOTUSFLOW3ER/MPLSoUND from 2009 - 3 disc set, but only 2 are Prince. They're both good though! Lotus is a little more jazz-ish in places while MPLSoUND has more poppish stuff that harks back to the days of 1999/Purple Rain on some tracks. And that's actually *not* my favorite era of Prince, but I do like both of these discs!

Some may disagree, but those are the highlights of the last 15 or so years imo and all are more than worth getting for anyone that likes Prince.

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Mike EB says:
I've been following Prince on and off since the 80's...especially live he did not borrow anything from Jack White. Prince has been playing live raw rocknroll that sounds like this his entire career. His performance on Fallon wasn't a new direction was just another day at the office blowing up some tunes and searing the edges off with some firey guitar.

Still though if you saw something in Prince you'd never seen before that's always cool. A friend of mine at work saw the Fallon video and seemingly had no idea Prince could rip up a guitar solo like that.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 5, 2013 11:48:48 AM PST
Johnny Bee says:
zlh67 - Donno, maybe 'Emancipation' was a bit of a daunting prospect at the time. Thanks for the recommendations, though - I may give some a go.

Posted on Mar 5, 2013 11:51:32 AM PST
GarionOrb says:
Emancipation is a good record, but it's just WAY too long.

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zlh67 says:
Mike - I've been following Prince since the 80's too (well, the LATE 80's anyway...) and have seen his rocking side many times. I guess though that with Jack White's "Blunderbuss" among my most played CD's in 2012 and having seen him live recently, Prince's performance couldn't help but seem at least a little similar, which I think would surprise some people less familiar with his career, but not me.

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zlh67 says:
Johnny - no problem. The good thing about Prince's declining popularity in the 90's is that many of his titles from 1990 and beyond are pretty dirt cheap when bought used. I see copies of "Emancipation" here on Amazon for under $2.00 and hell, it's DEFINITELY worth that!

I do agree with GarionOrb that it is too long, ie, bloated, but in this age that's no problem. I take my favorite 15-16 tracks or so into a playlist and listen to those and even without all the others, that's still more solid tracks than can be found on any other single Prince title. So yes, the hit-rate on Emancipation is kind of low, but with 36 tracks to choose from, I'd be surprised if you didn't find 10-12 tracks or more that you liked, and how many cd's that you bought last year had that? ;-)

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Johnny Bee says:
zlh67 - Well actually, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds new album Push the Sky Away, but I take your point ;-)

Emancipation and Musicology are both under a £1 plus postage for used copies on this side of the pond (as is much of his early stuff) Outrageous!

I'll give them a go.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 6, 2013 3:29:16 AM PST
Hinch says:
I mostly agree. EMANCIPATION is my favorite Prince album. You left out the 4 disc follow-up CRYSTAL BALL. Not as good as EMANCIPATION but not bad. My favorite of the set is the acoustic disc THE TRUTH.

Posted on Mar 6, 2013 6:34:16 AM PST
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zlh67 says:
Hi Hinch --

For my $, Crystal Ball is not quite good enough to justify it's high asking price. I probably need to give the acoustic disc another listen, but honestly, acoustic music isn't why I turn to Prince, so I guess I don't share your love for that one. And apart from that acoustic disc, you have 3 discs of studio tracks that time-wise, will fit on 2. The 30 total tracks are actually less than was included on Emancipation and imo, there aren't as many keepers. And yet used copies routinely go for for $25-30 and right now it looks like the cheapest used copy here on Amazon is $50.

It DOES have some of my all-time favorite Prince tracks: the club-flavored "Get Loose" (not my usual cup of tea, but that track is killer!), the always-entertaining "Cloreen Bacon Skin" and the title track, but it's not consistently good enough to be a set I'd recommend someone go out and get unless they were a pretty hardcore Prince fan. If it was more reasonalby priced at $10-15 or at most $20, ok, but $25-30 or even $50? That's a bit much imo.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 6, 2013 6:52:45 AM PST
zlh67 says:
Johnny --

Cool. If you can, I'd add '3121' in there too! Maybe check out some sound samples and see which grabs you more, but '3121' is right up there with his best imo. Emancipation is definitely one of his best 90's releases, but I waver between giving '3121' or 'Musicology' the nod as his best of the 2000's. They were both so high in quality and released within just 2 years of each other that I thought Prince was back on a run of putting out more-or-less straight funk/R&B albums that were focused, concise and high in quality (and actually available in stores!), but alas, I found his next release ("Planet Earth") to be pretty uneven. He rebounded nicely with LOTUSFLOW3R and MPLSoUND, but he followed those up with the so-so release of "20Ten", which most fans don't even know about since it was only released as a covermount to select magazines and newspapers in parts of Europe. As said, it's not really his best anyway, but how a new album from a major artist like Prince doesn't get some form of release in the U.S. is beyond me....

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Don't Forget Planet Earth (2007) and Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic (1999) which were both phenomenal. The latter was actually the album that got me into Prince in the first place, even though it seems to be one of his less well-regarded from a critical standpoint. (My all-time favorite Prince album eventually became The Gold Experience.)

With tracks like "Chocolate Box" and "Dance 4 Me" I'm surprised Lotusflow3r didn't bring him back into the mainstream a bit.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 6, 2013 10:59:53 AM PST
I happened upon the Crystal Ball set on a total fluke at a used record store a few years ago and didn't pay more than about ten bucks for it. It's alright, but not one I pull out to listen to regularly. Technically it's well crafted music, but none of it very memorable and I can't reallly recall any of the specific tracks as I sit here typing this, lol.

Posted on Mar 6, 2013 11:13:33 AM PST
Hoagie Mike says:
the Black album.
Love it.

Posted on Mar 6, 2013 11:26:01 AM PST
[Deleted by the author on Mar 6, 2013 11:42:28 AM PST]

Posted on Mar 6, 2013 11:32:32 AM PST
Mikal says:
I wish Prince would record some more songs, ideally an entire album, with Rosie Gaines. When she sings with Prince they can create the 'Jams of the Year'!

Posted on Mar 6, 2013 11:38:05 AM PST
zlh67 says:
Braden - I guess I mostly agree with the critics on "Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic". I do really like the last track, which I believe is not listed on the cd, but is called "Prettyman" (with Maceo Parker on sax). Great track, good fun... The rest is pretty far from terrible but I never found much of it that memorable either. Same with "Planet Earth". Played that one a few times right after its release and had very high expectations after liking "Musicology" and "3121" so much, but sadly, I didn't really find (m)any songs on "Planet Earth" to make me keep playing it.

Re, Crystal Ball, I agree. It's got its moments but all in all failed to live up to the hype surrounding its release. I think I got my set on Amazon for $22 or so, which is still kinda pricey, but now it's even more. Oddly enough, I too recently found a used copy in the unlikeliest of places: a Goodwill store right by my house! Cost? $2! Crazy. That was too good a steal, so even though I already had it, I picked it up and ended up giving it to a friend who's also a big Prince fan but had not yet laid out for that set. I do really like the title track (it's a bit slow getting going, but after the first 1-1.5 minutes, it starts to build very nicely imo). "Cloreen Bacon Skin" is a semi-bizarre Prince track along the lines of "Bob George" from the Black Album if you've heard that one, but it's... ahh, "interesting" and humorous to me, so I like that one a lot. And "Get Loose" instantly vaulted into my top Prince songs. Kinduva techno-vibe club version of a James Bond instrumental type thing, but very well done.

And I completely agree with you on "Chocolate Box" and "Dance 4 Me" from the Lotusflow3r set (on the MPLSoUND disc though...). Those (along with the closing track "No More Candy 4 U") are pop perfection and should have all been singles that helped him back to a higher profile, and if they'd come out during the Purple Rain years I have no doubt they would have been huge hits, but I'm not sure that was his goal.

Really, since the "Lotusflow3r" and "MPLSoUND" discs have their own distinct vibe, those should have been their own standalone releases 6-12 months apart and the "Elixir" disc with Bria Valente on vox should have also been sold on its own and not under the "Prince" name. Having all 3 of these discs in one set and sold exclusively through Target probably threw a pretty large number of people, but then that's pretty much what Prince does these days...

Posted on Mar 6, 2013 11:42:12 AM PST
J. Coco says:
How is 20Ten? I'm a big Prince fan and have everything released prior, but didn't get my hands on this.

Posted on Mar 6, 2013 11:42:15 AM PST
Mikal says:
Mikal says:
My Fave Prince music is from the early 90's onwards. I love 'Diamonds & Pearls' (91), 'Batman' (89), '0-+->' (92) onwards.
My Absolute Favourite Prince Album is 'The Gold Experience'- yet it was universally overlooked, the single 'Gold' is so much better than 'Purple Rain'!
I also Loved 'Emancipation' (96), 'Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic' (99) [I hated the 'New Power Soul' Album & 2001's 'Musicology'], I Love '3121' & 'Lotusfow3r' (I agree that this album should have given Prince some mainstream attention).
It's very hard & expensive being a Prince completist fan!

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 6, 2013 11:45:23 AM PST
zlh67 says:
Interesting, Mikal, that you liked '3121' so much and hated 'Musicology'! Those are almost like companion albums to me, ie, very similar in nature (and quality), but I guess that's me!

The title track to "Musicology" was one of the funkiest things he'd done in MANY years and when I heard that open the album I had a feeling Prince was definitely back. "Life O' The Party" to me is like "Chocolate Box" or "Dance 4 Me" (should have been a huge single!). "What Do U Want Me 2 Do" is a cool little jazzy thing, almost a sequel to "The Ballad of Dorothy Parker" from "Sign O' The Times". I like pretty much the whole album and when I listen to it, I usually follow with '3121' (and vice versa...) because they have so much of the same vibe, but if you don't digs it, you don't digs it (it came out in '04 btw, not '01).
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