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Soy Milk-> Good or Bad?

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Posted on Feb 13, 2011 7:50:44 AM PST
I agree that hemp foods, especially hemp protein powder is the far superior choice. I use hemp powder everyday in everything from smoothies to mixed in with pasta dishes or hummus. The most digestible sources of protein I've ever had and the fiber is never too much or too little, my body loves it. I also find that almond milk is a great choice to use with the hemp. I avoid soy mostly now. I only rarely eat some organic fermented soy products.

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 16, 2011 2:58:12 PM PST
Voom says:
Personally i thing soy is suppose to be put on skin, not on the inside of the body. The soy oil (butter, cream) for skin and hair is great (ethnic hair- works for me) . Some people are allergic to soy for eating but not for put it on their hair or skin.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 1, 2011 8:39:25 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Mar 1, 2011 8:57:50 AM PST
that says:
Soy is very toxic. #1, unless organic, due to cross-pollination (aka "cross-contamination") all soy sold in USA is GMO. This means it contains built-in toxic pesticides/herbicides within the DNA (you cannot wash this off, you ingest it) which has been proven to cause cancer and a horrible "sci-fi" like illness called Morgellons (put that on the search box at youtube). In addition all GMO foods (soy, corn, canola, cottonseed etc..) are sprayed about 100 times more than conventionally grown foods because they're "Round Up ready" meaning the plant will not die from being heavily sprayed with this highly toxic/lethal weed killer so you're getting 100 times more the pesticides which have been proven not to be removed by washing either. Round Up is one of the most toxic chemicals ever sprayed on food. Lab rats fed GMO have their livers explode, those who don't get cancer, and those that try and reproduce are either sterile or their babies are born extremely low weight and do not survive past 4 days. Sheep who graze on GMO in India all died. 100% of them. When given a choice, animals, wildlife (squirrels etc) all avoid GMO's. Source: documented by scientists hired by Monsanto to prove GMO's were safe. They scientifically proved GMO's to be dangerous, toxic and even lethal to human health. Monsanto fired them all but they're on camera and they've brought documentation to back up these claims. So who are you going to believe? Them or the denialists who can't be bothered to eat right or worse, have a financial interest in selling their garbage even if it means you, your grandma and your favorite movie star dying of cancer? Or the trolls who will post their B.S. rebuttal here as if they were some sort of authority when they're simply uneducated buffoons who refuse to watch the video?

#2: most commercial soy is bathed in hexane and preserved in formaldehyde. This is not on the label but google will be your invaluable friend here.

#3: soy is loaded with phytoestrogens. Eat enough phytoestrogens compounded with the xenoestrogens in your environment (plastics, BPA , phthalates etc) and your food (rBGH in dairy and meat is a form estrogen) they turn men gay (in the womb) and make women b*tchy (PMS like). Proof? Estrogen is the feminizing hormone. That's what transgendered men take to grow breasts and develop a feminine appearance. Women are attracted to men. Estrogen is responsible for that. Therefore men with toxic levels of (phyto-/xeno-) estrogens not only develop man breasts and other feminine characteristics, they're also attracted to other men. Changes both your body and pyschological make up. (Hence the explosion of gays in the global population unlike anything before the introduction of xenoestrogens and soy in our environment and diet). Those who deny that and might as well deny that the Earth is flat. Denial won't make a truth go away, or a lie become true. Ever! It just makes the denialists look like the idiots they are and exposes their hidden agenda.

#4 Soy contains anti-nutrients which interfere with the digestion of protein and impair thyroid function. The Asians that were studied and from which it was said that soy was a health food that prevented cancer don't actually eat soy as is, they eat fermented soy (miso, tempeh and natto if I remember correctly). The rest (tofu, soy milk etc) is highly toxic. Of course it must be ORGANIC to begin with. Or else enjoy the GMO's and the future cancer and Morgellons. You may not care now, you will care when you're in horrible pain at the hospital and then can't pay your bills after you've sold your car, your house and everyone left you all alone because they "can't deal" with you and your illness.

Now you know. Sorry to be so blunt but I'm tired of uneducated masses and those who have a vested interest in our death. (And I haven't even mentioned "global depopulation". I won't). You can either research this and educate yourself or listen to the denialists and other idyetts all the way to the grave. Your choice.

Posted on Mar 1, 2011 9:40:43 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Mar 1, 2011 9:44:12 AM PST
Jade says:
I don't know I hear alot that soy is bad for the thyroid. But I know that certain types of soy are good for you like, soy milk, tempeh, edamame & tofu those should do much (in a bad way) just as long as they are in moderation. I try to go easy on the amount of soy I get in my diet just to be on the safe side. but glass of soy milk (once a day) is probably very beneficial :-) and any soy u use should ALWAYS be Non-GMO

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 9, 2011 11:51:58 AM PST
M. Lankenau says:
Robert is absolutely correct. Check out the resources on, and if you can watch "Eating: Third Edition". The facts about the food industry are shocking. You can save yourself from disease, it's called the immune system... =).

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 10, 2011 8:33:59 AM PST
M. Grant says:
I follow this post solely for information - not opinions. Being one of the "uneducated", I was unaware of the methods used to extract soy protein amongst other things and I am thankful to those who posted this information.Why not use FACTS to educate, not opinions? While your intent may have been to bluntly inform, you don't provide much information to back up strong statements: Soy makes women bitchy and men gay?!!! I'm sorry, can you provide some statistics or research on this. What kind of diet are these people following? That's important information to include in statements such as that. Sorry, I consume less than 1/3 of soy that I used to and I feel no change in my "bitchiness" levels. Although I must say this post did wonders... There is a lot more involved with hormonal change than tofu! Also, are you even aware that most gay men, have been aware they were gay when they were small children? In your "studies" are they studying the effects of soy on men or children? Again, what was their overall diet?

Please, if you are going to take on the task of educating the masses, take this responsibility seriously, I have an open mind but I have one no less...

Posted on Mar 18, 2011 4:31:35 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Mar 18, 2011 4:35:26 AM PDT
Honey Babie says:
Like with most food.. Moderation is key.. ORGANIC Soy milk is what I would buy... Making sure that it is as clean and harmful chemical free as possible. It is certainly better for human consumption than COW, GOAT, or any animals milk... Could you Imagine Humans drinking Cat Milk? We are the only other animal that drink another milk... It is very bizarre once you think about it. Frankly I think all milk taste pretty gross but the best milk for humans... (drum roll please) HUMAN BREAST MILK! HOly smokes do you mean us humans can eat our own breast milk like all other animals? Yes, I am being sarcastic but i's true. There is no need for cow or soy milk... Frankly there are better vitamins in plants then any of these milks... :)

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 18, 2011 4:32:52 AM PDT
Honey Babie says:
The China study is very interesting :)

Posted on Apr 1, 2011 6:46:40 AM PDT
cody says:
Do your research from actual scientific, peer-reviewed literature and don't rely on hearsay, ancedotes, "natural" websites where no one knows anything about medical science or nutrition, random anonymous folks on forums, etc. Don't get me wrong, I'm an "environmentally friendly," vegan guy, but don't buy into hoo-doo or pseudoscience. Always remain skeptical until you see some sort of hard evidence to support the claims.

And the more radical the claim (whether bad, as in "omfgz soy causes dudes to grow b00bs," or good, "omfgz buy POM juice it will make you live to be 200 because of the miracle antioxidants!"), then the more evidence you should expect to see.

Posted on Jul 11, 2011 2:22:05 PM PDT
VxB says:
It isn't a poison, nor is it a magical cure. It is just food. Drink it if you like it. Most of the more vocal stuff out there that is for or against is just a bunch of pseudo-scientific lunacy. Its fine, you're fine, you won't grow boobs or get cancer.

Posted on Jul 12, 2011 9:34:11 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Jul 12, 2011 9:35:52 AM PDT
Yes, I've heard Soy can lead to cancer as well, but I don't take it too seriously. Everything we eat could cause cancer. The only thing I really worry about is the amount of sugar that goes into it, so that I can drink it without gagging.

I have met some people who can drink pure soy milk, but I am not one of them. Still, I have been eating soy products since I was a child: burgers, tofu, hot dogs, and etc. and I'm fine.


So, if soy causes cancer - we're screwed. Lol... But I don't believe it. There's been all kinds of negative press about corn too. God bless the media circus (sarcasm), lol.

In reply to an earlier post on May 2, 2012 11:44:41 PM PDT
Lily Inman says:
My son lives a soy based diet and is just fine. He was born with a severe dairy allergy which drastically limits his food choices because so many things you wouldn't even normally consider have some sort of various dairy protein/ingredient in them. When he was a baby he was constantly sick (and not just upset stomach sick) until soy formula was given to him. Ever since then the both the allergy and reactions grew stronger so soy allows him to eat things he would have otherwise never even been able to try. His blood work and health screenings always come back excellent and all of the doctors say that his healthy eating and soy based diet will actually benefit him in the long run. Everyone is different when it comes to what will work for them. Like a previous poster stated, Asian countries have had soy for a very long time and they don't have any documented cases of cancer spikes or a rise in health problems from soy. It seems that all of these cancer and health problem scares tend be US issues but look at what some companies do to our food. Go figure that all of these chemicals and additives would be bad for our health. This reminds me of the diet soda cancer fears a few years back. Messing with food even with the best of intentions isn't always going to be a good thing.

Posted on May 9, 2012 10:42:41 AM PDT
D. Devaux says:
check out the folowing websites that provide superfoods

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 4, 2012 3:09:36 PM PDT
Caitlin says:
T . Le-
Your first point of information is misleading. Silk was originally owned by White Wave Tofu, at which point it was a legitimately organic brand. Silk was later bought by a large agribusiness called Dean Foods which assumed the alias WhiteWave and began using non-organic and harmful practices (ie. Hexane being used in the soy extraction process).

Look up Dean Foods. It is an enormous dairy product provider. If a company is not keeping its consumers in mind with one product (Silk), who knows what else they are doing in order to cut costs and raise profits.
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