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Diablo III: who's in, who's out?

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Initial post: Apr 22, 2012 6:41:40 AM PDT
AmbientGreen says:
I'm all in, and can't wait for the release of this puppy. My main character is going to be a Witch Doctor, but I also am really loving the Wizard. I'll more than likely play both and switch on and off depending on the day.

Who else will be playing?

Posted on Apr 22, 2012 7:52:59 AM PDT
Jaded Gamer says:
I will. Already got my free copy locked in from the WoW annual pass offer.

Posted on Apr 22, 2012 11:01:45 AM PDT
It's okay, Diablo 3 buyers. You don't have to be afraid to step out of the closet.

Posted on Apr 22, 2012 12:11:48 PM PDT
Cow says:
Sadly, it was crap compared to Diablo 2. Ugh...

No damage info on spells. No detailed info AT ALL on spells.
No skill points.
No stats.
No socketed items.

Hardly any customization on a game that should be an RPG. Instead all I have to do is make one character of each class and, viola, I never have to make another character again because I can just change skills and equipment whenever.

In reply to an earlier post on Apr 22, 2012 3:28:13 PM PDT
AmbientGreen says:
See, this is the kind of hate-fueled post that I cherish. See you at release, Cow!

Johns with the humorous route, score a point for both. I dig it.

In reply to an earlier post on Apr 22, 2012 7:40:56 PM PDT
Cow says:
Hate? You need to learn more about what that word means.

Posted on Apr 22, 2012 8:15:36 PM PDT
Kruger says:
In? Out? None! Everyone is buying it!!

LOL @ butthurt D2 Drama Queens.

In reply to an earlier post on Apr 22, 2012 8:16:16 PM PDT
AmbientGreen says:
Because it wasn't meant tongue-in-cheek?

I guess this is your first time navigating the world wide web. Welcome to cyberspace.

In reply to an earlier post on Apr 22, 2012 10:56:56 PM PDT
AmbientGreen says:
On a more serious note, I disagree with you. Don't get me wrong, D2 was an amazing game for it's time, and helped to define the ARPG's of today.

That said, I'm in this person's camp:

"To put my opinion into perspective I have played through Diablo and, much more thoroughly, Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction (which will simply be referred to as "D2"). The following arguments depends on at least a passing knowledge of D2, but I will try to be as clear as possible.

With the open beta going on, everyone is getting a chance to try their hand at D3. Of course, an insurgence of varying opinions regarding the game should be expected. But just how valid are some of these claims? While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I feel more and more like a minority reading through the Diablo subreddits.

There seems to be a number of D2 redditors that feel D3 has been dumbed down significantly compared to D2. The argument is more or less centered around the lack of stat point allocation and no skill trees/skill builds. While these things may be lacking in D3, the impact of these changes is actually a lot better than you think.

The Stat System
Stat points. 5 points every level up. Strength, Dexterity, Vitality and Energy to choose from. Simple. Of course, things aren't always as easy as they seem, but to say this system was complex seems like a bit of an overstatement to me.

Strength was used purely for equipping gear. It (barely) improved your damage, so dumping points into it for this purpose would be wasteful. If there wasn't some sort of item you needed to equip, skipping this stat entirely on a level up was quite common.

Dexterity was required for some weapons. It improved your attack rating (chance to hit) and defense rating (chance to be hit). These benefits were negligible. The most important use of dexterity was to increase your chance to block. Determining whether or not you needed dexterity was as simple as asking yourself if you were going for max block (with very few exceptions).

Vitality was more or less the only stat that mattered in D2 (with the exception of Energy Shield Sorceresses). Once you had the strength and dexterity to use your gear, this was the stat of stats so to speak. Nothing else mattered.

Energy was really only useful for (energy shield) sorceresses. It really served no other purpose than to !@#$ up your stat build or let you carry around less mana potions. A point in energy was a point not in vitality.

So why does any of this even matter? Consider this:

You're level 92. You want to make the most effective character possible. To do this, there must be some sort of complex way of figuring out a perfect stat build. Well...the idea isn't too far from the truth. However, the method is anything but complex. So what exactly do you do with your almost 500 stat points? You shift-click vitality. Every single point goes into vitality. All of them.

Now you're thinking, "hah, nice try %^-*!@# but I want to actually be able to use my gear!" Well, you can have both. With the right items, you can use all of your gear and still have every point in vitality. This is, more or less, the ideal stat build. Let that soak in for a moment: *being able to use your gear with every point in vitality is the best stat build*. Seriously. The greater your deviation from this build, the weaker you are. This isn't the complexity most of you talk about. This is simple. And yet, deviating from this build will yield a system most would describe as complex. This is because you can beat D2 with far from perfect stats. You can go ahead and wander around on your level 33 barbarian with almost 200 strength and feel like King $%^- of Turd Island swinging around your cracked greatsword, but eventually, you will die. Not only this, but you will reach a point in the game where your character will be unable to triumph. So you load up a new barbarian. This one has 100 less strength and 100 more vitality. You can still use your favorite greatsword. What changed? You can take much more of a beating. You carefully navigate the dungeon and emerge victorious. Well, what *really* changed? Your new build was tailored to more closely resemble a perfect stat build. There's still room for improvement, but you beat the game with your "close enough" stat build.

In the end, it's this "close enough" build that so many people thought was deep and complex. You hit level 23 on your barbarian and wonder what to do with the stat points. You stare blankly at your character screen considering the possibilities of this momentous decision. Eventually, you decide to put all 5 points into strength. Content with your choice, you let out a sigh of relief. But did it really matter what stat(s) you bumped up? In the grand scheme of things...not really. Let's rewind a bit: same barbarian, 5 stat points...but you choose to dump them all into energy for whatever reason. And so you fight on. You can still kill everything, you can still beat the game, you still have fun. In the end, it doesn't matter too much what you decide to do with your stat points; a few points in strength, some dexterity, a bit of vitality and even some into energy, yet you can still beat the game. Your choice will slightly change your character, but it won't make the game unbearably easy nor will it render the rest of the game an impossibility. The stat system in D2 doesn't offer unique gameplay experiences as much as people would like to think.

The Skill System
To compare D2 and D3 and say D2 has more depth because of its skill system is a really difficult argument for me to swallow. The D2 skill system is far more linear than people make it out to be. If you wanted to make a fireball sorceress, what skills do you max? Well you max fireball. Then you mouse over fireball and see it has synergies: it receives a damage bonus for points spent in fire bolt and meteor. Great. You max those as well in hopes of getting the strongest possible fireball. You max fire mastery...because it boosts the damage of fireball. As your character levels up you gain skill points one by one until you've finally used over 80 points leveling these skills up. What do you get for it? Well you have a strong fire bolt. But who cares, you have fireball. You have meteor as well, but it's only twice as strong as fireball and not nearly as spammable, so who cares. At the end of the day, over 80 character levels were used just to get one powerful ability. Sure, you can opt for a wider variety of skills, but they will be far too weak as you progress through the game. You are more or less forced to use fewer but stronger spells. And yet this is more complex than D3? You can level 5 times in D2, put every point in zeal and feel stronger each time. Great, but how did the gameplay change? It really didn't. In D3 over the course of 5 levels a player will witness huge changes. Not only are you unlocking skills that are *immediately* useful to you, you are unlocking runes for skills you already have that can significantly change the way you play the game. The abilities all scale with your gear so you can use whatever skill you want whenever you want and still be effective.

To conclude I would like to say that I think the changes implemented in D3 are good design choices by Blizzard. The game is not only more approachable, but the gameplay is also far more varied. The real complexity of D2 was the gear system, but the two games can't be compared in this regard until the full game releases."

I just find it a rather odd stance to label a game "crap" with only limited play time and not tasting the game in it's entirety (hell, inferno, level cap, bosses, et cetera).

In reply to an earlier post on Apr 23, 2012 3:59:49 AM PDT
J. says:
Hey, if they don't get it after reading this post, they never will. At the end of the day, these guys are still going to be whining, and we will have a great game to sink a bunch of hours into.

Some people just like to complain.

In reply to an earlier post on Apr 23, 2012 5:14:05 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Apr 23, 2012 5:17:26 AM PDT
No damage info on spells. No detailed info AT ALL on spells.
-Open Options, then gameplay, click on "show advanced tooltips" and "show damage numbers" It's there, but you just have to enable it in options. It's actually VERY thorough
No skill points.
-The revamped system actually works pretty well. I kind of like the changes and it's mostly based on gear and stat points.
No stats.
-As above, you just didn't look hard enough
No socketed items.
-Also there. Look at the AH. Gems come in tons of new forms and probably just weren't in the beta.

I'm surprised you didn't actually look for anything in the options menu. A lot of people are whining about systems being removed when they're still around. They simplified the game for those that don't want to be bothered by the intricate stat systems, but for those of us that feed on this kind of thing it's still alive and well.

Posted on Apr 23, 2012 5:58:25 AM PDT
P-Nasty says:
I haven't played the beta but I will take a gamble and get this game.

In reply to an earlier post on Apr 23, 2012 11:29:34 AM PDT
Kyle says:
Hold control, hover over spell. There you go.

Posted on Apr 23, 2012 1:27:47 PM PDT
P. Reed says:
I played the beta and it was a lot of fun. It's essentially the same gameplay as Diablo II, but with new content and more refined mechanics and a better UI.

I'm on the fence, though, because of the lack of offline single-player. My connection can be a little flaky; it's usually reliable, but it's not uncommon for it to suddenly drop maybe once every day or two. There was one time when I was playing the beta that my connection dropped, and it came back a few minutes later, but when I logged in again I had lost ten or fifteen minutes of progress through the area I was in. I'll probably wait until the game is on sale for maybe $30, but I don't think I'll buy it for $60.

Posted on Apr 23, 2012 3:21:33 PM PDT
B. McComb says:
I haven't played Diablo or Diablo II, but in my opinion from the beta it seems to be quite balanced. Admittedly at first I thought it seemed like nothing more than your standard action RPG. After playing a bit I can see how Blizzard were meticulous with things though. From what I've seen the voice acting is terrific. I guess the skills have been significantly changed from the previous version of Diablo. It actually feels a lot like Guild Wars in that you can swap out your skills for what you want to do. Every level-maxed character will have the same skills, it's just which ones you choose and the runes on top of them that influence your combat style. I like it lot and feel that it is definitely going to have 80+ scores across the board. Maybe it won't be as influential as the first 2 games but I think it will be more accessible to gamers that aren't diehard Diablo fans.

Posted on Apr 24, 2012 8:09:10 AM PDT
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Posted on Apr 24, 2012 12:51:38 PM PDT
SerbianWolf says:
[Customers don't think this post adds to the discussion. Show post anyway. Show all unhelpful posts.]

Posted on Apr 24, 2012 2:29:15 PM PDT
The general chat trolls found your thread...lets see how "long" this trend continues, may get too "hard" to find real posts. =D

Posted on Apr 24, 2012 5:30:05 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Apr 24, 2012 5:31:29 PM PDT
Unfortunately I don't have access to internet in my area, so I won't bother with this Blizzard attempt either. How was StarCraft II? They locked me out of that one too. I used to buy multiple copies of Blizzard games, but now that I can't play them offline, I may just wait for a crack to come out and then play them for free. Not decided yet. Sorry Blizzard, you're blowing it.

Posted on Apr 24, 2012 6:09:43 PM PDT
Krojian says:
The beta I played only allowed characters to reach level 13.....I think the farther into the game you get, the more customization you'll get. And then of course there's always expansions. D2 became so much better when it's expansion come out. Either way, I'm still a day 1 purchase.

Posted on Apr 24, 2012 6:43:57 PM PDT
Jeff says:

for now, until it comes to the consoles...

In reply to an earlier post on Apr 24, 2012 9:09:02 PM PDT
AmbientGreen says:
Is San Diego, CA. suddenly denying people internet access? Odd.

I'm certain that Blizzard will be financially crippled from the potential lost revenue of people without internet access. They're totally blowing it; that is while the millions of dollars generated from Diablo III churn through their turnstile.

In reply to an earlier post on Apr 24, 2012 10:04:17 PM PDT
Jason Koenig says:
Good thing James has magical access to Amazon so he can tell us he doesn't have internet access.

Posted on Apr 25, 2012 12:58:05 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Apr 25, 2012 1:46:28 AM PDT
kaori says:
Since their drm is so strict was hoping to buy multiple copies, might end up buying 0 or 1 this time -_- , they lost a lot of money with me there, like diablo II I have 5 battlechests heheh. Will Be buying multis of TORCHLIGHT 2 FOR SURE! Since its the diablo 2 team that worked on it as well. Like
all other games I have multiples like below.

But anyway if any of you guys are like me played the hell out of all the hack and slash rpg games like
1. Sacred 1+2
2. diablo II
3. Dungeon seige 1 +2 (3 ewwww)
Cant think of others at the moment. But most people will most likely buy it for the Hack and Slash rpg. Cause I cant find
any other dam hack and slash rpg at the moment. Wow dont count so.

You know I'm more excited about Torchlight 2 then D3. TL2 has more better options. And plus its 20$ i think..

If im not mistaken diablo 3 is made by a different team of people, hence why its different. Well anyway thats what
patches are for, theres going to be quite a bit of them as well until they balance it out for
the whiners, lets see if they listen to the community like they did D2 when it comes to patches.

In reply to an earlier post on Apr 25, 2012 1:08:42 AM PDT
J. Maines says:
You say everyone is buying it. On the contrary, I'm buying Torchlight 2, so Diablo 3 is useless to me.
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