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"Post One Poem" promotion thread

Discussion moved to this forum by Amazon on Apr 14, 2012 6:30:24 AM PDT.

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Initial post: Jan 2, 2012 5:54:15 PM PST
Jason Martin says:
After 39 years of procrastination, I've finally put together some of my work into 2 new Ebooks of poetry. My idea with this thread is to give us all a chance to promote our own poetry but also not to get inundated by people who are just re-posting the same stuff over and over again in the same thread. So how about it, one poem limit per poet? And add a link to your Ebooks so we can read/review etc!

Here is my one poem and links to my 2 Ebooks, Squirrel Bones: A Collection of Poems You've Never Read and The End of Something: A Book-length Poem

Mount Sanitas

The belly of clouds
colored gray and pink

Behind me
the mountains and a full moon
in morning
Feels far from the east coast

In New England
it's the ocean makes the morning
On the beach I'm grounded
Flat out sand and breaking water

From Middle Western mountain top
looking down on
the city below
The big shoulders of buildings

The night gone
A sky with full moon
coming in Then

at the center of it all
the sun pokes her lightning hip
over horizon's edge
And when she comes you know

it's her that wakes
a sleeping city

Posted on Jan 2, 2012 8:23:18 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Jan 2, 2012 8:24:10 PM PST
Fallen says:
ok ill bite, you can find my work under American Wasteland. Heres a poem from my next volume of work, which I have not titled quite yet. Enjoy

"Ode to Hector"

©2010 Jamie Cox

When it is my time to be struck down, may I go with glory and honor as Troy's Hector found.
Should loves cold steel replace Achilles blade pierce my heart, free my broken spirit from my mortal cage.
Wash my body and oil my scars then send my ashes unto the stars, as my mortal form sets itself to blaze a familiar smile you will see in smoke filled haze.

Place in my hand to golden coins, above all else the must be there. To pay the boatman for my fare across yonder river called the Styx, and make the journey to the plains of peace to war again nevermore.
Know that my final thoughts were of you, as I foresaw it in my dreams. Two enter one man leaves, tis the only way love and life can be when one must fight for what his heart believes.

Do not cry as my blood spills upon the sand, I felt no pain from the moment you released my hand; knowing into life's battle I must go although in your arms I would rather stayed.
Alas my love it could not be for life's battles is the Gods cruel game of chess of which war and death are simple moves in a chess match they doth play.

Remember only my fixed final stare I caught you in my last moments in my eyes I held you there, as my beginning reached its end, I love you now as I loved you then.

When it is my time to be struck down, may I go with glory and honor as Troy's Hector found.

Posted on Jan 2, 2012 10:56:18 PM PST
Mia Lombardi says:

Sounds fun. I have 2 ebooks. Believer got published today and Survivor in May.
They are meant to help heal and enrich.

Here is my newest Poem
Writing by Candlelight.

Writing here by candlelight
Being soothed on this night
Pen shadows dance
Across the page
As the light flickers away.
Writing here by candlelight
Taking me back to simple delights
Silence except for pen across page
Reminds me of old notebooks
Tucked away
Writing in the dark in childhood days.
Writing here by candlelight
My imagination starts to take flight
Knights are fighting dragons
From the candle shadow light
A forgotten pleasure
That makes the day
Me pen paper and a cup of earl grey
Writing here now by candlelight.
From this I shall take away
A reminder to find a blessing each and every day
I am going to try
And hope you do too
Even if its only writing
By candlelight.

Mia Lombardi

Posted on Jan 3, 2012 5:31:51 AM PST
J. Summers says:
Girl Talk: Poems of Young Love and Life, is a perfect lyrical read for young adults of both genders! It is a collection of poems that travel through a female's life as she is discovering that she's not yet the woman she wishes to be, nor is she the juvenile her family still sees her as. These poems express the heart of young love and capture the real meaning of growing and learning from life's obstacles as well as bad decisions.

Standing Tall

I stand tall

With my head up
Eyes focus
Back straight
Lookin' forward

Don't care what people say about me
Cause regardless I'ma be who I wanna be
Not changin' for you
So please,
Talk all you wanna
Do what you gonna
Cause you see...

I stand tall

Can't no one bring me down
I got goals and I'm gonna make it
I got plans and I aint fakin'
You mighty bold to try to slow me down
Cause I'm on a roll
I'm leavin' this town

I stand tall

For me it's a must
I wanna make it in this world
Not be the one kissin' dust

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 3, 2012 6:13:52 AM PST
Lou Jones says:
All you writers out there, does this ever happen to you?


Notepads strewn about capture itinerant thoughts
that otherwise flit away with a sigh, a writer's raw

Gathering snippets I write of what I know and what
I don't-whimsy and truth, tenderness and chaos,
the sensible and the absurd.

I try to organize the disorder of sensations, speak
in new and refreshing ways, voice the figurative
without obscuring the literal, offer what I can with
the tools I have.

What agency of the psyche posts this compulsion,
this requisite for expression, to pluck the cerebrum of
words that will live, exhort the soul to emerge within
the richness of language?

An uneven pursuit, this business of writing, motivation
wanes, passion is doused, malaise exerts its grip.

A stranded novel is opaque, a smirk in the shadows-
gestating poems, sketchy outlines, fractured essays
lie about unwinnowed, an olio of work, fallow-
the dark night of the writer.

Numb, I sit beneath a dim lamp, amidst incoherence,
devoid of inspiration, mind inert, without ignition.

Words stand their ground, mock from the gloom,
refuse the page. Thinking muddled, without courage
I sit peering into the flickering light, joyless in the night.

Brooding, I await the dawn.

Posted on Jan 3, 2012 9:38:29 AM PST
Frank Mundo says:
An excerpt from The Brubury Tales

My poem can't be posted here because of language and other issues, but here's a link to it in The Nervous Breakdown:

Posted on Jan 4, 2012 10:46:44 AM PST
Hi All,

Here is a sample poem from my e-book "Life Interrupted - Poetry Stories ... and more" - I see amazon has the price for $5.49

Life Interrupted - Poetry Stories and More


Recall not I can't
How or when it started ...
A presence once felt,
awakening emotion
Times you walked by
perfected my name
Or over lunch, a knowing glance

Maybe the moment I noticed
that captivating smile
eyes locked momentarily ...
... drifted
they moist, mirrored
intriging, unknown ...
yet ... knowing thoughts

Emotions subdued, you
gestured ... stuttered, a stolen clue
hidden - we both knew, even briefly
our hearts ... have been
... interrupted

Posted on Jan 4, 2012 12:05:08 PM PST
Here is one I'll share from my book on amazon: Heartaches, Hangovers & Hope

I Like my Odds:

Some enter with silver spoon in mouth
Shovel in hand
Luck of the draw
Hand you were dealt
How do you appreciate
what you've never had?
Lady luck is a fickle lover
with a wandering eye
No rhyme or reason
I once read an epiphany
Roll the Dice
Cigarettes and heartache
Booze and carefully crafted
Cynicism at its finest
Unable to quench
my parched heart
Never satiating
my starved soul
Facing down fate
on liquid courage
Carving out my niche
Reclusive and regretful
Solitary and sanguine
Tilted head, crooked grin
No ace up my sleeve
Just a rabbit's foot
a flask
And a few quarters
in my ashtray
I guess I was wrong
Maybe she has taken
a shine to me after all

Posted on Jan 4, 2012 5:26:49 PM PST
Jason Martin says:
Thanks for posting everyone. For the record I've lowered the price on my Squirrel Bones: A Collection of Poems You've Never Read to only .99 if anyone wants to check it out. If you don't want to spend the .99 cents just let me know and I'll be happy to gift one to whoever would like one.

Posted on Jan 5, 2012 5:58:16 PM PST
Lawrence Lai says:
Blissful Days!

Look! Over there! Across the horizon!
Do you see that?! It's the joy of blissful days!
There lie fruits and rich nectars to sweeten our long tasteless palates.
I see honey flowing down in gentle lines and honeysuckles releasing their sweetened scents.
Tamarinds welcomingly expose their fleshy interiors and giant cupped leaves collect sparkling
dew to quench our thirst and remoisten our dry mouths.

(Oh, do you feel that?! It's not too far now!)
The sun's rays warm this lovely garden; a back drop of rich yellow glow.
And loving vines knit themselves to hammocks and top themselves with plush leaves, gentle
flowers, and soft grasses to ensure our peaceful slumbers.
And as you're enveloped in your bed of greenery, beautiful larks and nightingales and other
doting birds of song surround and sing you such sweet soothing melodies.
And, just visible in the distance, the figures of dancing naiads - their faint hymns just growing
audible as you close your eyes for slumber - easing the stress of such a tired mind.

Can you hear it?! Those babbling brooks and gentle streams filled with soft whispers that
our darkened days are soon to pass.
Radiant sunlight warming the skin as one drifts off to quiet repose.
While a refreshing zephyr, cool to exposed flesh, rustles the leaves and blows in nostalgic
fragrances and driftful seeds of distant lands.
And now and then the laughter of children, baby footsteps, and glimpses of infant tree-nymphs,
with head-wreaths of green-leaves and forest flowers, throwing rose petals from baskets of wicker.
Telling us our earthly work is finally done and behind us, and that there's nothing left now but to
be swept away, to rest in the joy of blissful days!

-Lawrence Lai

I don't currently have an e-book yet (I don't feel I have enough poems for publishing right now,) but all my poetry is free on my website:

I do however have some other works I'm currently publishing through Amazon's CreateSpace (details will be on my website of course.)

Posted on Jan 6, 2012 7:40:43 PM PST
Claudia says:
Crystalline Dawn

The streets of Chicago
Cracked and ignored
Ally's glowing unnoticed
The breath of ghosts
Streaming into lakeside mists
Obscuring skyscrapers
Draping the city
Into an eternity of frost
And parched Christmas lights
That dim and subside quietly
In the ebbing crystalline light
Of the eternal December dawn

Posted on Jan 7, 2012 8:56:32 AM PST
I have written a few poetic stories (Ballads): (

Fool's Demise
A feast it was, one of the largest scheduled for that year,
Roasted wild boars covered with slices of pineapple,
Sweet potatoes bathed in the meat's juice,
Cakes of newly baked bread, with butter and cheese,
Bowls of freshly picked fruit, and roasted chestnuts,
With plum pudding waiting for dessert,
Covered with the delicacies the tables where located in the courtyard,
For the evening feast lighted by the summer night's golden sunset,

Everyone in the kingdom was there,
Well, at least everyone that counted,
As the dinner and merriment started,

With the jugglers juggling, the minstrels' singing,
Their king sat in his velvet, dining chair,
His ears were filled with music and cheer,
His eyes gazed over everything,
Everything was perfect nothing was missing, except...

Posted on Jan 7, 2012 7:32:07 PM PST
Amber Howard says:
Fallen: A Book Of Poetry
I published my book "Fallen: A Book Of Poetry" early last year but admit that I have been kind of spinning in circles about how to go about Marketing it - Lol. So for one step, I figured I'd join you all in posting something here. Thanks for reading. Hope you like it.

The Irony:

Someday you'll hear,
Those words you've waited for,
But they won't be coming from me.
You've said you're sorry,
Time and time again,
'Til every word has lost its meaning.

But I know you'll be fine and
Soon this'll be nothing,
'Cause that is how you operate.
No one gets through,
So nothing settles in,
Nothing can penetrate.

Just be on your way,
There is nothing left for you here.
Nothing but pain and misery my dear.
Because you give what you get,
Happy to show you that, without regret,
Now it looks as if you've fallen into the trap you had set.
The irony isn't lost on me, it's clear.

Why do you persist,
If you know there's nothing gained?
Enjoying the thrill of the game.
You try to pursue,
Every way that you can.
But reality holds the cards, of late.

So how do you like that?
A flick of the switch and
The shoe's now on the other foot.
The angles are clear.
Never more sure of my fate.
And never more sure about you.

With promise after promise,
Lie after lie.
My hand on the door,
Not even a goodbye.
A shove to the floor,
All or nothing more,
A day that you should be thankful for;
No tears,
Just a laugh and a sigh.

Posted on Jan 8, 2012 1:03:07 AM PST
Carolion says:
True to LifeUnited we stand divided we fall
There lived a man who wanted to start a revolution.
To go against a democracy of hypocrisy, here came his solution.
Stop being divided by race, color, and creed.
Become united as one and then we'll succeed.
We won't be dictated too, we'll do the dictation.
Demanding changes in our interest, but this takes a whole nation.
Of people to raise their voices addressing they've had enough.
The cost of living, working three jobs, and still having it rough!.
If we come together from community to community.
Then we'll see how effective and powerful we can become with unity.
But as long as we stay divided, there won't be enough signatures on the
So we'll constantly stay under the thumb until we change this decision.
Remember united we stand and divided we fall.
So let's embrace one another than as a nation we`ll stand tall.

Posted on Jan 11, 2012 9:22:14 AM PST
Jason Martin says:
After lowering my first book to .99 cents I made a rare sale. So, I've lowered the price of my second book The End of Something: A Book-length Poem

As always if you don't want to spend the .99 I'd be happy to gift you the book. Keep posting everyone, the poems look great. Hopefully this is generating some sales/notice of your work


Posted on Jan 12, 2012 8:11:49 PM PST
Claudia says:
Here is one of my newest poems:


Shadows uncoil
Fermenting deep down
In these empty mansion hallways
It was obsidian midnight
I listened to the hands of the clock
Irresistibly unwinding in a nocturnal arc
Turning to the endless pulse of the land

The haunting aroma of persimmon
And the lush fragrance of magnolia
Linger drunk through tiny empty chasms
Of these ripped and torn window screens
Embarrassed ghosts that hide shyly behind
Dusty billowing curtains of faded scarlet

The outside slides casually in uninvited
Permeating the essence of this haunted place
In layers of the rich intoxicating scent
Of the still lonely corridors that creak
In the belly of the American South

Posted on Jan 13, 2012 12:37:31 PM PST
Evita Graham says:
Shattered pieces of my soul


Heart broken
Pain hidden behind honey brown eyes
All I wanted to do was be a part of his life
Make him smile, if only for awhile
My pain he does not feel
It's not that he can't see what he's doing to me
It's more like he doesn't care
His pleasure, my pain
He refuses to see the best parts of me
Picking and choosing, rearranging how he wants me to be
He only smiles when he's putting me down
Thought he was the one for me
But he only brings out the worst in me
I look in the mirror, can't find a single trace of who I use to be
I can not cry for him anymore
He just walks on by and laughs as each teardrop falls from my eyes
I hear the sound as each one hits the ground
The sound of my pain is enough to drive his laughter out
But I feel like I'm going insane, a mouse trapped inside a maze
He takes me out, caresses me for awhile, then he locks me away
And I continue to try to do better, learn new tricks, just so he won't throw me away
No longer can I write him poetry
He wipes the words away before I have a chance to transfer them to paper
And he keeps telling me how blessed I am to have him
I'm struggling, trying to remember life before him
He tells me I can't survive without him
A part of me believe his words, the reflection of my insecurities
But the rest of me believe that I have a 90% chance to make it
He doesn't know what to say
I tell him I want to leave
Now he's pleading with me to stay
But if I do I'll die for sure this time

Posted on Jan 13, 2012 12:50:03 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Jan 13, 2012 1:10:15 PM PST
DRAGON says:
Void of color...Black is the pigment of emtiness.
Sorrow is a despairing song enthralling my spirit, enslaving my will.
Coercing my inner peace...out to the edge. Whispering vipers poison
serenity with the desire to throw...knowingly cast itself off the cliffs
of paradise. This ying yang parasite chokes life out of happiness and
happiness out of life.
Knows no light. Shares no hope. Warehouses pain in overstock.
Engrained...melded...burned...smelted and welded to the framework
of my synapsis.Flashblack visionary nightmares hack away at today
clearing ample space for yesteryear in the here and now.
I weep for souls I had long thought Forgotten.
Tremers of life Visions of death Screams
just an oxygen tent away...lingering in a wasteland of children.
Irecall hoses and tubes mouring me to the machines.
"God, I hate this!"
"God, I hate this!"
"God, I hate this!"
Was it me or the machines who kept saying it?
Visiting hours are for families, Death cares not for rules
Came whenever he damn-well pleased.
Sometimes he would string you along for days then cradle up
your soul and walk away. At times he might grab you by the throat
and thrash and thrash and thrash the life out of you.
Then...morning would come, the mourning would come
and nothing really changed except for the faces.

From the soon to be released GRACE
See how it all started Enter at Own Riskthanks

Posted on Jan 14, 2012 12:10:31 AM PST
Of wind and wolf

Breeze descending on the scene
Clouds and trees begin to move
Caught up in the esoteric dance
As the wolf comes out of hiding
Full moon shining in its display
Calling out to innermost longings
Bringing out the wolf's haunting howl
Speaking to a deep secret yearning
Visions appearing within the mind
While shadows and dream conspire
Interplay in the passages of time
Carried beyond the glowing orb
By the drifting of passing thoughts

Journey Into Renewal

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 14, 2012 3:28:14 PM PST
Claudia says:
Nice one Brian!

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 14, 2012 3:32:25 PM PST
Thank you very Michael.

Posted on Jan 15, 2012 4:09:45 AM PST
C. Tyborczyk says:
Have a look at my book of poems " Time is of the moment " Time is of the moment

Things aren't what they used to be
For the world
For its children, And for me
Things aren't what they used to be
They say it's better now
A world much richer, But I don't agree
Things aren't what they should be
For the world
And its children, and my family
Things aren't what they should be
Like poverty
Like hunger, and all that we see
Things aren't the same
In our home
In our work, and what we claim
Things aren't the same
New chapter
New book, New start again
Things haven't turned out
The way we thought
The way we wanted, we now have doubt
Things we have plenty
Like houses
Like cars, but our world still empty
Things of great vision
Like Europe
Like the euro, a world of decision
Things of great sadness
Like famine
Like fighting, and all the badness
Things of power
Mayhem, Wheat and flour
Things out of control
Like politics
Like banking, destroying our soul
Things sent to try
Our faith
Our conviction, Will not deny
Things will be things
For our world
For our children, No fat lady sings

Posted on Jan 15, 2012 2:03:40 PM PST
[Deleted by Amazon on Jan 15, 2012 2:04:22 PM PST]

Posted on Jan 17, 2012 7:39:46 AM PST
piciko says:
Collage - Lyrical Departure by Pici


You'll be now and always be
The light that my life needs
You were now and then will be
The warmth you keep from me.

It's raining and it's light
I'm singing all alone
Backsitting in your car
I can hear you sob.

I'm looking at the silver web
And the night's still here
I'd like to hold you in my hands
But we're far away.

And I brake myself in pieces
While I'm sitting in this corner
I keep looking straight at them
And my dreams just turn to ash.

My lip is soaked in white
Lost into the night
All that is full just fades
From your completed life.

And the flakes are my dreams
My wish is the wind
When you're driving me away
And my life becomes a thought.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 17, 2012 10:00:10 AM PST
Very nice.
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