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Obamacare, our national bridge to nowhere!

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Posted on Jul 6, 2012 3:36:35 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Jul 6, 2012 3:40:25 PM PDT
C. Andersen says:
Mertins: "Ask Califorians what they add to the economy..... Nothing but debt and deficits"

California is a disaster!

Twenty years of ever increasing liberal policies, taxes, and out of control spending to "save-the-world" has driven this state right into the ground!

California use to have the 5th largest economy in the world, and scored on top in nearly everything category including education, aerospace, agriculture, entertainment, and tourism.

We had the best schools, best parks and beaches, and dominated in aerospace, agriculture, entertainment, computers and automobiles!

Now, these industries are packing up and moving out of state, because of the attacks and penalties put on business. Our schools are falling apart, and out entertainment and tourism is way down!

We have been pushing toward liberal utopia, and I believe we're almost there! There's not much left, and the constant demand for entitlements is way out of control!

This past week, two cities Stockton (300,000) and Mammoth Lakes (8,000) declare bankruptcy. Stockton was the largest city ever to declare bankruptcy in US History!

Two more will be declaring bankruptcy before the month is over, Montebello (65,000) and Stanton (40,000). Six other large cities in California are expected to announce their bankruptcies later this summer or early fall.

Our state budget is down another $15,000,000,000 and schools are expected to take the brunt of these cuts. There's talk that the school year may be cut by as many as 15 days, about three weeks!

But we're told we can solve these problem by paying more taxes! We have six new tax measures on the ballot for November! Some will be fool enough to vote for these, I say they have more money than they have ever had, it's time they start living within their budget like all American's have too do!

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 6, 2012 3:50:56 PM PDT
D. Mertins says:
500 Billion in Unfunded Pension Liabilities and they don't even know how to fund this years 15 Billion Dollar Budget Deficit

I hear you need a 4 Wheeler to drive the roads and their only answer is to steal from every program to fund it.

They're spiralling faster and faster in a downward spiral.

Why? Irresponsible and giving the state away to Non-Americans.

What's their answers? Marijuana crops? Like that's gonna help? I think it can only hurt.....

Posted on Jul 6, 2012 4:16:24 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Jul 6, 2012 10:57:03 PM PDT
C. Andersen says:
Mertins: "I hear you need a 4 Wheeler to drive the roads and their only answer is to steal from every program to fund it."

Yes, and the really sad part is that the programs they are funding are programs to assist and support the illegal immigration. The tax money is not getting to the schools, roads, and law enforcement like its suppose too.

As long as the state leaves the schools and roads in shambles, and law enforcement under-funded, they can always use these as talking points to raise taxes. Once the tax bills are pass, they spent it any way they want, except on schools, roads and law enforcement.

If never tell the truth about the taxes, and always use dooms day fear tactics to get the tax bills passed, but never do what they promised to do with the taxes, as they can continue this cycle for raising taxes.

Speaking of the roads...

Some of the military men and women joke about the fact that the roads are better in Iran and Afghanistan than they are in California. And, some of the off-road racers say that the off-road trails are in better shape than roads and streets in our cities.

I do know that the mayor of Los Angeles recently announced that the city had filled their millionth pot-hole under his tenure. You would never know it, there must be at least 10 million to go!

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 6, 2012 4:29:04 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Jul 6, 2012 6:11:31 PM PDT
D. Mertins says:
Ya, well people gotta be realizing they're being duped by now?

I believe the rational people don't really have a vote because of the overwhelming amount of poor and therefore, dems.

If enough people vote with their feet, the vast migration to other states has to become apparent and maybe give them a wake-up call?

How does this work, when a city does bankrupt, does it erase pension liabilities for the city or is that State responsibility?

Do you think the state eventually goes bankrupt?

Posted on Jul 6, 2012 4:40:52 PM PDT
D. Mertins says:
"Obamacare, our national bridge to nowhere!"

Obamacare, our International bridge to Greece!

There, that's more like it

Posted on Jul 6, 2012 6:09:57 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Jul 6, 2012 6:12:02 PM PDT
S. Evans says:
. Mertins says, regarding illegals (who are mostly Mexicans): "They don't wanna work.... They got GREAT benni's for doing nothing, can you blame them?"

Really? That's hilarious. Here in the midwest we have been having a horrendous heat wave and drought. During the middle of the day, virtually the only people I see doing outside work at crappy jobs like roofing and street repair and landscaping are.... Hispanics. But I wouldn't expect you to understand this since your programming is stuck at Racist Nationalist v1.1. The one that isn't upgradeable.

Edit: I'm sorry that I interrupted your circlejerk with Andersen. Please carry on. The rest of us will avert our eyes.

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 6, 2012 6:17:06 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Jul 6, 2012 6:17:49 PM PDT
D. Mertins says:
I don't have anything against anybody that works for a living, pays taxes and is LEGALLY here.

Lord knows, they're far harder workers then most "americans", but they're also taking American jobs and tax revenues

CA should be putting these people to work filling potholes or something...... for using our schools, HC and other public services.

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 6, 2012 6:24:21 PM PDT
Tiercel says:Dam, I forgot, we can't tax the job makers...they won't make any NEW jobs!!!! LMFAO! Remember?

and taxing them more will create how many jobs?

TS: Taxes have little effect on the decisions to invest.

You just ignored my post that talked about it.

Have you seen the video of Nick Hanauer `s video below

Nick Hanauer is a mega-millionaire and venture capitalist. His basic thesis is that economic growth is driven to a large extent by consumer demand - is familiar to everyone who's ever taken Econ 101, or regularly watched business news. Here's Hanauer's basic thesis:

I have started or helped start, dozens of businesses and initially hired lots of people. But if no one could have afforded to buy what we had to sell, my businesses would all have failed and all those jobs would have evaporated.

That's why I can say with confidence that rich people don't create jobs, nor do businesses, large or small. What does lead to more employment is a "circle of life" like feedback loop between customers and businesses. And only consumers can set in motion this virtuous cycle of increasing demand and hiring. In this sense, an ordinary middle-class consumer is far more of a job creator than a capitalist like me.

Indeed, as Hanauer goes on to point out, even when businesses do well, they try their best to not create new jobs - because more jobs means higher labor costs and lower profits.

Anyone who's ever run a business knows that hiring more people is a capitalist's course of last resort, something we do only when increasing customer demand requires it. In this sense, calling ourselves job creators isn't just inaccurate, it's disingenuous.

Again, this isn't a shocking notion. It's a central fact of the economy. Indeed, the refusal of profitable businesses to start hiring again in earnest is one of the reasons job creation has been so anemic over the past several years.

Of course, Hanauer moves from these less-than-earthshattering theses to draw a conclusion that might offend some rich people and/or Republicans.

[O]ur current policies are ... upside down. When you have a tax system in which most of the exemptions and the lowest rates benefit the richest, all in the name of job creation, all that happens is that the rich get richer.

Since 1980, the share of income for the richest Americans has more than tripled while effective tax rates have declined by close to 50%.

If it were true that lower tax rates and more wealth for the wealthy would lead to more job creation, then today we would be drowning in jobs. And yet unemployment and under-employment is at record highs.

Read more:

Excerpts above taken from Time magazine.

Posted on Jul 6, 2012 6:37:32 PM PDT
S. Evans says:
Mertins claims that: "Lord knows, they're far harder workers then most "americans", but they're also taking American jobs and tax revenues"

Really? So why are you wanting to punish those who take cr@ppy jobs that the vast majority of Americans won't do? Why not punish those who will hire illegals for less than the legal minimum wage, and not pay them benefits? *There* is your problem. Illegals wouldn't be flocking here if they didn't have an underground job referral system to employers who are happy to hire them at slave wages, employers who aren't paying taxes to the system for their illegal workers. I know you are now going to scream R/W talking points about how our minimum wage laws should be overturned. Before you do, ask yourself.... would *you* go pick crops in a field when the temp and humidity is 90%, for 12 hours, for $10? Would you want your kid to do that? Do a bit of a homework assignment here, kid, and look up what happened to Alabama's ag business last year when their legislature passed law about illegals. It was ugly.

I know it is pointless to appeal to your heart, because you don't have one. But there is this bit. I used to work for a county jail which was an intake center for INS, among other things. So periodically we would get a truck full of illegals who were brought in to await INS processing and deportation. One of the correctional officers was a former Catholic priest who served in S. America and spoke fluent Spanish. He was always tagged to be interpreter. We nursing and kitchen serfs were assigned the task of making sack lunches for the illegals and checking them out medically. Ben, the CO, knew me as a kindred soul and would come up to the kitchen/dispensary to tell me gracias on behalf of the men rounded up. They often said it was the first good food they'd had in weeks. A bologna sandwich, an apple, a bag of chips, and a little carton of milk. Then when it was time to leave with the INS, they would ask politely if they could keep the jail underwear and socks they'd been given during their brief stay in our lovely facility. Used underwear, worn by gods only know how many others. I would have to hide my tears when Ben told me this.

I do not understand how you can hate on such people. They are no different than my ancestors who came here on boats, with nothing, to make a living in a new land. I am only a 2nd generation American. My grandma came here as a child from Europe. They were dirt poor, but they raised Americans.... because unless you are Indian..... that's who populated this nation.

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 6, 2012 6:43:47 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Jul 6, 2012 6:54:58 PM PDT
D. Mertins says:
Oh, get off of it. If you watched real news, Obama isn't enforcing these laws.

Look to AZ if you want easily provable relaxed and/or unenforced "laws".

If the King would stop breaking Federal laws, maybe we could start fixing this mess.

And that's bottom up, not top down.

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 6, 2012 6:48:04 PM PDT
Lientje says:
C. Andersen: "According to recent reports, 85% of American's currently have health insurance and no one is rejected when needed, including illegal immigrants. So WHY double our current debt to essentially benefit no one!"

Do you still need to have this explained to you!!!! W0w. Talk about closed mind.

You and yours complain constantly about having to pick up others' expenses, no matter what the
reason - food, housing, medicine, you name it. And of course you - if you pay taxes, which really hasn't
been established yet - are picking up the cost now for the illegals and those with no insurance, or
those who are going bankrupt over medical bills even with insurance. And it isn't going to get any
better. It is that little thing called an aging population.

As we retire, fewer and fewer people will have companies paying for their health care insurance.
The young squirts think they are invincible and figure that they don't need health care. So they don't
pay into it, which, if they did, would lower costs for everyone. Just importantly is this thing called
profit. Profit is great in most cases, but not in all. When people's health and lives are at stake,
profit is disgusting. These insurance companies will build a wall around your access to health care much,
much faster than will the government.

As for healthcare being a state issues. This is what I have to say about that: Screw the states.

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 6, 2012 6:49:35 PM PDT
Lientje says:
English: "age vs. expense issues.

How inspiring as I move into my later years. Thrilling in fact "

What exactly do you think that you have now ?????

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 6, 2012 6:51:36 PM PDT
Lientje says:
English: "Actually, we dislike it because it's a new tax. We don't want new taxes right now. "

Too bad. We should have taxes raised a long time ago. And we should have had a health care
program back when Clinton was president. But no. Just learn this. At some point, the piper has
to be paid. Now is your chance.

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 6, 2012 6:53:24 PM PDT
Lientje says:
English Teacher: "We're still under the Bush tax cuts, and families are struggling. How will they manage when the tax cuts are ended and then new taxes are added. "

Since when did you start caring about the poor. I'm sure they deserve it.

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 6, 2012 6:54:25 PM PDT
D. Mertins says:
Profit in HC averaged 6.88% last quarter. State/Federal taxes on HC is far more.

That's what you should be complaining about.

Once the Government can run anything better at even twice the price, let me know.

Until then, don't act you or they know better then a consumer how to spend money wisely

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 6, 2012 6:54:54 PM PDT
Lientje says:
KBW: "cool, as long as you're willing to pay more for those products. "

Or to do with less products. I can tell you, I have more than enough. I can't get rid of it all.

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 6, 2012 6:56:13 PM PDT
Lientje says:
KBW: and taxing them more will create how many jobs?

I'm betting there are lots of people who are willing to take their place if they don't. I think it's time
to see the back end of lots of these money grubbers, starting with the Wall Street jerks.

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 6, 2012 6:56:54 PM PDT
D. Mertins says:
Yep, and here you go.... Thanks, that's a huge weight off my shoulders

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 6, 2012 6:58:05 PM PDT
D. Mertins says:
450 Billion in interest, this year alone......

I bet that could of bought a lot of HC

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 6, 2012 6:58:07 PM PDT
Lientje says:
KBW: "The problem with every system and country is how does one pay for it. All health care programs are running deficits. How long can that go on? "

Actually that is not an accurate statement. But more importantly is attitude. The rest of these
countries still believe that no one should have to go without appropriate health care. And we have
50% of our population that fights that idea tooth and nail. If you have the desire, you will make it

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 6, 2012 6:59:06 PM PDT
D. Mertins says:
If you want more poor, just offer more free stuff.

Obama proves it "works"

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 6, 2012 6:59:49 PM PDT
Lientje says:
KBW: It's not like the world has a 300-400 hundred history with national healthcare to have gained experience from.

This is true, but then I don't think you need a 400 hundred year history to know if something is
working or not. The Germans have had a national health care system since at least the beginning of
the 1900's and I believe actually in the late 1800's. And it is working for them.

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 6, 2012 7:01:46 PM PDT
D. Mertins says:
I think you've got the rich confused with the Government

or more specifically the Dems.... Fleecing more hard working Americans to foot their "wishlist"

So they can Bribe votes in the fall.... Look at CA for your proof. IT don't work.

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 6, 2012 7:03:26 PM PDT
Lientje says:
D. Mertins: "The Illegals are the biggest problem. They aren't even Americans.

They don't even pay taxes yet use all the services with impunity."

You have darn near perfected your pout. Very impressive.

In reply to an earlier post on Jul 6, 2012 7:05:51 PM PDT
Lientje says:
C. Anderson and Mertins: "Mertins: "Ask Califorians what they add to the economy..... Nothing but debt and deficits" "California is a disaster."

Would you like to know what has contributed to California's disaster, besides Reaganomics. The referenda. If all of those referenda were declared illegal, California would be better off within 6 months.
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