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2386 16 days ago
Has a president ever sent the Justice Department? 155 12 seconds ago
Doesn't it seem that the media tries to gin up support for wars, then when they occur, condemns them? They want Obama to go to war in Iraq. 77 33 seconds ago
Obama knew of Islamic State threat to murder journalist, resumed vacation 31 48 seconds ago
They assasinated his character by forcing him at gunpoint to rob and bully a clerk 149 59 seconds ago
white Oregon Man Beats Off 12 Cops , a black man jaywalk and is death 15 1 minute ago
Autopsy report is out --> The racist scumbag cop executioner shot Michael Brown 6 times from a distance - PROVEN 134 2 minutes ago
And speaking of travesties,.... 3 2 minutes ago
25 percent of active military families, and an increased number of adult college students now rely on national food bank system 144 4 minutes ago
Even Russia Is Criticizing The Police Crackdown In Ferguson 5 7 minutes ago
ISIS Says It Beheaded Kidnapped Journalist James Foley 31 8 minutes ago
Robert Spencer in FrontPage Mag: Why Is the Islamic State Behaving This Way? 0 8 minutes ago
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