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What Are You Listening To....Now or Recently?

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In reply to an earlier post on Oct 15, 2007 11:40:23 AM PDT
squinky3 says:
Genesis Archive 1967-75 Box Set
Townes Van Zandt 'Texas Troubadour' Charley 4 CD Box Set
Mott The Hoople/Ian Hunter 'The Journey' 3 CD Box Set

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 16, 2007 8:41:24 AM PDT
E. Dill says:
Squinky seem a bit "boxed in". Do you ever try to think "outside the box"?

(Pause for laugher or groans)....

Those boxes seem worthy....did you even check out the Bear Family boxes? I mean, they've got 4-5 disc boxes on the likes of Connie Francis and Neil Sedaka, for chri*tsake.


In reply to an earlier post on Oct 16, 2007 11:37:58 AM PDT
Chazzyb says:
Lately Im Listening to "INSOMNIAC" by Enrique Iglesias and "BRAVE" by Jennifer Lopez

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 16, 2007 3:59:49 PM PDT
E. Dill says:

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 16, 2007 4:22:24 PM PDT
scooter66 says:
I Love the 80's music- as we speak right now i, listening to King, but also favor Mari Wilson, Marilyn, Depeche, Nina Hagen, and Lene Lovich to rattle off just a few...

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 16, 2007 7:38:16 PM PDT
Hello Chazzyb how is the new Jennifer Lopez cd?

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 16, 2007 9:56:42 PM PDT
E. Dill says:
I'm not for paying normal retail prices for much of anything so when something becomes a "collectible", I'm even less inclined to pursue it. I say that because I've become a bit focused on buying Wainwright's "T-Shirt", an album that even his most favorable critics either dismiss or diss. I think of it as his "rock n roll" album and find the songs quite appealing and compelling. The last time I checked, it was issued as a double cd with another older album of his....unfortunately, one I already have. Two of the songs on that album (I think!) that I love are "Just Like President Thieu" where he somehow compares his being treated as a rock star with being treated like President Thieu, who may have been the leader of S. Vietnam at the time he wrote the song....I'm sure there's irony there but I'm not sure of the focus of it. The other song I love (besides the rest of them) is "Burn the Candle At Both Ends" (or something close to that).....

I'll probably finally spring for the cd and find I don't like it THAT much anymore. I guess I should dig out my record of it and assess.


In reply to an earlier post on Oct 16, 2007 10:17:56 PM PDT
E. Dill says:

I got sidetracked, as always. I'll give you my thoughts on The Grails album by tommorrow. As usual, I bought it, received it, gave it a quick cursory listen and put it in my "new purchases" pile and promptly located the pile where it wouldn't be in plain view. I've been trying to keep up with all the new stuff while indexing all my old stuff on the computer. I think I'm now done with the cd's. On to the vinyl and cassettes.

As for your recommendations, I'm ALWAYS interested in what people have found worthy of listening to. With hundreds of new released every DAY, NO ONE can screen them all. They must take advantage of whatever info or other shortcuts they can so that the real good stuff doesn't slip thru the cracks....


In reply to an earlier post on Oct 21, 2007 7:34:42 PM PDT
E Dill

I can understand your dilemna. I have yet to start ripping my collection on to my hard drives, with the exception of a handfull of CDs. Meanwhile my collection continues to grow exponentially(approaching the 8000 mark, not including vinyl, MP3 or cassette). Good luck in your task. You are more patient than I.

If you like GRAILS, I really think you would enjoy DIRTY THREE or EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY. GRAILS have a nice PINK FLOYD influence as well.

Here are a few bands I would reccommend if these guys are to your liking:

AEREOGRAMME - Really solid post-rock band from Scotland.
BATTLES - Very cool math-rock band, similar to probably TOMAHAWK.
DIRTY THREE - Especially their later output.
GREGOR SAMSA - Hailing from my home state of VA.
PELICAN - Great instrumental band, heavily influenced by NEUROSIS(my personal favorite band).
NACHTMYSTIUM - I'm not sure if you are into black metal, but if you are, you might really like this band. Kind of like a prog/psychedelic, PINK FLOYDesque black metal band. One of my favorite listens at the moment.

I have quite a few more suggestions if you are interested. But I imagine following up on a bunch of recommendations can get rather pricey.

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 21, 2007 10:30:10 PM PDT
E. Dill says:
(I almost finished this reply and then promptly wiped it out! It may still be floating around in the ether somewhere....)

I LOVED the Grails! It is always mind blowing when I can come across something so good (with help!) and wonder how I missed it. Then I keep remembering what I always say to others....there are countless worthy pieces of work out there awaiting people's attention. You simply need to find them. I'm still finding stuff from decades past.

I am familar with both Dirty Three (I have 3 of theirs on cd and others on tape) and Explosions in the Sky (I have probably their latest one....I haven't yet checked out their history). As a matter of fact, a few years back, I picked a Dirty Three album as my favorite of the year. I'd have to think back as to which one that was...I "discovered" them from He has a "thing" for groups that do mostly instrumental music.

I have a couple of albums by Aereogramme. Again, solid stuff.

Battles are on order thru a trading site, If you haven't checked them out, you may wish to. It's fun. You list cd's you're willing to trade (they cannot be homemade or promos) and list cd's you WANT. When they send you something, you owe them $1.75 plus a cd. What you get and what you send are separate transactions and the site keeps you somewhat balanced between both so you actually WILL be meeting the obligation of a cd sent for one received (plus the 1.75). You send items in THEIR posted envelopes so the postage is taken care of by I've done over 100 trades so far which means about 50 sent and 50 received. They bill the $1.75 by credit card. Anyway, Battles is on my list of "wants" along with about 150 others.

I have a Pelican album, the Fire in Our Throats, but am a bit sketchy as to what I thought the first listen.

I have NOT heard of either Samsa or Nachtmystium (and just when I almost got used to the spelling of Einsturzende Neubauten) but will check them out.

I'm also going to check out my two favorite sites for "new music" ideas, and so see if they'd mentioned The Grails and I'd simply missed them.

(more....I'm going to send this first since I AGAIN lost my post due to "objectionable material).....I'll finish separately.



In reply to an earlier post on Oct 21, 2007 10:51:37 PM PDT
E. Dill says:
Just for the record, those 2 sites I mentioned (too many times already, I'd guess), tend to go for a lot of less known bands which, of course, appeals to me. I can find the well known ones myself without help. It's the ones that can easily slip thru the cracks that I can use help on. Here's a sample of their "tastes" in music as shown by their #1's for the 2000's.... - 2000 Spring Heel Jack/Disappeared; 2001 - Solex/Low Kick and Hard Bop; 2002 - Low/Trust; 2003 - Books/The Lemon of Pink; 2004 - Ghost/Hypnotic Underworld; 2005 - S*it and Shine/Ladybird; 2006 - TV on the Radio/Return to Cookie Mountain; 2007 - Panda Bear/Person Pitch - 2000 Radiohead/Kid A; 2001 Bjork/Vespertine; 2002 N.E.R.D./In Search Of; 2003 Radiohead/Hail to the Thief; 2004 TV on the Radio/Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes; 2005 Opeth/Ghost Reveries; 2006 TV On the Radio/Return to Cookie Mountain; 2007 The White Stripes/Icky Thump

I tend to give a lot of credence to their top choices. As a matter of fact, I often give a lot of attention to their #200 choices. Of course, their 2007 choices are today's only. Their lists are evolutionary, as new releases arrive.

Anyway, suggest away! The fact that I can have thousands of records and STILL find (with help, of course), stellar albums I not only hadn't heard but hadn't even HEARD OF, should be proof positive of the fact that the music is out there waiting to be discovered.

As for the pricey-ness issue, I tend to NOT pay top dollar for anything. I always check, and ebay for bargains. (I got the Grails for a couple of bucks including shipping). I also am located between 3 branches of 3 DIFFERENT library SYSTEMS and have been known to visit a 4th INDEPENDENT suburban library, too. Between them all, they have an amazing collection of cd's for me to "sample".

Anyway, let's see if I can send this 2nd page without it being rejected for something.


ps. Speaking of recommendations, have you heard of Slint? Their Tweez and Spiderland were favorites of mine. Perhaps you were the one who mentioned them and/or Squirrel Bait, another band in that "tree" which includes For Carnation, Gastr del Sol, Peter Searcy, David Grubbs, etc.

Here goes....


In reply to an earlier post on Oct 21, 2007 10:58:34 PM PDT
E. Dill says:
Ok, I found Instant Decay - Nachtmystium at one of my libraries and ordered it.


In reply to an earlier post on Oct 22, 2007 11:01:17 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Oct 22, 2007 11:02:01 AM PDT
E Dill

Nice choice on NACHTMYSTIUM! Inscint:Decay is probably one of the best USBM(United States Black Metal) records of the past five years. It is definitly one of my tops for sure. A lot of their other stuff was really hard for me to find, so I ended up getting it straight from the label. I don't know if you have listened to much, if any, black metal or death metal for that matter, but I think at the very least you will appreciate the musicianship and ingenuity involved.

Of the releases you mentioned from the two websites you utilize for info, I have all of those releases with the exception of THE WHITE STRIPES and TV ON THE RADIO(not a fan of either). RADIOHEAD, OPETH, and S**T AND SHINE are standouts for me.

**Yes I have definitly heard of SLINT as well as all of the other Kentucky connection bands. Especially SQUIRREL BAIT, one of the great unsung but influential bands of the 80's. I got to see them a couple of times at the recommendation of BOB MOULD. PETER SEARCY is one of the best singers I have ever heard. I only wish he would put out more as a solo artist.

**A few more recommendations for you:


Hopefully some of those might interest you.

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 22, 2007 6:22:17 PM PDT
I almost agree with you. I loved Phil Ochs, and think his Here's to the State of Mississippi ranks as one of the best anti-racism songs ever. But, and I mean no disrespect to you, his talent did not hold a candle to Mr. Minnesota.

Jay Mueller

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 23, 2007 12:22:54 AM PDT
Stenar says:
I'm listening to "Ready To Go Home" by Sissel on her new album "Northern Lights."

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 23, 2007 9:31:31 AM PDT
E. Dill says:
Wow! That's some list! I've never even heard of ANY of them. I'll have some fun checking those out.

So you don't like White Stripes? I find that what people don't like is as interesting as what they DO like. I don't gush over anyone but since they've hit the scene, I can't thing of a group that has been as consistently entertaining to me as they have. It just shows again that personal tastes ARE personal.

Again, thanks for the list. I don't think the libraries will be of much help with these bad boys. I may add them to my "lala want list".....


In reply to an earlier post on Oct 23, 2007 12:12:31 PM PDT
L. Bryon says:
heck yes, why?!!! when there's so much else...

entire albumns/cds:

"3 EPs" Beta Band
"Once" Soundtrack
"K&D Sessions" Kruder Dorfmeister
"Big Calm" Morcheeba
"Wish You Were Here" Pink Floyd
"Blood on the Tracks" Bob Dylan


"Coyote" Joni Mitchell
"Everything In Its Right Place" Radiohead
"One of These Things First" Nick Drake
"Move On Up" Curtis Mayfield
"Early In The Morning" Harry Nilsson
"Be Kind and Remind" Rogue Wave
"Ten Years Gone" Led Zeppelin
"This Is The Day" The The
"Burma Shave" Tom Waits
"Oh oh Child" The Five Stairsteps
"Romeo and Juliet" Dire Straits
"Use Me" Bill Withers
"Reptilia" The Strokes
"Lazy Eye" Silversun Pickups
"Just Like Anyone" Aimee Mann
"Reason Why" Nickel Creek
"Superstition" Stevie Wonder
"Expecting To Fly" Buffalo Springfield
"I Never" Rilo Kiley

Always in the mix:

"All Along the Watchtower" Jimi's version
"Praise You" Fatboy Slim
"There's No Other Way" Blur
"Cortez the Killer" Neil Young
"Fight The Power" The Isley Brothers
"Take Five" Dave Brubeck
"Feeling Good" Nina Simone
"Hash Pipe" Weezer
More Pink Floyd
The Shins
Cat Stevens

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 25, 2007 10:19:16 AM PDT
M. J. Gawlik says:
It's almost odd to read in one sentence that you love the music of Phil Ochs
and in the next say that his talent could not hold a candle to Dylan's. To me, that's pretty much dismissing Och's music entirely. Please understand, I'm
not trying to argue with you and we all like what we like, but I think the music
of Phil Ochs is important and is as valid as anything written by Dylan. I
certainly agree with your comment on "Here's To The State Of Mississippi".

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 25, 2007 11:21:19 AM PDT
Faizah says:
No matter what other bands/artists/performers get thrown into the mix, I'm ALWAYS listening to some Jamiroquai.

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 25, 2007 1:29:17 PM PDT
M. J. Gawlik says:
Lucinda Williams' "West". There's something about her...

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 25, 2007 8:39:33 PM PDT
E. Dill says:
I LOVE Lucinda. I took to her voice a long time ago......when I got ahold of her 2nd album, "Happy Woman Blues" ,back in 1980 based on a review I read somewhere. I'm not claiming "finders rights" because I got their "first" since most people who bother to go back into her earlier catalog find they don't like that album that much anyway. People who discovered her with "Car Wheels" may go back to "Sweet Old World" or even her 3rd self titled album with "Passionate Kisses", the song that Mary Chapin Carpenter made famous.

I often wonder if the first music you hear from someone that you truly like remains the favorite forever. I mean, ok, had I listened to "Happy" and hated it, it wouldn't mean much to me. But everything I like about Lucinda was THERE in that 1980 album, albiet in a folk idiom instead of alt. country/rock. I've noticed that even the critics barely acknowledge it. When you think of it, it's no wonder I thought she was here and gone when it took her EIGHT YEARS (!!!) to make her 3rd self titled album in 1988. At least she's become more prolific than those early years would suggest.


In reply to an earlier post on Oct 25, 2007 10:15:19 PM PDT
E. Dill says:
When I was writing my post about Lucinda, I began thinking of other female vocalists I admire and again thought of my "ghost". Laura Nyro. I call her that because I never saw her live, I never saw her, until very recently, on film and for a long time only knew what she looked like by the photos on her album covers. I'd heard her name as a songwriter before I'd heard HER (same with Dylan actually) and I'd read about her unfortunate experience at Monterey where she'd evidently been booed off stage because the rockers wanted rock, not soulful balladry or upbeat stuff that had already been covered by the likes of the 5th Dimension. I'm still not sure if she quit performing live BECAUSE of Monterey or not. During her career, she often took long breaks from performing.

As I've mentioned elsewhere, she's also my "ghost" because, after assuming I'd NEVER see her live, I learned she was back on the road and coming to Cleveland. I immediately went downtown to buy a ticket and was told the concert had been cancelled. I assumed it might be lack of sales, wondering how many people remembered her. Within a very short period of time (a few months at most) she was dead.

I find it difficult, even now, to think of her. I'm not sure why certain performers truly "get under your skin". I was once anwering a post somewhere about fantasy performances involving dead people and in writing my own "dream concert", found myself chosing Laura Nyro. Not the Beatles. Not Morrison and the Doors. Not Janis. Not Hank Williams. It was Laura.

I went to youtube an hour ago and plugged in her name and looked at all the videos there. Only about 3 were actual videos of her in performance and two of them were of poor video quality. I LOVED THEM! The third was a later video. I think she was being accompanied by her then life partner, Denise. I may be wrong about that. I forget the names. There were also 3 or 4 "videos" consisting of photo montages coupled with recorded music of her....a lot of that goes on at youtube but I usually don't mind because you get to hear WHOLE songs instead of clips. In this case, it was WONDERFUL because my "ghost" was shown pictorially with countless photographs I'd never seen.

I'm 61 and I was sitting here at my computer, watching and listening to Laura Nyro and sobbing. Cathartic as h*ll.

If you like Laura or if you're not sure....take a peak.

If there was EVER a definition of "white soul" (I don't think she had blue eyes), it would be Laura Nyro.


In reply to an earlier post on Oct 26, 2007 8:05:51 AM PDT
Crikeydingo says:
The (Real) Tuesday Weld-"The London Book Of The Dead".

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 26, 2007 3:57:51 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Oct 26, 2007 4:03:54 PM PDT
M. J. Gawlik says:
The Essential Sonny Rollins: The RCA Years - Disc 2

and skimmed thru some Gene Krupa, Sarah Vaughan (no, not Stevie Ray Vaughan) and Al Jarreau.

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 29, 2007 1:58:12 PM PDT
E Dill

You are quite welcome for the list. I'm glad I may have given you a few new listening options. I always enjoy finding new bands to listen to. For me a couple of bands I have recently started to listen to are DEW SCENTED(really great blackened/thrash band), LIARS(don't know why it took me so long to start with them) and BAND OF HORSES(I had heard them a couple of years ago, but really enjoy their new record tremendously).

As for THE WHITE STRIPES...I wouldn't say I don't like them, I just don't tend to listen to much in that strain of music. My tastes tend more toward the more aggro and caustic sounds. Not to say that that is all I listen to, but more than not. Many exceptions to that(ie. PINK FLOYD, MILES DAVIS, JOHNNY CASH, KLAUS SCHULZE, BOWIE, ENO, TANGERINE DREAM, etc. to name but a few). Listening to mostly non-mainstream music, as I do, I am not very well versed in a lot of the popular alternative or indie bands.

* One suggestion I would make to you, if you are interested in those bands I mentioned...would be to check out their page first. Most of them have several songs to listen to before you go out and buy their music. And if you can't find any there, try the bands label website, they usually have sample tracks as well.

...Happy hunting.
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