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1406 Apr 5, 2015
Why is homosexuality such a big deal to some Christians? 734 3 minutes ago
Is Homosexuality a 'Good Thing' III? 1303 8 minutes ago
keep one change one started 10 October 2014 1795 29 minutes ago
The Bible. Myth or Reality? 100 40 minutes ago
In one succinct paragraph, give one piece of evidence for God's existence. 4333 42 minutes ago
All religion is based on myth. 873 48 minutes ago
Video has to be seen to be believed: Can someone explain the meaning here? 13 1 hour ago
Do we think the "right to mock" is important? 1383 1 hour ago
Do religions evolve, adapting as needed, to fill new niches in human society? 21 4 hours ago
Evangelicals shut UP and listen: 20 5 hours ago
Is the "right to run amok" important? 19 5 hours ago
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