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Please help, have been looking for this book for months!!

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Initial post: Dec 8, 2010 5:23:23 AM PST

I have been looking for this romance novel for a very long time, but can only remember the general plot outline....
Heroine (probably english), runs away from evil uncle/cousine and flees on a ship pretending to be a young boy, the captain treats her harsh and the finds out she'a a woman..... I also remember the captain having a young son names Kit or something.... he's also on the boat, dont remember the name of the H/He....
PLEASE help me remember...!

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 8, 2010 5:28:00 AM PST
Deb says:
Sounds like Gentle Rogue by Johanna Lindsay.Gentle Rogue (Malory Novels)

Posted on Dec 8, 2010 5:32:10 AM PST
L. Cialini says:
Is it one of the Mallory books by Johanna Lindsey? She has one where the heroine sneak on board a ship pretending to be a boy and the captain finds out I think it's Gentle Rogue, but I haven't read it so I don't know if it fits your other rememberances.

Posted on Dec 8, 2010 5:39:26 AM PST
Yeah, I actually thought of gentle rogue myself, but it's definetly not the one.... I think it maybe a kind of a bodice ripper.... cause I think there might be a scene where the hero punishes the heroine on the deck like he would do with an ordinary sailor even though he knows she's a woman..... I remember it vagely, but I think it's a darker type of book than the mallory series... But thanks anyway! :)

Posted on Dec 8, 2010 5:45:14 AM PST
Shabby girl says:
It's not exactly fitting your description but has some similarities, Lady Vixen by Shirlee Busbee. Just a thought....was a good book if you wanted to read it! LOL!

Posted on Dec 8, 2010 6:01:54 AM PST
Yeah I remember reading it once long ago.... Have totally forgotten all about it... its a good read indeed!! :D and reminds a lot of the one I'm talking about.... But in this one I remember that the captain finds out the heroine is a woman after some weeks or a month or something.... :)

Posted on Dec 8, 2010 7:51:22 AM PST
Kinley MacGregor's Master of Seduction has a pirate w/a young sidekick named Kit (but I don't think the heroine ran away from home and dressed like a boy, but I could be wrong). I've not read too many pirate books and your description definitley rings a bell, so if it's not this or Gentle Rogue, I'll be really curious to see what it is!

Posted on Dec 8, 2010 8:32:21 AM PST
Oh yeah.... I remember that one.... love a good pirate romance! :) But it's not the one.... I'm really curious too actually, cause I read it some years ago and haven't been able to find it since....
But I have tried to find it and therefore read a lot of different pirate/captain romances. I remember that the heroine wants to be a sailor of some sort and wants to keep working even when the hero finds out she's a woman. So she climbs the mast or yards or something but falls.... or maybe the heroes climbs after her and makes her go down. And then there is a scene where he punishes her (maybe even whips her) in front of the crew on deck. I don't remember if these two scenes are coherent. But anyways..... I'm not usually into the heroine enduring heavy beatings from the hero, and I remember I really liked the book..... so maybe it was a soft punishment :)

Posted on Dec 8, 2010 9:25:03 AM PST
Hmmm...other nautical romances I've read that I can recall...Charm School; The Pirate Lord, The Pirate Prince, The Pirate Next Door, The Care and Feeding of Pirates, A Pirate of Her Own, the Devil trilogy by Melanie's all I can think of at the moment. Keep us posted!

Posted on Dec 8, 2010 9:36:33 AM PST
T. L. Haddix says:
I've read this book. Seems like she did something that put the crew in danger and that's why he punished her. I also want to say that some members of the crew had figured out her secret (being female) before the captain. Let's see if I can remember what it was.

Posted on Dec 8, 2010 9:40:34 AM PST
A reader says:
Is it The Windflower?

Posted on Dec 8, 2010 9:40:44 AM PST
Yeah, thats exactly it! I think you're right.... :) she had some friends among the crew.... especially the boy named Kit, I'm almost sure he was the captain's illegitimate son....

Posted on Dec 8, 2010 9:43:40 AM PST
I don't think it's the windflower though.... cause the heroine wasn't captured.... I think she used the ship to get away from some nasty family member trying to rape her or take her money or whatever ;)

Posted on Dec 8, 2010 10:08:25 AM PST
T. L. Haddix says:
I want to say it was Iris Johansen or Amanda Quick.... It seems like there were some pretty steamy scenes between the captain and the woman when he uncovers her being female. Dang it! What is this book?

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 8, 2010 10:55:24 AM PST
JennyG. says:
Maybe ...

Captain's Woman by Saliee O'Brien - 1979

She was disguised as a boy. Forced to flee England to escape her lecherous kinsmen, she was a stowaway on a pirate ship, with a secret as dangerous as her life. But she was always a woman! She served her Captain, a man cold as ice. But her love couldn't touch him, for he had a secret as mysterious as his stormy past

How old was the book when you read it? Was it from the 80s, 90s or 2000?


Posted on Dec 8, 2010 11:46:13 AM PST
IrishFae says:
I know this doesn't help but I definitely remember this one, too. He has to punish her with a flogging because she directly disobeyed his orders and he was worried his crew would mutiny if he let her get away with it. By that point, they all know she's a woman. He feels so bad afterward and is so tender in his care, I forgave him for beating her. I want to say that maybe Heather Graham wrote a series about women from England coming to America, and it was her book that I'm remembering. Either way, it was definitely a great book!

Posted on Dec 8, 2010 11:53:05 AM PST
Yeah! That's definetly the same book.... I also remember he regretted it bitterly afterwards! :) I'm so glad that at least some one else can recall a similar setting.... I was beginning to fear I had emagined the whole thing! ;)

Posted on Dec 8, 2010 11:54:33 AM PST
I know Connie Mason wrote one with a girl fleeing her step-father, but I think she was leaving America...And I totally can't remember the title or even what the book looks like. Have you ever read Connie Mason? Could it be one of her books?

Posted on Dec 8, 2010 12:10:20 PM PST
Yeah I've read a lot of connie mason, but dont think she's the author.... i have looked thorugh some of her books when I tried finding this one the first time.... but I think mason actually has another pirate novel with the hero missing one of his eyes??

And sadly I have no idea how old the book is... but I know I read it in russian, and it was definetly translated from english.... so it must be an english-speaking writer at least

Posted on Dec 8, 2010 12:24:16 PM PST
IrishFae says:
I'm not sure if this was it or not. I want to say that it was a Heather Graham or Johanna Lindsey older novel... A Pirate's Pleasure by heather Graham

With her flame gold-hair and azure eyes, Skye Kinsdale was a prize beyond compare. Betrothed to a lord she'd never met, she set sail for America sworn to reject him on sight until the infamous pirate Silver Hawk seized her ship and banished all other men from her life. Burning with rage and passion, she was determined to destroy the arrogant buccaneer, to be free at any cost...

He Was Her Keeper...And Her Slave

The black prince of the seas, he was feared by pirate and privateer alike. Silver Hawk vowed he would have the vixen, make her crave his savage embrace. She was his -- by law of the sea. The man who commanded a Caribbean kingdom swore he would teach his wild temptress to love, to surrender to the lawless thrill of...

A Pirates Pleasure

Posted on Dec 8, 2010 12:33:52 PM PST
L. Cialini says:
Tatyana, I hope you find it! It sounds like something I'd very much like to read!

Posted on Dec 8, 2010 12:38:41 PM PST
I have actually read this one before, but its not the one.... I think here she's the heroes prisoner and then becomes his mistress and wife, and her father tries to free and save her, and an other pirate, the heroes enemy, tries to capture and rape her or something.... but I don't think she's working on the boat, and I don't think Silver Hawk has any son.
But definitely a good read anyways :)

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 8, 2010 1:26:01 PM PST
JennyG. says:

Captain Jack's Woman by Stephanie Laurens

April 1811.

They meet in a clash of swords, drenched in the moonlight of Britain's rugged eastern coast: Captain Jack, his handsome features etched in silver and shadow; his powerful physique compelling "Kit" Cranmer to surrender. He is her dream lover come vividly alive, and his command of the smuggling gang is absolute. His all-knowing gaze penetrates her disguise as the "lad" leader of a rival gang with frightening ease --and his 'punishment' with kisses leaves her maidenly modesty in tatters. Suddenly Kit finds she's only too delighted to explore with Jack the pleasures conventionally reserved for married ladies... little knowing what dangerous forces she's unleashing. For even as Kit revels in midnight gallops and cottage rendezvous, Captain Jack is laying a gentle trap that will curtail her freedom... and bind her to him with a ring, a promise... and ties of devotion and desire.

Posted on Dec 8, 2010 1:34:27 PM PST
obessive says:
Storyline sounds abit like rapture's dream
by carol finch. Heroine Gabrielle is being
forced by her uncle to marry a lecherous
man . She rescued hero Dane who is half
dead and nursed him back to health . She
stows away on his ship as his cabin boy and
her identity is not discovered for months.

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 8, 2010 1:38:56 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Jan 9, 2011 2:50:35 AM PST
JennyG. says:
Here's a list of pirate books that Daisymau on Themes message board compiled. She did a great job! A title or an author's name may trigger a memory.


The Last Buccaneer by Lynn Erickson 1/94 (HS 578) European Renaissance
The Pirate's Woman by Madeline Harper 1/94 (HT) Colonial North America
The Pirate by Kate Hoffmann 3/96 (HT 577) Colonial North America time travel
Your Place of Mine? By Cynthia Powell 1/98 (LS 98) (unknown) contemporary
The Pirate and His Lady by Margaret St. George 11/92 (HAR 462) Georgian
Riley's Sleeping Beauty by Sherryl Woods (SSE 961) 6/95


Pirate Bride by Elizabeth August 6/92
Mission of Mercy by Kate Belmont 4/91 (HH 74) 1840's-1850's
Silver Swords by Caryn Cameron 8/89 (HH 27) 1820's-1830's
Secret Harbour by Barbara Cartland 12/81 (BAN 151) Regency
Frontiers of the Heart by Lucy Elliot 6/89 (HH 24) American West
Flames of Passion by Sheryl Flournoy 11/82 (Tapestry 4) War of 1812
Mariah's Prize by Miranda Jarrett 7/94 (HH 227) Colonial North America
Reckless by Beth Henderson 6/97 (HH 370) Victorian
Sparhawk's Angel by Miranda Jarrett 5/96 (HH 315) American Revolution
Sparhawk's Lady by Miranda Jarrett 6/95 (HH 271) Regency
Steal the Stars by Miranda Jarrett 3/92 (HH 115) American Revolution
Libertine Lady by Janet Joyce 3/83 (Tapestry 11) Regency
Ransom of the Heart by Kate Kingsley 4/91 (HH 72) Regency
Mistress of the Seas by Ruth Ryan Langan 11/88 (HH 10) European Renaissance
The Tiger's Bride by Merline Lovelace 8/98 (HH 423) Regency
The Passionate Pirate by Valentina Luellen 8/86 (HH) European Renaissance
The Pearl Stallion by Rae Muir 3/96 (HH 308) Regency
Moth and Flame by Laura Parker 3/84 (Tapestry 36) Antebellum South
Aurelia by Andrea Parnell (Harlequin Historical) 8/93
Samara by Patricia Potter 4/89 (HH 20) War of 1812
Buccaneer's Lady by Robyn Stuart 2/82 (Masquerade 82) European Renaissance


Midnight Rogue by Elaine Barbieri 8/95
An Elusive Guardian by Sara Blayne 10/94
Night Storm by Catherine Coulter 2/90
Abigail by Joan Druett 9/88
Emerald Sea by Tonya Gabriel 11/88
The Gift by Julie Garwood 1/91
Guardian Angel by Julie Garwood 5/90
My Lady Pirate by Danelle Harmon 8/9
Fire and Ice by Catherine Hart 1984
The Pirate Lord by Sabrina Jeffries 4/98
Wicked by Susan Johnson 1/97
Miss Whittier Makes a List by Carla Kelly 7/94
Gentle Rogue by Johanna Lindsey 12/90
The Devil's Necklace by Kat Martin 2005
Pirate by Connie Mason 12/98
Till Dawn Tames the Night by Meagan McKinney 5/91
Thief of Hearts by Teresa Medeiros 10/94
My Runaway Heart by Miriam Minger 11/95
Once a Mistress by Debra Mullins 1/99
Siren's Song by Constance O'Banyon 12/96
Master of Paradise by Katherine O'Neal 12/95
Savage Surrender by Natasha Peters 9/77
Always and Forever by Gina Robins 10/92
Heart's Masquerade by Deborah Simmons 10/89
Purity's Ecstasy by Janette Seymour 2/78
Capture My Heart by Bobbi Smith 8/92
Stolen Dreams by Libby Sydes 5/95
Paradise Promised by Terri Valentine 10/96
McKenna's Fortune by Lauren Wilde 2/96
The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss 4/72


Sea Siren by Veronica Ashley 12/91
Tender Pirate by Linda Lang Bartell 1/92
The Spanish Rose by Shirlee Busbee 5/86
Across a Moonlit Sea by Marsha Canham 2/96
The Wind and the Sea by Marsha Canham 1986
Crimson Glory by Theresa Conway 2/79
Love's Pirate by Mary Daheim 7/83
Thorn of the Rose by Sandra Davidson 5/94
Fair Wind, Fiery Star by Carole Nelson Douglas 1981
Angelique in Love by Sergeanne Golon 1961
The Magic by Robin Lee Hatcher 4/93
Pirate's Kiss by Diana Haviland 6/92
Paradise and More by Shirl Henke 10/91
The Pirate and the Pagan by Virginia Henley 12/90
King of the Pirates by Stef Ann Holm 1/94
Delight by Jillian Hunter 1/99
The Game by Brenda Joyce 3/95
Highland Bride by Kathryn Kramer 2/91
Fireglow by Linda Ladd 10/86
A Pirate's Love by Johanna Lindsey 10/78
Pirate's Rose by Janet Lynnford 6/95
Taken By You by Connie Mason 2/96
Tempt the Devil by Connie Mason 6/90
Sea Raven by Patricia McAllister 2/96
Captive Embraces by Fern Michaels 1979
Captive Passions by Fern Michaels 1977
Captive Secrets by Fern Michaels 6/91
Lovesong by Valerie Sherwood 9/85
Nightsong by Valerie Sherwood 9/86
Wild Willful Love by Valerie Sherwood 10/82
Skye O'Malley by Bertrice Small 10/80
The Scarlet Cloak by Ellalice Tate 1957
Seaflame by Valerie Vayle 10/80
Love's Golden Promise by Lynette Vinet 10/87


Some Enchanted Evening by Alice Alfonsi 10/98 (Time Travel)
Amber Passion by Elaine Barbieri 1/85
Amber Treasure by Elaine Barbieri 6/83
Pirate's Angel by Marsha Bauer 4/91
Sweeter Than Dreams by Olga Bicos 6/95
Tradewinds by Annee Cartier 2/95
My Seaswept Heart by Christine Dorsey 11/94
Pirate by Fabio 11/93
Lion Heart by Amy J. Fetzer 3/95
Royal Slave by Julia Fitzgerald 12/78
The Pirate Prince by Gaelen Foley 9/98
The Captain's Caress by Leigh Greenwood 3/88
Buccaneer's Bride by Jean Innes 8/89
The Captain's Bride by Miranda Jarrett 8/97
A Pirate of Her Own by Kinley MacGregor 4/99
The Pirate's Lady by Kay McMahon 1987
Master of Moonlight by Joyce Myrus 5/95
Lady Reluctant by Maggie Osborne 12/90
Pirate's Captive by Dana Ransom 8/87
Wayward Angel by Sue Rich 8/95
Elusive Swan by Sylvie F. Sommerfield 1987
Beloved Pirate by Casey Stuart 5/88
Heart's Run Wild by Shelley Thacker 4/96
Silver and Sapphires by Shelley Thacker 2/93
Pirate's Bride by Lynette Vinet 6/89
Timbers and Gold Lace by Patricia Werner 7/87


Heart of the Storm by Rexanne Becnel 11/95
Bride of the Wind by Shannon Drake 9/92
Promise of Gold by Joan Druett 11/90
Tender Passions by Kathleen Drymon 1982
Capture the Wind by Kit Garland 7/97
Pirate's Lady by Robin Lee Hatcher 8/87
The Hidden Heart by Laura Kinsale 4/86
Seize the Fire by Laura Kinsale 10/89
Moonwind by Susannah Leigh 5/86
Sable by Ellen Tanner Marsh 10/84
Wrap Me In Splendor by Ellen Tanner Marsh 9/83
Captain's Bride by Kat Martin 1990
To Tempt a Man by Joanna McGauran 7/95
In From the Storm by Ashland Price 11/95
Amanda Rose by Karen Robards 2/84
Memory and Desire by Carla Simpson 9/88
Inside Paradise by Elizabeth Turner 4/96
The Charm School by Susan Wiggs 5/99

WAR OF 1812

Storm of Passion by Virginia Brown 9/86
Lady Vixen by Shirlee Busbee 3/80
Bound By the Heart by Marsha Canham 10/84
The Captain's Captive by Christine Dorsey 9/91
Reckless Seduction by Jane Feather 9/87
Embrace the Night by Kit Garland 10/96
The Captain's Lady by Jo Goodman 8/98
Passion's Pride by Jo Goodman 8/84
Ashes and Ecstasy by Catherine Hart 8/88
Pirate's Prize by Venita Helton 8/94
Fever Moon by Susannah Howe 1978
Masque of Sapphire by Deana James 2/90
My Heart's Desire by Andrea Kane 10/91
In a Pirate's Arms by Mary Kingsley 3/96
Texas Wild Flower by Tammie Lee 4/83
Tender Fury by Connie Mason 1984
Promise Me Forever by Cara Miles 3/92
Rapture's Bounty by Wanda Owen 1982
Fortune's Flames by Janelle Taylor 2/88
Love Me With Fury by Janelle Taylor 9/83
Creole Betrayal by Jane Toombs 9/88
Border Rose by Linda Windsor 7/98


Rebel's Captive by Amy Christopher 4/91
Blazing Passion by Barbara Cummings 12/91
Sea of Desire by Christine Dorsey 4/93
Castaway Angel by Kathleen Drymon 11/91
Rebel Heart by Amy J. Fetzer 11/98
Seaswept Abandon by Jo Goodman 1986
Seaswept by Laura Halford 10/90
Master of My Dreams by Danelle Harmon 9/93
Passion's Ransom by Betina M. Krahn 1989
A Kindled Flame by Ana Leigh 1987
This Tender Prize by Nancy Morse 5/80
Defiant Destiny by Nancy Moulton 11/82
Velvet Chains by Constance O'Banyon 8/85
Nighhawk's Embrace by Gloria Pedersen 10/87
Hearts of Fire by Christina Savage 11/84
Captive Pride by Bobbi Smith 1987
Tamara's Ecstasy by Sylvie F. Sommerfield 1982


Stormswept by Katharine Kincaid 4/91
Lightning by Patricia Potter 5/92
The Black Swan by Day Taylor 7/78
In Enemy Hands by Linda Winstead 5/96


Deception's Bride by Jane Anderson 5/98
Only for Love by Elaine Barbieri 8/94
Lovestorm by Barbara Benedict 1/84
Capture the Wind by Virginia Brown 12/94
Desire on the Dunes by Nancy Bruff 1984
Pirates and Promises by Anne Caldwell 3/94
Mistress of Her Heart by Helen Carras 2/97
Raven by Shana Carrol 1978
Devil's Deception by Suzannah Davis 1/90
Sea Fires by Christine Dorsey 9/92
Burn On, Sweet Fire by Sandra DuBay 1987
Quicksilver by Sandra DuBay 8/90
The Captain's Conquest by Christine Elliott 4/89
Once Upon a Midnight Moon by Carol Finch 9/97
Captain of My Heart by Danelle Harmon 10/92
Pirate in My Arms by Danelle Harmon 1/92
Sea Star: The Private Life of Anne Bonny, Pirate Queen by Pamela Jekel 1983
Captive Splendors by Fern Michaels 1980
Bahama Rapture by Jolene Prewit-Parker 1982
Liar's Promise by Dana Ransom 1/90
The Eagle and The Rose by Diane Gates Robinson 3/93
Bold Breathless Love by Valerie Sherwood 8/81
Rash Reckless Love by Valerie Sherwood 1982
This Loving Torment by Valerie Sherwood 8/77
To Love a Rogue by Valerie Sherwood 10/87
Windsong by Valerie Sherwood 3/86
Pirate's Passion by Molly Arost Staub 7/90
Beloved Avenger by Joan Van Nuys 12/89
The Heart's Disguise by Lisa Ann Verge 2/90
Treasured by Patricia Werner 9/95
Caress and Conquer by Donna Comeaux Zide 1979


My Dearest Love by Diana Haviland 9/96
Taming Charlotte by Linda Lael Miller 11/93


Embrace and Conquer by Jennifer Blake 1981
Sweet Southern Caress by Wendy Garrett 3/91
Pirate's Passionate Slave by Robin Gideon 7/91
Lovefire by Julia Grice 10/77
Only With Your Love by Lisa Kleypas 10/92
Sweet Seduction by Patricia Pellicane 5/92
Desire in the Sun by Karen Robards 11/88
Pirate's Promise by Bobbi Smith 9/88
A Woman's Heart by Rosalyn West 4/97
Love Me, Marietta by Jennifer Wilde 1981

1800's to 1810's

Sea of Dreams by Elizabeth DeLancey 4/92
The Emerald Embrace by Diane Du Pont 2/80
Barbados by Cynthia Wright 8/9


Orchid Moon by Camille Crawford 11/93
Beloved Embrace by Cassie Edwards 1986
Eden's Promise by Cassie Edwards 4/89
Passion's Web by Cassie Edwards 1983
Virgin Star by Jennifer Horsman 7/93
The Wild Winds by Catherine Palmer 12/90
So Wicked the Heart by Barbara Riefe 1980

1840's to 1850's

Jade Dawn by Susannah Leigh 11/93
Island Flame by Karen Robards 1981
Sea Fire by Karen Robards 1982 1

1880's to 1890's

Forever, For Love by Becky Lee Weyrich 9/89


Looking for a Hero by Patti Berg 12/98 Georgian
Once Upon a Pirate by Nancy Block 4/95 War of 1812
When Midnight Comes by Robin Burcell 12/95 Regency
Lady Rogue by Cinnamon Burke 1/94
A Timeless Treasure by Joyce Carlow 9/95 Colonial North America
Mermaid's Dream by Alane Faye 6/95 European Renaissance
My Timeswept Heart by Amy J. Fetzer 9/93 Georgian
Timeswept Rogue by Amy J. Fetzer 11/96 Georgian
Sea Treasure by Johanna Hailey 2/94
On a Wicked Wind by Linda Jones 3/98 European Renaissance
Captive by Brenda Joyce 5/96 Regency
It Happened One Night by Leslie LaFoy 11/97 Regency
Mystic Memories by Susan Leslie Liepitz 4/98 Regency
Pirates by Linda Lael Miller 7/95 American Revolution
Always Paradise (short story) by Evelyn Rogers 7/94


Daughter of Desire by Angelica Aimes 11/79
The Lady and the Pirate by Paula Allardyce 1957
Freedom Fire by Elizabeth Evelyn Allen 1986
Bright Glows the Dawn by Santana Arroyo 1981
Treasured Embrace by Marsha Bauer 7/88
Renegade Lady by Sonya Birmingham 7/92
Stormswept Caress by Pamela Caldwell 1/92
Master of Moonspell by Deborah Camp 8/93
The Devil's Darling by Emily Carmichael 1/87
Pirate's Mistress by Kathryn Davenport 1989
The Master's Bride by Suzannah Davis 1/93
Moontide by Dianna Devlin 9/92
Janine by Michele De Winter 1979
Restless Passion by Sandra Donovan 10/92
Seafaring Woman by Dorothy Dowdell 6/88
Pirate Moon by Kathleen Drymon 8/93
The Jewelled Serpent by Julia Fitzgerald 1984
The Buccaneer by Donna Fletcher 7/95
Fortune's Mistress by Judith E. French 3/93
A Pirate's Pleasure by Heather Graham 7/89
The Captain's Doxy by Lafayette Hammett 1980
Crimson Rapture by Jennifer Horsman 4/86
Magic Embrace by Jennifer Horsman 7/89
Beloved by Jean Innes 8/97
Captain by Vicki Joehna 1/96
Defiant Captive by Kathy Jones 11/87
Sea Flame by Katharine Kincaid 1988
Passion's Golden Bounty by Rainy Kirkland 6/90
Sea-Spun Ecstasy by Allison Knight 6/90
Captive Bride by Kathryn Kramer 11/94
Pirate Bride by Kathryn Kramer 11/94
Kate by Kathleen Magill 6/99
Mistress of the Eagles by Elona Malterre 1990
My Lady Vixen by Connie Mason 1987
Barbary Bounty by Melissa Masters 5/80
Sweet Piracy by Patricia Maxwell 1978
Sea Mistress by Candace McCarthy 9/93
Defiant Spitfire by Kay McMahon 1988
Sea Princess by Wanda Owen 8/95
Passion's Paradise by Sonya T. Pelton 1981
Windswept Passion by Sonya T. Pelton 1984
The Captain's Ladies by Sandra Riley 1980
Seaswept by Susan Sackett 1/92
Winds of Betrayal by June Lund Shiplett 10/87
Fortune's Mistress by Michele Stegman 3/92
Waves of Passion by Casey Stuart 1984
Sunrise Surrender by Vivian Vaughan 9/93
Passion's Deep Spell by Lynette Vinet 11/91
The Privateer's Woman by June Wetherell
Pirate's Wild Embrace by Linda Windsor 2/90


The Skypirate by Justine Davis 2/95


Splendor by Catherine Hart 7/93 Georgian
Fortune's Tide by Maura Seger 5/90 American Revolution
Lady Lure by Flora M. Speer 1/96
Moonbeams and Magic by Janelle Taylor 10/95


Charles Towne by Angela Elwell Hunt 5/98

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