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Worst Betrayl Ever!!!

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In reply to an earlier post on Sep 10, 2011 3:06:51 PM PDT
book lover says:
wondercat--I'd love to read it. I'd be glad to trade with you if there's something you'd like to read that I might have.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 10, 2011 3:15:54 PM PDT
madam says:
Can you tell me where you downloaded this for free? Thanks!

Posted on Sep 10, 2011 3:26:33 PM PDT
jennsch78 says:
I just got finished reading an erotic romance called "Male Android Companion" by Mackenzie Mckade. It was alittle different but I really liked it.

Takes place in the future where robots are as common as humans. They are so lifelike you can't tell the difference between humans and robots. The H creates a new line of "sex toy" robots. The h is a movie star and finds her agent/bf cheating on her so she goes to get a robot in a moment of weekness. She accidentally mistakes the H for a robot and he doesn't correct her assumption. He pretends to be a robot the entire book. Of course they start falling in love and it gets harder and harder for him to tell her and she believes she can never have a future with him because he's a robot. She finds out and is devestated that he lied. He does something really sweet to get her back. It was a really cute story.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 10, 2011 3:34:02 PM PDT
Dee says:
I agree, Dane got off so easy. Trammel's explanation of his friends hardheadedness didn't cut it with me, Would have preferred her to return to Colorado and let Dane try to win her back.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 10, 2011 3:50:40 PM PDT
wondercat says:
Book lover - I need your e-mail address again. If you don't want to post it here you can pm me @ goodreads: You don't happen to have The Fall by Marie Force? I've wanted to read this book for awhile but can't seem to spend the 3 bucks it costs to buy it. Any recently released comtemporaries or Lisa Kleypas/Victoria Dahl historicals on your list?

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 10, 2011 4:40:06 PM PDT
book lover says:
wondercat--I have Lisa Kleypas Midnight Angel, Where Dreams Begin, Marie Force's Maid for
Love & Line of Scrimage. My email is Thanks.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 10, 2011 4:59:46 PM PDT
bookgrrl1976 says:
I don't know, ND. I don't think it's a harebrained scheme at all to actually have the child and be responsible for it- as was obviously the case in Spencer's book. Furthermore, if I was an adult (again, clearly, she IS an adult in Spencer's book, since she's in college) and my parents tell me what I'm going to do... uh, no. Not quite.

Posted on Sep 10, 2011 5:05:01 PM PDT
bookgrrl1976 says:
I just finished the newest must-have book that everyone is talking about (Take this Regret) and frankly, I wasn't blown away. She told the guy she was pregnant. He said "great, we can have an abortion" (levity injected because I wasn't blown away by his response... I expected to feel a lot more "wow, what a SOB!" which, alas, I did not). So she leaves. And he comes back after five years- FIVE years and demands to be part of their life. Uh- what? Her pregnancy and birth was not sunshine and roses which I appreciated. She didn't hook up with a millionaire, nor did she hook up with his best friend. She did hook up with a good friend- a friend, that I thought, frankly, she relied upon too much. When he came in demanding "his" rights or he would take her to court? Good luck with that, pal! I think he did feel remorse for his actions, but he was more concerned with what he missed out on- BY HIS CHOICE! And I was irritated by the amount of dead space in the editing and formatting. I'll admit- I expected it to be longer since it was pretty pricey, but it was 4982 locations. Maybe the story just seemed to go quickly. I dunno.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 10, 2011 5:23:44 PM PDT
There are so many good ones. The best ones are the ones when you feel that in the end they have atoned for their betrayl.
"Every breath you take" by Judith Mcnaught. They are both betrayed by the other but in all honesty it is more like a misunderstanding perpetuated by people. But it is a great book. though if you want to read it you should know that there is the origional and then an added to rerelease later. Get the rerelease. It wrapes up the book much better.

Also "Cry No More" Linda Howard. Awesome book. He betrays her doing what he think needs to be done for her own good, and even though I can't say that he grovels in the end you will feel he has atoned for his betrayl. There are so many more but these are 2 of my favorites.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 10, 2011 6:23:05 PM PDT
hiker says:
i read Take This Regret too... it was really good... i don't like to spend 10 on a book either but read the sample and had to buy it... just pulled me at the end though i was ready for her to go ahead an forgive... i guess the lesson in the book is not to live our lives miserable... grab on to happiness even if we get hurt... so much emotion .... thanks for the recommdation...

Warning!!! don't read the sample if you don't want to spend 10 on the

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 10, 2011 6:25:59 PM PDT
I don't regard a college girl as an adult. If she was a graduate and established in a career, I'd see that she was capable of raising a child on her own. But someone still in school? Not yet supporting herself, but now she's going to support a baby? To me, this is a Judge Judy moment: get child support from the baby's father to keep your head above water!

Posted on Sep 10, 2011 6:53:43 PM PDT
TrishaLouise says:
It's sad but I know a couple of women who refused to get child support because they didn't want the father in the childs life. Not to be harsh but do they really think thats going to bother him? I think having to cut a check once a month for 18 years is going to bother them a lot more than not being able to see a child they don't want.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 10, 2011 6:58:18 PM PDT
wondercat says:
I'm sending Take This Regret to you now. I'd love to borrow Where Dreams Begin. My amazon e-mail is Let me know if you have any problems downloading Take This Regret. Thanks!

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 10, 2011 7:39:59 PM PDT
bookgrrl1976 says:
I completely disagree with that. Legally, anyone over the age of 18 is an adult, full stop (with some exceptions, obviously). She was gainfully employed and supporting herself. Obviously single parents manage in romancelandia as well as real life. Kent was obviously well cared for in the book, sans any assistance from his bio-dad. It can be done.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 10, 2011 8:00:17 PM PDT
book lover says:
wondercat--I'm sorry--it turns out the LK isn't loanable--I've found some others that are. Highland Groom and Highland Captive by Hannah Howell, Ties that Bind, Beautiful Disaster, Daniel's Gift by Barbara Freethy, Memories of Us by Linda Winfree, Sex with your Ex. There are so many that aren't, like Julie Garwood. Let me know if you need more choices. You can have as many as you want. I got your email--thank you so much!

Posted on Sep 10, 2011 8:50:32 PM PDT
Lillian Rose says:
What my thoughts are what was she doing sleeping with a man that was soon to be married. What type of female does that? She knew it was his bucks night, yet she came back after work to have sex with him, with no protection involved. I have no sympathy for her, and none for him either, I do for the wife. The husband says that he didn't love the wife and was having to marry her because she was pregnant, he obviously didn't learn from his mistake with his wife by using no protection again with the OW. The one I find most at fault with who went into a sexual relationship knowing that there was another woman out there who would be hurt by her actions is the OW, she wasn't drunk, she thought about it and came back anyway, why was nothing said about her moral character? The husband was a creep, he might have been drunk but he chose to sleep with the OW knowing that the wife loved him, knowing if it was found out it would hurt her. And she just has to forget and live with a constant reminder of his infidelity???? I always wondered why the kids didn't take the OW to task for what she did, they put pressure on the wife to forgive the H. But where's her son saying you slept with a guy just days before you knew he was going to marry someone else, you weren't going out with him, you didn't really know him, he wasn't even a random pickup because you knew he was engaged?? Sometimes in this book I'd like Karma to bite the OW in the *** with the same thing happen to them with someone they love. I also wish that the h finds someone sooooo much better than the H.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 10, 2011 8:56:01 PM PDT
Lillian Rose,
You made some excellent points. I was thinking of her as a stupid kid, while another poster regarded her as an adult. Either way, she had no moral sense, which makes me wonder how she could be a suitable parent.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 10, 2011 9:12:15 PM PDT
Lillian Rose says:
I always think that the OW never gets the set down that she deserves, nothing was said to this OW, nothing. The H owned up to his infidelity and he was a jerk. I never thought that he ever thought about it from the h's point of view, only his own. He thought that since he didn't love the h back then that he didn't owe her any loyalty, so that's okay. The H thought that the h was getting everything she wanted, she wanted him so she should be happy with that. The H thinks that he's been faithful to her since they married so what's her problem? To me the OW was a very selfish character, she thought of no one but herself, and she got away with everything, no one said anything to her, no one. The H was a very selfish character, because he took what he wanted under the guise that he didn't love the h then so it was okay, it was years ago, he loves her now and is faithful now, what is the h complaining about. Love is about thinking of the other person, he doesn't show this love to me, by not understand what it is that he actually did to her. All three children were very selfish in ignoring the h's pain. All 5 never once put themselves in the h's shoes to try to understand how she feels. There was no HEA for me in this book.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 10, 2011 9:15:30 PM PDT
Reader in NJ says:
Lillian Rose, I agree with you. I don't excuse the husband just because he was drunk. However, the worst offender was the OW. As you said, she wasn't drunk, she knew he was getting married in a few days and yet she went back and had unprotected relations with him. Why would she do that? Why didn't her son ask her why she did that? Why didn't the H's other children ask her why she did that?

Yes, both the book and movie were full of angst but it made me angry that the h was the one that everyone "ganged up" on. Why? She was the innocent victim in this whole scenario.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 10, 2011 9:25:29 PM PDT
Stratdeen says:
Hi, TrishaLouise,
Please add my thanks to those who were glad you recommended Take This Regret. I also found it to be a good read with interesting characters. I wondered if you found her breakdown near the end of the book, and the resulting impact on Lizzie, in keeping with her core personality. That was the only part I felt that didn't ring quite true. I thought Christian going to seek legal help totally in keeping with his nature. Thanks for a good Saturday read!

Posted on Sep 10, 2011 9:28:06 PM PDT
Michigangirl says:
I hold the cheater more responsible than the person who cheated with him.

He was the one making the commitment. Yes, the other woman had moral issues when she knowingly slept with a man getting married in a few days. She's dumb and I have no respect for her. But, he was the one making a commitment that he killed by having sex with a random person. Actually a random person who delivered pizza to his house. Let's face it, if she's going to sleep with any guy who offers when she delivers pizza, how many icky diseases does she have?

And how many does he have that he'd have unprotected sex, or just any sex at all with any random person who happened to show up at his house?

I hate the excuse that you were getting what you wanted so you shouldn't complain.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 10, 2011 10:04:42 PM PDT
Reader in NJ says:
Michigangirl, In most cases I would agree with you. In this particular case, I held the OW more responsible because it didn't happen when she delivered the pizza. She left and came back -- which means that she made a conscious decision to have unprotected sex with a man who was getting married. And yet, in the book she is made out to be this wonderful person who did a fabulous job of raising her son on her own. As you said, if she slept around randomly with the customers who knew what kind of diseases she might have had and exposed the H and ultimately the h to -- nothing was said about that either.

Posted on Sep 11, 2011 12:17:19 AM PDT
Lillian Rose says:
I think the H should accept responsibility, he coped out with I didn't love you at the time so it's okay. But I really found it disgusting that nothing was mentioned regarding the OW. So many books that I have read where the OW knows that the H is married and she still sleeps with him, and nothing is mentioned, it would be great just once for her to get a moral kick in the teeth and be called on her behaviour. Having sex with a married/committed man is not okay. But I just want it noted that the man is in the wrong too, but most of the time the OW just gets off with nothing. I think it's about time I read a book where the OW got what she deserved. All the focus seems to be on the H and rightly so, but when a women knowingly sleeps with a married man then she should be called upon her actions. It's totally different if the OW doesn't know he's married or committed.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 11, 2011 12:44:07 AM PDT
As in: Monica Lewinsky
Never mind that Bill Clinton was many years older; she was an adult, quite intelligent, couldn't miss the fact that he was married, but went right ahead and carried on with him. His infidelity (and stupidity) were one thing, but people kept making excuses for her because she was young. She was helping a man cheat on his wife - no way around it.

Posted on Sep 11, 2011 1:28:22 AM PDT
I'm sure it's been mentioned cause it is so obvious, The Betrayal by Kathryn Shay. The Heroine was betrayed by about every character mentioned in the book.
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