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Adnana says:
Jennifer said: "Anyone else think that the brother is sorta falling for Doo Rim?"

*raises hand* I do!
According to the subtitles, Yi Hyun and Yi Kyung are half-siblings (plus, evil mom was going on and on about how you can't trust even your full siblings, never mind your half-siblings, which is why they're keeping Yi Hyun in the dark).
However, I do still suspect it might be a translation (or something) error. Obviously, evil mom is Yi Kyung's mom and Yi Hyun's stepmom. So, at the most, the siblings share a father. But how would that work? Yi Hyun's mom died when he was 7, and he's now 31. Yi Kyung is 25. Did their father have 2 wives (i.e. divorced Yi Hyun's mom and married Yi Kyung's) or is one of the siblings illegitimate? I really wish they would explain it already, before Yi Hyun falls deeper for Doo Rim.
Because that's definitely where it's all headed. Even without all the hints the drama has already dropped these past few episodes: according to the relationship chart (from the promotional materials), Yi Hyun will be nursing a crush toward Doo Rim.
IDK what to think... I mean, Yi Hyun and Doo Rim have no blood relation whatsoever, so boy is perfectly free to like her if he wants to, seeing how she's basically the only person in his life/environment who exhibits the least human warmth and care toward him. On the other hand, dude, she looks like your sister! Whether his half- or step-sister, Yi Kyung grew up with him as his sister. So it does creep me out a bit (a lot) that Yi Hyun would fall for his sister's lookalike. Maybe they'll mitigate that by implying that he falls for Doo Rim DESPITE her looking like his sister because he's just completely drawn to her personality?
Really looking forward to how the writers are going to handle this.

Posted on Mar 4, 2014 10:27:33 PM PST
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Lovely D.M. says:
I know Jennifer, God's Gift just seems so heavy and tragic.

Reader123 I just read part of your post, and I wanted to say that I didn't think the extended scene of Queen Inhyun's Man affected the ending that much, because the context of the ending in Queen Inhyun's Man was complete. The extended scene was simply of the H/h kissing longer, so while it was hotter, and I wish it had stayed in the final ep, but it doesn't influence the context of the happy ending which is that the H had returned to stay with the h "until death do them part", come what may. Whereas the scene that was cutout from YFTS was crucial to the context, because this was that scene that would've clearly showed that the H had returned to stay with the h for a long long time, come what may. Anyways it's over now, and overall I really enjoyed the show.

ETA: Yes Jennifer we do need some clarification on the brother, I really hope it was a mistranslation, and that he's her step brother lol.

Posted on Mar 4, 2014 10:13:42 PM PST
Anyone else think that the brother is sorta falling for Doo Rim? I mean it has been mentioned that they are half siblings, but I'm wondering if that is a translation error, maybe they are step-siblings?

Anyway, it seems like he is the incest-y side of a love triangle. Even Kang Joo has noticed. I hope the curse is explained too and that the evil scheming mother and sister get what they deserve, but that's me dreaming, kdrama villains rarely get their comeuppance.

I don't know if I'll watch God's Gift, it sounds a little to tragic for me, I lean towards romance/comedy right now.

Posted on Mar 4, 2014 9:55:22 PM PST
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Lovely D.M. says:
I agree about "Can We Love", I really think that at this point JH has to ask DY for his help, because he has the power and the means to help her. I think that DY/JH story should've been the main OTP and not the secondary OTP, and it's not because I don't like JW/KS. I like JW/KS couple, but their relationship is sweet and mellow with some bumps along the way, whereas DY/JH storyline is angstier with more conflict, so it would've made the drama stronger. I also think it's cute that DY/JH's daughter looks so much like her father. I also really enjoyed how DY and JH seemed to be dating (rekindling their relationship), just by her leaving him cookies everyday as a "thank you" for his support. DY really is wonderful, it was so sweet of him to think of getting her an apartment, or else poor JH would literally have nowhere to go to escape the immense pressure she's under.

ETA: on another note, can anyone explain to me the scene with the head of the pig? That scene creeped me out lol.

Lol at your description of "Empress Ki", I haven't been following this show even though I have watched a few eps here and there, but happy watching.

Posted on Mar 4, 2014 1:44:59 PM PST
So INR3 finale was adorable. Tons of cute, and sexy, OTP moments. There was even kissing with tongue. Yes, I saw it. LOL. Really the last two eps have been almost complete fan service with sweet OTP and secondary couple moments. This drama ended very sweetly. Liked it a lot. Can We Love today had resolution to the OTP issue. Kind of turned quickly into a non-issue, so that was good. JH is just in a world of hurt. But at least she FINALLY spilled it all to her friends. And they were 100% supportive of her. But still, she has to find a way to get out from that rotten family. Her husband has gone crazy. Mommy's genes starting to show through. I think she really is going to have to ask DY to use his influence to help her. These people are pure evil. Still don't care about SM. Although it seems like the cute young guy is really working to convince her that they can work. I want better for him, but there is a child involved. Empress Ki went crazy today. Well, crazier. I swear these writers think that anytime anyone has sex a baby is made. And I also don't think they understand how long it takes for a baby to go from being made to being born. LOL. Seriously, they did another random time jump this episode. I wish they could find a way to do those without making it so choppy. I'm not asking for seamless, but a little less jarring would be nice.

I'm also enjoying Bride of the Century. And also totally confused about the "curse". Guess we'll just have to keep tuning in to figure it all out.

Posted on Mar 4, 2014 1:44:47 PM PST
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Lovely D.M. says:
I hope that the curse in Bride of the Century gets explained clearly soon, as it does seem to have some vague details.

Posted on Mar 4, 2014 9:21:52 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Mar 4, 2014 9:32:47 AM PST
Adnana says:
Re: Bride of the Century

I think the whole curse thing is being kept purposefully mysterious, as of yet. It was mentioned that the first bride of the first son in each generation is destined to die before her first night with her husband, but that's all we know. We don't know how the curse started/was triggered in the first place, and I'm not sure if the ghost is actually evil (as it seems to be implied). Maybe there are two ghosts, one good (the one saved by Doo Rim from "drowning") and one evil (the one dressed in that floaty black dress who keeps scaring people).
Also, I'm really curious as to why the ghost is pushing so hard for a romance between Doo Rim and Kang Joo. Does it maybe want her to break the curse (which implies that the ghost isn't evil after all)? In any case, if the curse was as clear cut as it seems (i.e. first bride of first son dies) and all that the ghost wants is a bride to devour, then Yi Kyung should have done just as well. Why bring Doo Rim into the whole mess? I'm thinking maybe for the curse to come into full/devastating effect, there has to be a love bond between the Taeyang heir and his bride. Maybe the ghost then feeds off the bride and then keeps feeding off the misery of the widower forevermore (as was shown in the case of Kang Joo's father, he still yearns after his lost bride 30 years later).
I don't know, but there are many intriguing possibilities, and I hope the drama will know how to handle its plot well.

Posted on Mar 4, 2014 9:17:04 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Mar 4, 2014 9:20:39 AM PST
I'm not sure that I understand the reluctance by k-drama directors to show a completely satisfying HEA at the end of a drama. So very few dramas actually get it right and a bad/poor ending really destroys whatever love or affection I feel for a drama. While I was satisfied with the original ending of YFAS, the full epilogue was perfect and really should have been used. I think I had the same feeling regarding the extended ending of QIHM, the show would have been so much better if it had been shown. Oh well. (ETA: Oops - didn't see latest posting by Adnana - so I guess my disappointment should be directed to SBS and not the director).

I do agree that the Thai version of Full House is an improvement over the Korean version. At least in the Thai version you can see the H/h falling in love at the same time, while in the Korean version I always felt the h fell in love long before the H. Too bad that this version still has the H putting the OW first, but I guess they didn't want to stray too far from the source material. I always thought that Wonderful Life was similar to Full House, but liked it better because once the H realized that he cares for the h he lets the OW know that the h now comes first and he proves it for the remainder of the show.

DM - Thanks for the heads up on God's Gift 14 Days. I'll probably also put off watching until I know how it ends or unless I start hearing glowing remarks about it.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 4, 2014 9:10:13 AM PST
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Adnana says:
Re: the extended epilogue to YFAS
D.M. said: "I mean an extra 30 seconds is not really that long..."

Strictly speaking, the part that wasn't shown during the original broadcast is 1 min long (the entire uncut epilogue is 2 min 8 sec). [it sounds like I'm splitting hairs, but I'm not; further below I'll explain how come even a few extra seconds could make/made such a huge difference from the broadcaster's perspective]
Anyways, the complete epilogue includes the full bed hug scene (longer than shown during brodcast), the arrival with the moving truck at the new house, the scene in the garden. It should be stressed that all this was in the original script and, with 99% certainty, in the original episode prepared by the production team too. It was SBS' (i.e. the broadcaster's) dumb decision to cut that 1 min from the ending to shorten the episode delivered by the YFAS production team, because SBS was bound to a very specific/rigid time frame. That, and they basically sacrificed the full ending of YFAS in favor of (1) a teaser for the next drama, "Three Days"; and (2) a few extra seconds of commercials, for lots (and lots and lots) of money. That's what I think. Sidenote: From what I've read on soompi, a guy from the YFAS production team tweeted his surprise and disappointment after he saw the aired episode, and said that the original ending contained additional material.
So basically, I just wanted to stress that, most probably, the creative team behind YFAS was great until the end and they really delivered to the fans perfect closure--only that perfect closure got lost due to SBS' stupidity/greediness.
Also, I'm sure that episode 21 on any DVD version will have the full epilogue, because that's how the episode was designed in the first place. I'm really trying to keep only this in mind so that I can call YFAS (as D.M. said) a perfect drama, from beginning to end.
Because it was--a perfect drama.

Posted on Mar 4, 2014 8:30:08 AM PST
Lovely D.M. says:
I watched the epilogue of "You from the Stars", and I finally feel satisfied, it's so beautiful the scene when she lying with her head on his lap, and he's gently caressing her. But seeing this epilogue made me kind of annoyed that the show was this close to being perfect, if only they hadn't chopped up the epilogue when they aired the final episode. I mean an extra 30 seconds is not really that long, and it gave a much needed sense of closure to the drama, to MJ/SY's love story. Now as the show is, I can't say it is perfect, but if they put this epilogue with the last episode on the dvd set (not the director's cut) and not as a special addition, with good English subs, then I might be able to say that this was a perfect show.

I watched eps 3 and 4 of Bride of the Century, and I'm liking this show more and more with every ep. It seems that the curse here is in reverse, so it means that if he falls in love with her then she dies (I think), or is it just limited to if she's his first bride? I'm still not very clear on how the curse works. I think the mother and her daughter, are so selfish to bring in this poor and clueless lookalike girl to be the sacrifice, so that the daughter can then marry the H without fear of the curse. I'm enjoying this show, it's cute and romantic with very good H/h interactions so far. LHK as the H is doing a decent job, but I still maintain it would've been better if someone else were cast. The h has been great so far.

I watched the first ep of "God's Gift 14 Days", and I don't think I'll be watching more, this show feels like an outright "crime/thriller" with some time travel elements, without any other genres mixed in, and I'm not a fan of this genre. Even the lighting of the show is darker, to reflect the dark/dreary atmosphere. I think I'm going to put this off until it's finished, and then see what kind of ending it has.

Rashell thank you for reviewing Full House Thai version, you just saved me from wasting my time watching more of this, since it has the same plot points that caused me to really dislike the k-version.

Posted on Mar 3, 2014 9:32:16 PM PST
@Adnana: Thanks for the links! Can't wait to watch. Love that couple.

So being sick today, I watched the Thai version of Full House. I definitely like both the leads in this version better. But as of this last episode, I'm having the same issue with this one as the Korean one. I want the h to end up with the completely devoted, kind, thoughtful OM. I can't stand how the H never, ever puts the h first. He treats her like dirt at his worst and like a convenience at his best. And he treats the OW like a princess. That's actually how she's programed into his phone. Every time she calls it says, "Knight...your princess is calling." It was almost, literally, vomit inducing for me today. (Sorry, TMI) The fact that this H and h have great chemistry does help, but still. She gave him every chance to pick her, and he never does. Yes, I can see it hurts him, but not as much as it keeps hurting her. But the OW is always top priority. His promise to her trumps everything. The OM sees the situation for exactly what it is. He calls both the H and OW out on their terrible behavior and runs to the h's rescue when the H keeps leaving her high and dry. How can I not pick him?

Posted on Mar 3, 2014 9:12:34 PM PST
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Adnana says:
The extended epilogue to YFAS-Ep. 21 is here, and it is what we expected. It is also really, really beautiful.
Watch it here:
or here:

ETA: In HD here:

Posted on Mar 3, 2014 5:46:34 PM PST
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Lovely D.M. says:
Episode 4 of Bride of the Century has been posted too. I will watch both eps soon. I also just realized how full my Monday/Tuesday drama slot has become lol. There's Bride of the Century, Can We Love, and Full Sun (for now). I also want to checkout God's Gift 14 Days. However Can We Love is wrapping up next week, but I also want to checkout Secret Love Affair which starts afterwards, so I guess my Monday/Tuesday time slot will continue to have the same number of dramas, so far, lol.

Reader123 I agree that the year 2014 has started out strong on the drama front, the problem I think will be that it started so strong with "You from the Stars", that I just don't see how any other drama will be able to- I won't say top it- be as good as YFTS was.

Posted on Mar 3, 2014 2:30:04 PM PST
Bride of the Century epi 3 is up at gooddrama, yay!!!

Posted on Mar 3, 2014 12:35:33 PM PST
Reader123: I'm hoping you know what you're getting into with Wang Family. Its a drama with some characters that are so obnoxious that in the end I just found it mostly funny. Seriously, there are the handful of likeable characters and then the others are cringe worthy. Still, the rotten characters, for the most part, get what they deserve. Still not a family drama that I would put in as a favorite. Not at all. But I am hopeful for Wonderful Days, it sounds much more thoughtful and less crazy makjang. Plus I love Lee Seo Jin so much that I'd probably watch even if it sucked. lol Those dimples just slay me.

I haven't started Sly and Single again, but it does sound from everyone's reaction that it got off to a good start. And I also enjoyed the first eps of Bride of the Century. So those sound like they're starting better then expected.

I'm excited for this little extra snippet of YFAS. I don't care what it shows as long as it's a cute couplely moment for the OTP. I miss them already.

I'm definitely checking out the Thai version of Full House. I hated the Korean version for so many reasons that I don't think I can even list them all. But I'm trusting this group that the Thai version is better.

Empress Ki today had a moment that many of us have been waiting for. Soooo Gooood!! Won't spoil more then that. And INR3 was such a sweet episode today. All the couples were so dang cute. Can We Love had the OTP hitting quite the snag. I wish the h wasn't such a silent, slightly door-matty type. This H is awesome. She just needs to open her mouth and tell him stuff, so that he knows when she's bugged. I can't help but feel like the situation became what it is because of her. And every time I start to have the slightest sympathy for JH's husband, they manage to make him cross a line that kills it. She just needs to get the heck out of there. And DY would do ANYTHING to help her. It's time to ask. I don't know that she'll actually survive if she stays. I don't SM and her issues. Sorry, but she's just yuck for me. It's crazy, but I actually really like the guys in this drama way more then the ladies. I think the H's are all wonderful, loving, upstanding guys. I'm not always sure the ladies deserve them.

Posted on Mar 3, 2014 8:35:56 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Mar 3, 2014 1:33:09 PM PST
I continue to believe that so far 2014 has been a good year for k-drama, hopefully this is a trend that will continue all year (but am a little worried that some of the upcoming dramas don't seem as interesting).

I watched the first two episodes of both Sly and Single Again and Bride of the Century. Was pleased that both were much better than their synopsis had led me to expect. Overall, I thought Sly and Single Again started off better than Emergency Couple, as I didn't end up disliking either the H or the h. While Emergency Couple really has improved, the H needs to grow up and the H's mother needs a massive personality change before the H/h will ever have a chance for a happy marriage.

I've started watching the recently completed family drama King's Family/Wang Family. So far it's just OK (none of the romances/relationships are that interesting). Same with the other two family dramas that I'm following (Passionate Love and A Little Love Never Hurts) at best they are only just OK. Hopefully, Wonderful Season will snap the bad family drama trend.

Sounds like I should check out the Thai version of Full House. My biggest problem with the Korean version wasn't the immature H or even the H/h bickering, but I hated that the H always put the OW ahead of the h and did so for almost all of the drama.

Looking forward to the conclusion of INR3 this week and Can We Love and Let's Eat next week.

Posted on Mar 3, 2014 6:25:44 AM PST
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Lovely D.M. says:
I agree the ice cream scene is hot. I have only watched up to ep 5 of "Full House" Thai version (I still have some catching up to do), and I too didn't like the K-version at all. However from what I've watched of the Thai version it is off to a better start, and the H is hotter and more appealing that his k-counterpart.

I really hope that the epilogue for "You from the Stars" is like this! Why would they remove such a crucial scene from the aired epilogue? I mean just showing MJ/SY moving together to the suburbs, gives a sense of closure that was missing from the aired epilogue. It could mean that SY is already pregnant, but I think what it means in a more obvious sense is that they've moved away from the media glare to live their happy ending, and that MJ has returned to stay for a long long time with his beloved SY. If it's this scene, then I really hope they include this epilogue with the last episode on the dvd set, and not the cut epilogue.

Posted on Mar 3, 2014 5:05:16 AM PST
Adnana says:
With YFAS finished, I was left with nothing to watch from the current drama crop. Thankfully, you guys reminded me of "Bride of the Century", so I decided to give it a try.
I've caught all 4 episodes (the last 2 unsubbed, since Dramafever takes until Mo-Tu, and that for their premium members) and I think this is a really cute drama. I'm a bit annoyed by the lead actress' tendency to overact, but hopefully she'll settle down/grow into her role soon and smooth those edges.
Overall, I see a lot of potential in the setup and I'm loving how the hero (who was never even the least intrigued with Yi Kyung) can't help but be drawn to Doo Rim's outgoing and fun-loving personality (even as he seethes with exasperation/frustration). She's already had him holding a fluffy kitten, accompanying her to dinner with her frenemies, washing dishes, sleeping in a hospital bed to keep her company overnight, buying her cake etc. etc. He's an entirely different person around her.
I just hope they don't ruin Kang Joo's character later when Yi Kyung comes back, by making him oblivious to the change. After all, it was logical that he wouldn't notice the first switch since he couldn't care less about Yi Kyung and knew nothing about her. But now that he knows Doo Rim, he should darn well figure out (or at least strongly suspect) who is who the next time he interacts with the real Yi Kyung.

Posted on Mar 3, 2014 4:44:11 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Mar 3, 2014 4:46:47 AM PST
Adnana says:
Okay, regarding the extended epilogue to the last episode of YFAS...
Don't read if you don't want SPOILERS!

They (production team) said that the original epilogue was a bit longer and that they had to cut it to accommodate broadcast time. But really, knowing that epilogues, in general, ran at cca. 2-3 min max, it's not like we can expect they'll be releasing a mini-movie now. Just the 1 min or so that was cut from the aired epilogue. Unfortunately.
Unless they're going to include EXTRA footage beyond what was originally planned for the (unaired) epilogue. I'm kinda hoping they'll go that route (if they happen to have any extra material lying around), because otherwise just 1 min or so worth of unaired footage from the original epilogue would just be much ado about nothing.
But then again, who am I kidding... I'll take even that 1 min of extended epilogue and be thankful, since it shows my darlings CSY and DMJ in a crucial happy ending scene.
Which brings us to...

This next part is according to (pretty much confirmed) rumors.
The original epilogue (of which only the first part was aired) went like this:
After the bed hug, the next is shown they moved to a new house together and then at the garden of the house, MJ sat on a long chair with SY resting on his lap, MJ used his hand to block the sun ray that fell onto SY, they looked at each other in the eyes smilingly and their expression so lazy and peaceful...
This was translated by someone from soompi; so sorry I don't remember who and can't give due credit.
original source:
(includes a snapshot of the original script in Korean, with a Chinese translation, and photos of the house in Ilsan where CSY and DMJ moved into; the house belongs IRL to an actor friend)
And one other thing... since they're moving into a new big house on the outskirts of Seoul, I think this is a really strong hint that they're expanding their family. :) (might be that SY is pregnant already) Since their discussion in Episode 19 made it clear that the reason why they would need a bigger house was to raise their family of 7 daughters and 5 dogs; until then DMJ's apartment would do just fine.

Disclaimer: Please don't shoot me if they happen to air a different epilogue. In any case, the scene I described above should be part of it (since it was definitely in the script and, by all accounts, filmed) but you never know...

Posted on Mar 3, 2014 1:32:25 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Mar 3, 2014 1:32:57 AM PST
Wowza, that was steamy ice cream. Also, the H is really, really handsome.

Now I want some ice cream!

Posted on Mar 2, 2014 6:45:46 PM PST
luvnlife says:
I too agree about Full House (Korean version). I always assumed the hype was because it was an early Kdrama when more viewers started watching Kdramas. The Thai version is similar in storyline to the Korean version... cute h goes on vacation (to Korea) and meets H who is aloof. When she comes back, H takes over her house and they have a 2 year marriage contract put into place. The Thai version has 10x cuter moments between the H/h. Here is a video of the ice cream kiss if interested in their chemistry: (I can remove link it if is not allowed - just let me know.) (Warning... the h was a little 'ditsy' the first 2 episodes but she does a 180 in episode 3.) You can view the show (and read more reviews) on their Viki page. Let me know what you think if you give it a try.

Posted on Mar 2, 2014 4:23:40 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Mar 2, 2014 4:24:56 PM PST
No luck, I think I'll have to wait till Monday to see episode 3, so so sad.

I really didn't care for Full House, Rain and whats-her-name seemed kinda awkward together, I was pretty amazed at how much I liked her in That Winter. Also, I just didn't care for the story, so does the Thai version stick to the Korean story? Do you think it's better?

Posted on Mar 2, 2014 4:11:50 PM PST
luvnlife says:
@Jennifer.. any luck? I watched episode 3 unsubbed and was trying to hold off watching ep 4. Really want to watch with subs though. (at least episode 3... looked good.

Full House Thai had a really hot/cute scene of the main couple eating ice cream. In the story they had to shoot a commercial together eating ice cream. They have such good chemistry together.

Posted on Mar 2, 2014 1:28:16 PM PST
I thought Sm's date looked like it was something set up by her agency, like maybe her costar.

Posted on Mar 2, 2014 11:39:13 AM PST
Lovely D.M. says:
I thought SM already seemed to get a happy ending relationship wise, because she arrived with her arm linked with a man, on the red carpet. But I wouldn't mind if we saw her ending up with HK. As for HK, yes I agree, I hope they show him getting some sort of happy ending. I mean he might be satisfied just being by SY's side and taking care of her, when MJ wasn't there, but he deserves to get a relationship of his own beyond friendship. As Bok Ja and her manga shop... I don't think the epilogue will be that long lol. I think we'll get an additional scene or two focused on MJ/SY, but who knows?
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