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cbela says:
hey gmb! reply back u did..thanks! i have still yet to watch other 2 ep of wild romance maybe i wont finish thats my thinking now. i love sam soon shes funny n likeable n love him for the mtnn scene. :) thats only drama i own. ive seen several n i just watch them online unless love love them. i was going to suggest u watch greatest love..i havent though. but like frm u n others i will watch that must see drama.

kdramas... i watched n enjoyed!
"delightful choon hyang" must watch! :)
"49 days" twists n turns. heartfelt. soul switching. living again.
"heart of 19"..."she is 19". paying it fwd. heartfelt. love triangle heroine n "brothers".
"my princess"...funny. heart tugging moments.
"love story in havard" or "which star are you from"... same actor. first drama more law n college life like. later drama deal with grief. moving on. forgiving.

tw dramas....
rewatched more than twice.. "devil beside you".
"why why love" heart tugging "break up" scene. funny.
"my queen"... older woman younger hero.... both had past loves. i loved this drama n like both actor n actress.
"zhong wu yan" strong heroine. historical mesh mainly modern life. hero star in "fated to love you".

check them out...n enjoy watching. :))

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Adnana says:
Sorry for being MIA the last couple of days; I was waiting for the English subtitles for the last 2 episodes of TMTETS and didn't want to come here and possibly meet people who had already watched the ending (like lucky Rashell) and fall into bitter envy. ;)

Rashell said: "You mentioned that the king was willing to give Wol up, but I don't really think that's true."
I think maybe the truth lies somewhere in the middle. It's like you said: the King had his head telling him that his love was dead, but his heart recognized her in Wol. So he was very confused about his feelings for her. It is true that he kept sending Woon to find out about her, and going to see her himself. At the same time, I think he knew that for him, as a King, a future with a shaman could never be. And he did tell Wol, the last time they met at the Secret Moon Pavillion (after Wol had already recovered her memories) that he never wanted to see her again. OK, so he probably (almost certainly) didn't mean it. Or if he did, he would have changed his mind. But the fact remains: he was able to tell her such harsh words in the first place. Before that, he had even offered to send her away. Above all else, he was deeply conflicted about Wol.
With Yeon Woo however, there would have been no conflict. For a future with Yeon Woo, he would have risked (and indeed risked) everything.

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Adnana says:
Rashell said: "I think the key to watching this ("The Moon That Embraces The Sun") and loving it is seeing it as a romance story between H and the h first and foremost. From the moment they meet they are completely devoted to eachother, and everything that happens is what had to happen for them to get their HEA."

I couldn't have said it better! I completely agree with you. I've now literally just finished watching the last episode and I have to say I am satisfied with the ending.

*spoilers follow*
For the entirety of the drama, the ultimate payoff I was hoping for was for the hero & heroine to find each other again and have a lifetime of happiness together. The drama gave me what I wanted; the fact that their happiness didn't come easily, or without sacrifice, makes it more solid (and well-deserved) in my eyes.
I loved how the King dealt with the traitors; I felt bad about the Prince, but I was glad that his (imo, inevitable) death at least wasn't a stupid accident, but his choice, backed up by valid reasons. I didn't feel sorry about the other Queen at all -- by direct contrast to the Prince, she was selfish even in death, wanting to die as the 'King's woman' instead of sticking around to get her just desserts.
I loved the H & h's wedding night scene (how funny the way the King, who had managed to avoid his first Queen's bed for 8! years couldn't get rid of the court ladies fast enough, to be alone with his new bride). I loved that we got to see them after some years together, still very much in love, still not taking each other for granted (I'm referring to the King's gift for his Queen).

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Adnana says:
Hui Chi,
Rashell said it very well about the heroine not being wimpy, but not being feisty either. She's reserved and has a quiet kind of strength, but strength it is.

Posted on Mar 17, 2012 5:55:09 AM PDT
Adnana says:
There is a drama which has been recommended here earlier in passing. Because I almost overlooked it myself, but it is now one of my new favorites, I'd like to mention it again. "Save the Last Dance for Me".
Besides having a very nice (despite my initial impression), hard-working and completely loyal heroine who actually decides to fight for her man (I despise a `willing-victim' type of heroine who professes to love her man, but can still give him up easily when the first hurdles to the relationship appear), it also has (of course) a strong and completely devoted hero who would never give up the heroine because of external obstacles (disapproving parents, interfering ex-girlfriend etc.). That kind of hero, I've discovered to my great disappointment, is a rare and precious gem in kDrama-land. The drama is actually an older one, so some of you may have already watched it. If you haven't, do give it a try.

Posted on Mar 17, 2012 7:03:06 AM PDT
Ian Fraser says:
The K-Drama I've always enjoyed, mainly because I'm a fan of cooking, is 'Pasta.' Its very simple but quite addictive. Another goodie that I liked was a period piece called 'Painter in the Wind.'
I'm sitting with first episodes of 'King of Bakery' and 'Gourmet' (which I haven't tried yet) - and, going on the recommendation of K-Drama geeks online, grabbed another one whose name escapes me... 'Coffee Prince'? (Something with the word 'coffee' in the title). Apparently this is considered one of the really good ones by which all others are judged.

The K-drama fans should also occasionally dig into K-film. The Koreans are amazingly good with their film making, whether its love stories or other genres. I can recommend '...Ing' as a great little love story. Also 'Dear Diary'.
HK-film 'Fly Me To Polaris' is wonderful, so is 'A World Without Thieves,' 'Windstruck' is nice.
There's hundreds of good movies from Korea/Japan/HK/China...
/film geek mode off :)

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Adnana says:
I can cautiously recommend "Coffee Prince" (aka "1st Shop of the Coffee Prince") to you. It has a cross-dressing heroine who is actually very convincing in her role as an energetic, feisty and sometimes bad-mouthed boy (also, it helps that she's less pretty than, for example, the actress in "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" who, in real life, could never be mistaken for a boy).
Anyways, about "Coffee Prince": it's definitely entertaining, even if nothing really special. The best part about it is the hero who falls in love with the heroine while still believing she's a boy and (after a lot of self-torment) comes to the decision to have a relationship with her regardless of her being (as he thinks) a boy. The heroine didn't really deserve him, imo (she's very selfish, compared to him).

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 17, 2012 7:37:01 AM PDT
Ian Fraser says:
re 'Coffee Prince' - sounds fun. Good to know, I have the whole series stored - its just about finding the time to start watching it. The K-dramas rapidly take over ones life and spare time :)

Posted on Mar 17, 2012 7:56:37 AM PDT
mean gurl says:
I have watched tons of K-dramas, Taiwanese, and J-dramas. Recently I have backed off due to the cultures lack of sensitivity to other cultures, and races. Some of my favorites k-dramas are: Pasta, PrincessHours, My Name is Kim Sam Soon, and City Hall ( you can't go wrong with this actress). Taiwanese. Favorites are: The Fierce Wife, In Time with You (one of the best I've watched period),It started with a kiss and The Kiss Again.

Posted on Mar 17, 2012 8:11:33 AM PDT
I love asian drama!!! The best for me (with HEA ) :
Kdram : Secret Garden ; Love story in harvard ; Lovers ; City Hunter ; 1% of anything
Tdrama : Autumn's concerto ; Mars ; Devil beside you ; Blake and white
Jdrama : Pride
Lakorn (thai drama) : Sawan Biang ; Jam Loey Rak ; Game rai game rak

Posted on Mar 17, 2012 6:45:05 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Mar 17, 2012 6:51:12 PM PDT
C.T. says:
Hi everyone,

I'm mainly a lurker, but I was so happy to find this as I love K-dramas:)

I've watched and enjoyed:
*You're Beautiful - fun and loved the songs
*Playful Kiss - fun, but wanted to tell the heroine to snap out of it at times for being so lovesick (was marathoning it and had to take a break because of that, otherwise it's a fun drama)
*Brilliant Legacy - okay, very fraught with angst/crying
*Goong (Princess Hours) - some really lovely scenes (love the one when they're in the car at the beach) and hilarious ones (when he's in the shower and she's hiding in the closet)
*Coffee Prince - nice and very good secondary characters
*Full House - okay, got kind of tired of the characters always arguing
*My Girlfriend is a Gumiho - fun:)
*Boys Before Flowers - fun, but did go a bit overboard at times

*Mars - (chinese drama) very good adaptation of the manga, loved it

I tend to avoid the dramas that are too melodramatic or at least fast forward through those

I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned this (might have missed it as I skimmed through the previous posts), but a great place for recaps is .

Thanks for all the reccs...I just got Delightful Girl Chun Hyang and can't wait to start watching it. City Hunter is also on my list to watch.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 17, 2012 9:56:25 PM PDT

You're Beautiful isn't one of my top dramas either, but I did enjoy it. And Boys Before Flowers has a soft spot for me because it was my first k-drama. I think if I watched for the first time now, I'd probably like it less. But I do admit to loving Lee Min Ho forever and always because of BBF. He's just yum to me.

I only watch my dramas online, but there are a couple I am considering buying. Is it nice to own them? Or would you be satisfied watching them on the computer only?

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 17, 2012 10:05:33 PM PDT
@Ian Fraser: I just wanted to confirm the rec for Coffee Prince. I loved that drama mostly due to the H. He is just the ultimate for me. Truly loved the h even if she was a boy. And he was just so adorable in his love for her. The conflict he felt is what makes the drama. I do have to agree that the h was not as devoted IMO, but she did adore him too.

@Adnana: I had the same reaction to the end of TMETS. I wanted their HEA, and was satisfied with that. But I'm really going to try not to watch another drama that isn't finished. So hard to wait!!

Posted on Mar 18, 2012 2:28:15 AM PDT
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Adnana says:

Another thing: I had started watching "Personal Taste", but gave it up after one episode because the heroine seemed such a mess and I thought I wouldn't like where the story was going. However, after reading your thoughts about this drama (a few pages back on this thread), I decided to give it a second try. SO glad I did. After getting past the first few episodes, I loved it! Also, this means that ALL 3 dramas in which Lee Min Ho plays the male lead ("Boys Over Flowers", "Personal Taste", "City Hunter") are now among my favorites. A coincidence? I think not, lol.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 18, 2012 8:38:33 AM PDT
Adnana: Lee Min Ho is absolutely my #1 Korean crush. Sure I'm almost a decade older than him, but that's okay. And those three are among my favorites for the same reason.

On your rec I'm watching the Princess' Man and it's soo good. But I need to get back to rom/com. After this and Moon, I think I'm all cried out.

Posted on Mar 18, 2012 10:48:51 AM PDT
Lovely D.M. says:
Since it's been mentioned here, I've tried watching "My Lovely Kim Sam Soon" and after the first two or three episodes I skipped to episode 7 (or was it 8?) just to see if the hero had gotten over his first love. But no, instead they even brought the hero's first love back into his life, so that was it for me, I couldn't watch more. I don't like it when a good portion of a story is dedicated to the hero or heroine being in love with someone else. This drama just didn't capture me, so unfortunately I didn't like it.

As for "My Girl" I watched parts of it and I wasn't drawn into it, because the hero came off as weak. I like the heroes in the dramas/romances I watch to be strong and sexy. So this drama is also one of the ones that I didn't really like. And while the heroine is funny, she lied so much that I didn't care for her as a character.

I'm still enjoying Secret Garden, but I still haven't finished it of course (the heroine is crying so much in those later episodes, it's really moving- all the obstacles that the H/h must overcome to be together). And it's great how the hero will simply not give her up. My only gripe is that they talk too fast at some parts, so it makes reading the subtitles harder, when with other dramas I can easily follow what is being said.

Aw I loved You're Beautiful, alongside Hana Yori Dango and Sky Of Love (these two are J-dramas), I guess it just goes to show that we all have different tastes :)

And yes "Personal Taste" is a good drama, I enjoyed it, but I felt that it was slow. I would put it among the dramas that I liked, but not among my favorite ones.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 18, 2012 11:20:43 AM PDT
@D.M.: For me what I loved about Kim Sam Soon wasn't the romance or the H. It was the journey of the h. And her ability to realize that she loved herself enough to be happy with just that. The H does realize that he is done with his past love and truly loves Sam Soon, but it's her self discovery that is the real story for me.

I had the same reaction to My Girl that you did. It was a nice drama, but I wasn't invested really. And You're Beautiful is a drama that I liked a lot, but didn't love although I thought Tae Kyung was a GREAT flawed H.

I agree about Personal Taste, it was enjoyable but not perfect by any means. But if it had Lee Min Ho, I'm sold pretty much no matter what. He's just drama gold for me. If you haven't watched City Hunter with him in it, I really reccomend it. And not just because of him. It's seriously a great story with a great H and h and the "dad" is one of the best characters I've seen as far as being layered and interesting. So good really.

Posted on Mar 18, 2012 11:37:30 AM PDT
Lovely D.M. says:
Hey Rashell, I'll add City Hunter to my "want to watch" list, and check it out when I have time. Hopefully it will be to my liking, we'll see.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 18, 2012 4:56:12 PM PDT

A lot of the kdrama's on your list were also ones that I found very enjoyable. I'd never heard of the tdrama Mars, so will add it to my TBW list.

I will say that every person is different in what they like/dislike in kdrama. Delightful Girl Chung Hyang and Fated to Love You were the only two dramas that I could not finish. I decided that the reason I didn't like these was that I didn't like the interferring/malicious second female leads trope. I enjoy romantic comedies more than melodramas.

I'm currently watching and enjoying Protect the Boss. So far it is very much a romantic comedy.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 18, 2012 7:47:29 PM PDT
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C.T. says:

I found Mars on - the main characters are also on Meteor Garden (I think they did that one first). Ummm, if you haven't read the manga...SORT OF SPOILER:

the female lead had something bad happen in her past - let me know if you want a more detailed spoiler.

Top of my to watch list is Shut Up Flower Boy Band - it's finishing up this week. I've been reading the recaps on dramabeans and am loving the bromance:) What's up is there sounded/looked good based on the recaps.

Definitely don't enjoy when the second female (or male) lead is too malicious - end up fast forwarding through their parts. It can just get overdone and put a nice romantic comedy / romance into the melodrama category for me.

Cool, I'll add Protect the Boss to my watch list.

Have you seen Heartstrings? - it's the female lead and second male lead from You're Beautiful. I kind of skimmed through it and mainly watched the music scenes - I would have enjoyed it more if they had focused on the music, especially combining the traditional instruments with the modern.

eta: sort of spoiler for Mars

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 18, 2012 8:09:19 PM PDT
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Yes, I watched and enjoyed Heartstrings.

Another one you might want to watch is Sungkyunkwan Scandal (don't be put off that it's set in 1790s - its a rom/com much more than a historical). Sungkyunkwan Scandal also has a bromance (which even won the two actors a best couple award). The H/h of this drama are my favorite couple.

Posted on Mar 19, 2012 12:32:43 AM PDT
A.G. says:
Try the Japanese drama, "Zettai Kareshi" or "Absolute Boyfriend". It is hands down my favorite japanese or korean drama, and I loved Secret Garden too. The plot focuses on a love triangle between a mid-20's woman, her young hotshot boss, and a robot. The robot is a prototype of a new "ultimate boyfriend" that a high tech company hopes to one day market. Totally unrealistic, odd premise, but it REALLY works on the emotional level. It starts out very humorous, then by the end of the season is sooo heart-wrenching and emotional! It's one of the oldest dramas on DramaCrazy's most popular list, so it definitely has had very lasting popularity.

The original Japanese "Hana Yori Dango" and the Korean version, "Boys Before Flowers" are both great, and have a really funny, but very emotional romance-centric storylines. The hero is one of a kind, totally full of himself(incredibly rich, powerful and popular), but so vulnerable when in love! It is kind of just like a romance novel now that I think about it. The heroine is just an ordinary girl, with a lot of spirit, who attracts his ire, then his affection by being the one person to stand up to him! There is also a love-triangle element, with a secondary hero. Set in high school.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 19, 2012 3:10:28 AM PDT
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Adnana says:

I'm really glad that you like "The Princess' Man", though honestly, what's not to like, lol? Well-constructed, keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat storyline, swoon-worthy hero (love him especially in his mane-of-glory part of the drama), a strong, principled heroine that you can really root for and, of course, the love story! Soo beautiful and so tragic. On an emotional level, I was as deeply captivated by TMTETS as by TPM, but on an intellectual level I'd have to pick TPM as the superior drama out of the two. Not to mention that the OST in TPM is out-of-this-world gorgeous. Especially that one piece, consisting of just two lyrics, but even now, whenever I hear it, my heartbeat accelerates:

Sacrificio del destino,
Traditore dell'amore.

ETA: I borrowed the expression 'mane of glory' from javabeans @ Gotta love Park Shi Hoo with that gorgeous black hair left long & loose.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 19, 2012 3:17:12 AM PDT
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Adnana says:
D.M. (Lover of all things Heart),

I too, just plain hate it when the H or h is in love with somebody else, not to mention when this feeling persists for too big a portion of the drama. A few dramas with this storyline I rejected out of hand ("Bad Love"), other ones I did manage to watch and semi-enjoy ("Full House", "My Lovely Sam-Soon", "Stairway to Heaven"), but none of them are among my favorites (with the possible exception of "Heartstrings", where the H then became the kind of boyfriend any girl wishes for).

"My Lovely Sam-Soon": I don't really understand all the hype around this drama either. I get that it is different, that it may have been even ground-breaking with its unique heroine, but (quite apart from the H loving someone else for very long and it seeming so incredible how fast he then just stopped loving this almost perfect girl whom he had yearned after for years and whom he had finally gotten back) it just didn't appeal to me that much.

"My Girl": After one episode, I already disliked the heroine's character too much to keep watching (also, I heard she stays a liar for the entire drama).

"You're Beautiful": really liked it as well

"Personal Taste": It's hard to explain why this drama is one of my favorites; it just made me feel good, watching it. Plus, it was more serious/adult in content than other dramas I had watched up to that point. Plus, I REALLY liked the heroine. I especially liked how she reacted after she learned of Jin Ho's betrayal. With all evidence stacked against him, she (despite every kdrama clichee) refused to believe anything bad of him or distrust him, before hearing the truth from him personally.
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