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The last good SF film I saw was:

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In reply to an earlier post on Jun 15, 2012 12:46:09 PM PDT
I agree, the ones you listed are far better, and the Japanese films are pretty cheeseball, but fun, if you are in the mood for them. I really prefer the giant American films to them as well: Them!, Empire of the Ants, Black Scorpion, even the The Giant Mantis. I think of the ones I listed Rodan might be the better of the bunch only because the set up is somewhat better.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 15, 2012 1:44:27 PM PDT
OG InfamousR says:
I was responding to Shirl in DC who provided me with some sage advice. A "/" in front of an action indicates that someone is performing that action. In this case, I was bowing to Shirl in DC.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 15, 2012 2:04:46 PM PDT
esanta says:
"This Island Earth" MUST be watched in its MST3K version to realize how awful and silly it is. "The Day The Earth Stood Still" was an excellent movie and didn't age a bit.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 15, 2012 3:10:04 PM PDT
Last edited by the author on Jun 15, 2012 3:27:31 PM PDT
J. Schwarz says:
Them was good, Empire of the Ants I may have seen but don't remember. Black Scorpion I don't have a clue, but the Giant Mantis and Rodan were not my kind of movies. Recently saw a good one, Dreamcatcher with Morgan Freeman about an alien invasion and a group of boys with powers who had to stop an alien from getting into the water supply. Not bad and in some ways scary. How about Stephan King and the movie with the clown in the sewers, but can't remember the name. There was also a series on the BBC called the Fades that I was watching for a while. Not the best but it held your interest.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 15, 2012 5:46:52 PM PDT
Donna says:
"How about Stephan King and the movie with the clown in the sewers, but can't remember the name."

You mean IT.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 15, 2012 5:48:46 PM PDT
J. Schwarz says:
You got IT.

Posted on Jun 15, 2012 8:59:15 PM PDT
Old Rocker: thanks for the info, I had no idea what you were getting at. ;)

I saw Prometheus tonight, all kinds of awesome from the sets, props, vistas, costumes, story, etc., and if you're a SF fan is worth catching it at the cinema as it's so large in scale. I just saw it in 2D, but I could go again and see it in 3D next time, so we'll see. It's a movie that shows how far cinema has come since the old days. ;)

I'm watching Mothra now, and it's in the original Japanese language, which is an interesting way to see it, pretty colorful too, must be a remastered version.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 16, 2012 12:40:32 PM PDT
Donna says:
3Dollar: you crack me up. You go see a very modern last minute tech movie like Prometheus (which I did see in 3D and it is even more awesome) and then state you are watching an old black and white Japanese movie in Japanese. HUH???? Why????

Posted on Jun 16, 2012 5:16:57 PM PDT
Prometheus. Hands down.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 16, 2012 5:21:35 PM PDT
Donna, my taste are broad, and if you enjoy the SF medium, I can't understand why the history of a medium wouldn't be of interest to someone. Actually the Japanese film I saw last night (Mothra) was in color. I didn't see Rodan as I got in too late, so I can't remember if that was black & white or not, but it doesn't make a difference to me--I can't understand why it wouldn't interest others (and surely does depending on who your talking to).

My premise is: If a movie is good, it's good (granted good is a personal criteria or taste (subjective), but some of those black & white films are popularly known among critics as well as say Metropolis, King Kong and, say the Universal Frankenstein, Dracula, etc. are--they're well made critical films). So I can't understand why someone wouldn't at least be curious about some of the classic films within the genre? There's certainly enough rubbish out there, that I can't watch either cough, cough Stargate.

Actually I found it rather perplexing that you and others dismissed those Japanese films so easily. Whether it's shot in black and white doesn't matter to me at all, or whether it's in a foreign language, or silent, or some other criteria. Granted it's different strokes for different folks. Some of the series and such that have been listed/mentioned on this thread I don't really care for, for example, Dark Angel. One poster mentioned that the concept of DA was not exactly a new idea, and until he mentioned the comparison to X-Men, I remember why I didn't find it all that attractive (the same applies to that series called Heroes). I read comics (and books) as well, and have found some of the X-Men runs & story arcs far better & more interesting than anything I saw on Dark Angel--try the Dark Phoenix saga, which came out in the 80's irrc. But again, when I started the thread, I didn't really want to condemn or bash someone's taste, more or less just run with it because I know taste is just a personal thing. I may not like it, but someone else out there might.

I've been watching SF since I was a kid, and also used to belong to a SF club for many years in West Texas where I got to see a lot of different SF, some of it even out of print. Some of it pretty cheesy too, like Catwomen on the Moon (I believe was the title). Those people were some of the most diehard, knowledgeable people I've ever met. Again granted we all didn't agree at times, but I'll hand it to them in wanting to be open to watching anything with pretty much an objective mind. As far as the Japanese movies, I find them interesting if I'm in the mood. Both Rodan and Mothra are pretty charming and fascinating films in a lot of ways. For one, the special effects, the Japanese are masters at miniaturization. They are worth watching for that aspect alone. They can seamlessly blend their models with matte screens, forced perspective, live actors and so forth to make it appear so real. All these camera effects and sleigh of hand are built on each other year upon year, which have yielded the modern day cinema. Plus the story to Mothra I think is pretty interesting. It didn't dawn on me until last night that there are two Mothra movies (maybe more?), the original, I assume is Mothra, and then there's Mothra vs. Godzilla. I think Mothra is the better of the two, but I'll sit and watch both. I really enjoy the scene in that film when Mothra (as a giant slug) looks like it's dying, and leans against a tower, and starts spinning it's cocoon--later to emerge as the giant moth.

At any rate, I realize we all aren't the same, we all have different opinions on what is good and fun to watch. I guess the main thing is to enjoy what you like and be on the look out for more--like me. :P

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 16, 2012 6:33:30 PM PDT
Donna says:
yep, you are entitled to your taste. It puzzles me but who cares, right? I have watched the old classics, long ago. I care to use my precious time on newer more realistic scifi and other types of films I enjoy. I like scifi, action, suspense and mystery. If it is all mashed together, even better. But once you see the new special effects and CGI most of the old stuff just looks campy to me.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 17, 2012 5:14:32 AM PDT
Pulpman says:
@ threedollarbill. I just saw Prometheaus and have recently visited my old japanese scifi movies. I watched Mothera and Godzilla vs King Kong. I see your perspective. The old movies can still entertain and while watching them you get to see master craftsmen doing their job on screen. I do enjoy what they do on cgi but have to admit I get a sense of awe watching the old films and realizing that this was a craft not a program for a computer.

Posted on Jun 17, 2012 7:11:11 AM PDT
Donna--I think watching something like those Japanese movies might be a guilty pleasure for me, perhaps something from my childhood, although I can't remember when I actually first saw those movies. But it's something like comfort food (although I do find the stories interesting too). It's hard to say why some thing have interest and some not. I tend to like good writing, directing, etc., but can also do the guilty pleasure thing, which is where a lot of horror, SF, and genre stuff probably enters my world. Last night I took a break, however, and watched some drama: The Way We Were and Kramer vs. Kramer.

Pulpman--like you, I enjoy all the new efx, but when CGI becomes the main impetus for the films, like the Transformer films or some others, in other words, just one explosion and car chase after the other, over story and a little human drama, I start to get bored, and it becomes a cliche for me. At least with the advent of CGI any SF novel written could be brought to screen, not that we're seeing that, but still a useful tool.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 17, 2012 11:26:14 AM PDT
Donna says:
Pulpman, 3dollar: I do get appreciating the work that went in to making a movie without CGI many years ago. They had to somehow create it without using CGI, which usually involved using a small monster up close or a plane or rocket up close made to look bigger. But sometimes there was a lot of work to make something look realistic before CGI.

Posted on Jun 17, 2012 11:55:06 AM PDT
J. Schwarz says:
Tonight, 9:00 EST Falling Skies people. Do not miss.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 17, 2012 12:13:05 PM PDT
Donna says:
Oh, thanx so much for the reminder. Putting it on DVR right now.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 17, 2012 1:20:13 PM PDT
OG InfamousR says:

Posted on Jun 17, 2012 1:24:00 PM PDT
Donna says:
I already had Falling Skies on my DVR. So I am ready!

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 17, 2012 1:56:02 PM PDT
Thanks for the reminder, J., I near forgot about Falling Skies. I'll also post it on FB as I still maintain contact with some of my friends from the old SF club from many years back.

Posted on Jun 17, 2012 2:00:06 PM PDT
OG InfamousR says:
meh, just saw a commercial for Prometheus on TNT during the NASCAR race. They added shots of Coors Beer and flashed to them when the sound track was saying things like "thirst for power." How lame.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 18, 2012 8:36:28 AM PDT
Jeff Walther says:
Threedollarbill says: "Donna, my taste are broad, and if you enjoy the SF medium, I can't understand why the history of a medium wouldn't be of interest to someone. "

Judging from her posts, Donna doesn't like SF with less than up to the minute special effects. Some people are in it for the visual bonanza, and some watch it more like a stage play, where the imagination can fill in most of the visuals with a hint and a cardboard set, as long as the story is engaging enough to keep the imagination powered.

I don't care at all about visual effects. I love old Doctor Who, and the original "The Thing" with James Arness in a carrot-monster suit -- it was actually still pretty close to the plot of the original story.

Shows like DA are pretty, but lacking in plotting and imagination, in my opinion. Similarly for new BSG. They thought "dark and gritty" meant making all the characters (except maybe Calli and what's 'er name from the bridge) hateful and disgusting, and thought that once that was done, they didn't actually need any stories.

Posted on Jun 18, 2012 9:06:58 AM PDT
Jeff--I'd agree, I think we all have different reasons for enjoying the SF medium. I'm probably more in line with your way of thinking. I think of the storyline first and the efx later as a bonus. I like substance vs. style. It doesn't have to have great efx if the story is a good one, and I can handle older efx as that's how they were done as you go back in history, it's a given. I also enjoy old Dr. Who, what they don't have within their budget, they make up for in high concepts, and interesting characterizations. A lot goes into telling of the tale. To me the older Dr Who stories are almost like stage plays, and that's fine.

I watched Falling Skies last night. I'm glad some of you enjoy it. Nice efx, but I'm still not won over by the series. I hate to be the gadfly, but to me the concept of the show is not exactly a new one--aliens invading earth. That's been done many times before, and better, check out the original War of the Worlds. Granted Falling Skies has a lot of PR, and hype from some critics, but I can't understand what they are doing with the show & where they're taking it? It just strikes me as being very pedestrian and lazy formulaic writing ie. alien invasion, people are trying to flee from being killed, a resistance movement, more aliens, more killing, more fleeing, there's the dad with his sons, a family moment, fleeing, killing, repeat. I don't feel like I'm getting to know anything on hardly any of these characters and their backgrounds.

Compare this show to another similar show, The Walking Dead on AMC. They are similar in constructs, yet TWD is much better written, it has better characterization, who they are and where they're from, a better, more edgy storyline: they are fleeing walkers (or the zombies), they have to deal with their own conflicts within their populous/tribe, and others they encounter. I believe there's supposed to be a Walking Dead marathon around July the 4th if you've never seen it or missed some episodes. I'm not meaning to rain on someone's enjoyment of Falling Skies, just my thoughts. I'll continue to watch it for a bit, but thought I'd share why I don't think it's not for me.

Posted on Jun 18, 2012 10:34:16 AM PDT
OG InfamousR says:
I didn't watch the first season of Falling Skies. Its available for $8 here on Amazon. Not sure if I will watch it or not.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 18, 2012 11:15:48 AM PDT
D. Pettiner says:
I quit watching Falling Skies after 4 episodes last year. I compared it to another show (mentally, anyway) and the writing and character development came out MUCH worse. I've been watching & reading SF for over 50 years and haven't found too many screen writers that have ever read an SF novel or understand what SF actually is. I've seen both versions of Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon and the newer ones came off somewhat better, but I am still waiting for either SyFy or someother nice cable channel to use DS9. That show really was one of the better efforts for TV. The new version of Total Recall is coming out soon, but I haven't made up my mind about seeing it. The original was decent though. Have I jumped around enough for all of you?

Posted on Jun 18, 2012 11:34:19 AM PDT
He doesn't go to Mars in the new Total Recall. How could he not go to Mars? Can't figure out WHY he doesn't go to Mars and how the plot progresses. The whole point was Mars and lack of water, right?
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