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"I like the Science of Fate and Determinism better than the Free Choice, Free Will, and Individual Responsibility type of Science. Just give me rats under control and being watched." 4 Jun 4, 2013
Did humans originate in North America? 22 Jun 4, 2013
When Scientists talk about Dark Matter, Entanglement, Alternate Universes, and Black Holes...are they Trying To Be Religious without Being Religious? 6 Jun 4, 2013
9/11/2001: The Collapse of Three Buildings in NYC 696 Jun 4, 2013
Is it Possible that Nurture affects Nature more than Nature affects Nurture? YES. People's Behavior Affects and Alters Their Genes. And How They are Treated Alters Their Genes. Breast Cancer Runs in the Family because Alcohol Use Runs In the Family. 5 Jun 4, 2013
Contentment 41 Jun 3, 2013
math and science are a waste of time in schools 80 Jun 3, 2013
Online Interactive Science Education and having more Accomplished Scientists teach Science in the Younger Grades. 1 Jun 3, 2013
Are SI units scientifically superior to US units? 21 Jun 3, 2013
why cant they standardise the codes on tv remotes ? 31 Jun 3, 2013
The universe is NOT expanding see here for the evidence 27 Jun 3, 2013
What's Your Best Argument Against The Big Bang Theory? Well, that it's Highly Implausible and Virtually Impossible that an Explosion that Came from Nothing and Nowhere Miraculously "created" this Universe? 17 Jun 3, 2013
It's Definitely Possible that there was Always SOMETHING "Alive and Well" in this Universe and Beyond. That there Never was a Time when there was Just Nothing. 2 Jun 3, 2013
It's progress that people now are admitting openly that the Big Bang Theory has a gigantic hole in it. Due to questions about Where did it come from, how did it spontaneously Explode from Nothing and from Nowhere to "create" this Universe. 36 Jun 3, 2013
Please give me suggestions for hands-on geology projects and field studies for middle school 22 Jun 3, 2013
People are In Charge of Their Own Evolution. And this is Consistent with Christianity. Active Agents in their Environments that they Shape and React to with Free Will. Sometimes Altered by Events..but Altering Events and Themselves through Their Choices 0 Jun 2, 2013
How The Big Bang Theory could Someday, Somehow, in some magical way, become a Scientific Theory worth considering. It's Just that Pesky Something from Nothing part...But some cling to Unintelligent Nothingness as the Ultimate Creator... 27 Jun 2, 2013
I still maintain what has morphed from "Global Warming, the Sky is Falling" to "Climate Change, the Sky is Falling" is actually predictable cycles of weather along with the normal "Changes In Weather" the world has known for Centuries. 3 Jun 1, 2013
God Made The Tornado That Destroyed Your House And You Should Pray To Him...! 97 Jun 1, 2013
Does Abortion Cause Breast Cancer? Some Research suggests Yes. The Breast gets Swollen and begins to get Full Of Milk and Affected by Hormones. Than the Life of the Baby is Cut Short. The Swollen Breasts are There with No Relief. The Process is Halted. 38 Jun 1, 2013
5 Down & Dirty Strategies to Grow More Food Now 4 Jun 1, 2013
If there can First Be Nothing and Then Something...does it logically follow that First there can be Something and then Nothing? "It just vanished. It no longer exists. And there's nothing left. And it didn't change into anything or vaporize. GONE!" 4 May 31, 2013
Obama: "You WILL bow down to me and do what I say and Go With My Agenda or I will Stick The IRS on you and Abuse My Power. You want a Tornado, you will Get a Tornado. Are you NOW ready to worship me?" 5 May 31, 2013
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