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Pornography and the Death of Authenticity

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Ron says:
The Bible is the correct place to turn for guidance and it doesn't deny positive pleasure.
It defines what "positive pleasure" is within the will of God


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i agree with ron. read song of solomon. much of the bible is very explicit in describing the pleasures we were designed to experience with context of Gods plan

God never has a "don't do this" without a counter "do this", its not cosmic bully come to earth.

and as part of "the church" myself, i personally apologize for an often terrible job done at representing our design for healthy pleasure. the messangers poor grammar doesnt void the truth of the message

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Eldon Braun says:
Luke, of course some people become addicted to porn; others have problems with food, drug and alcohol addictions. I notice that in your book, you discuss advertising and other forms of cultural manipulation as well. Yup, these problems have been around since the dawn of human manipulation, although mass media and the Internet certainly make dissemination easier. But in terms of vulnerability to various forms of addiction, people are different. Part of any individual's problem may be due to genetic disposition (nature), but a large part is surely brought about by faulty parenting and inadequate education (nurture). Prevention is probably the most effective course of action.

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Sounds like you all need to read "When God Was A Woman" by Merlin Stone. Should help you understand why the God your worship is male, not female. Sex is great, the highest form of spiritual connectedness one can have with the universe. No wonder the church feared it! No wonder the church burned women alive for being in control!
Patrilineal rules put an end to free sex for women and turned them into property.
Use the brain given you! Universal love transcends anything Christ could dream of. Don't fill your hearts with the hatred God wants to put there (check your bibles, folks)! Religion is the greatest fomentor of hatred the world has ever known. Don't be a part of any religion! Save you soul! And remember, "All life comes from the Mother". Peace

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D. Noceti says:
It seems a tad bit hypocritical to bring up chauvinism and enslavement with regards to pornography and then jump into the healing powers of Christ and how the Bible is the correct place to turn for guidance on the subject of sex. Christianity is a patriarchal religion that, although with some good points, is filled with examples of abuse towards women, seeing them as nothing but property, and has historically been dis-empowering towards them. As for the Song of Solomon, many see it as an oddity within the Bible, something that does not make much sense when viewed with the whole of the work. For my part, any book that gives a man the right to rape a virgin, pay off her father and then marry her, cannot be viewed as a credible source for guidance on the subject.

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In reply to an earlier post on Oct 30, 2007 2:47:06 AM PDT
Exousia says:
Church only denied positive pleasure cause its 5th Century theology got infected by Platonic Greek thinking which divided the physical and the spiritual. Have a look at what the bible actually says and you will find that it condemns both unmitigated sexual licence as well as body denying asceticism. Of course healthy pleasure is good, God invented it but porn is not healthy pleasure. It is sex with yourself. It is sex with an idealised representation of another. It is sex that does not lead to a deeper relationship with someone. And it feeds a yearning especially in men to use women rather than care about them. Porn is to relationships what fairy floss is to food. All sugar, zero health value and targeted at the young. Porn is not just bad its useless for getting what we really need which is companionship from someone who really cares about us.

In reply to an earlier post on Oct 30, 2007 6:59:37 AM PDT
Exousia, I feel your thoughts were put elegantly. Religion aside (even though I am an Orthidox Jew) we have to look at our moral compass. Would we invite our children to the TV/ computer screen? Would we feel proud our our daughter, G-d forbid, she became a porn super star? Does porn draw us closer to our spouse with feelings of respect and satifaction? No the eyes are never satisfied. Our thoughts govern our actions. Even if I don't physical cheat on my wife my imagination even when surrounded by the romantice settings of candles, chemistry, my beautiful wife, and of course chocolete, is not satisfied. I have made a sexual contection through my eyes & imagination with that women on the TV screen. Don't get me wrong I'm all about freedom of expression in the bedroom, but the bottom line is unity between (1) man And (1) woman. This can not be accomplished when we fanaticize being with another women. I'm just like every other man in the world who struggles to dodge the daily bullets and to promote a healthy house hold. For those of us who have struggled and say porn is not an issue, try stopping. Thats when you see how powerful and controlling it truely is.

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In reply to an earlier post on Dec 9, 2007 8:23:28 PM PST
aphra says:
what a great post. Your wife is lucky!

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 12, 2007 7:34:59 PM PST
Well, it's cool that you are for gender equality, but until you remove verses in the bible about not permitting women to speak in church(among many other verses backing up the idea that women are inferior), you do indeed have alot of work to do. Thats like saying you are part of a group called "christians against slavery"; totally wonderful moral, a group I would personally be involved with(if it weren't for the christian tag; I tried it on for 24 years and it doesnt fit). There's only one problem; the bible never ONCE condemns slavery, but says daydream while being a slave that you're really gods slave(a much better option indeed). Good idea; not very biblical.
I don't mind people changing there religion to fit the times. Heck, there's no other way to ensure it's survival. I just ask that people acknowledge they are changing the rules to fit the times.
As for pornography? It's funny that the only time I've felt true "freedom" from sexual addiction was when I renounced the christian tyrant g-d and started making my own decisions. I don't stay away from porn because an external deity says I'll be in trouble one day(and then forever); I do it because it's not a very healthy idea. I don't hate on porn for it, I just go live my life the best way possible. Do I look at porn? If I want to, sure. But I self govern, something christians seem to be convinced we can't do.
You make slaves of us, wether you admit it or not. Your burden is not easy, your yoke is not light. Christianity demands your free will and common sense, two things we shouldn't be without as humans. But this is the feel good era of christianity, so what I'm saying sounds strange I'm sure to many. But believe me, if you are a fundamentalist christian, you are missing your free will, or you are a bad fundamentalist christian. I didn't say it; "g-d" said it in the bible. And By g-d I mean whoever wrote the bible(if you believe you know who did, you are accepting more on faith than anyone ever should).
in response to Jesus calling us sheep, I say, "takes one to know one, jerk". I am a goat; I make my own decisions, I lead the pack. Be a sheep and lose what it is to be human. Be a christian and learn the depths of the meaning of the word sheep.
Sorry, got a little side tracked. Anyway, if you can't stop watching porn, then look in a dictionary and find the meaning of the word "discipline". Then cross reference that with the word "self". Contemplate this mind numbingly profound concept, and when you think you have it, do it. If you need external help, find it. Just don't sign away your free will in the process. That price tag is too heavy.
You and your wife mourn the way that women have been treated in the church. On this we all agree. But I go one step further and realize it's the bibles fault entirely for this treatment. Quotes are available, but hardly necessary. The bible is morally ambiguous if you can make it stand up for womens rights and against slavery, because it's easily proven that it does neither. The same paul who said "we are now neither male nor female" also said "Let the women keep silent, for it is not permitted to them to speak." If paul didn't take a stand against the culture when morally wrong, then who are you to do so? "Go back to your master" isn't exactly backing up the underground railroad, is it?
In short, you do not follow the religion of the people you get your religion from. 2nd century chrisitians would not agree with you at all. now, is it because of morals or culture? Are the two relative, or concrete like christians claim? The one who is "the same yesterday, today, and forever" keeps changing his mind. Or at least his believers do, and the fact that he hasn't set them straight at all(which should be within his power to do so, being omnipotent and all) should cast serious doubt on wether he cares or not.

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 12, 2007 9:26:56 PM PST
aphra says:
Aaron: You might want to go to the discussion group: I'm a lesbian...,
this seems to be a "dead" group.

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 19, 2012 5:09:36 AM PST
Chilly Down says:
Re: "Christianity is a patriarchal religion that, although with some good points, is filled with examples of abuse towards women, seeing them as nothing but property, and has historically been dis-empowering towards them."


I respect the Bible; however, it was a book written by men, for men, and is very self-serving towards men.
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