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Lego Thread

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Posted on Nov 29, 2011 7:09:17 PM PST
Amber Steele says:
You guys have to check out this super awesome channel on YouTube- This guy does AMAZING stop-motion animation using Legos. I have no affiliation with it or anything; I just discovered it the other day and if you like Legos even a little bit, you'll love this! Enjoy!

Posted on Dec 6, 2011 6:11:52 AM PST
bordersj2 says:
Just a heads up - Amazon now has a lot of the new Lego sets on their site with January dates for the 2012 models to be released. However all or most of those sets are available currently at at or below the Amazon displayed prices being offered. Some of these sets have also appeared in Toys R Us too, though TRU usually has them a little more expensive than Lego does.

Also - the new series 6 minifigures are set to be released in January in Europe, maybe close to the same time in the United States too. The pictures I've seen look darn good. I think they've been getting better and better. lol

I think it was mentioned earlier too, but anyone that's really curious should check out a site called Bricklink. They have a lot of random Lego pieces that you can buy to make sets that have long been discontinued, without paying for the huge price tag that goes with the 'discontinued' sets. Definitely worth it. For example, I always wanted the little McDonald's set, and you can build it by just getting the instructions that give you the pieces you need and heading over to Brickset to pick up the pieces. Same goes with just about any set you want.

Posted on Dec 6, 2011 8:00:55 AM PST
stigabre says:
I never had a lego as a child and now for the first time ever I bought one for my daughter - the medieval village lego. Can't wait to give it as a gift to her for Chrsitmas :)

In reply to an earlier post on Dec 7, 2011 6:06:32 AM PST
bordersj2 says:
That's actually one of the best rated Lego sets ever. It really is pretty cool - a couple of buildings, apple cart, market, even some buildings with beds, etc. THe pieces aren't too juniorized so some of the animals can even be made out of lego bricks. It's a fantastic set, so can't go wrong with it.

Posted on Dec 7, 2011 7:19:30 PM PST
stigabre says:
Thanks for the input. I was looking at different sets, some of them of houses or cities, but just wanted to get the most of both worlds. So this set will have buildings and is a whole village too so I am sure my daughter will love it, as much as me :D

Posted on Dec 17, 2011 1:49:53 PM PST
bordersj2 says:
I think the new series of mini-figures is coming out soon. At least that's the case in Europe right now. Series 5 however is completely sold out - that was fast. Only one I couldn't find was the Gladiator. Anyways, series 6 looks cool. Lego usually has a few deals to check out with shipping though Christmas is coming up quick.

Posted on Dec 19, 2011 9:58:58 AM PST
bordersj2 says:
Maybe one tip I have for some people if they can - Lego Stores tend to have awesome, awesome sales after Christmas in January. When they licensed Prince of Persia, some huge sets like the big castle one was on sale for about 28 dollars in the store - that's well beyond a 50% price cut. So if you can and are into it and maybe thinking about next year (I know, I know lol), that's definitely what I would do & did last year. And it's paying off now!

Posted on Dec 19, 2011 11:21:03 AM PST
No love for the Technic line? That's where kids who enjoyed Legos when young should be taken when they start feeling bored with the lack of playability of the basic pieces. But beware: If you thought regular lego sets were expensive... adding electronics, computers, programmability, and mechanical engineering into the mix, and things get a little more pricey. But oh, the fun you can have! It's great building a cool robot with your basic sets, but imagine if you can program that robot to walk on its own! If you have kids who love mechanical stuff and are leaning towards engineering, I highly recommend the Technic line of sets.

Posted on Dec 19, 2011 11:37:09 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Dec 19, 2011 11:39:45 AM PST
J. Heldt says:
I am willing to pay a higher price for several reasons:
1. They are toys that are NOT made in China, where low pay and human rights violations allow us to buy under-priced, low-quality toys.
2. They are classic, timeless toys that can be played with by multiple generations, passed on to other children, and re-sold when needed.
3. They are well-made toys. I have two boys that should be toy testers. My youngest son has broken the best of toys, but Legos live on in our house!
4. Unlike other toys/games, they are good for brain development. They inspire long play, creativity, imagination, and design.
5. Most kids and families these days have TOO MUCH STUFF. I'd rather spend a little more for simple toys that will get played with, instead of a whole bunch of junk that will eventually end up in the trash or the next yard sale.
Long live Legos!!

Posted on Jan 3, 2012 9:54:10 AM PST
bordersj2 says:
For anyone interested, January's usually a pretty solid month for Lego. I remember last year they had loads of sets that would be discontinued at bargain basement prices in the Lego stores and on-line. But that's directly from Lego, NOT on Amazon or similar sites. This tends to be the case with licensed items that they want to clear out in favor of the next licensed items for the year or the 2012 sets in general. Last year it was Prince of Persia, this year who knows? It's starting to look like it could be Harry Potter, which were IMO pretty neat sets.

2 items of note though is that they have the license for "The Hobbit", which makes it even more that I can see them letting go of the Harry Potter sets. Two Hobbit movies are set to come out over the next few years, so there should be a couple of fair sets. And series 6 of the minifigures is due out this month too. A little too fast IMO, but oh well. It has some cool figures, like an Aladdin-esque Genie.

Posted on Jan 4, 2012 5:49:00 PM PST
Gilly8 says:
Legos----my older son was a true addict and could put them together by himself from a young age. My young interest. Kids are individualists after all.

The price thing is amazing.....I know inflation must pay a part, but the prices I see now, are sickening. There is what must be an adult level Star Trek Millenium Falcon for $1000.
I can only assume its for addicted and very emotionally attached adults!

What is frustrating to us is that at one point we had almost every Star Wars Lego set!

As for girls: I certainly never had any legos....I was given dolls and little stoves etc. NO INTEREST. I was a true tomboy, climbing trees, going out to the woods (back before the current paranoia of letting kids out of ones' sight!)......
Therefore, when I read that Lego is going to make "girl-oriented" legos, and they are described as "beach scenes" "a bride", and so on......C'MON! That sounds more like Barbie (no I'm NOT a fan!) than Legos. (Barbie, if real, would be something like 9 ft tall with a 45/20/45 "shape" (or so I've read)....................................................................................And I've also read that the Barbie phenomenon has been a big factor in the anorexia/ bulemia problem among young women/girls. (I should add that I have a very pretty young neice who took up smoking specifically to keep her wt down.....she LOOKS about 11 btw though she is 19!)

Back to lego----what I do like about lego is that kids have to use their own skills, their eye-hand coordination, their imagination, to create the object they want to create.


One last comment on Legos---and HIGHLY embarrassing for me as an RN----my younger son, age about 6 mos, got a lego piece stuck down his throat......I should have done the Heimlich maneuver and called 911.....Instead I tried to pull the piece out, thereby cutting his throat, and also put him in the car and went straight to the ER (very near us luckily). It was pure panic, and could have turned out much worse. They got it out immediatly, and I went home w/ him, very shaken up, and tossed out all of my older son's overreaction!

Overall, legos are great toys, more creative than most, and certainly more fun. As for girls: they need to rethink this. Girls can do ANYTHING boys can do, and should be allowed in the Lego toys to do so. Brides, housewifes, etc are fine, but not the only thing in a young woman's life!

Posted on Jan 5, 2012 12:59:45 AM PST

There some things I will never have (a cabin, a treehouse, my own business, my own house and yard), and some things I will probably never see (a Space Shuttle, a movie set, another planet, an alternate universe, the distant future), but with Lego, I can build any kind of adventure I read, see, or imagine. How cool is that??? Answer: Lego Cool!!!

RE: Common Complaints about Lego

1. Price. I check prices first at Lego (entering through Ebates for coupons), then ToysRus (Ebates also) THEN Ebay. It takes some time, but I get great prices. You can also look for sets and parts at Bricklink. Plus, Lego sells pieces and parts for good prices if you buy enough to make shipping charges worth it.

2. Gender. Thank you, MGS-II for pointing out how simple it is to put female faces and hair on any minifigure and Ta-Da! it becomes part of your set. And there are the old Belleville and the new Friends sets made with pinks and lavenders. They look like fun sets, but the figures are too big and the colors don't fit in with any other building sets (except a box of random piece sizes), that's my preference.

3. Untapped Demographic (mainstream toys girls ask for). I have seen the new Friends sets and I think Lego has hit the mark with this initial offering!

*Some girls I know would be willing to put the small sets together (like assembling a Barbie closet, etc.), but nothing larger or more complex. They see a box with more than 75 pieces and their eyes glaze over.

**However, many younger girls are learning to use technology at such young ages they are hungry for something to stretch their minds with spacial-dimensional toys that have a payoff (leaving the set put together to play with any time) and more fine motor skill exercises. They like a challenge. I thought the old Belleville line was, how do I put it, mostly stupid (sorry!). But the new Friends line of Lego are a breath of fresh air for the "Pink and Furry" isle in department stores. (If you don't know what that is...nearly everything Barbie-ish is pink, and second in popularity are the furry little animal toys.)

In conclusion:
A. Legos are available for reasonable prices from reputable sources if you do your homework. (See #1 above.)

B. More than any other toy I've ever seen or used, Lego is the most imagination-based line of toys. If you show kids that different hair, faces, and accessories are available for the minifigures, they will take care of any gender bias they see (the rest is in your own head so don't ruin their fun!). Also...send suggestions to Lego, and answer their surveys instead of griping about things. Positive suggestions go a long way!

C. Complainers on tv say, "The new 'Legos for Girls' only have a beauty shop and animal hospital." WRONG! I'm more of a minifig traditionalist, but the Friends sets I'm looking at are the Tree House, Invention Workshop, and City Park Cafe (and the convertible is pretty sweet). If those aren't "gender equal," I don't know what would be! And what's wrong with an animal hospital? The Tree House is $19.99 and would make a great Easter gift for myself (I always share my toys when kids visit)!

I'm a girl. Probably not typical because I longed for Legos the first time I saw them, but I had to wait many years until I had enough disposable income to buy my own Lego sets. I'm slowly building my collection (hahaha no pun intended). And I LOVE them! Star Wars, Harry Potter, City, Town, Medieval Village, Indiana Jones, and various smaller sets, and games.

There some things I will never have (a cabin, a treehouse, my own business, my own house and yard), and some things I will probably never see (a Space Shuttle, a movie set, another planet, an alternate universe, the distant future), but with Lego, I can build any kind of adventure I read, see, or imagine. How cool is that??? Answer: Lego Cool!!!

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 5, 2012 5:20:33 AM PST
Nana says:
VERY SMART to stock up now...I was quite surprised to see the price jumps in different sets. I have started doing that with after Christmas sales...Santa pretty much brings my grown sons, my foster sons, my grandsons and my nephews the same things. (no baby girls yet)

Posted on Jan 5, 2012 9:14:11 PM PST
Fangride says:
My favorite LEGO set had to be the old Bionicles, from 2001-2009, I believe it was. It was one of the most imaginitive and creative sets I've seen in a long time, and had a well-designed and fun story. They canceled the sets a few years back, which was a real shame, as the products they made to replace it basically dropped the complex storylines that Bionicle had, in exchange for a boring and simple story. I really enjoyed the imagination put forth in those sets, and I feel LEGO really made a bad decision in halting the production on them.

Posted on Jan 7, 2012 11:44:14 AM PST
J. Heldt says:
I'm confused as to why people think that Legos are gender specific for boys. I had Legos as a child and never thought they were just for boys. I had a gas station, a house, plus other small sets. I think it is sad that Lego had to re-design sets for girls, making them pink and otherwise "girly". I've seen the new Lego Friends commercials and personally think they look lame. If I had a girl, I'd just buy her the regular sets.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 9, 2012 6:03:53 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Jan 9, 2012 6:16:44 AM PST
bordersj2 says:
I don't think they were ever really meant to be gender specific. But I think they wanted to introduce different elements or gender specific elements for the sets. From the business side I can see them thinking that overtime it's become a 'boy oriented toy', especially since their restructuring when they almost went out of business in the late 90's, early 00's. They then started to focus on certain sets and themes/licenses, like Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc. I think that some of those themes did gravitate more towards boys, even if it was Lego. Meanwhile the 'town' theme was pretty good, but then Lego started focusing on Police/Fire, which may be something else that boys gravitated to more than girls. Those sets are always sellers for them so they'll keep doing them, and I think they found the need to maybe do something more gender specific because of it.

Just my thoughts on it so I can't confirm it. But I can see them thinking "boys like the action figures, girls like the barbies. It's too engrained now in society so maybe we can market something different, yet the same." Because most of the Friends sets look geared towards 'town' or 'city' themes than the more adventurous or licensed sets (Alien Invasian, Harry Potter, Creator, Dino Attack, etc.)

The good think about them though is like Paradisa, they have great pieces that can be integrated with regular lego sets. SOme items are juniorized but most of the pieces will work with regular minifigures and lego sets that are already around.

Posted on Jan 9, 2012 9:35:56 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Jan 9, 2012 9:36:41 AM PST
Pria says:
I grew up on legos. I recently picked up a set out of nostalgia and I actually think the fit of the pieces has gotten better than I remember.

I don't really agree that there were no "girl" legos. I hand space ships, police cars, dump trucks, helicopters, houses and other sets that I enjoyed playing with as a girl and it never once occurred to me they were "boy" toys. I loved all legos and never recognized gender bias in them. I built the model on the box, then took it apart and tried to build the other suggested models or came up with my own thing.

I really hope parents don't just shop for their girls at the "pink isle" but instead get them a variety of toys to explore on their own.

Posted on Jan 9, 2012 12:21:54 PM PST
I think that the coolest sets are the ones that combine creatures and vehicles with minifigures. My first experience with this was with the Atlantis sets. You would get some cool dangerous-looking sea creature like a snapping turtle or a manta ray, but then you would also get a sweet little sub and some action figures. My three little girls liked the creatures the best; I liked the vehicles; and everybody loves the minifigures.

I always took a pass on the Pharoah's Quest sets because they were a little pricey compared to others (consistently clocking in at well over the $0.10 per piece standard), but have since picked one up after Christmas at 50% off (the one with the big cobra). That's when I noticed how similar these sets were to the Atlantis ones. Each one comes with cool minifigs, a vehicle colored in the same color scheme as the others in the line, and a big creature. This is such a winning combination. I hope that LEGO keeps this kind of set coming for a long time!

As excited as I am about having a Galdalf minifigure, I hope that licensed sets never even begin to overtake the themes that LEGO concocts itself. Ninjago, Atlantis, Dino, Space Police - they're all just so cool! Keep the good stuff coming!

Posted on Jan 9, 2012 6:30:42 PM PST
MK Hill says:
1960s Legos were the undisputed king. My nephew has crap Legos that make no sense to me. Legos don't have characters or pieces so small you can't see them. Legos were made for a time when kids could entertain themselves rather than needing to be entertained.
Lincoln logs and a simple Lionel electric train were the same way. I remember my brother and I getting different styles of slot cars over the years. there was no TV show or movie that coincided with any of these so the game was in your head.

That's Lego cool.

Posted on Jan 12, 2012 11:36:37 AM PST
bordersj2 says:
Hey I don't know if anyone's into the modular sets? I love them but admittedly find them a little too expensive to justify. lol But I think they're pretty cool sets for people maybe a little more advanced and into building (i.e. - adults like most of us or teenagers ;) ) Some of the sets were the "Green Grocer" and "Cafe Corner", but both of those are now out of print and sadly, available for astronomical/ridiculous prices. The Fire Station is still available as is the Grand Emporium (I wish I could get that one...), and so is the latest, a Pet Store!

But I wanted to give a spoiler on what the next one will be for anyone interested. Well, it isn't too hard to find out anyways, but if you don't want to know, don't read below. You were warned:

"City Hall"

I saw a model of it built and it looks pretty neat. Some parts of it actually remind me of a set from 4 years ago that was limited and very cool (and again, just too expensive) called "Town Plan" which was like a throwback/dedication to maybe the 50's or 60's with designs in the little town center. Really reminded me of the scenes from the first "Back to the Future" movie. lol Anyways, this one looks good but for some reason the size seems weird compared to the others. Almost like it's a little too big.

Anyways, for those Lego fans that are lucky enough, that's something to look forward to in 2012. If you do have the modulars and get that one, let me (and everyone) know how you like it. I love the way they look.

Posted on Jan 20, 2012 7:48:17 AM PST
bordersj2 says:
In case anyone's interested I found series 6 minifigures for sale in the Lego stores. They're in white packages. They're actually pretty good looking. They seem to be getting better and better, though the quality isn't quite the same as the Denmark produced ones. Still, some neat ones. I managed to pick up a unique 9 of them, including the genie. But the Sleepy-head and the butcher, ones I really want, are still eluding me. lol

Posted on Jan 21, 2012 12:04:03 AM PST
Alyssa H. says:
Just a question. Do they still make the army sets? I haven't seen many anywhere and used to love those as a kid. My little brother is getting into army men so I thought of getting him some. Can't remember if it was actually lego or another brand that made them though.

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 23, 2012 6:10:35 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Jan 23, 2012 6:20:17 AM PST
bordersj2 says:
You're not dreaming there - I think a while ago, they did something with Toy Story where they had Army Men. It was all part of the licensed theme. But that's the only set I remember - the Army Men with a jeep. I think you can still get it on Amazon, but I'd advise getting it very, very soon because it's out of print now and with the color pieces, collectors will probably try to snatch them & the price will get pretty ridiculous. There may have even been a polybag out too.

Otherwise there are some non-Lego brick makers that have had army oriented sets. I think Mega Blocks may have and some of the knock-off companies (Like 'Englighten Child') have as well. Mega Blocks you can probbaly still find on Amazon, same with k'Nex but for the knock-offs you have to unfortunately take your chances on eBay.

In fact, I'd recommend looking at those just for the sake of seeing how much of a Lego rip-off they are. They literally ripped off their lines and sets, from the police trucks and stations to the various Creator houses they've had. It's something else. From what I've gathered though, the quality of the bricks is not the same so you probably don't want to merge them with whatever other Lego's you do own or your kids own. The color/sheen is also probably different, kind of like the Lego's made in Denmark vs. the Lego's made in China. I wouldn't mind Lego having competition... I figure that would definitely help keep their prices more honest since they've been ballooning, but hopefully it would be original sets and themes and not an entirely different toy (like Playmobile).

In reply to an earlier post on Jan 23, 2012 12:40:47 PM PST
Evan Foote says:
LEGO never made army sets. From wikipedia's page:

"While there are sets which can be seen to have a military theme - such as Star Wars, the German and Russian soldiers in the Indiana Jones sets, the Toy Story green soldiers and Lego Castle - there are no directly military-themed sets in any line. This is following Ole Kirk Christiansen's policy of not wanting to make war seem like child's play."

This is a helpful thing to remember when looking for used bricks. Basically, if the picture of used bricks shows they're camouflage in color, they're not LEGO.

Posted on Jan 26, 2012 7:37:36 AM PST
bordersj2 says:
I actually like the creator sets and houses. They have some good building techniques. There is a new one coming out this summer, I think called "seaside house", that's supposed to look pretty neat.

Mindstorms is also a pretty neat theme. I've never experimented with it but plan to at some point. I think there is an application for smartphones that let's you communicate with the robots, etc.
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