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God of War Thoughts: Kratos Discussion 7 2 minutes ago
3rd Time I Watched the (God of War 3 Ending) How many of you think this was a cliff hanger? I mean, there was a spiritual world! It's been bugging me for years! -_- 2 1 hour ago
Sony's awkward-looking augmented reality glasses will go on sale in March for $840 73 1 hour ago
OT: If you take sexual advantage of her, you're going to burn in a very special level of hell. A level they reserve for child molesters and people who talk at the theater. 7618 2 hours ago
Why Does The MajorNelson Site Exist When There Is The Xbox News Site? 53 2 hours ago
The Gamers That Were Prosecuted For Stealing Virtual Items 13 2 hours ago
Bloodborne expansion confirmed, more info later this year 24 3 hours ago
I am so confused 12 3 hours ago
OT: Netflix: Daredevil impressions 171 3 hours ago
Strange Target shelf tag for 'Project Van' on Wii U 4 3 hours ago
So, I'm playing AC: Rogue..... 2 3 hours ago
Weekend Gaming Recap and Weekly Gaming 5/18-5/21 116 4 hours ago
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