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OT: This is the story, of a lovely thread, with 10,000 very lovely posts. All of them had words of fun, like the last one, the first one with downvotes! 2054 31 seconds ago
Ico Or Shadow of the Colossus? 3 3 minutes ago
OT: Cop Who Shot Boy Who Was Holding a Wii Controller Get's Off Scott Free 180 3 minutes ago
Uncharted Movie Lands in Theaters in June 2016 42 3 minutes ago
Best Buy offers $499 Xbox One with Kinect and adds Forza 5 and $50 Xbox Live gift card bonus 0 8 minutes ago
Disappearing Act: Xbox Sales Plummet While Microsoft's Other Devices Continue To Struggle 1 12 minutes ago
XBOX ONE Destiny Beta Code 21 13 minutes ago
Woke up this morning, decided I don't want a PS4 and XBO til Q1 2015. I then cancelled my Destiny PS4 bundle, and now I feel great. 32 20 minutes ago
Sony agrees to $15M settlement in 2011 data breach class action 28 22 minutes ago
Pre-order Bonuses Are Up For Sunset Overdrive 15 42 minutes ago
Bungie tweets an image of Capt. Mal's ship Serenity (yes, from Firefly)... In Destiny. 4 54 minutes ago
Can Someone with Ryse Check Something for Me? 27 54 minutes ago
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