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The real loser of gen7 :Sony lost a staggering $3.5 Billion in just 2007 & 2008 alone. Who knows what the total number is. 105 4 minutes ago
Sonymites are delusional like chirstians, they live in so much denial 15 23 minutes ago
OT: Happy 4th Of July And All That Jazz... 7 31 minutes ago
Long weekend gaming, 07/02 - 07/05 - In between watching my last gasp of Dukes of Hazzard re-runs I'll be playing.... 43 40 minutes ago
The Witcher 3 Discussion Thread 1646 44 minutes ago
Hey Flores, what's the last Vita exclusive you played? 41 51 minutes ago
Destiny PS4 VGF Clan v2.0 7289 1 hour ago
OT: USA vs. China Tonight!!!! Women's World Cup Action!!!! 50 2 hours ago
NissanUSA thought DriveClub was real life 2 2 hours ago
PlayStation 4 dominates Europe with '70-90%' of console market 4 2 hours ago
Weekly Hardware Chart 30th May 2015. PS4 Domination Continues, Outsells Xbox One More than 2 to 1 3 2 hours ago
Interesting charts on the Amazon VGF 9 2 hours ago
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