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OT: my grandma what big bewbs you have! The better to motorboat you with my dear. 162 45 seconds ago
I just seen the Far Cry 4 trailer on my dashboard and i really want the game but i am so sick of playing as a white hero in exotic locations(it ruins the game authenticity) 15 2 minutes ago
rumor: Wiiu could see...... 13 4 minutes ago
Sony getting hacked again?!? Playstation network having persistent issues for the past week. 5 6 minutes ago
OT: Microsoft chief Nadella earned $84 million in 2014 8 11 minutes ago
Favorite movie ever, ONE ONLY !!... 125 12 minutes ago
PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne Graphics "Off The Charts," Sony Exec Says 26 23 minutes ago
Take a break from a game and then have to download... 3 24 minutes ago
Zen Pinball SouthPark - best $5 in a LONG time 6 29 minutes ago
oT!=! Hey Jenna 37 29 minutes ago
OT: Countdown to extinction: Only 6 northern white rhinos left on Earth 7 54 minutes ago
Dragon Age Inquisition Inquisitor's Edition Available for Pre-Order at GS 18 57 minutes ago
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