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Weekend gaming 04/17 - 04/19 - Why doesn't Chewbacca have any gray hair in the new Star Wars trailer? 65 4 minutes ago
Amid Non-Existant Sales And PS4 Domination, Xbox One Gets Another Official Price-Cut now £299.99 11 6 minutes ago
Happy 25th anniversary to the Fire Emblem franchise 5 7 minutes ago
Do you think Sony will ever update the PS4 to make it good enough to support external hard drives? 5 7 minutes ago
I feel really bad sonymites, it's like when you see all the kids get off of the shortbus 50 9 minutes ago
Rumor Star Wars Battlefront 720P on PS4? 36 10 minutes ago
so how many of you <sonymites> have already gave up that demons souls clone bloodborne because it was too hard?? 14 10 minutes ago
Sonymites rejoice, BRICKstation 4 is awesomeroo 22 10 minutes ago
Knack, infamous, movie game<the order>, multiplats, and demon souls clone<bloodborne>. Thats all 93 11 minutes ago
why console gaming is better than PC gaming 12 12 minutes ago
Something that heads of the Sony should learn 19 13 minutes ago
Rich from ReviewTechUSA: "Sony, your customer service is terrible. Fix it or you're screwed!" 45 15 minutes ago
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