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Xbox Deals with Gold - Amazing Spiderman, Mass Effect DLC, more 21 18 minutes ago
Blizzard cancels its next-gen MMO Titan after seven years 24 24 minutes ago
OT: In a forum where the trolls roam freely and the console war rages, there is one last bastion of hope. Where the righteous make their final stand. They call it "the OT." 3632 32 minutes ago
hey jenna you know what would make me feel better? 65 32 minutes ago
dis one time i farted rly loud and scared my cat... den my cat bite me and i bleed onto my favorite pillow 445 37 minutes ago
OT: So how was Gotham? (No spoilers) 34 38 minutes ago
OT: HoneyMoons 53 41 minutes ago
Just finished New Vegas... 61 41 minutes ago
Super Smash Brothers Appreciation Thread 222 45 minutes ago
OT: Week 4 of the NFL Season. The season is slowly taking shape while the packers are a shell of their former selves. WHO YA GOT! 42 54 minutes ago
First Flores says he's not interested in DriveClub. Then he says he'll play the *free* version on PS + and now he's saying he cancelled his preorder. Which is it?!? 18 1 hour ago
PSN Sale: Old AC games $10, AC:BF $20, ex-THQ games like Redfaction for $5, BL1/BL2 $5 and more 14 1 hour ago
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