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OT: my grandma what big bewbs you have! The better to motorboat you with my dear. 1180 56 seconds ago
Engadget: Let's look at each game console's lineup of exclusives for holiday 2014 96 1 minute ago
Microsoft gives Pewdiepie a free Sunset Overdrive Xbox One to play. Paid to Play. It's worse than I thought. 12 2 minutes ago
Weekend gaming 10/24 - 10/26: Planning on blasting Will Smith gangster rap while playing video games. 88 8 minutes ago
5 random songs 1170 9 minutes ago
Wow, Dragon Age: Origins is pretty awesome. 18 14 minutes ago
So, I want this Eidos bundle on Steam 2 24 minutes ago
OT: Just a heads-up, it's double points on Bing this weekend 20 28 minutes ago
Worldwide PS4 sales at least 40 percent better than Xbox One 4 29 minutes ago
So, wii scrwed u? 1 32 minutes ago
Legitimate Sales Numbers: Forza Horizon 2 Outsells Drive Club 153 44 minutes ago
OT: Cream bassist Jack Bruce dies, aged 71 3 58 minutes ago
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