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Amazon Kindle Fire 2 coming early 2012?

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Initial post: Oct 20, 2011 10:35:04 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Oct 20, 2011 10:36:36 AM PDT
WeScYdE says:
Anyone else heard this, I read an article on my smartphone earlier about it.

Article found:
We haven't even got over the excitement of the first one yet, nor have us Brits even seen it land on our sun-drenched shores, but it looks like a sequel could already be in the making.

Digitimes is reporting that Foxconn is in the process of putting together Kindle Fire 2 units, with plans to ship them out in the first half of 2012.

We would say take this one with a pinch of salt, the Kindle Fire itself has only just come out and Digitimes isn't always the most reliable of sources. That said the website could be right on the money as there have been rumours circulating about a sequel elsewhere. Still though, perhaps we will see the Kindle 2 arrive in the UK.

"With Apple's iPad 2, Sony's Tablet S and Amazon's second-generation Kindle Fire all produced by Foxconn, the sources estimated that close to 80% of worldwide tablet PC shipments will be supplied by the company in the future." said Digitimes's source.

Quanta Computer currently puts together the $199 Amazon Kindle Fire, but has apparently lost the next generation of the tablet to Foxconn.

Who knows, a super quick sequel to the already impressively well priced and powerful Kindle Fire? We sure hope so. There is the possibility it emerges as a 3G version of the tablet or even one with a bigger screen. Perhaps a quad-core processor? Impossible to know but exciting stuff anyway...

Posted on Oct 20, 2011 10:36:58 AM PDT
DVvM says:
I'm just not sure what I would do with it, if I had one.

Posted on Oct 20, 2011 10:38:47 AM PDT
[Deleted by Amazon on Nov 9, 2011 11:16:20 AM PST]

Posted on Oct 20, 2011 10:42:33 AM PDT
Last edited by the author on Oct 20, 2011 10:42:53 AM PDT
WeScYdE says:
Yah i was wondering when i read that above article earlier I also read something else that said second half of 2012 but this artilce is a bit more recent

Also the company that is making Fire 1 is different then that of fire 2

Posted on Oct 20, 2011 10:47:11 AM PDT
Paper Tiger says:
I heard the new one next spring will have a larger screen size than the 7" that's coming out in November. The curretn e-readers have 6" screens and it's perfect for reading. The larger Fire will be the same thing though the App store will have more to offer by then etc. If I had any interest in buying a tablet I'd definitly get Amazon's because I use their Prime/content and they have a lot of it to offer. However, I love my Kindle e-reader and won't be buying a Fire until it breaks or the Fire/tablets get the e-ink technology.

Posted on Oct 26, 2011 5:16:07 PM PDT
I am hoping that Kindle Fire 2 will have forward facing and rear facing cameras with a 10 inch screen... I'll buy it at that point... but right now, it is lacking in features.... otherwise I will sit out and wait for another tablet...

Posted on Nov 15, 2011 4:47:58 AM PST
M. Crider says:
if u read the reports out the articles say the next fire to come will be 8.9 9.7 and/or 10.1 no mention of a new version of the 7inch model. its never been a secret the amazon said they were bringing out multiple sizes and i believe they have learned what we want for the next fire like bigger storage and/or card slot. i applaud the next size fire as my hubby has a 8.9 android now and loves that size. many more have stated that they want a 10in fire u go amazon and i will leave u with a thought ...... quad-core ...... think about that's on my wish list in a larger fire

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 15, 2011 5:16:14 AM PST
JJ4prez says:
Okay, then add 250$ to that device. Hey, then you got an ipad 2?!

The reason why it's only 199.99 is because it doesn't have features like those and it's simple. I like that, but you will find yourself just buying an ipad 2 if they added all that stuff that you want.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 15, 2011 5:42:40 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 15, 2011 5:44:37 AM PST
M. Crider says:
Since when does an ipad have a quad core ..... if it did then i could justify the expense that is an apple product. But this country allows for competition and there is plenty of it and yes there is a quad core coming out next year. The asus transformer prime will be sporting the nvidia tegra 3 quad core chip set. source The asus transformer prime ships this December 32g for $499 and 64g for $599. Also announced yesterday the new htc tablet will be quad core. hopefully the still at the drawing board ipad 3 will be quadcore or it will no longer be the industry leader in tablets. And i would like to point out to all the apple fanboys that once the prime hits the shelves it will own the ipad 2 spec wise.

who said the bigger version kindle tablet was gonna be a slimmed down tablet ?

and yes i am getting a kindle fire its the perfect combo of ereader and tablet that i am looking for since i don't create crap for youtube i don't need all that an ipad "can do".

now u may begin the flaming that comes when an apple gets cored. fire roasted apples yum

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 15, 2011 6:03:23 AM PST
Zee Bretz says:
You don't want to buy an e-reader because of it's lack of photographic features?

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 15, 2011 6:08:10 AM PST
GUEST!! says:
It's not like they don't put Cameras on everything else these days... Cameras are getting to be a throw-away feature, like cup-holders.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 15, 2011 6:13:45 AM PST
But a crappy camera is useless, just like a crappy cupholder.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 15, 2011 6:18:31 AM PST
GUEST!! says:
I got a new phone on Sunday. Nothing fancy. I kind of balked when I saw it was only 1.3 megapixel, but I've played with it a bit now, and it def takes some decent pictures.

Posted on Nov 15, 2011 6:20:46 AM PST
CisforCorgi says:
My mom wants one of these for Christmas. :( I wanted to just get her a regular kindle but she was all, "No I need the one with all the Gs." and I'm like, "dude you can play words with friends on your iphone, you don't need a wifi kindle." But I will get her this because I love her, and then all day I will hear, "How do i connect it to my internets?"

To make matters worse I emailed my not-yet-20-year-old-in-college-brother about going in on it with me and he was like, "Yeah pay what you want, I'll pay the rest." Which, if anyone else has a sibling, means the GAUNTLET HAS BEEN THROWN DOWN. There goes my bonus this year.

Oh well. I love my mom.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 15, 2011 6:23:02 AM PST
GUEST!! says:
Your siblings must be more affectionate toward your parents and/or willing to pay for things. With my siblings it would mean YOU ARE GOING TO PAY FOR THE WHOLE THING and I'll write a lovely card.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 15, 2011 6:26:53 AM PST
JJ4prez says:

7" Kindle Fire 199.99

You add, 10.1 in screen, dual cameras, multiple other different things for the new model, what do you think it'll be? 199.99 still? I am just being realistic, there is a bunch of things missing from the Kindle Fire (which I am okay with) that makes it 199.99. You add everything everyone is complaining about, and you get a $400 price tag and you might as well just buy an ipad 2. That what I was talking about.

Posted on Nov 15, 2011 6:27:21 AM PST
M. Crider says:
i don't wanna a regular e reader bcuz i want 1 device and basic tablet functions. I enjoy the mini games on my hubby's vizio tablet and do read on it but it is a bit heavy and i like the 7in size better. He uses his alot for a gaming accessory, looking up stuff while we play or watch tv and even as a remote for the tv. I have also become very addicted to touch solitaire and as a photographer i like being able to show off my work wherever i am. I don't do any creative stuff even on my pc, that's not my thing. so I don't need an ipad or want to spend that kind of money on something when we are very happy with our 8.9in vizio ... which by the way is only $199 at walmart. After much discussion and playing with the vizio tablet i know i want a 7in size and defiantly don't need bells and whistles .... that being said if i wanted a bells and whistles tablet i would want to wait and see what next year and the competition produced by having a quad core tablet on the market will do to the tablet industry.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 15, 2011 6:29:21 AM PST
CisforCorgi says:
He just got his first job over the summer so he's flush with cash since the 'rents are paying his college expenses. But at the same time my epeen hurts because I'm the one with the salaried job thinkin' I'm supposed to be responsible for the greater half. This pride of mine, it is terrible.

Maybe it's not too late to just tell him I'll just write the card, haha.

Posted on Nov 15, 2011 6:30:27 AM PST
GUEST!! says:
Personally, I have a standard Kindle and I'm happy with it. I prefer the e-Ink for this purpose instead of the screens we get on full-on tablets, because you have lessened eye-strain and it's readable in any light (Except pitch black, obviously).

But then again, the only thing I want my e-reader to do is bring me reading material.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 15, 2011 6:31:10 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Nov 15, 2011 6:31:40 AM PST
GUEST!! says:
Nah! Fight for your parents' affection! It's good. At least you have a brother willing to do that. Like I said... My sibs are all dirty mooches. I'm the youngest by 13 years, and aside from my sister, I'm the closest thing to a self-sufficient adult among the lot of them.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 15, 2011 6:33:01 AM PST
JJ4prez says:
Pitch black isn't a light though? lol

Stop dumbing down your post for others Guest!! Use your full vocabulary potential! :)

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 15, 2011 6:36:31 AM PST
CisforCorgi says:
Yeah...I have a couple of friends with family members like that, and I feel bad for them, because you're right. It's always, "hey do you mind if I sign my name to that gift?" And if they're family you can't be like, "eff no, go get your own $80 present GOD." A few of my coworkers did that when I got a gift for boss' day for our team's manager. I was like, "uggggh fiiine only because you'll gossip about me if I don't let you sign."

But yeah, do the kindles come with instruction manuals? I'd like to not spend my entire Christmas hovering over my mom's shoulder, rofl.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 15, 2011 6:58:57 AM PST
GUEST!! says:
Yeah, they do. I'd say it's pretty self explanatory, but I've only got a basic Kindle myself, and a background with technology. Even with the manual you may still be hovering.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 15, 2011 8:42:14 AM PST
Yeah the camera is becoming more and more improved. Hell my iPhone has an 8 mp camera.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 15, 2011 8:54:34 AM PST
GUEST!! says:
And you know, I'm totally cool with a camera on a phone. When I was in Chicago last spring, though, I saw a family taking pictures using an iPad down on the Pier and that was the most awkward and unwieldy photoshoot I've ever seen. It's a stupid feature, and the lack of a camera is not going to be a dealbreaker for me on a Tablet.
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