fujitsu scan snap S1500 Instant and S1500 Deluxe Why would one buy both the S1500 Instant and the S1500 Deluxe - what is the difference? I am just starting to think about going paperless. Also, do these scanners work with "Vista"?
Thanks,, Jack Farrelly
asked by John P. Farrelly on January 13, 2010
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From Fujitsu's website: "the ScanSnap S1500 Deluxe Bundle includes Rack2-Filer V5.0, an ultra-intuitive scanning and file management application for home or small office. Through the use of graphical cabinets and e-Binders, users will experience a familiar yet heightened level of accessibility and convenience to their digital content." There are a few pictures on the site, and I'm sure you can track down more info.
Alan Miller answered on February 11, 2010
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I just bought the scansnap S1500 and in less than 2 hrs I eliminated 2 feet (yes a two foot high pile) of paper files and billing statements. The interface still needs some work and the addition of a few functions but all in all a 4 out of 5. don't know what the deluxe is. Maybe it comes with lettuce, tomato and fries.
bob labalo answered on April 26, 2012
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Does it automatically file your papers or do you have to set the file?
kerri mcdougald answered on April 26, 2012
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The only difference is that the "Deluxe Bundle" includes "Rack2-Filer" software, hence costs a bit more.
(Note: the S1500M aimed at Mac users doesn't have the Deluxe bundle, as Rack2-Filer is only a Win application, and Mac's have the Finder app (or even the better third-party Path Finder app) both of which work well enough anyway for most users. Hint: hardcore Mac filers can additionally check out Evernote or even Devonthink if they think they need something with myriads of options.)

@kerri, the various software included gives you options for how you want it to handle the scans coming off the scanner.
So you can have them scan into a single "Pending"-type folder, from where you can then do your own filing into your own folders based on subject (eg. "Expenditure", "Income", "Receipts", etc.), or you can have it do some basic filing for you.
If you buy the Deluxe with the Rack2-Filer software, this is essentially like a virtual filing cabinet for items to be grouped in various ways.

Also worth noting, is that the machine has been out for YEARS now, and all the included software receives updates for at least each new OS release, hence open Twain is not needed as the software will work on every new OS released for the foreseeable future. And as the included software works efficiently to quickly make scans in PDF (or JPG; which are also possible on this machine) as desired, manipulation afterwards can be done using *any* software you want.

Anyway, definitely get this S1500 (or perhaps S1500M if Mac user. Apart from machine colour, the only difference being the version of Acrobat supplied with the machine being for Mac's). It's been out a few years now, but is still the best reasonably affordable machine on the market - I know as I've tried many!
j s answered on August 2, 2012
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