Play a lot of games , hidden object, bingo word etc. . Will this laptop support this ?
asked by lkmaryfla on November 18, 2012
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Yeah its great for online game or game app. Any of those games that don't require a CD this can handle. Just check out the webstore to see a lot of cool free games.
Jared Cordon answered on November 18, 2012

I'm not a huge game player, but I was home sick for a couple days and downloaded a few simple free game apps...solitaire (tried several different apps), mahjong, word mahjong (fun!). Apps installed easily (one of the things I like about Chrome). The solitaire games were slow, but that may be part of the programming, giving users time to see the board (I've noted a slower response on Hearts bundled with Windows 7 on a couple of pretty fast new computers. The reduced speed was clearly deliberate so player had time to see all the cards played before they were removed). The regular mahjong tiles were hard for me to see clearly. It was an old symbol set--I remember them from an online mahjong game that I used to play--so I know the base art is clean. I think the reduced clarity was a factor of the screen itself and the additional reduction in size because I couldn't get it to go full screen. The word mahjong was okay for readability (though the graphics for a couple letters should be redefined), but sometimes slow to remove the tiles once I'd built the word. Not bad, just not blazingly fast. I have no idea if it would play well with online MMP games, though given what I consider a disappointing response from Chrome with the Chromebook, I would expect to be a little frustrated. But that's all guessing. My only real experience is with the games I've noted. I deleted all apps I tried except for the word mahjong. The Chromebook had no problem actually running the apps, so again, I'm not sure if the reduced speed was deliberately programmed. I did not try any paid apps like Angry Birds so I don't have anything to compare there. FWIW...sorry I can't be more help.
my dog's servant answered on November 22, 2012

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