generation differences What is the difference between the 4th generation and 5th generation ipod?
asked by G. High on January 15, 2012
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The 5th generation has a better display when compared to the specs of the 4th - I find the 4th to have a great display though. The 5th generation has a faster processor (A5 chip-this is not as fast as the most current A6 processor) and RAM (512mb) whereas the 4th generation has a slower chip/processor (A4) and 256mb of RAM. The size is a difference as well as the 5th generation has a 4 inch display making it slightly larger (longer) than the 4th generation. The cameras on the 5th generation are 5 megapixel (rear) and 1.7 megapixel (front facing) while the 4th generation cameras are <1 megapixel (rear) and VGA (front facing). Hope that cleared things up a bit for you! And I hope I got all the differences right :D
.Reimi. answered on December 16, 2012
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Besides what the other answers state, IT IS $100 CHEAPER!!!!!!!!!!! (4th Gen.)
Keith answered on August 25, 2013
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The 5th Generation has Siri. The 4th generation does not.
Cole answered on December 12, 2012
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