Tag for Amazon search FAQ

What is a Tag for Amazon search?
A tag for Amazon search allow you to specify the search for which you think the item should appear, along with your explanation of why it is relevant. Once approved, we'll show your suggested item and explanation in Amazon search to everyone - it'll be attributed to you!
Can I see an example?
Thanks to a tag for Amazon search, William Shakespeare's play "Macbeth" now appears on searches for "the scottish play".
How can I make a tag for Amazon search for an item?
Go to the detail page for your chosen item, and look for a section called "Tags customers associate with this product". Now click on the "suggest" link, and you'll be taken through the process of making a tag for Amazon search.
How can I view/edit/delete my existing tags for Amazon search?
You can manage your existing tags for Amazon search from your "Manage your tags for Amazon search" page. This page is accessible from Your Profile page.
When will my tag for Amazon search appear in Amazon search?
Each tag for Amazon search is reviewed and, providing it meets our guidelines, will typically appear in Amazon search within two weeks. We'll email you when your suggestion has gone live, or if it has been declined for some reason.
Why doesn't my suggestion appear higher in Amazon search results?
The relevance of each tag for Amazon search is automatically calculated. The greater the relevance, the higher a tag for Amazon search will appear in search results. Typically, you will find that a suggestion on a more specific search phrase (e.g. "the scottish play") will appear higher than one on a more general search phrase (e.g. "romance").

We are continually working to optimize our relevance calculation and we do value your feedback, so please let us know if you feel your Suggestion should appear higher in search results.
Are there any restrictions as to what tags for Amazon search I can make?
Yes, please see our guidelines.
Why are tags for Amazon search on the author name or item title discouraged?
Tags for Amazon search are intended to improve Amazon search by helping people find relevant items which otherwise wouldn't appear in search results. Amazon search should already show an item on searches for the item's author or title. If you have found an item where this is not the case, please contact Amazon Customer Service. Amazon Customer Service.
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