Grace Potter & The Nocturnals (Audio CD)

Great Music Period
Customer rating 5.0/5.0
September 14, 2010 By micdus
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Grace Potter & The Nocturnals have crafted a truly thrilling album. The tracks that rock--"Paris (Ooh La La)," "Medicine," "Only Love," and "Hot Summer Night"--do it like an earthquake. Potter may be working a sparkly skirt but her musical heft is all muscle shirt, jeans and big nasty boots. Thus, proving that what you wear ain't the point. This is music that is genuine, tight and has just enough grit to make cries of "slick" confounding. The band maintains equal fire power on quieter numbers like "Colors" and the stunning "Things I Never Needed." Perhaps my favorite track is "One Short Night" which combines a sexy mixture of rock and soul in a way that gets me grooving no matter where I'm at when I hear it. This is an album that is good from start to finish because it is filled with songs that have both structure and passion. These tracks come to rock and conquer and they succeed on every level.

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