Kindle Fire (Previous Generation - 1st) (Electronics)

Stay at home Mom-My review so far
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November 15, 2011 By Melissa Lauderdale "misca"
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FYI- I have only touched an Ipad once, so I do not have any other experience to go off of a tablet! Just received my Kindle Fire about 30 minutes ago, and wanted to share my first impressions of my new kindle. To start, setup was very easy, as long as you remember what your wi-fi password is for your home(dont use it constantly so had to think about it).
Colors are very vivid: There is some glare from the inside lights(received mine about 6:30 so it was dusk outside):screen is very easy to use, scrolling and picking out what you need: It does show everything that you have used constantly(I am one of those people that have a lot of the free romance books that Amazon has so it's kind of embarrasing! beware of that if your shy or will use in public.-

Facebook-works great, Pandora-good sound quality, you can play it in the background while you do other things, Youtube-didn't have any problem playing it, but the sound is a down, but I put that to the sound quality of youtube, not the Fire's capabilities

Instant Stream for Prime- Something i was most excited about, it shows up instantly that you touch the videos. Streamed quick, sound all the way up is good enough to listen without headphones as long as it isn't to loud.

Internet-haven't used it for much yet, but the slight, and I do mean slight lag is not a problem.


Screen brightness: If you aren't used to a tablet with the backlit screen(like me, I had only the Kindle 3g) it is VERY bright. It kind of made my eyes hurt a little bit, and I don't like how I was changing the brightness level.

Reading: I really hope I get used to this, or I will not be doing reading on this, and instead go back to my Kindle 3g. The screen is very bright, although they give you 3 options to choose from of colors( White/Black, Black/White, or a slight yellow matte background with black letters) the last one I think I will be using for a while until I can get used to the brightness. Screen is also very sensitive, and it will take time to get used to not haveing the buttons on the side.

To stay on the reading, and more of something that I think they should change for options, is we should have the x-ray option, I don't like how you can't check up the book your looking up on the internet, straight from the source, and I would really like the option to rate, and write a review straight from the books' menu.

Overall my impression is that it is a great MEDIA tablet, which is exactly what it is touted to be. I think I will be very happy with this once I get used to it, and I will try and update this once I have more time with it!

UPDATE 1 DAY LATER: The brightness you get used to, thank God! I was reading on it last night and my eyes adjusted. Pictures that you transfer over can be put in your gallery(under apps), and they are so vivid!

Music from your music folder- Easy enough. If you have ever moved over a file to a mp3 or something else, it is as simple as click and drag. Just make sure it is one of the accepted files(look on the product page for this).

Children- I have a 2 year old, and I had a lot of the apps that I downloaded on my Android phone, to let her play with. She loves playing the games, and she stole my fire out of my hands when I downloaded Elmo. It is a perfect size for her to hold on the couch and watch

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