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Add-on Items

The Add-on program allows Amazon to offer thousands of items at a low price point that would be cost-prohibitive to ship on their own. Add-on Items ship with orders that include $25 or more of items shipped by Amazon.

Exploring and Identifying Add-on Items

Add-on Items are products of all different sorts at a low price point. Previously it was only possible for us to offer items like these in large multi-pack sizes (which for many families would have been too much of an item). Add-on Items are marked with a special badge when searching for items, viewing items, and during checkout

Buying Add-on Items

To purchase Add-on Items, just include them in an order with $25 or more of the millions of items shipped by Amazon. For example, you could order a $5 packet of teriyaki-flavored beef jerky that's an Add-on Item with a $20 thermos, an $80 pair of shoes, or anything else that gets your order to $25 or more of items shipped by Amazon.

Add-on Items and Amazon Prime

When you add an Add-on Item to an Amazon Prime order of $25 or more, your Add-on Item will also receive Prime shipping benefits, including FREE Two-Day Shipping. For example, if you ordered five $5 pacifiers, each of which was an Add-on Item, your order would receive Prime shipping benefits.

As a Prime member you can continue to choose from the over 15 million (and growing) Prime-eligible items sold on, plus access Prime Instant Videos and the Kindle Owners' Lending Library.

Add-on Items and Free Shipping

If you're not a Prime member, you can combine your Add-on Items with other items and take advantage of free shipping. For example, you could include a $5 bath sponge that's an Add-on Item with two $15 paperbacks and receive free shipping on all three items.

Checking Out Without Add-on Items

If you have an Add-on Item in your cart but less than $25 of items shipped by Amazon you can still check out with the rest of your items. When you proceed to checkout we'll give you the choice either to keep shopping or to check out with the rest of your items and save your Add-on Items for later. We'll keep your Add-on Items in the "Saved for Later" section of your cart so that you can easily add them to a future order.

If you have Add-on Items saved for later in your Cart that are marked Add to next qualifying order, they will automatically be included in your next qualifying order of $25 or more. You'll have a chance to review these Add-on Items before completing your order.

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