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Price: $10.99
47 used & new from $5.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars Maidens Finest Album, June 30, 2004
This review is from: Powerslave (Audio CD)
Im going to start by saying this album is in my top 5 favorite cds and i have over 100.
1. Aces High: This starts the album off with a bang. The guitar riffing is fast, high pitched, and adrenline pumping, not a very heavy song, but still metal and just as good.There is also a great solo by Dave Murray. You'll like this song if you like faster, higher pitched, metal songs. 10/10
2. Two Minutes to Midnight: This was Maidens highest single of this album and for good reason, it has a cool riff and a very catchy chorus. Bruce dickinson does a pretty good vocal performance on this song. The guitar riff is much like Ted Nugent's Stormtrooping. 10/10
3. Losfer Words (Big Orra):This was Maidens last instrumenatal,
and unfortunatly it was not another Ghengis Khan. It has a fast heavy Prog Rock Sounding riff to it, this song is complety unique and I haven't heard anything like it. 8/10
4. Flash of the blade: The song starts out with a unusual riff that sound like it could be part of a Ozzy Osbourne guitar solo.
when the lyrics start both guitarists do your typical iron maiden power cord riffing. There is a cool sychronized solo played in octaves in the guitar bridge. 8/10

5. The Duellists. Starts off with more heavy guitar riffing. Steve Harris plays his bass great in this song, providing a good backup sound in the chorus and the guitar solo that follows. Some parts of this song are very heavy, other parts are filled with melody, and in some parts there is both. There is an excellent guitar bridge and solo. 9/10
6. Back in the Village: It's a decent song but it pales in comparison to all the other songs, it has a really wierd sounding main riff. When the guitar solo starts at 2:30 the song gets really good with good riffs and a guitar solo. 7/10 but 9/10 for the solo
7. Powerslave: This is the secound best song on the album, the opening guitar riff is fast, galloping, and vicous sounding. Then it gets even better during the chorus when the riff changes into something even nastier and faster then the opening one. After the secound chorus the song complety mellows out into a slow beatiful guitar solo, this goes on for a minute then the drums kick in and in launches a fast, powerful, absoluty rocking guitar solo, with Steve Harris's Bass loudly playing along in a catchy little rhythm during the solos.
8. Rime of the Ancient Mariner. The album ends with one maidens finest songs ever. Every single memmber of the band shines on this song, there are more good guitar riffs in this song then on any 10 Nu-Metal albums, nevermind make that 20 albums, i kinda forgot how bad nu-metal is. This song is complety fasicnating and still amazes me. The whole album is worth the price just for this 14 minute epic masterpiece.
Sorry if you didn't understand me or i rambled on, but i just love this album, buy it!

Please tell me what you thought of my review by pressing yes or no, im just curious to see if i was helpful at all. Thanks for reading.
and one other thing listen to wrathchild (the reviewer below me.) he is absoluty right about everything he said, screw king diamond and all that satanic sh*t.
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Fly on the Wall
Fly on the Wall
38 used & new from $1.70

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4.0 out of 5 stars Brian Johnson isn't all that bad, June 11, 2004
This review is from: Fly on the Wall (Audio CD)
First of all im writing this review to defend Brain johnson, im sick of people critizing him and his voice. He is not bad at all, when you listen to him sing keep in mind that he was about 40 when he recorded this, so compared to Bon he is old. And music wise you cant compare them,the ac/dc sound was changed after Bon died, not just the vocals. Also try to imagine Ac/dc with some one besides bon or brian, its hard isn't it, the only person i can imagine is Dan McCafferty of Nazareth. Don't get me wrong im a huge fan of bon and like him more then brian, i even did my 8th grade english project on Bon, it was about 6 pages long. Anyway this album is basic solid catchy 80's ac/dc

Heavy Metal Thunder (2CD)
Heavy Metal Thunder (2CD)
14 used & new from $18.00

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5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best N.W.O.B.H.M albums period, May 22, 2004
Im not going to waste word another then to say this is a great album. So heres the review.
1.Heavy metal thunder, Saxon starts off the album with one of their best songs, great riffs and solos. 11/10
2.Strong arm of the Law, one of their catchier more rock songs but very good 8/10 (im learning to like it more so in a week it will probably be 9/10
3. Power and Glory. Powerful opening riff, cool bass during the chorus. I love this song becuase that opening riff just keeps popping up just when you think its died down. Great metal guitar solo, mainly becuase of the riff. 10/10
4. And the bands played on. A classic song that has great lyrics with a guitar riff that sounds very dramatic. 8.5/10
5.Crusader. the weakest song here mainly becuase this was made around when saxon sold out. 6/10
6. Dallas One P.M. Good song kind of a tough guy guitar riff.
7. Princess of the Night. Heres where the album gets really good. Fast guitar riff, and nice guitar solo with a cool background riff. 10/10
8. Wheels of Steel. Not as good as motorcycle man, but with better guitar solo. decent riff. 10/10
9. Strangers in the night. Solid, good song, just was never really one of my favorites. 8/10
10. Motorcycle man. Great british metal riff with thrash like drumming, nice e cord pounding during the guitar solo, the whistling from biff sounds cool too. 11/10
11. Never Surrender. I love this song becuase it tells excatly what saxon did, they never did surrender for those of you who know saxons story this makes sense. Nice Rock/metal guitar riff, adrenilne pumping chorus and background riff, fast rocking guitar solo. The best part of this song is the end chorus where it seems like its going to end but with a pound of the cymbals the chorus goes on. 11/10
12. Denim and leather.the riff sound way ahead off its time, would be just an o.k song if it wasn't for the lyrics and what they are about. 8/10
13.Backs to the Wall. A hard fast rock tune, Biff kind of souns like David Lee Roth in the beggining with his scream
So buy this album if your into British metal or you think you like metal, great album my only complaint is i wish crusader was replaced with Machine Gun, one of my favotite Saxon Songs.

If You Want Blood You've Got It
If You Want Blood You've Got It
Price: $7.22
73 used & new from $2.60

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5.0 out of 5 stars AC/DC Rocks!, March 19, 2004
"If you want blood you got it" is showcasing the Bon Scott era at its best. It completly captures AC/DC's early life shows at their fericous best, angus's guitar solos are fast and catchy, and bon scotts voice is fast gruff and perfect for this amazing band. The audience at this live show is great, going absolutly berserk at the beggining of each adranline pumping song. This is the cd for anyone who wants to hear ac/dc at their best or for someone who just wants a great rock CD.

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