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Price: $10.89
41 used & new from $5.61

5.0 out of 5 stars One of THE best new rock/metal bands right now!, February 18, 2014
This review is from: Lux (Audio CD)
This band, and this album just blow me away.
The style of their music is something I don't think I've heard before, and if I have, they've put enough of their own twist and flair on it to make it sound consistently unique. This album is just great from beginning to end.
I really dig on the song Mourning Star
But as a whole there is some true emotion behind each song.
I've seen them live a couple times now and have talked to a couple of their members who are just downright cool and genuine individuals.

32GB 32G 16GB x2 SanDisk MicroSD MicroSDHC Card with Memory Stick Pro Duo Adapter - Bulk
32GB 32G 16GB x2 SanDisk MicroSD MicroSDHC Card with Memory Stick Pro Duo Adapter - Bulk
Offered by MemoryWhiz
Price: $19.99
3 used & new from $19.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great storage upgrade!, January 24, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is just awesome! I now have 29gb of available storage on my PSP-1001. I was shuffling back and forth before between a 4gb and an 8gb pro duo. Now I can have all my digital content on one location. Item arrived for me exactly as described. I don't need the SD expansion as I just plug the psp directly in to the computer to transfer.

A couple things to note.

Once you insert the micro sd cards into the pro duo adapter, insert into your PSP and format, this formats the card with the PSP information and folders required to operate.

Do not then try to separate the Micro SD cards and use them with the SD adapter, I tried this and it wanted to then reformat it to use in my computer which would have erased all my PSP data. The pro duo adapter seems to combine both micro cards into reading as one single card, which is awesome.

Another thing is that the transfer rate is not extremely fast. In a USB 2.0 port on my laptop I was only getting about 5 mbps to the card, so it took a few extra minutes to transfer larger game files over. Not a huge deal, just plan on making a sandwich if youre transferring large amounts of data at once.

Other than that, awesome product and it has extended my enjoyment of my 5 year old psp even further!

Black PSP FAT 1000 Replacement Faceplate Sony
Black PSP FAT 1000 Replacement Faceplate Sony

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect replacement!, January 24, 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I still have my PSP 1001 since the day I bought it almost 5 years ago. This thing has been through thick and thin, abuse and love. And it still runs great. I have replaced the joystick module and now due to a couple cracks in the screen I had to replace that as well. This thing fit perfectly and with only a few screws I now have an almost brand new looking PSP. It comes with a couple protective films on the inside and outside, so make sure you remove those before securing it in place. I kept the inside one on until the last minute to minimize the smudges that may occur. You may want to find yourself one of those screen cleaner cloths before installing to wipe anything off the actual LCD screen.

No complaints! Hopefully this will allow my PSP to endure for another few years.

ComiCat (Comic Reader/Viewer)
ComiCat (Comic Reader/Viewer)
Price: $2.99

5.0 out of 5 stars Great inexpensive app, January 6, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This app is great. it reads all the comical ive loaded with no issues. for two dollars it makes my kindle fire a perfect on the road comic reader.

Price: $15.06
52 used & new from $3.95

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5.0 out of 5 stars Welcome back AB, November 12, 2010
This review is from: AB III (Audio CD)
I've been enjoying AB ever since their first album, upon the breakup of Creed I was disappointed at not being able to hear Mark Tremonti's guitar ever again. I was not a fan of creed, moreso even less of a fan of Scott Stapp, but AB is to me what Creed should have been, less commercial sounding, with some real feeling and emotion. This album culminates on the first two and continues to impress. This bands' musical sytle continues to evolve and just better and better.

I found this cd at Best buy for only [...] and for 16 tracks, definitely worth the price of admission.

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Xbox 360
Call of Duty: Black Ops - Xbox 360
Offered by samselectro
Price: $27.20
349 used & new from $6.94

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1.0 out of 5 stars Step off the bandwagon., November 12, 2010
= Fun:1.0 out of 5 stars 
I have to set my 2 cents out there for this one because I am endlessly frustrated with the turn this franchise has taken.
I have played CoD since the first iteration of it, all the way up to this one. One of my larger gripes is that they have turned almost completely away from the story mode being a focus. The first 2-3 CoD games were primarily story, albeit not always a long campaign, it was a great story mode. The multiplayer used to be somewhat of an afterthough to me. Well now it has done a complete reversal and this series has been swallowed up by the Elite gaming community. Maybe it's just me, maybe I'm not as into competitive multiplayer as I thought I was. That being said I bought this game today, and I am done playing it on the same day, I am not going to let myself be drawn into a pissing contest with a video game because of how frustrating it is for me to play online. Am I bad at it? Probably. But that shouldn't be a problem. As a casual gamer I do not have the time to sit and play games like this to become an expert marksman. I have a full time job, etc etc. To me this game has been taken over by the young kids and the immature "scream into their microphone" adults that have literally nothing better to do than sit and play for about 5 or more hours a day. That being said, it is no longer fun at all to be unable to compete with those people that do spend that kind of time. If anyone else feels this way, don't bother with wasting your money on it, it's not worth it, not at all.
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Was And Is to Come
Was And Is to Come
5 used & new from $29.99

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5.0 out of 5 stars Jesus H Crackers!!!, January 16, 2009
This review is from: Was And Is to Come (Audio CD)
This is hard hitting, mosh pit lovers metal at its very best, if you dig Hatebreeds' style of just throw each other around kinda tunes, you are going to love this. Here's hoping for a growing career and many more albums from these guys.

Architect of Lies
Architect of Lies
27 used & new from $8.52

5.0 out of 5 stars A delicious combo, January 16, 2009
This review is from: Architect of Lies (Audio CD)
Being a huge fan of bands like Soilwork and Dark Tranquillity
I was surprised I had not come across these guys before now.
I was searching for bands like the aforementioned and this album came up in the results for me. I have to say I was blown away by this bands ability to combine certain aspects of the growling/power metal/melodic metal sound. Musically a bit like Soilwork but with a sound their own.
While I dislike saying that one band sounds like another due to it not really giving a lot of credit, if I really had to compare these guys to someone I would throw Mnemic out there as a really close example. And while this is their most recent album I am definitely not going to bypass going back and catching up on their past works.

Vol. II
Vol. II
Price: $10.19
55 used & new from $2.48

5.0 out of 5 stars Unreal, July 30, 2008
This review is from: Vol. II (Audio CD)
There is truly something about this band that is starting to truly set them apart from rock bands that are up and coming right now.
First off, I have to say that I was one of those that likened them with Tool upon hearing their first album. But after listening to it a bit more I said to myself, to heck with the Tool reference. They are putting themselves in their own category now in my opinion. If i was going to compare them to a band I would have to back even farther than Tool and say, oh they sound to me like some old school Stabbing Westward if anyone remembers that great band. But now after seeing them at WJJO's Band Camp on Sunday, as well as getting to meet them all. Their live set albeit short gave me a new love for the band that they are.
They can do something heavy like Ten Ton Brick and Rapture but then turn around and do something like the song Losing that is profound with emotion and istrumental prowess. Not only does J Loren bring a great sound to the front of the band but each instrument has its own unique sound in each of their songs.
Loren also being multi-talented did this several minute long Violin solo during their performance at band camp. And I can't say I've ever seen a rock band pull out a violin during their set.

I love this album, and the first one, and the songs on Re-consumation.
I'm going to go see them again tomorrow night in their element as a headline show and I can't wait for it.

Get this CD you won't be disappointed.

Grand Theft Auto IV
Grand Theft Auto IV
Price: $12.93
457 used & new from $2.37

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5.0 out of 5 stars More of a masterpiece than I expected, May 6, 2008
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Grand Theft Auto IV (Video Game)
Well let me start off by saying that I try not to buy into the hype of games anymore after the slight letdown that was Halo 3 and the huge letdown that was Army of Two for me. And for the most part while first hearing about GTA4 I was not all that interested in picking it up. But then the reviews started coming out and I began to read, and read some more. My interest peaked up a little bit and I decided to go and pick up the game on release night.
And seeing as how with a few trade ins I got it for literally nothing I guess there really wasn't much to lose.

Boy am I glad I did, not only does this game live up to every thing the reviews have stated about it, it pretty much surpasses my expectations by a landslide.
By far one of the most complete games I have played in quite a while and it does not leave much for me to desire.

I haven't had any graphical slowdown or popins that I have noticed as stated in some reviews. No tech problems with the game locking up as I have been hearing people talk about. The controls took a little bit of getting used to because they aimed for a bit more realism than in the past GTA games, so driving is a little odd at first.

I love the story down to the last detail and while I have not finished it yet, I have been making nightly progress.

The multiplayer is absolutely great, mainly because of the ability to wage your battles and races in any part of the entire city.
I find Team deathmatch to be the most entertaining because no 2 games are ever really the same because the fights are always in different areas.

Free roam is some serious fun although I do wish they had added some more customization options that you could turn on or off for free mode, maybe to give you different things you can do (I.E. Zombie mod anyone?)
But who knows what will come with future DLC on Xbox live.

Everything in the graphics is great down to the little details like most of the pedestrians actually appearing different in different areas of the game. You really get a feel for the economic situations in the city as you are roaming around. As well as small things some people may not even notice like when driving around with Little Jacob and seeing the smoke from his joint pouring out a car window if its broken out. To the great effects of the water on the ground after it has finished raining.

And while I can't say enough good things about what I love in this game, there will never be a review that will let you see how it truly is to play it. Go out and rent it, buy it, give it a shot.

And a side note to parents buying this game for kids, I personally would not recommend it, it is rated mature for a reason and I'm sick and tired of hearing people come on the news attacking this game for all the things it lets you do. There is continuous subject matter which really should not be viewed by younger kids. While it is up to the parent to decide, do so with caution and read up first before making that decision.

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