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Serving Sara (Widescreen Edition)
Serving Sara (Widescreen Edition)
DVD ~ Matthew Perry
Offered by WONDERLAND Industries
Price: $3.98
150 used & new from $0.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars I enjoyed it a lot, June 11, 2004
Matthew Perry is a really funny guy. A lot of people have said his Hollywood moives don't reflect his abilities. Those people are wrong and they need to stop comparing his movie characters to his most famous role as Chandler on "Friends." It's not a fair comparison and they won't enjoy his movies until they stop.
Serving Sara has a funny plot. Joe Tyler(Perry) is a process server. He's pretty good at his job, but has been on the slump as of late. His boss Ray(Cedric) is mad at him and is ready to dump him for Tony(Pastore) if he doesn't stop screwing up. His next assignmrnt is big and simple.
He must serve Sara Moore(Hurley) because her husband Gordon(Campbell) doesn't want to be married to her and he certainly doesn't want to give her any money. Sara is tipped though of Joe's plans and it doesn't work. She gives him a proposition though. If he can serve Gordon, she will give him half of the assests that she gets out of the divorce. Joe sees his chance for millions and decides to take it. Now the race is on in Texas to see if Joe can do it, before Tony catches up and tries to serve Sara.
Matthew Perry is great in this movie. There isn't a better guy in Hollywood that uses sarcasm as well as he does. His timing is perfect in the movie and he takes the character Joe and runs with it. He's serious during the serious parts and he's funny as anything during the funny parts. I love Perry when he's working with the bull on the farm.
Elizabeth Hurley is great as well. She plays her charcter Sara well. It is kind of a miscast for her, but she still works. She is as hot as ever in the movie, and is really there just for eye candy.
Bruce Campbell is awesome. This guy is the man and so few people have ever heard of him. This isn't as funny as his role as Ash in the evil dead series, but it's certainly a change for him. He's funny doing the typical Texas stero tpye baron. His fans should be pleased with his performance.
The rest of the cast is great as well. You have to like Cedric the Entertainer. This guy is funny and I love all his anger management toys he has.
This is a funny movie. Is it one of the greatest comedies of all time? Certainly not. Is it a funny movie that is worth a cheap buy or Rental? Absolutely. If you are willing to look past a few flaws, this movie can really be enjoyed, and like I said earlier. Matthew Perry is Joe Tyler in this movie, not Chandler..don't let the comparisons ruin the movie for you.

No Title Available

5.0 out of 5 stars Pierce is the man, June 9, 2004
James Bond is one of the most recognizable franchies in the entire world. After a brief stint of six years, James returned to us in the 1995 smash hit Goldeneye.
Pierce Brosnan was the new 007 that brought about many changes to the franchise. This poster is for that movie and has the former Remington Steele star on the poster. If it hadn't been for that tv show Pierce would have landed the roll back in the 1980's and Dalton never would have gotten it.
Pierce is the man and this is a great poster. If you love him or Bond you'll find no shame in putting this on your wall.

Wild Wild West
Wild Wild West
DVD ~ Will Smith
Offered by Clyde Parks
Price: $9.45
151 used & new from $0.01

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4.0 out of 5 stars It's really not all that bad, June 2, 2004
This review is from: Wild Wild West (DVD)
I can remember seeing Wild Wild West opening weekend back in the summe of 1997. I was so excited to see it after hearing the theme song and knowing my boy Will Smith was going to be in it. I thought the moive was kind of stupid, but I really enjoy this moive.
James West(Smith) is one of the top U.S. Secret Service Agents. President Grant is worried about a man Dr. Arliss Loveless(Branagh). He has been kidnapping different scientists who are the tops of their respective fields. West is teamed with one of the top U.S. marshalls Artemus Gordon(Kline). The two are hot on the trail and find a beautiful woman named Rita(Hayek) who is after Loveless as well because he kidnapped her father. Now are two agents must stop Loveless in time, before he can release his horrible creations upon the U.S.
Will Smith wasn't really the right choice for James West. The complaint is legit that a black man shouldn't have been this big agent right after slaverly had just ended. It's ridiculous saying segregation took place up to the sixties. However, if you look past that flaw, then Smith really works. He is Will Smith and he has that Will Smith charm. He's a good action star and he excels in the action parts of the movie.
Kevin Kline is also really good in the movie. I never watched the tv show, so I don't know how these two compare. Kline is good in the role and he runs with it. He's funny as the crafty inventor and he's just Kevin Kline.
Salma Hayek is gorgeous in the moive. The was the first one I ever saw her in and she had me from the first time I saw her. Her acting isn't all that great in the movie, she's just there to simply look at for an hour and half, and it works.
The special effects are really good in the film. Once again I wouldn't expect anything less from a moive with Will Smith in it. They aren't the best ones from his movies that he's been in, but they are good. The tarantula looked kind of cool and there is plenty of stuff blowing up in it.
This was a summer blockbuser movie. The acting is terrible and so is the plot, but it's fun. The acting is fun, the special effects are great and it's a nice escape for two hours. This movie is easy to find cheap so pick it up for a cheap good time.

No Title Available

5.0 out of 5 stars This woman is gorgeous, May 29, 2004
I love Sela Ward. I've liked this woman since I was four years old and saw her for the first time in Rustlers Rhapsody. She is flawless and there is nothing not to like about her.
Sela is now in her mid fourties approaching 50 and she looks incredible. I don't know how recent this picture is, but she looks fantastic in it. Her beauty is simple, but it's definetly there. If you like Sela this is a nice collectible

The Terminator
The Terminator
DVD ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger
Price: $7.99
133 used & new from $0.50

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best ever made, May 28, 2004
This review is from: The Terminator (DVD)
The Terminator is one of the greatest action sci-fi films ever made. It has one of the best performances of Arnold Schwarzenegger's historic carear.
In 1984 the world is safe. Safe that is until The Terminator(Schwarzenegger) appears and stars killing woman. He's looking for Sarah Connor(Hamilton). He's been sent from the year 2029 to kill Sarah Connor the mother of the son she hasn't had yet who will one day stop the machines. The Terminator is a cyborg. He has a skin outside with a metal exo-skeleton and he has one kill.
Sarah knows she is in trouble and she's scared. She meets up with Kyle Reese(Biehn) who warns her of the danger. She is skeptic at first but goes with Kyle. The Terminator will not stop however and Kyle and Sarah must find a way to stop this killing machine before it kills them.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is the man in this film. He was originally cast to play Kyle, but after he read the script he said wanted the part of the bad guy. He plays it to perfection. He has very few lines in the film, but he is terrifying in the movie. The whole look with the glasses and leather jackets and with Arnolds body makes one of the best bad guys ever. Actions speak louder than words in this movie. Arnold really is good enough in the moive to earn an Oscar nomination. You don't think they will ever take him down in the film, and the ending is great.
Linda Hamilton is great as Sarah Connor. This is one of the best performances of her carear as well. If it weren't for Hamilton in this movie and Weaver in Aliens we wouldn't have the big woman action thriller that we have today. You like her in this a lot and she's even better in T2.
The special effects are great in this movie. James Cameron's movies have always had great special effects Terminator is no exception. The movie is made so well. James Cameron really is the man and this guy really does deserve more credit in Hollywood. Very few directors over the years have made movies that are consistently good and Cameron has never made a bad film. He also needs credit for writing this masterpiece of a film.
The Terminator is one of the greatest films ever made. It's a huge movie and especially with pop culture today. It's stood the test of time. The famous line "I'll be Back" is from this movie, but it's always been here. If you haven't seen this movie you must go pick it up and watch it. If you have and don't own it, go buy it now.

DVD ~ Matt Damon
Offered by Big_Box_Bargains
Price: $7.00
217 used & new from $0.01

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5.0 out of 5 stars Damon at his best, May 28, 2004
This review is from: Rounders (DVD)
Matt Damon has quickly established himself as a A-list celebrity. This is one of his first lead role movies and he shines.
Mike McDermott(Damon) is a rounder. He plays poker for a living and he's doing it to earn his way through high school. After he loses all of his money to Teddy KGB(Malkovich) in a high stakes game of poker he calls it quits. He's doing it becuase of his girlfriend Jo(Mol). He gets a job with another friend rounder Knish(Turturro) and it looks like Mikes done.
After Mike's best friend Lester "Worm"(Norton) gets out of jail he wants to get Mike back into poker. He can't believe he reformed for a girl or that he's working for Knish. Worm is a con artist who is skilled at pokere but takes to many chances. Mike has his back and nobody says anythig. He gets Mike back into the game and it starts to threaten his relationship with Jo. Mike gets some advice from Judge Petrovsky(Landua) who urges Mike to get back into the game because it's who he is.
Mike gets back into rounding and gets right back to his old winning ways. What he didn't know is that since Worm had been out he'd been running up debts and using Mike as a fall back. They now owe a huge debt to the one man they can't run from and the man who beat Mike..Teddy KGB. Mike must now win back the money to pay KGB or it could be the end of him.
Matt Damon is awesome in this movie. This guy makes slik moives. Oceans 11 and The Bourne Identity were slike movies. This moive is just at slik as those two. Damon is believable and you just love watching this guy act. He puts out the best performance in the movie and this is one of his better movies.
I like Edward Norton in the movie. This guy plays the con-weasal character to perfection. You love to hate his characters and the attributes to his acting caliber. Once again this is one of the better performances of his carear.
Rounders is a good movie. I wish they would have cleaned the language up so it could have been PG-13, but then it wouldn't have been authentic saying it takes place in an underground world. This is a fun movie with a great surprise ending that will leave you happy and content wanting to watch it again.

New York Yankees Logo Poster 3502
New York Yankees Logo Poster 3502

5.0 out of 5 stars Nice for Yankees fans, May 28, 2004
The New York Yankees are the greatest sports franchise ever. They always will be and no other franchise in any sport can even try to compare to the success of the Yankees. This is an awesome posters with the Yankees logo on it.
This is one of the most recognized logos in the world. It's easily one of the most in sports and the only one that might be is the Yankees other logo the NY. You have to love the bat with Uncle Sams hat up on the top of it. The Yankees are just fantastic. You have to love the Yankees. You love hating them or you love loving them at thats the way it is. So impress that Yankee fan or just show your Yankee spirit by putting this great poster up on your wall.

The Hunt for Red October
The Hunt for Red October
DVD ~ Sean Connery
Price: $7.96
117 used & new from $0.01

3 of 6 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best movies you will ever see, May 28, 2004
This review is from: The Hunt for Red October (DVD)
Tom Clancy is a master writer. His books are amazing thrillers and the moives haven't been that bad either. This is the best of all the Tom Clancy books that have been made into moives and is one of the best book adaptations ever.
Captian Ramius(Connery) is the best the Soviet fleet has to offer. He's trained most of it and he's now in charge of a new Soviet sub. This sub has a new drive system that runs silent meaning it can't be detected by other subs sonars. After Ramius writes a letter to the Soviet Naval command the search is on. They alert the Americans saying Ramius and his crew has gone mad.
The Hunt for The Red October is on. The U.S. can't play around on this idea because the October could park in any U.S. bay and launch hundreds of Nuclear missiles. Jack Ryan(Baldwin) is a CIA Operative that gets selected to help with this mission. He's met Ramius before and doesn't believe that the man wants to harm the U.S. He believes that Ramius wants to defect along with his officers to the U.S., but he's not sure how Ramius is planning to do it. He now has only a couple of hours to prove the intentions of Ramius and save the ship before the U.S. or Soviet fleets find it and sink her.
All the actors are fantastic in the movie. Alec Baldwin is Jack Ryan is flawless. He played the role to perfection and it's the best movie he's ever made. Sean Connery is the man. Instead of killing Soviets he plays one to perfection in this moive. I love his accent and I though he did a great job of faking it. I loved Sam Neil in the moive. His character Vasily has always been one of my favorites because of his loyalty to Ramius. One of Neils best performances. Tim Curry is good as the weasal Soviet doctor. He plays a weasal better than anybody else. James Earl Jones is himself in this movie and like Connery is just the man. I also like Courtney Vance as 2nd Petty Officer Jones. He gives one of the most memorable performances of the movie. This is an all star cast and everybody is fantastic.
John Mctiernan is one of the best directors in Hollywood. He was one of the biggest when this moive was done with hit titles under his belt like Die Hard and Predator. He can make a good action thriller and this is one of the best ones ever made.
The cinematography is great in the film. You feel like your on real naval ships. The uniforms are authenic on both fleets. The sound is fantastic. This is such a well made movie and the is the movie that all submarine movies should stive to look like.
This is such a good movie. It's made to perfection with a great cast, well made, awesome score, and is just flawless. If you want to sit down and watch a good action thriller than this is it. You will struggle to find a better made movie than this.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Two-Disc Special Widescreen Edition)
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Two-Disc Special Widescreen Edition)
DVD ~ Daniel Radcliffe
Offered by Solo Enterprises
Price: $11.20
394 used & new from $0.50

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A modern day wizard of Oz, May 27, 2004
Harry Potter has quickly established itself as one of the most valubable franchises in the world. This is one of the best family movies of this new century and it moderns classic fantasy movie tales like the Wizard of Oz. It's so good because it stays true to it's roots and it dosn't offend the original book.
Harry Potter(Radcliffe) has no idea that he's a wizard. He has no idead that as a baby he stoped the most evil dark lord wizard the world has ever known. Harry lives with his mean Aunt and Uncle along with their son Dudley who hate him because he ins't normal. After letters start appearing at the home inviting Harry to Hogwarts School of Wizardy and Witchcraft he starts to realize things might not be what they seem to be.
Harry is rescued by his mean family by Hadgrid(Coltran). He arrives at Hogwars almost an instant celebrity because of his defeat of Voldemort as a child. He quickly becomes friends with an outcast Ron Weasley(Grint) and miss know it all Hermoine(Watson). The three develop a quick friendship and are all the three really have. Trouble starts to arise at the school though and because I don't want to spoil the details for you, but it's up to the three to save the day.
One of the reasons this movie is so good is because of the awesome cast. All three of the big young kids are perfect. Radcliffe got hand selected from thousands of kids who wanted the part and he's a good child actor. A lot of kids stuggle with such big roles. Look how much Jake Elliot struggled in The Phantom Menace. So much is on there shoulders and Radcliffe picks the ball up and runs with it. He's perfect as Potter.
All the adults are casted perfectly also. Alan Rickman is great as Snape. This guy can flat out act and you have to love him in the film. He is so awesome. I like Richard Harris as Dumbeldore. This was one of the last performances of his legendary carear and it's great.
Chris Columbus did a great job with this film. This guy was perfect for the movie. He's done blockbuster family films like Home Alone and Mrs.Doubtfire and he can add this one to the list. He shot the movie well and made it an instant family classic.
A lot of respect has to be given to Steven Kloves. He wrote the script for the movie based of the writings form J.K. Rowling. He stayed true to her book and didn't offend her or the fans. To many writers do that way to often and it's glad to see it not be done.
If you want to sit down with your family and watch a great family movie than this is it. It's a modern day classic Wizard of Oz and is a great tale of friendship and love. Two qualities we need more of in this world.

The Sims: Hot Date Expansion Pack - PC
The Sims: Hot Date Expansion Pack - PC
Offered by Media-Recovery
Price: $14.99
224 used & new from $0.01

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars A must for the sims universe, May 27, 2004
I love playing the Sims. This is such an addictive and awesome game and this expansion is one of the essential ones that you have to have if you own the sims.
If you've played the Sims then you know how tough dating can be in the game. It's not the easiest to get someone to fall in love with you and Hot Date excels in that area. There are a ton of new options that you can do with your sims.
Before you could just kiss your sim. Now you can decide how you what kind of kiss you want that to be. There is the new downtown area that offers a ton of new options to the game and new stores. There are new items like chairs, hot tubs, counters, and tons of other stuff. There are some new clothes and you can do things like buy your date lingerie. You can go to Downtown and meet new people that you don't have to create like a jock or a blonde bombshell. It just adds to a fun and new experience to the game.
If you have the Sims and don't have this expansion pack then you are missing out. This was is a must so go get it so you can enjoy the Sims a lot more.

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